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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

8/24/07 Borgata Hotel Atlantic City, NJ

Kathy Foussadier
This year I have been fortunate enough to have been able to attend several shows in my area. Friday night’s performance at the Borgata, was by far one of Stevie’s BEST J She said she was going to “rock out” since it was last show of the CV tour. And rock out she did! The highlights for begin with Stevie signing Landslide. She first said that she had never looked back at the photos behind her on the screen of her family (especially her Dad…it was too painful). At the end of the song she started to cry. I felt so bad for her; I lost my Dad 2 years ago and know the feeling. Then during Rhiannon, at the end, she said she felt as if she was transported back to 1978! She really belted it out at the end J Stevie was very talkative during the entire show and dedicated Landslide to her friend Sara in the audience. I can’t say enough how awesome this show was and at the end she said ‘SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!”. All I know is…”I CAN’T WAIT”
Stevie, thanks so much for an amazing show at The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City on August 24th. It was a pleasure to be in the audience at the last show of your amazing Crystal Visions Tour. I saw the show in Camden NJ and both shows in Atlantic City and I loved it each time. I never miss the chance to see you when you are in the Philly/ NJ area. I think I've seen you 15 times now. Your voice is truly a blessed instrument, your beauty is a wonder to behold and your candor on-stage endears you to your fans in a very special way. Every song was special at that last show (but then again they always are...) but your version of Landslide on that last night was the best I've ever heard and that sentiment was echoed by others in our section. When you started to cry at the end of Landslide everyone around us was visibly shaken but after a moment everyone began applauding wildly and that seemed to bring you back from that very emotional place you briefly visited. You bared your soul and we felt your emotion and hopefully we gave you the strength to carry on. I've never felt that kind of give and take at a concert before. It was special! The Crystal Visions Tour ranks as one of your best tours Stevie. Hopefully, you will take some much needed time off to stop and smell the roses so to speak. As always, we look forward to seeing you again in the future. Thank you for loving your fans the way you do. We really do feel it............
Cathy Delanco
I have seen Stevie Nicks many times with Fleetwood Mac, but never as a solo artist. I never imagined such a warm personality would come though with her telling of how some of her songs were written, and the deep love for her family. What even touched me the most was I was able to share this show with my nineteen year daughter as a very special birthday gift to me. I truly enjoyed the show, but more important my daughter did too. Stevie's performance was great as it always is.
Well I decided to give myself an early birthday present and splurge on good seats for Stevie's last show from the CV Tour in Atlantic City. I scoured the net for a decent place to stay that didn't cost a fortune and found the absolute nicest place for not a lot of money. I had previously seen Stevie in Scranton, PA at Montage Mountain on this tour and she was on fire at that show and so was the crowd. Probably the best show I've ever seen her do. This show was different. It did not have the same feeling. There was no magic at this one. It wasn't Stevie though. I think she gave a good performance and looked beautiful as usual. It's amazing how little she really is when you get up close to her and that's with the boots on giving her some additional height. I think the something missing from this show was the venue (very small) and the crowd. To me the crowed was rather dead. I stood the whole time at the first show I attended in Scranton and everybody sang along to every song. In Atlantic City, the crowd did not seem like Stevie fans. The people I sat next to on either side told me Borgata Casino gave them the tickets. I was pissed to say the least considering I paid $135 for my seat 11th row. And neither group knew much about her. I thought what are they going to think when I start standing, singing, and dancing. Apparently the Casino gives tickets as a promotion for staying there and that means the crowd was definitely not all Stevie fans. That sucked. Anyway, I thought Stevie was great as usual but not like she was at the other show. That show was magical. I left this show feeling a little down. Maybe because it was the last show for a while. Highlights were Landslide. Stevie dedicated it to her dad and started crying at the end. She got everybody with that, the crowd and the girls were all crying. She composed herself and went on as she said her dad always told her to do. Edge of Seventeen. Well, I finally made it to the stage for the first time ever. I was right up against it all the way to the left but she was not able to get my hand. Instead I had to listen to these teeny bopper girls sing the song and drown out Stevie. That was horrible, but I didn't care because I got so close to Stevie even if I didn't get to touch her. It was amazing. I love this woman. You could feel her spirit as she looked down on all of us reaching up with such a warm smile. I also thought the band intros were very personal. She totally loves everybody in the band and it shows. I love how she says the keyboard player reminds her of Chris McVie and Benmont Tench from the Heartbreakers. Stevie is so genuine. And I loved the comment about Polydor Records -- that they dumped her and Stevie and they have never talked to them ever since. She basically said they her aholes and she's glad she can laugh all the way to the bank. She also changed the ending to Rhiannon. She left out most of the All the Sames. Later she told everybody that she drifted back to 1977 for a minute. On a couple of songs she went for the high notes and sounded great. Guess she figured since it was the last show she could risk going for it. I thought that was great. But even with all this something was just missing from this event. Like I said I did not feel the magic and decided in the future I would stick to seeing Stevie at regular outdoor amphitheatres instead of Casinos. The place was just too stuffy and so were the people around me. Nonetheless, I was still glad to see her one more time. I hope she takes some time off and records a new album or gets together with the Mac again. Whichever, I can't wait to see her again (but hopefully next time with some really enthusiastic people). Rock on ancient queen. Will always love you. You are best.
Pam Hard
I will make this short and sweet. Freaking amazing. You look and sound incredible. What a wonderful time I had, met some very nice people at the show and danced and sang along. It was just an incredible show. The fires not out Stevie, many more wonderful years ahead. Rock on Stevie & Love and Peace to you!
What an amazing show! This was the 5th time I have seen Stevie and it was definitely the best! My hubby an I attended the A.C. show back in June - we had great seats and I had flowers for Stevie but the stage was so crowded that I didn't get to give them to her during her Edge walk. I walked out of there bawling and so disappointed that I didn't get to touch her hand or give her my flowers (so close but so far away). So when she added another A.C. show my hubby gave me the green light to get tickets and book a room again at the lovely - but pricey - Borgata (thanks honey!). We had great seats (2nd row - shout out to Gia and your lovely family! :) and when she did her Edge walk, I got to hold both her hands and tell her how much I loved her and her music. She was so sweet and is so beautiful close up. Our seats were right in front of Jana, Sharon and Lori and they were smiling and waving at us - all three of you gals are gorgeous and simply radiate such a positive vibe. It was a very emotional show for everyone (audience included!) since it was the last stop on this tour. Stevie talked more than I have heard her in past shows and at one point got choked up talking about her beloved dad. I think all three of Stevie's gals (L,S and J) teared up at some point or another as well. It was pure emotion and pure magic from start to finish. Stevie, you are an amazing person, a true rock goddess and your music is the soundtrack to many people's lives (mine included!: ). God bless you always and until the next tour, keep rockin' it sister!
wow!!! what a perfect end to this year's tour! stevie was well rested and on fire and so happy and connecting with the audience exceptional show!!!! you have still got it baby and you just prove it over and over again!!!!!!!!! you were glowing, shining, poised and so beautiful as always you delighted your fans and you were so energized!!!! thank you for a wonderful summer i think i can make it till next year with the nicks fix i got this year. thank you for coming back to the borgata, what a wonderful venue and hotel we love it there treated like royalty with al there amneities and you brought me some very good casino luck. i feel like a stevie princess for the weekend . stay safe and just because the tour is over for this year remember how much we love you each and every day of the year and can't wait to see you again. you are th queen of rock and roll stevie i have it from rolling stone on the cover september 1981 and you have only gotten better and better each and every time you are timeless our angel. p.s. the boots are back was a great idea this year and you look like a goddess when you sing beauty and the beast. love you forever.
Lisa & Alex Lamon
WOW!!! My 15 year old son and I had a blast at the concert! Stevie looked and sounded awesome. This was our first (but not our last) Stevie Nicks concert. From the opening song, Stand Back to the closing with Beauty and the Beast we could hardly sit down!! She was so gracious with the fans. During the Edge of Seventeen walk she accepted a wreath of flowers from someone and placed them on her head and wore it during the next song!! At the end of the show, she thanked us all for being there for the "last show of the tour". Landslide was fantastic and touching with picutres of her Dad on the big screen behind her. She looked great in a gold scarf for Gold Dust Woman. Incredible woman and incredible show. Thanks Stevie!!!
I had such a nice time last night!! A great time! This was so different, THIS TIME, ooo this time :) ...I felt as if Stevie was right there with us like a friend at a party~~~ I thought~~~~ it was really fun ! What a great time! She was so loose and uninhibitated it was wonderful. Lorri did such a nice job I heard her more distinctly this time. SHe was really getting into it especially during Edge of Seventeen, her sound was fantastic with Stevie's ! I loved that she danced her own way she was having a great time. I love Sharon when she sings back to Stevie on the Edge of Seventeen~~ but I really wish her mic was up louder or STEVIE would INVITE Her to come sing at the mic like the old days. ;) A THOUGHT FOR NEXT TIME PERHAPS STEVIE!!! ;) SHe was comical and funny about everything, that happened in her life, she was either mocking the gossip columns ( which I think is freakin GREATabout you STEVIE that s a good way to deal with all the crap that comes our way ) GOOD ADDITUDE!!!! or maybe being more realistic about what happen to her along the way with FLEETWOOD MAC (that's in T's opinion LOL not mine). I had A seat right INFRONT of Stevie and THE GIRLS,and CARLOS so it was nice to see it from this angle. I felt sad they all started to cry after landslide ..(.DON"T CRY BABY PLease DON"T CRY!!! :) })You all did a fantastic job! It was so ad-lib I thought I was at an OPEN JAM!!! :) it was fantastic!! I saw everybody before the show again ! That was great! I wished JIMMY a good night and HOPED and he did FOLLOW THROUGH~!!:) and he did a BANG UP JOB on those drums of HIS!!! Carlos was fantastic on his guitar!! I bumped INTO ASHELY and HEIDI AND HER GRANDMOTHER that was wonderful! TONY AND KATHLEEN GOT last minuete tickets from a couple who hung out with CARLOS cause they had extras so that was great! THANK YOU SO MUCH STEVIE FOR TEH TOUR AND THE ADDED GIG !!! SO GLADD I COULD MAKE ANOTHER SHOW Take good Care of yourself so we can DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR
I knew it was a good omen when I got in the elevator to head down to the lobby of the Borgata Hotel on the night of the concert and Waddy Wachtel and Sharon Celoni walked in! This was the third show on the tour I attended and probably the most emotional for Stevie since it was the last one on this tour. She talked alot to the crowd and told her stories as she loves to do. The rendition of Landslide was the best I've ever heard.... Stevie seemed to be overcome with emotion at the end. The crowd was very enthusiastic (as always). I was finally able to make it to the stage during Edge of Seventeen and gave Stevie some flowers.... what a thrill! Great show, great band, great performer, wonderful night!

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