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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

7/26/07 Mid-state Fair Paso Robles, CA

Ah yes, the smell of cow pies at sunset … the squeals of the pot-bellied pig races … and all the other sights and the sounds of the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, California. I’ve seen Stevie Nicks perform in so many different places over the past 30 years … the Capitol Center in D.C., the Wiltern, the Greek and the Forum in LA, Irvine Meadows, Coors Amphitheater and more recently, two of the most beautiful concert venues in the world – the Santa Barbara Bowl and Red Rocks (Colorado). So the atmosphere at the Mid-State Fair (July 26) was a little different. My best friend grew up near Paso Robles, and we were really excited to hear that Stevie was playing there. This fair always features some VERY big-name bands, so I don’t think it was a “step down” for Stevie, but it was definitely a different kind of crowd. And it was cool to check out my friend’s Mom’s blue-ribbon tomatoes and green beans before we strolled over to watch the concert. Hardly Hollywood, but a lot better in many ways. As for Stevie, she was coming off of a three-week vacation and boy, was she charged UP! Between songs, she spent more time than usual telling her stories, and her tone was extra saucy and sassy (including a few choice comments about Fleetwood Mac). Her voice was strong all night and she didn’t seem to hold back at all. (Though I noticed that she didn’t really do “the walk” during Edge of Seventeen. Not sure if it was a security thing or because the crowd wasn’t full of mega-fans. I’ve never been part of that, so it didn’t bother me.) Every time I see her, I find something new to appreciate. This time, it was Beauty and the Beast. It wasn’t one of my favorites before, but this time I watched the movie scenes in the background and the song took on a whole new life. Of course, Stevie looked as elegant and radiant as ever with her hair pulled up and her drop-shouldered dress. Like she had stepped right off of the silver screen. I took two mini-vacations this summer – one to Red Rocks and one to Paso Robles, and both to see Stevie. I hope she’s still touring 10 years from now. She makes us all feel young again. Rock on, Stevie. Nobody does it better.
Gloria Bickhart
WOW....I was very luck to see your concert in Paso Robles Ca on July 26, 2007 along with two of my best friends Chrystal and Roxanne I ( who has seen you 6 times)... The concert tickets, shopping spree and dinner was a birthday gift from my parents and husband. I saw you with Fleetwood Mac two or three years ago in Fresno Ca. We enjoyed the concert tremendously....Your voice and beauty are ageless... I'm a girl of the 70's so your music is so very special to me, you'll never know... Thank you for a wonderful birthday gift...I'll never forget it and will take it with me... It was my 48th b-day.. God Bless you and your band Stevie, and thank you for the years of memories...
Stevie was as fabulous as ever - she looked and sounded great!!! She and her band put on an excellent show!!! She was the heart and soul of Fleetwood Mac and her songs are still beautiful!!!!!
Jared Price
Hey Stevie Your show at California Mid State Fair was awesome!!!
If you were to gage one of Stevies shows by her hitting all the high notes, then this show was no doubt a "10". Everything about this show was "on Spot" Stevie was in great form and sprit, the band was right on que to the very end. Landslide was dedicated to all of us and our fathers, the intro. to Dreams was the same expect this time she says, so I'm sitting on Sly's Stone bed and I said to myself "now what can I do to piss Fleetwood Mac off" and I wrote Dreams. Also noted how she was able to do her own thing, while she also managed to keep Fleetwood Mac together, and was very proud of herself for doing so......... Now as far as the venue, it sucked. Because it was a state fair there was dust everywhere, the seats were so damm close to each other, 1/2 of the chick's butt sitting next to me was on my seat....."AND NO WALK", the security were being buttheads and was not letting anybody up front. There was a 4 ft. gate in front of the 1st. row, and another 4/5 ft. between that and the stage, so we couldn't even get close. Now this is part of Stevie show (the walk) so waz up with that? When it came to the walk she just kindda came up to us and shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Then did allot of dancing doing a little number with each of the back-up singers.Sooo is this the 1st. time she didn't do the walk this tour/ There was some dude filming in the pit, I thought it may be for the video screens, or maybe actually being filmed? Any hoot, Bless you Stevie, you always warm my heart and soul. Love You!!!

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