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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/16/07 Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa Atlantic City, NJ

I went back in December 2006 to Las Vegas to see Stevie for the first time in my 44 years of living. Boy did I waste a lot of years. After that show I hoped and prayed that Stevie would tour. I was lucky she heard my prayers…….thank you. Went to the show at the Borgata….. WOW what a woman!!!! From the time she took the stage my jaw was on the floor. This woman is just absolutely on top of her game. She’s breathtaking, and her voice will knock you on your butt. The only thing everybody was wishing for was that she would never stop singing. So soon do I need another nicksfix……I’m heading up to Scranton on June 30th. I can’t wait to see her one more time. Thanks Stevie for all the great shows.
Athena Throckmorton
June 16th at the Borgata Casino was one of the most memorable nights of my entire life. I have been a fan of Stevie's since junior year in high school in the late 70's. I was simply blown away by her timeless presence and her ability to belt out those epic songs of hers like she did when she sang them for the first time. I was lucky enough to be seated in the 3rd row and really could see how beautiful Stevie is and I feel like she gave me some of her energy when she reached out into the audience to shake hands with those of us that were close enough to her. after the concert I met up with my husband in the casino and hit a 4 of a kind on a high roller video poker machine and won a nice sum of money. I was on such a high that night from seeing her that nothing could have brought me down. Stevie, those of us that have followed you for most of our lives feel like you are one of our best friends. You were there for us all whenever we had a broken heart or met a first love, or a new love. There were many times in my life that I wondered what would be in store for me, and through your music you taught me to believe in myself and never give up, because the magic would come as long as I was patient and kept moving toward the prize. I am proud to say that I am extremely happy with my life as it turned out, and it may be hard to believe but part of that was because of the words you sang that rang true to me throughout the years. I hope that you never tire of writing and recording new songs and also that you have many more years of touring and spending time with us. You are truly a special lady and a wonderful performer, in fact the best. Thankyou for a most memorable night!
Stevie, Stevie, Stevie...you continue to amaze me! you just get better and better as the years pass! i've been a fan for 30 years now and have supported you by coming to your concerts ever since the wild heart tour. i think i speak for a lot of your fans when i say, we absolutely loved that you added 'how still my love' and 'beauty and the beast'...these songs were so refreshing to hear. you nailed both of these and it was awesome that you added them to the set list. i hope you continue to switch it up...we welcome these old songs that never got played on the radio and i was amazed that your young fans knew every word to these songs as i heard them sing along. i hope soon, you will add 'after the glitter fades'...that would be awesome to hear. also, let me just say that starting the show with 'stand back' was a GREAT move, what a way to start off the evening! i made a new friend at the show and i think she summed it up best when she said, 'stevie just has a way of making you feel that everything is right in the world when you are around her.' you do just that and it's a feeling that only your fans understand. i remember when i finally got front row tickets for the first time, it was during the trouble in shangri-la tour and i got to shake your hand during the edge of seventeen...i turned to my friend and said, 'if i die tonight, it will be ok!' keep working your magic and please come to BALTIMORE soon!
Cathy Sanderlin
........... went to the show in Atlantic City and let's face it, "STEVIE BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE BORGATA CASINO"! She was in great spirits and her band was on the money! Highlight of the night had to be when she opened in her Black leather pants! H-E-L-L-O~~~~~ she looked HOT. I enjoyed Chris Isaak - however; I would of enjoyed him more if he didn't take stage for so long. Honestly, Stevie should have had more stage time! Oh well - back to the highlights! She was awesome. And ageless wonder. I've seen her numerous times......and each time only gets better and better. STEVIE YOU'RE AMAZING & YOU MADE OUR HEARTS SKIP A BEAT!
Deborah Constant
The Borgota in Atlantic City, New Jersey -- One of the best shows ever! I have been a fan from the very beginning and have attended shows throughout the years – I attended the show with my children who grew listening to Stevie Nicks and are also huge fans. The show could not have been better – we plan on traveling to see another show on this tour!
Tam Tam
What a great show! Seeing Stevie is like visiting an old friend. The crowd was well-behaved and kind to Chris Isaak, but when Stevie came out - it was obvious who we all came to see. Opening up with "Stand Back", we were putty in her hands. We sang Happy Birthday to Sharon, which was a nice touch. During Landslide, the tribute to Stevie's Dad was very moving and she reminded us all to cherish our loved ones. The band intro was nice too, Stevie mentioning that Lori had been away from the rock n roll life for 16 years.The explanations of the songs were priceless. Gold Dust Woman rocked the house and needless to say so did the Edge of 17. All in all , a wonderful show. I attended with my sister and it was great seeing our dear dear friend, Stevie.
Lisa Barnes & April Holleman
As a second year assistant principal serving 950+ students at the middle level, my plans to celebrate the end of the school year were to see Stevie in Camden, NJ with friends. We were so moved by our experience, we ordered tickets the next morning for the Borgata show in Atlantic City later that evening. I am humbled by my experience. Stevie's performance was breathtaking. In my opinion, she is more beautiful than ever and her voice and high energy performance reflect her continued love affair with the poetry of her heart and brought me back to my adolescence when I first discovered Fleetwood Mac, some 30 years ago. The audience was mesmerized during her performance of "Landslide" and "Beauty and the Beast" because when someone offers you an authentic glimpse into their soul; one cannot respond except with the dignity, honor, and respect echoed in the intimacy of the moment. Thank you, Stevie, for continuing to bring your gift to the world. You are loved.
Lori Menasion
I am a young Stevie Nicks fan. I went to the show this past weekend at the Borgata in Atlantic City. The show was phenominal. She is still rocking and I hope she continues for many years to come. I was 4 rows from the stage and eventually made right in front of her. It was amazing. I kissed her hand. She is just a beautiful person!!! I have been to many stevie shows and this was by far the best venue that I have ever been. It was very intimate! This show was the day before fathers day and while performing Lanslide she showed pictures of her and her father. It was very touching for her to share a special moment with us. It didn't matter where you were sitting, everyone had a great view. Stevie is a Rock Goddess!!!! And her music is very dear to me. I just wanted to share with you all!!! Keep rocking Stevie!!!!
Steve Dunn
WOW! What a great show! My girlfriend Vickie and I took the trip from Charlotte to Philly early Friday morning... you guessed missed our flight! We took the next flight... you guessed it..... luggage problems. Finally got to the Borgata around 1pm Friday. What a place! The hotel was wild, we were on the 43rd floor. Had a ball Friday night hanging out at the Gypsy Bar... that's right the Gypsy Bar... how cool huh? Ok... on to Saturday... while my girl was napping I went to the bar... imagine that! Every so often I had to leave the Gypsy bar to smoke. That is when I met Ginny! Another huge fan who was there with her best friend. We hung out for a while in-between beers at the Gypsy bar! Hope you had fun Ginny! I also met Gig and her husband....... great people who we hung out with at the Bobby Flay! On to the show ... Chris Issak was great ... he put on a really good show... went out into the audience the whole nine. And then.........STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my full elbow to shoulder Stevie portrait tattoo shined, buffed and polished for all to see... yes folks that was me! Words can not even begin to express the incredible show the show was. Stevie and her band from Stand Back to Beauty and the Beast it ROCKED!!!!!!!!! I think Stevie looks even better now than she did in the early 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great voice... beautiful and ageless as ever.... We were front row so I GOT TO SHAKE HER HAND during the Edge walk!!!!!! And with a little help.......so did my Friend Ginnie! or Jeanie...sorry I am horrible with names! IF I COULD PASS ON ANY ADVICE it would be..................SEE This SHOW STEVIE is truly THE QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!
I saw Stevie this weekend at the Borgata in Atlantic City. This was my 17th time seeing her and I must say easily one of the best. She was on fire. Opening with Stand Back is an inspiration. The crowd was up and dancing from the beginning. I loved all the new outfits and triple loved all the BOOTS. The new film footage during Landslide was breathtaking. I was not the only one in tears. Of course Waddy and the rest of the band were spot on. It's always a treat to see such a master percussioist as Lenny Castro perform. I am also thrilled to see Lori back on tour full time. Also Thanks to Sharon we got to hear Stevie sing Happy Birthday. Stevie has captivated my attention now for nearly 30 years. When she took my hand briefly during the Edge walk my heart skipped more than a few beats. I think it is incredible that she is still doing this after all these years. She only gets more beautiful with time. And her voice is TIMELESS. I hope to see her at least 17 more times.
Stevie was at her best. She sounded the best I have ever heard her. Beaty and the Beast was a really great ending to her show. The montage of oictures during Landslide made everyone cry. I was one of the lvery luck people to be able to touch her hand during Edge of Seventeen. This was one of the greatest nights of my life and I will never forget it!!!!
I attended Stevie's concert on June 16th at the Borgata in Atlantic City. It was so nice to see my "Earth Angel" once again. Stevie, you are so amazing!! I have been lucky enough to see you many times and you are positively....my inspiration! The connection you achieve with your audience is like no other. I was lucky enough to touch your hand again and looking into your eyes gave me peace once again. Before driving down from CT, I saw a white dove glide right in front of my car. I have never seen a pure white dove in Norwalk! It was very unusual. But I felt, as I always do, your words. Thanks Stevie. Looking forward to seeing you at the Mohegan.
Kim Bideau
I have been a long time fan but have not been to a Stevie Nicks concert. I have seen Fleetwood Mac—also a long time fan and LOVED their shows. I was quite excited to finally be seeing a Stevie Nicks concert. She did not disappoint. I am a 43 year old wife and mother of three and she literally brought tears to my eyes when she walked on stage. Stevie looked and sounded so beautiful that she took my breath away. I was moved, and moving, throughout the entire show. Nothing could prepare me for the encore. I had no idea Stevie would sing Beauty and the Beast—which is one of my absolute favorite songs. Loved the movie playing behind her and the band. Loved how beautiful Stevie sounded and how beautiful she looked. You can feel her love and appreciation for the fans that bought the tickets and took the time to come out to see her. That is rare in concerts. I have been to quite a few concerts and can tell you that I have only had that feeling a handful of times. I was so happy that Stevie went well beyond my expectations. Please thank her for a wonderful show. Worth the wait! Keep on writing and keep on singing—like the nightbird!
Jimmy Carothers
The Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak Show at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City was a Classic. I've always loved Stevie Nicks and have seen her Perform Live Before, but as we left after the show, people were telling me they've seen her seven and eight times before and this was the BEST. Stevie could burp and I'd pay to see her, but for real, she Sparkled! It was Magical, and hours later I still had goose bumps. All I can say is Thank You Stevie! What a Beautiful Woman, in every way! What would our World be like, if Stevie didn't decide on a musical career, and became a teacher? The World would of never learned as much about LOVE!
well i have to say i don't really know how i ended up there but i did after 20 yearys i some how ended up right in front of stevie reached out and when she touched my hand after white winged dove i was in stevie heaven the borgata is a great venue and last night stevie shined and was so beautiful and so poised and polished when we say we love you forever we mean it, nothing will top last night thank you you always come to the east coast in june and always around my birthday which is june 24th i have been a fan since i was 12 i love you stevie last night was the best you have ever done and then you touched my arm after white winged dove i will never forget that i have pictures from long ago and alot of pictures but last night was the ujltimate thank you love you forever
Alan Tobin
Another outstanding Stevie performance, number 53 for me. I was able to get the set list again from the guy that controlled the board. The acoustics were great at the Borgata ball room. Saw her there 2 years ago. This time however there weren't any large screens. The songs were great, her voice was crisp and strong, no wind or cold like Wednesday night at Jones Beach. An added feature was her rendition of Happy Birthday to Sharon. Nice to hear a different Stevie vocal. My son also had a blast. On to the Mohegan Sun July 1st!!
Jennifer Keene
Saw Stevie @ Borgata last night. The venue was perfect-there didn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house. I sat on the top row so I was able to stand without worrying about blocking anyone’s view behind me. Chris Isaak was very entertaining starting the show off. Stevie graced everyone with her presence and held a very powerful and emotional show when she sang landslide and images on the backdrop of her with her father and family were shown. With father’s day being today and her father passing last year, it really was a great moment in the show. There were some displeasing women sitting in a few rows in front of us who had been drinking too much and were fighting at the end of beauty & the beast so they kind of ruined one of my favorite Stevie songs for myself and for others sitting in my area as well. There is always a few who have to ruin it for everyone else. But other then that, the show was great and I would love to see her again-hopefully a little bit closer towards the stage! Ps-Borgata security guards need to lighten up a bit-after the show about 10 people were waiting in the parking garage to see stevie leave and get in her limo. Security would not even let people take pictures of her let alone be anywhere near her limo. I know they are doing their job to protect her but we were only trying to take a picture of her or just see her-we are fans and that’s what fans do. If anyone got out of control, there were enough security guards to push them away for crying out loud. There were only 10 people standing there! All I was able to do was scream hello to her and tell her that we loved her! I hope she heard!
Well this will most likely be the last Stevie concert I attend. It is kind of like the first time you taste ,your soon to be favorite flavor, find you true love, get kissed for the first time. you never seem to be able to capture that moment again. well that was last nights show . In all, I have seen her over 20 times at various times in her reign as rock and roll queen, non better then she was last night. to say she was at her best puts it mildly. she rocked! sounded like she was seventeen, fresh and seemed she was having a blast! she moved like I haven't seen in a long time and those heels, well their back! well it transformed into one of the BEST shows I have ever seen. So it will be hard to capture that again . So for now i revel in the moment....for a long time....thanks Stevie!....oh yeah .the part about the last time......just when is the next tour? :)

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