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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/15/07 Tweeter Center at the Waterfront Camden, NJ

Erin Dragan
Let me begin with the fact that I drove from Pittsburgh and stayed with my aunt in Yardley (just north of Philly) for this concert. I was having major car problems, and I lost the exhaust piping from my catalytic converter on back on the Turnpike. All of the stuff I had to go through was worth to see MISS STEVIE NICKS in Camden! She was absolutely amazing. This was my third time seeing her, and she looked healthier and more beautiful than ever. She was also very happy. As a singer/songwriter myself, I have a very deep respect for Stevie, and a tribute to her through a tattoo on my back. She sang the best set I have ever heard that night. “Rhiannon” was tight and full of mythology; “Gold Dust Woman” was sung with more fervor than ever; “If Anyone Falls” had me feeling like I was flying through the air – and actually at that moment, that sone helped me realize that I really do love the boy I’m currently with (if anyone falls in love, it will be one of us!!!); and “Beauty and the Beast” had me crying. Excellent, excellent set. I would do it all over again. I would also like to give major kudos to Chris Isaak - very tight set, and beautiful silky voice. Anyone listening could tell that he and his band have been playing together for as long as I’ve been alive. I actually got to meet him briefly after his set – nice guy. So, Stevie, if you ever read this – as a young pro musician, I just want to say thank you for being my first musical influence, THE reason why I do what I do, and thank you for never, ever giving up, and giving your light and your energy to all of us. Thank you so much. Rock on!!!!!
Jacqui Waddell
What can be said about Ms. Nick’s show in New Jersey? In my opinion it was the best show I have ever seen her do. I have been a fan since the 70’s and have seen this wonderful woman perform every time she has come into my area. Her voice was spectacular – and the boots are back! It was just an awesome show. I think she can be compared to a good bottle of win – she just gets better with age! Keep rockln Stevie – you still got it girl!
I haven't seen Stevie live for quite some time but I was able to get third row pit tickets for this show and went for it! This was the first time I was this close to Stevie or Fleetwood Mac. This is gonna sound corny but it was almost a spiritual experience. To be that close while she sang this set of songs was truly priceless. I went solo but found fans to be giving and open and helpful - even the gentleman who made sure I was able to shake her hand when she came by. Her voice was in excellent shape, her delivery was spot-on and there was no disappointment EXCEPT for not getting to see her perform Gypsy live, one of my favorites. However, as we know, she did close with Beauty and the Beast, my ultimate favorite. A truly memorable night for me. Thanks for coming to town, Stevie!
Chris Issac - He sounded AMAZING. He looked as handsome as ever! He wore a yellow suit. He joked around and came into the crowd. He only walked around one section. I wish he migrated a little more. During one song he had a ton of girls on stage and the one he picked out was 'Rebecca' and sweet Jesus her voice was so high pitched and annoying!! All the girls on stage were dancing with his band members. After the song the girls left the stage and Chris did as well. He came back in a suit that looked like a disco ball. When the light was on him he really looked like a disco ball. When his set was done he left. Intermission. Intermission - They played 'Bootylicous' 'Body is a Wonderland' a Maroon 5 song...a ton of other songs I cant remember. It was cool watching the crew take part Chris' set and putting up Stevie's set. I met a lady there and she told me that when she ushered at one place YEARS ago. Sme guy bumped into her and almost knocked her over and she said a few cuss words and someone next to her said that that was Chris Isaac. I thought that was wicked funny. Stevie Nicks - She opened up with 'Stand Back' She came out in her Stand Back cape, pants, and her boots. She looked simply GORGOUS! When she came out she did her infamous kick. As she was singing I looked around the crowd and EVERYONE was on their feet. When she sang 'Stand Back' everyone threw their arms up in the air. She twirled and sang her little heart out! Next was 'Dreams', some people were standing some were sitting. She sounded GREAT as she always does! Stevie took off her shawl and she had her pants, boots, and jacket. 'If Anyone Falls In Love' Everyone was on their fet dancing. Her vocals were AMAZING. In the background on the screen you could see the music video playing. When she ended this song she went backstage. 'Rhiannon' As Stevie was backstage changing her pianist was playing the into to Rhiannon. She came out in her traditional Rhiannon sleeves and skirt, but she had on tan boots! Nice change. She belted this out!! During the piano intro some asshole told me to sit down...TWICE! Once I sat down Stevie came out and everyone got up. My mom gave him a dirty look. At the end Stevie belted out her lyrics!! It was GREAT! 'Enchanted' Stevie's vocals were AMAZING tonight. Enchanted was no exception. I think that there was really no time where the crowd wasnt standing besides when Stevie left the stage. After Enchanted she went backstage to change. 'Gold Dust Woman' Once you heard the cowbell at the begining everyone stood up! Stevie came out with a new GDW shawl it wasnt gold like her other ones it was like a pale pink or white. It looked very pretty! Stevie twirled and spread her arms with her shawl and her back faced the audience at the end while she was infront of Waddy she bent over side ways and came back up at the very end. She also added some lyrics to the end like 'baby baby baby baby' When she sang 'GO HOME' it gave me chills. 'I Need To Know' She said a little intro about Tom Petty and how he wrote this song. I believe she wore what she was wearing during Gold Dust Woman. Everyone was singing along with Stevie. It was AMAZING. 'Landslide' Stevie said an intro of how she wants us to take out of the song what we mean, but this song she said was ment for family. She dedicated lanslide to our families and our fathers. This was probably the highlight of the night. While Stevie was singing you could hear the crowd singing along. In the bakground you saw pictures of Stevie was she was a baby and little, and you saw pictures of her and her father and family. It was very touching. When she sang 'SNOOOOW covered hiiiills' the crowd went wild!! We were so loud. Stevie face was priceless. She continued the rest of the song and at the every end there was a picture of Stevie and her father most recent. She got a standing ovation. She was saying how she couldnt turn around to look at the picture because it makes her too sad. how she wanted to share all of those pictures with us. Chris Isaac and his band came out with flowers for Stevie. Chris said some nice words. Chris and his band left the stage. Stevie said a joke about them. She said that while she was singing 'Snow covered hills' and paused she felt her fathers hands on her shoulders. It was so touching. 'Sorcerer' was next. her vocals were GREAT during this. Everyone was singing along. The again every song everyone was singing along. 'How Still My Love' One of my many favorites of the night. She sounded s crisp during this. AMAZING! Everyone was dancing and singing. Her vocals were amazing ALL night! After the song she left backstage. 'Edge of Seventeen' Her drummer and percussionist were playing and it was AMAZING. You could feel the bass go right threw you! They sounded so cool! Then Waddy came out playing some guitar and started to do the Edge Riff. The video behind him was wicked cool. It was video of Waddy playing guitar. Stevie came out in her new white dress and black jacket thing. She sang the song and sounded AMAZING. Her vocals were on top of their game tonight. She did the Edge walk. After the Edge walk she danced around with Sharon, Jana, and Lori. Danced with herself. Played some Air Guitar. Did her last ending vocal(AMAZING). She made a joke kinda thing about her white dress.I think she went backstage. 'Rock and Roll' She came out with her Edge of 17 dress but had her GIANT top hat on. Everyone was singing along dancing. Stevie was dancing. Let me just say Stevie is a GREAT dancer. After the song she went backstage. 'Beauty and the Beast' Her pianist was playing and then Stevie came out with her traditional Beauty and the Beast outfit with her hair up. I dont think I ever saw Stevie sing this song a amzing. Her vocals were so loud(in a good way) I felt her voice go right threw me!!! This song gave me chills...I had a few tears. She said ended the song. She had a standing ovation. She said her thank yous and some stuff about music and to support music. They did their bows and left. Over all the show was one of the best I have gone too!!! Other then Stevie getting rid of 'Fall From Grace' I was looking forward to it. Other then that it was AMAZING!
Stevie and friends, I saw the show, and a great show at that, on Friday 15th at Camden NJ. Whenever Stevie is in town I allways go to the show. I loved all of the songs. My favorite ones from that night are Rhiannon and Beauty and the Beast. And then of corse how she sang all the rockin songs like Stand Back and Rock and Roll just go to show that Stevie can still ROCK IT. How Stevie sang last night was powerfull and so very enchanting, as always all of her songs are, and wil always be. With much love, a devote fan,
I attended the Friday night concert at Tweeter Cener in Camden. First I have to say that Chris Issaks exceeded my expectations. His set was great and a lot of fun! Stevie was magical as usual. In fact my friend and I were touching the stage at the end. Literally the front people at the stage, which was so much fun. We both shook Stevie's hand. The set list was the same. My only criticism was opening with "Stand Back." That's my favorite live; however, I always get so excited in anticipation that I wish they would have saved it for the middle of the show. Even though her time on stage was shorter, due to Chris Issaks, they were both SO good that I felt it was worth it! Plus, I've seen her SO many times, that I focus more on quality then the quanity of time spend on stage. All and all, an amazing night. p.s. so happy Lori Nicks is back!
Andy Spagna
Just want to drop a note and thank Stevie for the wonderful performance that she put out at the Tweeter Center,(NJ)on 6/15/07.I have seen Stevie on every occasion that she has come to this area for the past 30 years and I must say,last night just might have been the best concert that I have witnessed her perform.Stevie was really into the crowd and her singing was outstanding,it was really a great,great,great performance that prompted me to write my first ever review.Stevie , thank you for all the memories and for being the true ROCK superstar that you are.See you next time for sure.
Michele, Bryan, Victoria, and Lauren Coyle
We had the privilege to see the show at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ last night. Our daughters, ages 4 and 8, are huge Stevie fans already. They were completely enthralled by the first line of Stand Back. Our 4 year old was rockin' and a rollin' to Rhiannon and singing her little heart out. As most others have the said the tribute during Landslide brought tears to your eyes as you saw many pictures of Stevie's beloved father. We had the best time. Our girls will forever hold their first "real" rock and roll concert dear in their hearts. Thank you, Stevie. We hope you enjoy the pictures the girls drew for you.
Lisa Shields
I attended the 6/15/07 show at the Camden Tweeter. I was at the stage in front of the back up singers at the end of the show and Stevie walked along to greet us. I squeezed Stevie's gloved hand and gave her a bouquet of 3 pink roses. Stevie will always be the high priestess of rock and roll !!! The slide show of daddy and daughter was endearing . I hope this tour is brought to DVD.
Dianne Valentine
My daughter took me to your concert at the Tweeter Center as a Mother's Day gift. As always, "Landslide" brought us to tears. Thank you for those wonderful words. "I'm getting older too..."

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