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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/12/07 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ

On 06/12/07 Stevie came to the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ...and rocked my world. This was my 4th time seeing her solo and 5th overall (I saw her in '03 with FM for the SYW tour). To start things off, Chris Isaak was fantastic, which was good because I had never seen him perform before and had no idea what to expect. Thank goodness he sang a bunch of songs I was familiar with, and he was very funny as he joked around with the audience. My favorite part of his performance was when he hopped offstage and was running all through the audience (he never came up by where I was sitting). He ran all the way up to where the people were sitting on the lawn and made jokes about how muddy it was and warned them that this wasn't Woodstock and to watch how much weed they did! After his set was over, I was disappointed to find out that the only way he'd sign autographs was if you bought HIS stuff (I had used up every last penny of my money on Stevie stuff), but I managed to snap a couple of pictures of him as he was signing autographs for other people. Almost as if Chris's remark to the people on the lawn about this not being Woodstock was a sign, as I was walking away from the merchandise table where Chris was, I discovered that Woodstock alumnus Richie Havens was in our midst! I'm really too young to know who he is, but thanks to PBS and all their Peter, Paul & Mary specials, I knew him when I saw him. My aunt, who was with me (we go to every Stevie show together), didn't believe me, but when we saw people start forming a tiny crowd around him and shaking his hand - well, duh...so I marched right up and asked for a picture, and he was so nice! He wasn't Stevie, Sharon, Lori, or Jana, but it sure was a great experience meeting him. Stevie's set started shortly after we made our way back to our seats from meeting Richie. I was hopping in and out of my seat during the first couple of numbers, feeling the urge to dance, and finally gave up and ended up staying on my feet for the rest of the show - I didn't even care when a few people nearby gave me dirty looks. My favorite numbers of the night were "Enchanted," "Rhiannon," "Landslide," (yes, it made me cry!), "Edge of Seventeen" (that's been my favorite Stevie song for forever), and "Rock and Roll." One treat for me was that I had never had the opportunity to see Lori onstage with Stevie, so seeing her out there performing backup with Sharon (all right, Jana was okay, too, but I have to admit that I'm biased) was the most fantastic thing ever. The girls looked like they were having a blast (I'm sure they were), and they looked great, too. I sure hope that Lori sticks around if Stevie does anymore albums and/or tours because I love her and Sharon together. The worst part about the night was that it had to end...but it was the best night of my summer, and the best night of 2007 for me so far. I love you Stevie!
TSgt.Rodger Neumann
Went to see Stevie at the PNC Arts Center,N.J. WOW! She was “great” I have seen her with Fleetwood Mac and solo tours. Stevie’s voice was so strong and she looked “great” as always! Loved when she did “Edge of Seventeen” my favorite! All in all it was one of the “BEST” Stevie Nicks shows I have ever attended. I truly respect all she has done for the troops also! Always a huge fan for life!
Tom G.
I've been a fan since Buckingham and Nicks (WNEW FM in NYC played Silver Springs even before Stevie and Lindsey officially joined Fleetwood Mac). But...I had never seen Stevie live until the other night. WOW! She is one great rock 'n' roll performer. The song list, her vocals, the band, the "girls," and let's not forget the boots! All were amazing. It is two days later and still I have images of the show popping up in mind when I least expect it. A sign of a truly fascinating performance. Rock on gold dust woman!!! And by the way...Chris Isaak also rocked. He is one cool guy.
The show last night was fantastic, and I have to hand it to Chris Isaak for doing an energetic set, despite the fact that at least the first ten rows of seats were empty as Stevie's fans milled about outside by the food stands. I thought it incredibly disrespectful to any artist, let alone someone as talented and established as Chris Isaak, but nonetheless, he put forth an outstanding performance. (And we met him after the show and he was friendly and quite charming. Thanks, Chris!) Stevie's set was great and she looked beautiful, even though it was a damp, rainy night. Her band sounded tight and the staging was beautiful. Hard to believe she's almost sixty! How nice that the venue has a relaxed security staff...many fans got to stand close to the stage and shake Stevie's hand during "Edge of Seventeen". I was one of the lucky ones, and she's just as lovely close-up! Thanks Stevie, for all the years of music!
Denise Pierce
I attended the show on June 12th with my husband, sister and a friend. It was exhilarating! Chris Isaak is not only a sexy, talented singer but he also has a wonderful sense of humor. He walked out into the audience and it made everyone smile. He was a lot of fun. When Stevie Nicks came on stage, the entire audience stood up. I've been to a lot of really good shows there and that doesn't happen often, it was electrifying. She did not let us down! It was a great show and we felt the love she has for her band and her audience. I ran down to the stage when she began to shake hands and was lucky enough to receive a handshake. I was wearing a crystal bracelet that I made and wished I had taken it off and given it to her. Next time I'll do that, and there will definitely be a next time for me!
Stevie rocked the Arts Center! She had a terrific performance and I was once again so glad to be a part of it! Would love to have been able to get tix to Borgata, but not in the budget this year. She was "on" for all of her songs and totally rocked the place. Chris Isaacs well he was a bit disappointing. I am not a big fan of his music, but it all seemed to sound the same. He spoke as if he were from NJ, but then said he was from California ?? Everyone was puzzled on that note. Not a great mix with Stevie. But then again we were there to see the Goddess of Rock, weren't we? And once again, she did not disappoint! Back in the boots as well and tearing it up like old times. It was great to hear her talk about the songs, who wrote them and how she got to sing them. It was a great concert. Can't wait until the next time I get the chance to see her!
I've been to many Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac concerts, and all I can say is that this was the best performance I've ever seen from Stevie! We had very good seats, and Stevie has aged like a great bottle of wine. Her voice was strong and she looked fabulous! Waddy, the other musicians and the girls were also a pleasure. What a fun, wonderful show!
Just had to say that she is just as beautiful as ever! I admire her longevity and could never pass up a show as long as she’s touring in my area. I especially loved her tribute to her dad, I miss mine very much as well.. Thank you Stevie!!! Your music still continues to inspire me.
Darlene Cole
"How Still My Love" -- I'm not sure if I have ever heard this done live before. My old school favorite is Outside the Rain. This was a killer replacement. She absolutely nailed it. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. And I have to say, I go to every show and watch every talk show appearance and she has never looked better than she did last night.
Carolyn Swiss
What a fantastic show! I'm a huge Stevie Nicks fan and I made sure I came early to see Chris Isaak too. Chris Isaak has great energy when he performs and his wit in between songs was hilarious. Stevie looks fantastic! She looks happy and at peace in life! She looked like she was having a blast on stage! I was impressed with the harmony in her show. It seemed to stand out more so than in her other shows! She spoke to the crowd often, sharing what her songs meant to her. It was great! She expressed how grateful she was to her fans for being with her for so long and for coming out to the show quite a few times! She seems so grateful for her life and those in it! Very warming to see and hear! Enjoy the show! I did!
Sandy C.
Hi Stevie and Friends, Just had to say Stevie was as good as it gets last night. She nailed every song with polished grace in her kick-ass boots and scarves. My sister and I bonded like it was the '80's. God Bless!
Rudy Palma
Today I turned 20 years old and I couldn't think of any better way to spend it than seeing Stevie, marking my second time seeing her, first time solo. She was full of passion and charisma from beginning to end, doing an awesome helping of hits and favorites. The audience was very enthusiastic, especially during upbeat numbers like "Stand Back" and "Edge of Seventeen." She clearly enjoyed all the positive attention and it only made her performances even stronger as the night went on; a clear indication of a seasoned performer. However, the crux of the crowd sat down and basked in the intense ballads like "Dreams" and "Sorcerer," enjoying them like fine wine and even singing along. "Beauty and the Beast" made for a well-done, effective finale - everyone around me was starting to leave after Led Zep's "Rock and Roll", but I knew she'd be back with more. The best moment for me personally was "Landslide," however. The images of Stevie through the years, especially the ones with her father, not to mention her timeless lyrics, brought more than a few tears to my eyes. It was a very special feeling for me, especially since I was attending the show with my own father. By the end of the night I had a pounding headache which is only now actually just subsiding - but when Stevie Nicks is the one who gave you the headache, you are fortunate. Special props to the band, especially Stevie's pianist, whose sounds are immaculate, vivid, pristine - you name the word, just beautiful. Chris Isaak was also fantastic - now I'm definitely a fan of his too.
Alan Tobin
Wow, another outstanding Stevie performance. Fall From Grace was dropped and Sorcerer was moved up in the set. Every song performed was with high energy. Stevie appeared to have so much fun engaging the crowd and the people in her band. It was so good to see and hear Lori again. I was able to take 194 pictures this time unlike 2 years ago when picture taking was frowned upon. I am sure I will be taking an equal amount tomorrow night.
We saw the show last night at PNC Art center in NJ. I had no expectations since i have not seen Stevie since the Wild Heart tour. i was very imprerssed that she still has the vocals to belt ouot her songs. She looks great and seemed very happy. A very good summer show. My only disappointment was that the concert seemed like a split bill, rather than Stevie headlining and Chris Issack being the opening act. He played almost as long as Stevie did, and just didn't fit iin. Everyone would have loved another half hour of Stevie and less of Chris. Thats it- enjoy the show

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