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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

2/9/07 Ford Amphitheater Tampa, FL

Deborah & Champers (my Toy Poodle)
It seems like I have been waiting so long for this day. The tickets that I got were not the best to say the least. I didn't know that Stevie was coming until all the good seats were sold out. It dosen't matter..I enjoyed myself to the fullest. I felt her singing go right through me. I knew every song (including Led Zepppin), and it captured me to an ever ending thrill. No matter how far away from the stage...no matter how distant I was to those other grateful fans, I still felt soooo moved by every movement. I was however fortunate enough to be seated next to a couple that allowed me to use there binoculars. I swear I didn't want to give them back. The concert was absolutly the best. I have seen Stevie about 4 times (once in Albany, NY "The Dance" with Fleetwood) and I swear she gets better every time. My only wish is to someday shake her hand like she did to the ones up front. If that happened or happens (someday), I will be forever mezmorized by her touch, the touch of a genius, the touch of someone who I emulate. Stevie...great show..come back!
Went to the Stevie Nicks show in Tampa on Feb.9. Excellent show!! Stevie sounded fantastic and looked great. After Stand Back she joked about that one being much better then the Superbowl pregame show. The audience was pumped and totally into her. I noticed that the accessory of the evening was fur, Stevie looked fabulous in a black fur neck wrap and many other women, (myself included) had fur coats and jackets on. All in all it was a great time and my fourth time in seeing her. I don't know how much longer she will be on tour, so I value every time I see her. Enchanted opened the show and she did do all of her most popular songs, but my favorite is from 'Trouble in Shangri-La' 'Fall from Grace'. It totally rocked. I noticed she's become a little more layed back in her concerts but all in all a terrific show!
My mom has been a huge fan of Stevie Nicks her entire life, so when we found out she was coming to Tampa we had to go. Of course it wasn't my mom's first Stevie Nicks concert but it was mine. Personally I wasn't much of a fan of her solo work without The Mac 'till I went to this show. I'm a guitarist and listen to mostly classical-shred type music, so my standards were very high. The sound was great and Stevie could hold a note just as good as Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden). Waddy really surprised me when he was improvising and soloing on "Edge of Seventeen" (my favorite of her catalog), he was hitting up the Whole-tone scale and the phrygrian scale. His chops were amazing. The drums at the beginning of that jam were great. The backup singers and Stevie's voices harmonized beautifully. We arrived early and heard them soundchecking with "Rhiannon" and "Stand Back". I have developed a new appreciation for Stevie Nicks. Thanks for a great show Stevie.
Vikki(Vsister of the Moon)
The evening was Magical in all ways. Stevie was comfortable with the Band, the Fans and herself ( kind of laid back for Stevie) . The Clarity in voice was magnificent! “Beauty and the Beast” has never sounded so sincere, so clear and Stevie in her fancy black dress has never looked as beautiful. I am a veteran of 30 plus years of seeing Stevie and Fleetwood Mac in Concert, and she just gets better every time I see her. She played some of our long time favorites, but Led Zeppelins “Only Rock & Roll” was a nice bit of zest to the mix. My compliments to the High Priestess.
have now seen Stevie live a total of four times: Dance Tour Buffalo New York Say You Will Tour Tampa Florida Golddust Tour Tampa Florida and this one off concert in Tampa. Although my first time seeing Nicks in the flesh was in 1997, I'd grown up with the In Concert VHS tape from 1981, and my Live at Red Rocks VHS as my bibles. I knew them in an out. All these years later, it amazes me how Stevie never ceases the thrill. I saw Madonna (my other fave singer) on her Confessions tour...and found myself bored and listless. And that was the largest grossing tour by a female EVER. Earlier this week, at Stevie Nicks, in a smaller intimate venue...I found tears in my eyes...the blood pumping through my veins...and my feet thumping on the floor. I want everyone to realize what a surreal concert this was. It took place during the Florida State Fair...so to the left and the right of the stage you could see the ferris wheels with all their flashing colors. It was magical, mystical, and surreal. Because in the middle of all this flourescent glory twirled Stevie at the end of "Gold Dust Woman" -- her classic yellow cape reflected in the glass in front of the drum kit. Here are some heighlights of the show:
1) Stevie sang the old Fleetwood Mac standards with more gusto and joy than I've seen in years and years. She truly seemed to be loving this performance. There was even a moment she threw in an illegible Red Rocks moment in there!
2) Stevie did the high kick during "Stand Back" --- everyone started screaming! Naturally, she was wearing the classic "Stand Back" cape.
3) "Beauty and the Beast" and "Landslide" sounded magical with the girls singing. Having Lori back really added to the magic of the show. Hearing those four voices together...live...it really blew me away.
4) Waddy was in his pure rock and roll glory. When Stevie introduced him she said "this is Waddy Watchell...the love of my life...I never told you that did I?" He started laughing. It was cute.
This show was my mom's xmas present. She had never seen Stevie live before...I thought it would be a nice treat/surprise. At the end of the show...and mind you I have a rock and roll mama...my mom said it was simply the best show she had ever seen in her life. I almost cry as I write this. It really touches my heart how much Stevie's music means to all of us. And the thing that gets me the most...is looking around the audience. Today's music is so compartmentalized...but Stevie...she truly brings so many kinds of people together. White trash rednecks! (right behind me). A lesbian couple (two rows in front of me.) Wild gay men who hang on every single word and twirl (me!). Teenage college girls who knew every word (right in front of me) etc etc. We all love Stevie. Because in this drab dark world...where everything is so bleak and emotionaless sometimes...Stevie gives us our magic back. And that was never more apparent than at this show in Tampa Florida. Thank you Stevie Nicks...for allowing me to keep my heart wild.
I turned 40 on February 11th, and decided that seeing Stevie Nicks on my Birthday weekend would be the perfect transition into the next phase of my life. I flew from Charlotte, NC for the weekend in Tampa. Stevie's performance was majical--with the State Fair adding a unique backdrop to her performance. I compare it to a performace on the Other Side of the Mirror tour in Atlantic City with the casinos and the ocean in the background.
As I entered the venue, it was a perfect evening for an outdoor Florida concert – clear and cool. By 7:45, the Tampa Ford Amphitheatre was still only half full and the thought occurred to me “what if it isn’t full - I would feel so badly for Stevie!” Not to worry, by 8:15 it was packed to capacity. At 8:25, the stage still darkened, Bootylicious revved up and so did my adrenaline. Stevie’s band emerged onstage, and, as Sharon Celani and Jana Anderson took their places, I wondered who the third backup singer could be! Soon the first strains of Enchanted started, the lights went up and everyone was on their feet. Our rock goddess entered and the place exploded, as the sultry voice and familiar lyrics wove their way throughout the arena: “Crying in the morning, trying to be strong, waiting for the spring to turn into the fall.” The enchantress’ spell had begun, and I was once again mesmerized by the drop-dead gorgeousness of Stevie Nicks. Looking more beautiful than perhaps I have ever seen her, she was a vision in black. Similar to the attire she wore during the Super Bowl pre-game show, layers of black skirt were topped by a fitted, long-sleeved black jacket. What took my breath away was the black fluffy/furry scarf that Stevie wore around her neck, and the long black leather gloves. Combined with her signature black platform boots, she looked stunning and sophisticated. Stevie was in perfect voice, too, for the entire 1 hour, 45 minutes. Enchanted was followed by Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, Outside the Rain, Dreams, Sorcerer, Rhiannon, Stand Back, Landslide, Fall from Grace, Gold Dust Woman, If Anyone Falls, and Edge of Seventeen (though I’m not 100% certain I got the order right). Stevie did not use as many shawls this time – only on Stand Back and Gold Dust Woman. For Rhiannon, she did add the ‘Rhiannon sleeves.’ Just before If Anyone Falls began, Stevie mentioned that she was happy to have it back in the set, because over the years they had added it, taken it out, now added it again. She seemed happy the whole night. The “mystery” backup singer turned out to be Lori Nicks; what a wonderful surprise! As Stevie introduced her band, she mentioned that she thought she had actually known Lori “since the 1800’s” – and everyone loved it! The audience could not have been more engaged during the show – singing, screaming – the whole place rocked! As on the 2005 tour, images and videos were displayed on and off throughout the show. The only technical glitch (a big one) was that, on the two large screens that magnified Stevie’s image, the lighting was so “off” that you couldn’t even see Stevie’s face! For her first encore, Stevie’s look changed only to include her hair pulled up, top hat (with feather) as she belted out her cover of Rock and Roll, and you could tell that Stevie loved that we all sang along. She seems to bring more energy to the stage as the years go by, and her performances just get better and better. She was having a blast, and so were we! The show concluded, of course, with Beauty and the Beast, as haunting a rendition as I have ever heard. The beauty was certainly Stevie, dressed in an off-the-shoulder top, her hair still pulled up…..elegantly feminine. Even though I have seen Stevie perform many times, it is always difficult to watch her perform that final song, whatever it is. Knowing that I won’t see her again “live” for another few months is sad. But I was also fortunate - to have again been totally bewitched for almost two hours by a woman who is, without question, the epitome of beauty: exquisite, captivating, a ‘crystal vision’ named Stephanie Lynn Nicks.
My best friend decided we needed to celebrate 30 years of friendship in a special way. So, she surprised me with a trip to Tampa to see Stevie. My friend and I were 16 when we first saw Stevie in concert with FWMac……. we’ve been huge fans ever since. Each time Stevie comes to VA we always go to the concert together. The show, as always, was wonderful! A true rock performance! Each time I see Stevie she is better than the show before….and her beauty! She really needs to bottle and sell her secrets. We hope Stevie includes VA in her upcoming tour. Thanks Tampa for the beautiful weather – that was icing on the cake for us!
Another outdoor venue in Florida for Stevie and the band once again had them facing the elements but none more troublesome than the sound mixing and audio equipment(Stevie, I agree!) The kinks were worked out by song #3(Outside the Rain/Dreams)and all settled in for another fine Stevie show and lovefest-Tampa always sells out for her. With the energy of the Florida State Fair behind her and a not-too cold February night(high 50's) Stevie looked and sounded great(GREAT). Have to concur with previous fan's account that my highlight was the inclusion of "If Anyone Falls"-been waiting for that a LONG time and it surely didn't disappoint! Also happy to see all three singers w/Stevie incl. Lori! I'm guessing these Florida shows post Super Bowl were for working out the kinks before the tour and we are only too happy to be guinea pigs; only hope that she comes back around during the official tour next summer! Stevie-play Orlando!
I bought my tickets as soon as I found out Stevie would be in Florida again!!! Drove 1 1/2 hours to see the concert!! Got there and I had BUTTERFLIES!!!! I just couldn't wait for Stevie to come out and perform!!! I have waited since the GOLD DUST TOUR in 2005 for her to come back and do a concert!!! and was SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! She came out on stage...looking more beautiful than ever!!! Sounding better than ever!!! It was just AMAZING!!! She has been such an idol for me for as long as I could remember....!!! I am 30 years old and have been a fan of hers since the 80's and even earlier when my mom would play the Fleetwood mac records....!! LOL.......! Her words in her songs....that voice....just mesmerizing!!! MAGICAL!!! Her life and journey so far....just amazing...and to top it off !!!! SHE PUTS NO ACT ON....SHE IS WHO SHE IS....A REAL DOWN TO EARTH POET!!!!.....Stevie puts on the best concerts....her concerts are like stories....!!! She honestly sounds great....looked great.....she had a full packed house...with hundreds of fans screaming for her!!! Her beautiful outfits......the whole deal!!! I just want to thank Stevie for making her music her passion!! and giving people the opportunity to "escape" into her words...music...and letting her music take you to another place! Stevie is a true artist...a poet....she is my idol!!! She is just one of those artist that WON'T go away....and lets the world know she is still here and doing it better everyday!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER PERFORM AGAIN!!!!! Stevie Nicks ROCKS!!! and she ROCKED the Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa, Fl.!!! Can't wait for the next show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How fun to see Stevie all revved up for her upcoming 2007 tour, set to begin in May. This was the sixth time I have been graced with her majestic rock and roll presence. I wasn't planning on being in town for this show so when I bought my tickets they weren't too close to the stage. However, the Ford Amphitheater sits on the Florida Fair Grounds and with the fair currently in town, the bright lights of the rides made for a beautifully unforgettable background. Stevie came out bundled up in a scarf and gloves. The outfits throughout the concert were great! It was easy to tell that she was trying to take it a little easy, not rocking as hard as the previous times I had seen her but by the second half of Sorcerer, the third or fourth song, she came out of her shell. We were surprised, as well as delighted, to hear her sing "Outside The Rain," and "If Anyone Falls." Waddy was on fire all night, running back and forth on stage and throwing guitar picks into the audience. All of the songs were tight and the sound was excellent. It was so much fun to hear them do Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll," which we all were looking forward to hearing for the first time on Crystal Visions planned to be released later next month. She put her own great spin on the song. No '07 tour merchandise yet, but I was happy to get a second chance at the '05 and '06 shirts. Can't wait to see her on tour and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some Mac dates later in the year.

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