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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

7/27/07 Tim's Toyota Center Prescott, CA

Irene and Jessica Lion
Dear Stevie, My daughter and I are from Phoenix but went to the Prescott Valley concert because I had to work on the 28th. Your Crystal Vision Concert was the best I have ever attended. I have been waiting for year to see you in concert and it was well worth the wait. You were and still are the best ever. My daughter grew up on your music in our home. She is 21 years old in October. After seeing you in concert, she knows now why you have been my all time favorite. Sincerely yours...
Barbara Faunce
I was at the concert last night at the Tims Toyota Center in Prescott Valley AZ. I had a great time - Thank you Stevie for all the memories :)
Just went to the concert held in Prescott Valley Arizona. Stevie you and yours put on a very talented show!!! I still have record albums. Going out to buy your latest CD. You rock girl!!
Bill Gamelson
This was my first concert I've attended since Say You Will, the 90th show I've attended in all, and the drive to Prescott got off to a bad start by the tragic news of two TV News helicopters colliding in mid-air over Phoenix, crashing and killing everyone onboard. My sincere condoulences to the friends and family of the channel 2 and channel 15 victims of this horrible crash. The concert was fantastic! Stevie looked and sounded great! The audience stood for almost the entire time, sitting down only when Stevie left the stage inbetween songs, only to stand again when she returned. I heard nobody screaming "Sit Down" as is usually the case. Perhaps all those people picked up their peices and went home. One could only hope. Stevie has changed her song set, which is extremely refreshing. I especially liked when she sang "Been a Long Time Since I Rock&Rolled." I never liked that song on the radio but the live performance was awesome! She ended the set with "Beauty and the Beast," (one of my favorites) melting the entire audience. After a near-flawless show, it's on my way to Phoenix for show number 91.
Laura Plane
What a wonderful show this was! It was my first time seeing Stevie Nicks, but I hope it won't be my last! She was so great! She sounded and looked just beautiful! The energy was amazing. When she performed Landslide, I got emotional. The accompanying pictures of her father were very touching. Thanks Stevie for a wonderful evening! I hope to see you perform again soon! Perhaps a show in Flagstaff, Arizona?
Pamela Fox Klauser
Stevie did a fabulous job, her voice, enthusiasm, talent and charisma remain at its best. I saw her in Fort Myers, Florida in Sept 2001. I was then in the first row and her performance was great, however last night her spirit seemed to soar and her band and the "girls" were incredible as well. Thanks Stevie for everything, you really have inspired me since 1981. You are definitely a gift from Spirit., however you understand Him or Her.

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