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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

7/28/07 Dodge Theater Phoenix, AZ

Attended the show in Phoenix July 28th. The show was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Had an awesome time watching my very most favorite Rock and Roll Queen on the stage again. I am a long time Stevie fan, have seen her in concert many times including Fleetwood Mac concerts. Belladona (obviously) was the first concert I had attended, it was outdoors at a place called Legend City (Compton Terrace) in Phoenix, AZ. My friend and I were so far away from the stage Stevie was just a dot performing on the stage. This show I was very happy to get tickets close to the stage, (no binoculars were needed as in the past). It was GREAT to be able to be in the middle section, center of the 8th row at Dodge Theater, it felt like you were part of what was going on right in front of you. (I have always had seats wing side in an arena, just not close enough). Listening to the stories of how some of her songs came to be, is timeless. I always enjoy listening to and reading them.. The show was put together very, very well, enjoyed seeing the pictures of her father before he passed. Also seeing her career over the past 30+ years is just amazing. I never ever get tired of seeing this wonderful woman perform. I feel she is very gracious to her fans, she enjoys performing her music, she is wonderful at what she does and creates in her mind. I am grateful her grandfather gave her that guitar when she was a little girl. I fear for the day when she will not be able to do live performances. The world will be without the creative heart, soul, voice and beauty she has given for so so long.. So - Stevie keep giving us your wonderful gift for as long as you are able. AND Stevie I love your music it brings me up when I am down....
Spectacular!! That's just one of the words I can use to describe Saturday nights concert at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix. This was my eighth time seeing Stevie live. (Six times solo, once with Fleetwood Mac, & once with Tom Petty) The show ROCKED from beginning to end!! My seats were the best, second row in the orchestra pit. I was so close to the stage, I could touch it. The show started with "Stand Back", and it really rocked! She did the high kick and the twirls. Everybody was singing along with her. She had on her boots and a cool new pants outfit. She looked heavenly!! Her hair was very long and very blonde. She was in great shape!! Her voice was in very good form. It seems like her voice just keeps getting stronger. She told the crowd how happy she was to be back in her "hometown " of Phoenix, but that it also made her a little nervous. She then yelled LET'S ROCK!! She did indeed!! She followed with "Enchanted" and then "If Anyone Falls". She took a lot of time to explain in detail the inspiration for many of the songs...I found that part very entertaining. It was fun to see the expressions on her face as she relived these experiences in her life. It was a very personal side of Stevie that she was sharing with her audience. The entire show was packed with pure energy. "Rhiannon" was great!! Her outfit for that was new too. She had these really cool cream colored boots on!! The boots are definitely back!! She wore them the entire time!! "Gold Dust Woman" really rocked and she did a really sexy dance around Waddy at the end. "Sorcerer" was another favorite. The vocals with the ladies on that one were terrific. The ladies, Sharon, Jana, and Lori looked breathtaking. It's so great to have Lori back. Stevie seems really happy to have here there and told her so. Finally "Edge of Seventeen" came. Everyone in the first two rows started moving to the stage. Although I have met Stevie twice, I had gotten close to the stage, but never where I could touch it. Finally I was there!! "Edge of Seventeen" really rocked. Jimmy and Lenny did their face off and then Waddy came in...he really let loose. She started the walk and someone gave her a crown of flowers for her hair, it made her look like an Angel!! As she approached me she held her hands out and I took them. She squeezed them and smiled down at me and I smiled back!! It was sooooooooo cool!! Now my life is complete...I've seen Stevie live, met her, and been touched by her during the walk!! I really enjoyed "Landslide", she had some really nice family photos and the arrangement seemed different. Her outfit for the encores was a white dress with ruffles and a long tunic coat that was new too. When she said goodnight she got very emotional as the band took their bows. She is the most incredible person...giving, charitable, and enigmatic!! As I was waiting to go into the show I was watching all the people arrive and it suddenly struck me how Stevie apppeals to every walk of life. Very few entertainers can make that claim. To me that's what makes Stevie so special. To each of us she represents something different, yet very much alike. I will continue to go see Stevie for as long as she goes out on the road!! It is an experience like no other in this world!! She is exceptional, perfect. A special hello to Joe in Seattle...it was great to see you again!!
This is less of a review and more of a "love letter" to you Stevie. From my heart of hearts thank you so much for just a memorable show at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix AZ, July 28th, 2007. It was my 21st show of yours, and as always it meant something different to me, depending on what is going on in my own life. The first time I saw you was May 6, 1986 in Hartford, CT in support of your "Rock a Little" album, I was 19 years old. Today I'm 40 and am at the crossroads that you were at in 1986, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway enough about all that :) My personal favorites were "How Still My Love", a song from "Bella Donna", very beautiful and melodic, and I have to admit you were pretty hot twirling your shawl over your head at the end of the song. It seemed like you were basking in the music and your accomplishements and maybe remembering a little bit of the old days, as I was, for me it was "pure magic". "Gold Dust Woman", probably my favorite since I was a kid. That's the first I remember connecting with you, I remember my sister Christine playing that song in her bedroom at my parents house, and as the annoying little brother I was, listening on the other side of the door, that was probably 1978. Today your more like "Mother Earth" up there on stage trying to convey some lesson to us, for me it's "Get over it, and move on". I loved how it turned into an 2007 message, "Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby can you save me now". By the way no one in the music business unciates the word "baby" like you. "Rock n Roll", I love Led Zepplin too! You were a true rock n roller belting out that song with that great hat and feathers and those pants and boots, talk about Rock Star Glamour, smiling and dancing all over that stage, it warmed my heart, HUGE SMILES!!!. The finale, "Beauty and the Beast", another song from your early solo career, the tears came during that song. Looking at you, so beautiful (in that great off the shoulder dress) and full of grace trying to hold it together on the last night of your "Crystal Visions" tour in 2007, in front of your home town. I can only guess there was a flood of memories going on, very emotional and "enchanting". "I've Changed, or At Least I try to Change" I lost It. your a Class Act Lady, LOL.
Cheryl Hollister
Incredible!!!!!! I have seen Stevie at least 5 times before and was always amazed by her on stage. I was in the 8th row and was so excited to be able to be that close. She was awesome. She rocks. I was so thrilled she was here and that she chatted with us and was very at ease to be home. Her songs and stage presence were flawless. I am hoping next time it will be row 1. It would be an honor to be that close to a woman that has inspired me and taught me that it is ok to make mistakes. Her music is a gift to us all and I treasure it. Stevie you are a goddess. Keep rocking. You really know how to keep us on our feet. The flower wreath was just beautiful your spirit was really glowing.
Laurie, John & Nightbird (our pet bird)
It was the best I have heard her voice in awhile. She still has the magic, that we who are fans love he for. Ther were a couple of things during the concert that bothered me. The crowd at the DFodge theater were rudder than I've ever seen or heatrd. there were cell phones all around us and drunk people. All yelling and texting and taking pictures. They interupptedsd songs before they were done. Yerlled when they should of listened. I am a big Stevie fan and I found the crowd the worst I have ever been in at one of her concerts Which I have been going too since 1981. But over all that she shined like the brightest star she is. She also shows that getting older is getting better. Love you always...
Even before walking into The Dodge Theatre Saturday evening, you knew the evening would be special. All the things you expect at a Stevie Nicks concert were there, and better than ever. We were treated to the fantastic wardrobe changes, Stevie’s dancing and twirling, and her very strong vocals that certainly rocked the Valley of the Sun. And let’s not forget the awesome performance by Waddy and the band and the vocals from Sharon, Lori, and Jana. The energy we all felt was amazing. The artist we came to see graced the stage in a way never seen before. Stevie's music and songs have led us into her life all these years, and tonight she shared the stories behind the songs. So were entertained beyond the music with her story telling and inspiration for her songs. The video footage of her dad that played during "Landslide" was very moving. Family is a very important to Stevie and she connected with her fans with this special tribute to her dad...very emotional moment that was well done. This part of the show has to be difficult for her to get through and even more so here in Phoenix. And it may have been that emotion that was carried over to the final bows, that made for an unforgettable and yet fitting close. It was the most touching moment I've ever witnessed at a concert....a perspective that reminded us what matters most in life and she chose to share her feelings. And that took courage. Stevie, thanks for a very memorable evening. Phoenix loves their hometown gal and we hope you come back and visit us often and soon. Be well Bella Donna…
Bill Gamelson
This was a really nice indoor venue, with a parking garage across the street. I could not believe how expensive food and drinks were, $4.00 for a soda in the bottle and no ice! $10.00 for a bottle of beer! I settled for a jumbo hot dog and a coke, as alcohol simply gets me into trouble. The show was again near flawless and Stevie was in good spirits. The drummer lost his beat during Edge Of Seventeen again as he did in Prescott, but you know, in the 91 shows I've attended, I have never heard a drummer yet be able to keep that beat with the bass drum. As an ex-drummer, I realize that is an extremely difficult beat because the bass is syncronized on the number 2 beat and the mind is synched on the number one beat. I would also like to take this time to give a compliment to Waddy Wachtel. He is the only guitarist I have ever heard that can play his part during Edge smoothly and flawlessly. The guitar plucks are even, and if he gets a little off sync, he'll either speed up or slow down slightly and get right back on beat. Everyone else I've heard cannot play the plucks evenly and when they get a little off, the have to stop and start over. Waddy rules!! Overall, I had a fantastic time and I only wish I could have afforded to go on more shows! Maybe next year I'll hit the "Magic 100, as I only have 9 to go!"
O M G!!!! THE best SN concert! This is my 3rd one, including one at Caesar's Palace in March, and she was ON tonight! Very rock n' rolly and Stevie was VERY funny in her chat! Lots of lights and great background effects and pictures, especially of her dad, during Landslide. She looked better than ever and was very theatrical on every song. This was the best performance of Led Zeplin's Rock and Roll. She's two years older than me and I would love to have half the energy Stevie Nicks displays on the stage! She never tires and seems like she could go on forever! She cried a bit at the end of the concert, as she always gets emotional when performing in her hometown. She was very genuine and you could see that her band and singers love her! The show was a bit shorter in length than usual, but the quality and energy of her performance made up for that. We all could have done without the warm-up act. Please, Stevie, keep your quality up and choose a better opening act! After her first song, Stand Back, she said "Let's rock!", and rock she did!
Birgit K.
Tonight's performance was just awesome!! Stevie sounded teriffic!! The band sounded tight. Watching Stevie's artwork float in the backround was just beautiful. I did shed a few tears during Landslide; it was a wonderful tribute to Stevie's father. I shall be waiting patiently for the next tour. Stevie and Co. Rocks!!....just a little.
Jeanine Cooper
Saw Stevie on Saturday night at Dodge in Phoenix…..FANTASTIC…..we saw her last year (also at the Dodge) and she blew us away. I’m glad to say she did the same this year, with the added treat of some first hand info on how she came about crafting some of her best know songs…..loved the story leading up to “dreams”!!!!. Stage presence was as dominant as ever, sound and lighting excellent, with some great “stills” of her childhood and parents during “edge of seventeen”. Didn’t like the last piture of her father on a scooter….I would probably want to remember my father with more dignity, but really that’s an individual thing I guess…….anyway, thanks Stevie for a great evening ….both my wife and I love you more than ever and very best of luck with your new charity work for the Soldiers. Xxxxxxx
Kevin Berry
This was the summer "the curse" would be lifted. My friend Dan and I had seen Stevie with Fleetwood Mac, but our dream was to see her on a solo tour. The problem was that something always went wrong, most notably September 11 caused Stevie to cancel her September 12, 2001 Rochester show, to which we had tickets. Since then, Dan and I both relocated to Phoenix, and I was quite excited when I was able to extend my June trip back to New York to see Stevie at Turning Stone. When the date was added for the Phoenix concert, Dan, his wife, and I quickly got tickets. But in the end, while the curse on me had been lifted, Dan was not so lucky. His mother-in-law's plane from out of town was delayed a day, landing in Phoenix just minutes before Stevie took the stage, and once again crushing our dream of seeing her together. My kids, ages 10 and 12, were quite excited to unexpectedly see Stevie for the second time this summer, however. Of the two concerts, at Turning Stone and Phoenix, the Phoenix concert was the best. Both concerts were excellent, but Phoenix was magical. I noticed at Turning Stone that Stevie seemed a bit reserved, and I later learned that she had injured her knee during an on-stage tumble a few weeks before. Well, she was back in full form for Phoenix! Not only was she nimble, but obviously psyched to be back in her hometown! On top of that, it was the last night of the tour, so it was kind of a Perfect Storm thing. Circumstances just came together to make magic. Stevie's vocals have become so much richer over the years, and having Lori Nicks back on backup just sweetened the deal. The talent of all eleven people on that stage was breathtaking. And, while Stevie still can get a little crazy, such as donning a floral wreath on her head from a fan during the final verses of Edge of |Seventeen, to wearing what I call the Puss 'n Boots hat and dancing a la Cyndi Lauper during Rock 'n Roll, she now exudes a wisdom. Stevie, like many of us, has been through hell and back, but she did it in front of all of us, and taught us that it's okay. It's okay to survive. It's okay to be a survivor. It's okay to mess up and come out on the other side with the wisdom of the years. The most moving part of the set was Landslide set to a backdrop of pictures of Stevie and her family throughout the years. It showed the high highs, and the low lows. It showed that life truly is sometimes a bitch, and sometimes a breeze. But through it all, Stevie has had her family, her friends, and her music. She also has had her fans, and I am proud to say there is no more loyal one than me. I can't wait to see her again, and maybe this time, just maybe, Dan will get to go with me.
Sarah Mitchell
This was my 4th Stevie show to see on the Crystal Visions tour. I flew from Houston to see her perform at the Dodge Theater and I do have to say the show in Phoenix was the best I saw out of the 4. Stevie was so happy and energetic through the whole concert and she never stopped smiling. She said she was so excited to be in her hometown and reiterated that several times throughout the concert. The crowd cheered with excitement as she chatted between songs sometimes talking 2-3 minutes at a time…which was great. I though it was funny when she introduced the band she mentioned Waddy, Sharon, Lori, and herself were all part of the making of her first solo album Bella Donna and jokingly she introduced Carlos Rios and said “Well Carlos if you were around in 1981 you would have been a part of it too” she was laughing and had the crowd in stitches as well. The overall concert performance was great!!! Words cannot describe how great it was. The opening band was awesome too, Trevor Hill put on a good show and the crowd seemed to like it. I will be at the show in Atlantic City and look forward to see Stevie rock and I can’t wait!!!! Rock on Gold Dust Woman!!!!!

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