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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/13/07 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater Jones Beach, NY

Talk about "Storms"! High tide and a Full Moon...it was cold and windy and flooded. We waded through a foot of ocean water to get to our seats...3rd row center! Everyone was barefoot and freezing but Stevie was so amazing I forgot about being cold and wet! I go to see her whenever she comes around on tour and have lost track of how many times I have seen her. This time was a 40th birthday gift from my Mom and Sister. My Mom has been a fan since Buckingham/Nicks. So this was a special concert for me...the big 40! Stevie was all bundled up all night in the most beautiful black coat with various scarves and hats and looked incredible in them. She thanked us all for coming out in such dreadful weather and admited that she herself would have "stayed home"! I had lots of eye contact with Stevie and was able to get down to the stage for the "Edge" walk. I stayed there through the rest of the concert and also was able to interact with the "girls". Mostly Jana and that was very cool. When Stevie came down shaking hands she told ME that I looked beautiful but freezing "where is your coat"? she asked me like a mother! I was all dressed up like her! I was "Star Captured" from that! Every song was amazing and beautiful. She sounded incredible as always! Thank you Stevie for adding to my 40th birthday! I too "have always been a storm" so I guess it was a fitting night for a couple of "storms"! Thank you Stevie!
Mickey Reers
Awesome concert. I learned so much from your explanation of the origin of some of the songs. I know it was a difficult concert for the band and yourself because it was windy and cold. Your remarks "that this is the first time you ever wore a hat, coat and gloves to sing" let us know you were cold. Sorry, but the audience was loving every minute of it. I also read your diary of 911. It was very moving to hear how you responded to what we were all feeling here and around the globe. You did so many people so much good by going on and letting them think of something else for a short time. We in New York will never be over what happened here....and I am sure many people everywhere will never forget that day. Thanks again for a great night. Loved your hat with the feather, can you tell me where they can be purchased.
Carol V.
All I can say is that Stevie is a legend ! There are not many singer/songwriters with the legacy that she has. Just look at the concert setlist most of the songs she preforms are 20+ years old not to mention were all written by Stevie! Only a legend would preform with a coat and hat on with the cold wind from the bay blowing ( anyone who was at the show knows and will not forget the crazy wheather we had on Long Island that night ) and still sing with the love that she has for her fans. Stevie just gets better and better as the years go by. She is by far one of the greatest and most respected singer/songwriters of our time.
CJ Marino
Jones Beach was AWESOME! It was a cold evening, especially for June in NY. Stevie you are getting better as time goes on! We were a party of 6. Two people had never been to your concert before but they are now converted! They loved YOU!
First of all there is really no review necessary, Stevie was awesome. Would you expect less though? I have to say that considering the conditions that night. The coastal flooding that was breaking right into the floor seats, the gusty winds and the chilly, unseasonably cool June air, the night was spectacular. Chris Isaak was AWESOME!!! I was never a fan, but ran right home and bought his Best of CD. He really turned the dampened spirits of a cold audience around. He warmed up the place with his charm and his voice. He took his socks and shoes off and joined the audience singing and signing autographs as he went. When I say he joined the audience he did not stop at the floor seats he came right up to the second level seating. He was charming and funny and his voice was so close to the record sound that if you closed your eyes you would swear you had the CD on. My personal favorites were Some Bodies Crying and Wicked Game. He is truly one of the few performers who should cover Roy Orbison, he did a great job on Only the Lonely. Finally he took pity on those hardy souls in the front rows who were brave enough to wade through the flood and invited them to sit on the stage with him and the band. Totally a class act, and the first opening act that I was happy to be there to see. He is a must see opener. As for Stevie, what a trooper. She came out to Stand Back always a fan favorite. She was wearing a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, boots and I think she actually was wearing pants. She made us laugh when she said, “I think that this is the most clothing I have ever worn in concert. Let me tell you she needed every piece. She performed for just under two hours in the worst conditions I have ever experienced at Jones Beach. All through the show she wrestled with her hat, she also ended up in a beautiful full length black velvet coat the she told us was 25 years old and that velvet really lasts. The music portion was stellar. She did great renditions of the Fleetwood Mac favorites, Rhiannon, Dreams, and Gold Dust Woman. One of my favorites moments was when she introduced Landslide and said I think you understand the song better now. For the first time I felt that Stevie was more comfortable talking to her fans, and sharing small insights into her thought process when she was writing the songs. I was thrilled to hear If Anyone Falls. Only Stevie can take a simple statement and make a beautiful song out of it. Sorcerer was awesome. She was really in fine form Tuesday night. It was truly a treat to hear her sing How Still My Love. Despite the cold and the flooding which had started to recede Stevie closed with Edge of Seventeen, and as always made her way to the edge of the stage where she visited the fans who waded through four inches of water to get to their seats the minute she hit the stage. When she came out for her encores she really rocked the Zeppelin song, Rock-n-Roll. Now I heard Hear do this song once in concert, and they did a great job, Anne Wilson’s voice and all was powerful, but Stevie seemed to kick it up a notch and do it the way Robert Plant intended it to be done. Finally she closed the show with Beauty and The Beast. Previous reviews described her lovely gown which we did not get to see since it was just too cold for her. She even cut the backup singer stories short announcing “Sorry girls, It’s Too Damn Cold!!” We all knew then anyway. Beauty and the Beast was performed with so much emotion and beauty that for the first time it brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. I think the most significant part of the evening was at the end, after taking her bows with her band, Stevie announced that she had something serious to share with the audience. When she said stop please wait almost all of us looking to beat the traffic out stopped. She said that we did not realize how bad the conditions were for this show, but not for her, for us. She was truly touched by the 8 or 9 thousand people who waded through the water, sat in the cold and weathered the winds. She said it taught her something about love, and all the reasons she has been doing this since 1981. She seemed genuinely affected by the fact that nobody went home to their warm rooms. I have seen many an artist get truly disgusted by poor conditions at Jones Beach, and you knew it. Let’s face it, it’s outside by the ocean, there is bound to be a bad day or two. You have to realize that when you sign on. In each case I felt the upset of the artist, but not this night, both Chris Isaak and Stevie Nicks were truly humbled and truly amazed by the audience’s desire to be there for them. I left the theater thinking that these are two of the classiest stars I have ever seen. They never made it about their inconvenience, just the conditions that affected us. It just proved what I already knew that Stevie is one humble and classy lady. She was so touched, it seemed she did not want to leave the stage, she walked slowly off waving to her fans. She said we reaffirmed things for her, well Stevie you reaffirmed things for us too. Not every celebrity is in it for their fifteen minutes by exhibiting horrible manners and behaviors. That some people do deserved to be labled legends because they have earned it. In this day and age of disposable female “rock stars” who we wont remember in five years I am truly glad that my 10 year old daughter likes Stevie, she admitted her mistakes and learned through the pain of making them. She is truly the Queen of Rock and Roll. Thank you for your time and patience Tuesday night we appreciate the fact that the conditions were tough on you too. Thank you for showing the young girls of today that there is truly an amazing Woman rock star who handles herself with true grace in all circumstances. All I can say is go see the show and Rock on Stevie we love You!!!!!!
What a crazy night! Our seats were located in the first section of the orchestra towards the back near the ocean. High tide and coastal flooding moved just about everyone out of the orchestra section into other seats. Some people really weren't happy but it all worked out in the end. Chris Isaak was real good and personable. He even waded in the water out to the audience. He had people on stage with him dancing and just had a real good time. Then more people came in to see Stevie and security let people go into the orchestra area...well, whoever wanted to wade in the water until the tide went back out. Stevie was cold but she looked fabulous. Two songs were missing, Enchanted and Fall From Grace but hearing If Anyone Falls, How Still My Love, and Rock n' Roll more than covered up for it. My aunt and best friend were with me up front (my poor mom couldn't get pass security to get up there with us) and we were determined to stay there despite security trying to move everyone away from the stage. We moved back during Landslide and once I heard the drums after How Still My Love, I knew Edge of Seventeen was coming. We were ready. We were able to get to the stage and FINALLY I got to shake Stevie's hands!!! What do you say to the woman whose words have meant so much over the years? All I could get out was 'thank you.' She smiled and commented on how cold my hands were. It could've been below zero and it would have been worth it. The show was great despite the ocean's craziness and it is an evening I will NEVER forget. Thank you Stevie for all you've given to so many.
John McAtamney
This was a special show for me since it was the first concert experience for my 8 yr old son and seeing Stevie really blew him away. His first comment was- "wow Dad she's for real!" As for the concert experience, Jone Beach was colder tonight than anytime I can remember, so Stevie was bundled up to protect her from the cold and wind. As she said at the beginng of the concert "I don't remember wearing so many clothes on stage before." I think the cold made it hard for her to dance and move around like she would normally. As for her performance, I have seen Stevie alone and with Fleetwood Mac approximately 25 times over the last 20 years and tonight she was at the top of her game. She looked and sounded amazing!! From the opening song through Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman and her performance of Rock and Roll Stevie proved her dominance as the High Priestess of Rock and Roll. No one even comes close or does it better than Stevie. I for one hope she keeps on Rockin!!!!
Alan Tobin
For my 52nd concert I finally reached a goal. High tide brought a lot of water to the orchestra seats, but it didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. I finally was able to at least get part of me in a picture with Stevie as she shook my hand. I was only a few feet away from the girls so I was able to strike up limited conversation with Jana and Lori. That has to be my greatest Stevie concert moment. Jana was able to get me a set list at the end of the concert which only endears her to me that much more. They are all beautiful women blessed with great voices and you can tell they appreciate all of the adoration that comes their way. On to the Borgata for concert number 53!!!
I have just returned from seeing Stevie for the second time at Jones Beach Theater. It was freezing cold and very windy. The entire first ground section of theater seats was flooded with a foot and a half of water! (It was high tide with a new moon!) That didn't stop the fans from rolling up their pants and walking barefooted to get to their seats! And it was all well worth it! Stevie looked amazingly beautiful and sounded better than the last concert 2 years ago. She will always be the queen of rock and roll!
WOW. WOW. WOW. Stevie was WOW. I had such a great time. I spent fifty dollars on a dozen white roses which i had done up special for Stevie...they sprayed glitter stuff on them and they looked amazing. I kept getting compliments on them all night long. I got to the concert and as soon as Stevie went on I ran to the front of the stage. The first time I was up there I was standing in front of Sharon, Jana, and Lori. Jana waved hi and smiled at me after I took a picture of them. That was pretty cool. :] My shoes were soaked, though, I was standing in ankle deep water. Then one of the security guards there told me to go back to my seat. I went back to my seat for like five minutes, grabbed the roses and ran back down and begged one of the other security guards to let me stay up there. I guess they felt bad for me so they let me go up...this time I was like right between Stevie and Waddy, yay! Waddy sounded great. I gave him a thumbs up and he smiled at me. The night just flew by...it was crazy, before I knew it she was doin the Edge Walk. I handed her the flowers and she said "thank you." and I told her I loved her, lol, and she said "I love you too." and she grabbed both my hands and for like two seconds we just stood there looking directly into each others eyes. It was intense! I didn't really feel the intensity of it until thirty minutes later when I was driving home. WOW. LOL.
My husband and i couldn't wait to see the show tonight. After a long day and a lot of rain........ we did not think the show would even go on. We headed there and said whatever happens; happens. We had front row tickets for this show; after 34 years being a diehard fan............i thought that was the only was to go!! Stevie came on stage and ROCKED the House!!!!!!! Not only can she still perform............she still has that beautiful, amazing voice. She was kind of cold up there.............being the stage was in the middle of the bay. My husband, myself and many others were standing in a foot of water...................but it was well worth it; because i was at the greatest show since her last one in NEW YORK. It was well put together this show, she looked amazing, she is the greatest living leagend, she is the most gifted song writer and singer of all time in my opinion. She sure has touched me in so many ways in the past 34 years...........as well as many other people all over this world. I want to thank Stevie for being who she is............ we love you Stevie and sticking with you forever ~~~ Lots of Love From New York..........
WOW!! What a night. High tide and a stormy evening made for an incredibly fun filled and memorable evening. We all had to wade through about ten inches of ocean to get to our flooded seats. I was in the 6th row- the best seat I've had in years, so I was not about to take the option they were offering to head up to the back where a few seats were available. Chris Isaak was great- He took off his shoes, rolled up his pants & came out to into the water to sing. The guy was awesome! By the time Stevie came out the tide began to recede- about a half an hour into her performance we were all able to put our shoes back on and stand on the now dry ground. The night was magical. Stevie sweetly thanked all of us for staying through the flood and chilling temperatures...Like we would leave? I've seen her so many times & I enjoyed this show more than any others. Her rendition of Gold Dust Woman was superb! Stevie looked fab & sang with such energy and joy!!! She seemed to be truly enjoying herself and spent more time talking to the audience than I ever remember. We love you Stevie-- keep coming back to NY!!
Denise Pianforte
Although the tide at Jones Beach flooded the orchestra seat area, we didn't let it get us down, afterall we were seeing our Stevie girl. Stevie, of course, looked radiant and sounded great. During Beauty and the Beast, you could hear a pin drop, the theater was so quite, with just the Stevie's beautiful voice filling the air. It was great seeing Lori Nicks back on stage and of course Sharon. The show flew by leaving us wanting more. My sisters and I got to shake Stevie's hand during Edge of Seventeen and we told her how much we love her. Come back soon Stevie!
Josette D.
I have been a fan of Stevie Nicks for over 12 years and over that time have attended many, many Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac concerts but this past one at Jones Beach was the best one yet! It was unseasonably cold so Stevie came out in a beret, velvet coat and scarf but looked stunning as usual. Despite the cold wind blowing in her face, her voice sounded amazing… and yes the BOOTS ARE BACK…. The set list was same as opening night except “Fall from Grace” and “Enchanted” were cut (probably due to the cold). This was my first concert where I had front row seats and unfortunately there was an unusually high tide which flooded the entire orchestra section. All fans had to stand in a foot of cold water for most of the show. This did not seem to affect the spirits of the fans one bit, as there was this incredible energy surrounding the stage. I was glad to see less popular songs like “How Still My Love” make the set list and closing with “Beauty and the Beast” made for a very emotional finish The highlight of the show was during the “walk” when I finally was able to hold Stevie’s hand, which is something I was not ever able to do before. Up close she is an absolutely GORGEOUS woman with perfect skin…. She looked and sounded amazing. Thank you Stevie for giving me one of the best experiences of my life. Looking forward to seeing you rock again soon.
My husband and a friend and I saw Stevie at Long Beach Theater last night. It was FREEZING out, and there was water all over the floor of the lower level of the theater, but Stevie was absolutely fantastic! She handled the cold well, and sounded incredible! Towards the end of the show she shook hands with practically the entire front couple rows of the crowd, and was extremely sweet and appreciative in thanking everyone for coming and staying even though we were freezing our asses off. NO PROBLEM, STEVIE! It was totally worth it! Chris Isaak was very good, as well…good show all around!
Annmarie Smith
The concert last nite was amazing as usual-Stevie was in great form and voice and looked wonderful. It was so windy and cold but she weathered the cold and was great!!!!!!!! She looked wonderful and good luck w ith the rest of the tour.
Bill & Colleen
WOW! As usual, Stevie was spectacular!!! Chris Isaak performed on stage first and as he performed, our unusual weather conditions caused the tide to come in higher then usual and water started to seep in and submerge the fist three orchestra sections immediately in front of the stage. As Stevie came on, the water level was at about 15 to 18 inches deep! The ushers would not let the fans into the seats claiming we could be electrocuted.... fans somehow figured out how to get around the ushers and as Stevie started her second song, the sections underwater appeared to be packed with yelling fans! Many holding their shoes and socks, others just wading in the water or standing on their seats to see one of the greatest Stevie performances ever!! Stevie commented that she was wearing the most clothes on stage that she could remember to try to stay warm.... meanwhile to all us fans, we rocked and waved to Stevie and crew! I was able to stand at the stage and enjoy a performance equal to my last which was Red Rocks in 2005! Stevie, we love you ---- please come to NY as often as possible-- You are the greatest!!
The night may have been chilly at the beach.....but Stevie.....you warmed it up quickly..... They don't better than you. Someone who can entertain and truly appreciate her fans...... Won't ever miss the chance to see you...... Thanks for all the wonderful songs and my very favorite "Landslide" Nobody does it better....come back soon.... With love, God Bless.....
I have not seen Stevie since the ENCHANTED tour.....wow! She has never looked or sounded better and, once again, her band and her back-up singers are phenomenal!!! Welcome back to Laurie and to Waddy. It was great to hear HOW STILL MY LOVE and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST again...I think they were both last performed on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR tour back in '89. I got lucky through Ticketmaster and got myself a single seat in the second row/center...(I was determined not to miss this tour because of problems with "friends" NOT getting their acts together the day of the concert)...unfortunately, due to previous rain and an extremely high tide, about half the orchestra was flooded out to near knee height during Chris Isaak's set and only completely dried out after about 8 Stevie songs....I'd catch pneumonia for that woman (and probably have...). Kudos to the women in stilletto suede boots and lacey dresses and skirts who braved the flood. You rock! (hope you took AIRBORNE when you got home) Stevie, Sharon, Janna and Lori were covered in black velvet scarves and Stevie commented that this was the most clothes she's ever performed in...the backround pictures, snippets of video, and especially the Beauty and the Beast/godard movie stills added to the nice, warm atmosphere on this cold, windy night. Stevie did NOT perform any songs from ROCK A LITTLE, OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR, or STREET ANGEL...I hope that she doesn't neglect her "babies" from these 3 albums...perhaps some new arrangements/re-workings would help make songs like NO SPOKEN WORD, ROOMS ON FIRE, JULIET, GRETA, and BLUE DENIM fit into future concert sets...I'm sure that HAS ANYONE...will be back soon. It would be interesting/unexpected for her to pull-out songs like SISTER HONEY, SOME BECOME STRANGERS, FIRE BURNING, or DESTINY...and a real treat for fans who first became fans of hers through these albums/songs and have stuck with her through it all... She had been performing FALL FROM GRACE, but again substituted SORCERER from the TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA album. Possibly, my greatest concert thrill was hearing SLEEPING ANGEL/w mandolin on the ENCHANTED tour...keep hope alive! that Stevie will bring out that "baby" again soon...or perhaps BLUE LAMP. Mmmmm... My thanks to the NicksFix and to Warner Bros. records for all your tour updates.
Tim Rigney
"Well I'm glad you STAYED!" Stevie jokingly told us this at the US Festival in 1983, and it's just as true today. As many of you know by now the weather wasn't exactly cooperating and the temperatures were just absolutely freezing. With the wind chill it must have been under 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the front rows of the arena were literally flooded due to an unusual high tide. There were people in the audience who were shivering uncontrollably all night long and it must have been worse for Stevie and everyone else up on stage with the wind blowing directly on them, no matter how they were dressed. And so - There were some things that Stevie and the band did that I really admire. It seemed that when Stevie first came out, she did a "caricature" of a woman caught in a windstorm - she held onto her hat in an exaggerated way, pretended the wind was about to blow her over, etc. So in other words - and I doubt many will be surprised by this - she turned it upside-down and turned something "bad" into something useful - she took advantage of the bad situation, and made what she could of it. Then at the end she said, "...I just want you to know that it has been very hard on all of you tonight ..." - As always, she took the bad and used it as a way to teach, and made the best of a bad situation - It seemed to me that in between her lines, she was telling us, "why NO, as a matter of fact I DIDN'T consider stopping even for a MOMENT; I DIDN'T think of our own (considerable...) discomfort up here even for a MOMENT - you don't get to be successful in the rock music business (or anywhere) by thinking that way." Of course, she DID think those things, she DID feel tempted to cut it short, call it a night, re-schedule, etc. - but she didn't. And here's the thing - I'm not sure how many people were there, but it was far less than the grand-smacking legendary total of 14 thousand that the venue can hold. I looked around, and i THINK maybe there were only a thousand people there - two thousand tops. It was literally less than one percent of the number of people that attended the US Festival. This show wasn't exactly the highlight of her career; she could take it or leave it. And yet, even with the harsh conditions added to that, she knocked it out, and belted it out like there was no tomorrow. She gave us the SAME show that she would have given 20,000 screaming fans at Madison Square Garden. She poured her heart into it, and she hardly missed a note, and i.m.o. her harmonies were DEAD-on. Ditto for all of her backup musicians. Maybe one or two minor things were a LITTLE off but for the most part I was VERY impressed - for example Waddy Wachtell was right on the beat; even when he was doing the intro to Edge with a cold wind trying to blow him off the stage, it was still as incredibly precise as always. So I just love the rock-on attitude; and I love that they were THAT determined to give us "our money's worth," even though it was "no skin off their backs." And I love how Stevie grabs something annoyingly bad like this and seizes it as an opportunity to teach. And we all still had a ball DESPITE the bad weather - including Stevie - I SWEAR to you that it seemed like she had a grand old ball - LOTS of fun. And she seemed VERY cheerful and not tired at all. Couple of other details - Listen closely to Gold Dust Woman There's some interesting changes there. And she took out the part where she screams and so on and replaced it with some very interesting interaction between her voice and Waddy on the guitar - her voice kind of goes up and down the scale as his guitar notes sort of "chase" her voice, except going down when she goes up, etc. - it was wonderful. It was really great to hear "How Still My Love." I really enjoyed that a lot, and I felt the harmonies were great. Actually I felt the harmonies in ALL of the songs were great, especially of course at the end of "Landslide." Those wonderful sounds made us wiser, even through the wind and the rain and the water. Anyway - awesome show, bad weather or not. And Long Island doesn't suffer from major suckage, I SWEAR! I HOPE she'll be back to Jones Beach, because on a GOOD day it really is a beautiful venue. And thank you Stevie. Thank you for feeling that connection with the audience even under such harsh conditions. Thank you for giving us your all no matter what, and showing us that "that's how it's done." Thank you for "knowing what it sounds like." Thank you for giving me light and love and laughter to take back to my poor sick mother. And thank you for reminding us that even when the wind becomes crazy, even if the unexpected happens and everything suddenly goes black, there IS a solution to the puzzle and you can just find an updraft and ride it on up into the clear sky. And most of all, thank you for lifting up our hearts and making us happy for an hour. And for the warmth. And reminding us that we ARE . . . that strong. We're so glad you stayed.
It was a night to remember. It was really cool, around 50 out and the wind came in like a lion off the water, which made it feel like 40 out. The wind was so hard, it whipped the water up onto the ground floor, surrounding about 25 rows with frigid water. At one point, we actually saw little white caps forming as it came in against the chairs. But then the show started and Chris Isaac just showed what a trouper he is. He rolled up those pants legs, took off his socks and shoes and jumped right down there with the fans standing in the water. He was great! Then Stevie came out, and the water receded and that helped the fans really fill up those seats. You could tell the wind was hitting her and the band, but they played on and they were fantastic. I have never heard Gold Dust Woman any better than it was this night. I actually warmned up and put the blanket aside. Thanks Stevie and everyone, it was another White Winged Dove event for me.
What a totally weird night at Jones Beach...the wind was whipping, the air was cold and the water in the bay overflowed onto the first 30 rows of the "theatre". It was total chaos as the people whose seats were flooded out tried to figure out what to do, with many rolling up their pants and wading to their seats! In the 20+ years that I have been coming to Jones Beach, I have never seen it flooded like that! Stevie came out in a velvet hat, scarf, gloves and a flowing coat that she said was 25 years old. She also remarked that she has NEVER worn that much clothing on stage in her life! Even though it was cold and damp, the crowd rocked to the opening song...Stand Back...and stayed connected to Stevie all night. She sounded great..my husband remarked that she could really belt out a tune and she played many of the crowd favorites, including Rhiannon, Edge of Seventeen, Gold Dust Woman, etc. I loved the slide show of her with her family...I had tears in my eyes as the last slide showed her dad, obviously unable to walk and riding a "scooter". You could see the love and support she received from her family as she pursued her career...I would love to see her again...but I would make it either inside or further into the summer months for an outdoor show...
Brian Lemna
Well, when I bought my tickets in May, I imagined a warm summer night with soft breezes blowing in over the dunes off the Atlantic Ocean. In my mind=s fantasy, I could see boats bobbing in the bay that almost surrounds the stage, their blue-green and white lights reflecting so lively in the thousands of tiny waves shimmering around them. I had just picked up two tickets for my friend, Eddie, and me to see Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaak at Jones Beach, New York on Wednesday, June 13. Since he had never seen her in concert before and it was a surprise, I patted myself heartily on the back, knowing Eddie and I were sure to have an all-around memorable Stevie Nicks night. On that much-anticipated date, by the time we arrived at the Nikon Jones Beach Theater, the bay around the stage had hit high tide and the cold sea had blown up into the amphitheater. Die-hard fans in the first ten rows stood in shallow water around their seats: the temperature was around 50 degrees and steadily dropping as a strong wind howled right out of the Northeast. For various reasons, Eddie and I didn't make it in time to find our seats to see Chris, but we did watch him on television monitors in the food court B for thirty minutes B while we waited for Starbucks coffee and a hot chocolate. The wind was incessant and everyone was freezing. Grown, macho, fireman- and construction-type men wrapped themselves unabashedly in Sesame Street Elmo blankets hastily retrieved from the rears of their SUV's. Everyone was dressed for a December football game. At least, on the monitor over the head of the rather slow girl who served our refreshments, Chris Isaak seemed to be having a pretty good time while he and his band gamely churned out their buoyant set. A very nice woman in line with us buying coffee said that it was a little warmer in the stands with all the bodies, and she added that the stadium seemed to be blocking some of the wind. In stark contrast, the shape of the food-court alley behind the stadium where we stood funneled the wind into a gale. Seasoned Long Islanders, used to such weather extremes in February and March, uniformly balked at such a night in the middle of June. Smokers huddled in shivering groups on sheltered sides of staircases and giant structural columns, desperately helping each other get a light. After waiting while Eddie finished a cigarette, we finally made it to our seats and the nice lady was right, it was about two degrees warmer in the stands. Unfortunately, many layers of clothing and a 40 mph wind really did little to help members of the crowd share body heat. By the time the lights went down, I had curled into a huddle of my own, pulling my shoulders up in a vain attempt to turn my body in on itself to stay warm. Then the band took the stage and Stevie arrived. I have to admit, given the vociferousness of the weather, I had my doubts. However, they completely rocked AStand Back.@ Even after 30 years and dozens of live shows, I have never seen her like this: dressed for Moscow in winter, even remarking that she had never worn so many clothes on stage, which, for her, could be hard to believe. I guess she meant at once, and she was right: the boots, leather pants, leg warmers, her hair up under a hat that may or may not have had fur trim, a giant black velvet coat/cloak buttoned up to her chin, and long leather gloves. I could be a mile off on some of this B I have iffy eyesight, even through binoculars B but I do know for sure that, for various songs, she heaped her performance shawls on top of it all. Anyway, she proceeded to make an endearing opening speech that mentioned the retrospective ACrystal Visions@ CD/DVD, the volume of her clothing, and the fact that if it were herself in the audience, she may have been in her car racing back to a nice warm room. So she genuinely thanked everyone, not just for staying with her through the many years, but for facing this gale together with her to have an all-around memorable Stevie Nicks night. Totally honest and present, I have never seen her so there. She sang each song with a grace and strength that seemed well-earned. She is completely aware of how loyal her audience is, and she delivers her show with a measured ease that is astounding for a rock-and-roll woman at the age of 59. She really is the reigning Queen of Rock, especially considering the fact that she delivered this high-spirited performance in the rather fearsome face of a surprise summer gale. The ribbons were flying, my friends. I must write that her band is probably one of the top three or four bands in existence, even considering genres outside of rock music. From Stevie’s comments, I surmise that Waddy and Sharon are keenly responsible for the music and harmonies. Stevie=s praise, as well as his own obvious talent and confidence, rank Waddy Wachtel as one of the top rock guitarists and rock musical directors ever. If this man never receives his place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it will be A CRIME. Stevie referred to Sharon as her taskmaster. When you watch these women performing on stage and on the big screens, observe their focus, especially watch Sharon=s mouth open wide when she delivers one of her trademark vocals: you can see the dedication and musicianship unwind in front of you. These people make it possible for Stevie to reign as she does. I won't dawdle on the set list, other than to remark that AEnchanted@ and AFall From Grace@ were omitted, perhaps to make it possible for all of us to return to our warm rooms a bit earlier. In any case, obvious highlights included a version of AIf Anyone Falls@ that far surpasses the original record, a surprisingly strong ASorcerer,@ Tom Petty=s AI Need to Know@ (which she sings better than ever), the video tribute to her own past and her father during ALandslide,@ an interpretation of AHow Still My Love@ that is still ringing in my head, her rollicking cover of Led Zeppelin=s ARock and Roll,@ and a finale of ABeauty and the Beast@ that brought a tear to the eye of this longtime fan-boy. With a mature and restrained yet incredibly powerful delivery, her vocal performance on this song knocked the water-soaked ball out of the park. Her comfort and graciousness on stage know no equal. After she finished ABeauty and the Beast@ and the band joined her for a well-deserved bow, she said, AI know it was difficult. Thank you for staying with me tonight. You have restored my soul... and my faith in music and in people! I love you all! God bless you! Thank you so much! Bless you all! And please drive safely.@ Then they all took another bow and sincerely waved good-bye.

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