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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/17/07 Tweeter Center Boston, MA

Glenn Tasky
I came all the way from Amman, Jordan with my partner Jeff to see the concert. We brought along Susan, a childhood friend of Jeff's who was not a huge Stevie fan, but after the concert really understood her appeal. The Chris Isaac part of the show was good, but a bit too long. I wish he had concentrated more on his music and not on his Porter Waggoner hair, Elvis-style jacket, and sexist banter between songs. I felt that Stevie's fans were above this kind of tired, state-fair type material. Anyway, after 1.5 hours he was gone, and Stevie appeared, looking and sounding as fabulous as ever at age 59. As expected, the songs were mostly all great. I know it's hard to please all fans and she strives for variety, but I think she should leave out the Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin numbers in favor of her own songs -- we are Stevie fans, after all, and she does great cover versions, but she has 40+ first-rate songs of her own to choose from. Dropping these would have made time for "Fall from Grace," which I really love and was disappointed wasn't included in the set. Also, "How Still My Love" doesn't really work very well in concert -- it's best listened to at home, "in the still of the night." "Beauty and the Beast" has always been, and shall remain, my very favorite Stevie song and her rendition that night was extremely moving.
Shelley "Crowfeather" Trotto
A M A Z I N G !!!!!! My husband surprised me with FRONT ROW tickets to see Stevie as a 40th birthday present back in May, so it felt like a very loooong wait for June 17th to arrive!! But it was well worth it - - Stevie was surreal in her angelic beauty.......flowing ribbons and jewels on her mic stand.......the infamous swirling gold shawl for "Gold Dust Woman".......an ethereal white dress for "Edge of Seventeen"......and let's not forget Stevie's hair!! Long, lustrous spun silk. I made it close enough to the stage to touch the back of her gloved hand when she made her way across the stage to greet fans. * sigh * Stevie was in a great mood, lots of smiles and dancing with Waddy. I'll see her again on July 1st at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. Not front row, but just being in the same room with her enormous presence is more than I could ask for.
Went to the Crystal Visions tour in Mansfiled, MA on June 17th. It was an excellent show with Chris Isaak starting off the night and ending with the legendary Stevie Nicks. My girlfriend is obsessed with Stevie and couldn't stop dancing the whole time. The only thing was that her favorite song is "Sarah", but she didn't sing it. :( It's OK though, cause she has so many hits, I am sure it was hard for her to pick. One question. My girlfriend, Rebecca, has a birthday coming in August. Where can I request an autographed picture of Stevie. I think she would die for that and that would really make it a memorable birthday for her. She is from Germany and didn't ever think she would get to see her live. Thanks for a wonderful concert and I hope you come back to MA soon!!!!
Elizabeth Rathburn
This was a FANTASTIC SHOW! Stevie looked great and indeed ‘The BOOTS are BACK!’ I was completely unprepared for the emotional surge during Landslide and the slide show with pictures of Stevie and her father. My father-in-law passed away in March and with seeing this on Father’s Day, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. One of the guys in our group got to speak to the drummer and the keyboardist prior to Stevie’s set and they said that it was great being on the road with Stevie and that they are having a blast. ‘Thunder only happens when it’s raining’….and boy did it rain! There was a show after the show with a very strong thunderstorm that kept our attention while we were waiting to leave the parking lot. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and will continue to catch her shows whenever she’s in New England.
Chris Fontes
What a Great Night!!! Went to the Concert with my family; My wife Lisa, my daughters Kate (10) and Lindsey (7). We sat in our seats on the lawn for the beginning of the Chris Issak set and then out of nowhere we got upgraded to the FRONT ROW. My wife was nearly in tears because Stevie is her idol. It was absolutely unbelievable to be that close. Stevie looks and sounds fantastic. By the end of the night my daughter Lindsey was sitting ON THE STAGE watching the show and Waddy came over and gave her his guitar pick. Thank You Waddy you really made her night. It was just an unbelievable night and a very special Fathers Day for me. Thank You Stevie!!!

Chris Isaak
He sounded AMAZING. He looked as handsome as ever! He wore a yellow suit. He joked around and came into the crowd. He only walked around one section. I wish he migrated a little more. During one song he had a ton of girls on stage and the one he picked out was 'Rebecca' and sweet Jesus her voice was so high pitched and annoying!! All the girls on stage were dancing with his band members. After the song the girls left the stage and Chris did as well. He came back in a suit that looked like a disco ball. When the light was on him he really looked like a disco ball. When his set was done he left.

They played 'Bootylicous' 'Body is a Wonderland' a Maroon 5 song...a ton of other songs I cant remember. It was cool watching the crew take part Chris' set and putting up Stevie's set. I met a lady there and she told me that when she ushered at one place YEARS ago. Sme guy bumped into her and almost knocked her over and she said a few cuss words and someone next to her said that that was Chris Isaac. I thought that was wicked funny.

Stevie Nicks
She opened up with 'Stand Back' She came out in her Stand Back cape, pants, and her boots. She looked simply GORGOUS! When she came out she did her infamous kick. As she was singing I looked around the crowd and EVERYONE was on their feet. When she sang 'Stand Back' everyone threw their arms up in the air. She twirled and sang her little heart out! Next was 'Dreams', some people were standing some were sitting. She sounded GREAT as she always does! Stevie took off her shawl and she had her pants, boots, and jacket. 'If Anyone Falls In Love' Everyone was on their fet dancing. Her vocals were AMAZING. In the background on the screen you could see the music video playing. When she ended this song she went backstage. 'Rhiannon' As Stevie was backstage changing her pianist was playing the into to Rhiannon. She came out in her traditional Rhiannon sleeves and skirt, but she had on tan boots! Nice change. She belted this out!! During the piano intro some asshole told me to sit down...TWICE! Once I sat down Stevie came out and everyone got up. My mom gave him a dirty look. At the end Stevie belted out her lyrics!! It was GREAT! 'Enchanted' Stevie's vocals were AMAZING tonight. Enchanted was no exception. I think that there was really no time where the crowd wasnt standing besides when Stevie left the stage. After Enchanted she went backstage to change. 'Gold Dust Woman' Once you heard the cowbell at the begining everyone stood up! Stevie came out with a new GDW shawl it wasnt gold like her other ones it was like a pale pink or white. It looked very pretty! Stevie twirled and spread her arms with her shawl and her back faced the audience at the end while she was infront of Waddy she bent over side ways and came back up at the very end. She also added some lyrics to the end like 'baby baby baby baby' When she sang 'GO HOME' it gave me chills. 'I Need To Know' She said a little intro about Tom Petty and how he wrote this song. I believe she wore what she was wearing during Gold Dust Woman. Everyone was singing along with Stevie. It was AMAZING. 'Landslide' Stevie said an intro of how she wants us to take out of the song what we mean, but this song she said was ment for family. She dedicated lanslide to our families and our fathers. This was probably the highlight of the night. While Stevie was singing you could hear the crowd singing along. In the bakground you saw pictures of Stevie was she was a baby and little, and you saw pictures of her and her father and family. It was very touching. When she sang 'SNOOOOW covered hiiiills' the crowd went wild!! We were so loud. Stevie face was priceless. She continued the rest of the song and at the every end there was a picture of Stevie and her father most recent. She got a standing ovation. She was saying how she couldnt turn around to look at the picture because it makes her too sad. how she wanted to share all of those pictures with us. Chris Isaac and his band came out with flowers for Stevie. Chris said some nice words. Chris and his band left the stage. Stevie said a joke about them. She said that while she was singing 'Snow covered hills' and paused she felt her fathers hands on her shoulders. It was so touching. 'Sorcerer' was next. her vocals were GREAT during this. Everyone was singing along. The again every song everyone was singing along. 'How Still My Love' One of my many favorites of the night. She sounded s crisp during this. AMAZING! Everyone was dancing and singing. Her vocals were amazing ALL night! After the song she left backstage. 'Edge of Seventeen' Her drummer and percussionist were playing and it was AMAZING. You could feel the bass go right threw you! They sounded so cool! Then Waddy came out playing some guitar and started to do the Edge Riff. The video behind him was wicked cool. It was video of Waddy playing guitar. Stevie came out in her new white dress and black jacket thing. She sang the song and sounded AMAZING. Her vocals were on top of their game tonight. She did the Edge walk. After the Edge walk she danced around with Sharon, Jana, and Lori. Danced with herself. Played some Air Guitar. Did her last ending vocal(AMAZING). She made a joke kinda thing about her white dress.I think she went backstage. 'Rock and Roll' She came out with her Edge of 17 dress but had her GIANT top hat on. Everyone was singing along dancing. Stevie was dancing. Let me just say Stevie is a GREAT dancer. After the song she went backstage. 'Beauty and the Beast' Her pianist was playing and then Stevie came out with her traditional Beauty and the Beast outfit with her hair up. I dont think I ever saw Stevie sing this song a amzing. Her vocals were so loud(in a good way) I felt her voice go right threw me!!! This song gave me chills...I had a few tears. She said ended the song. She had a standing ovation. She said her thank yous and some stuff about music and to support music. They did their bows and left. Over all the show was one of the best I have gone too!!! Other then Stevie getting rid of 'Fall From Grace' I was looking forward to it. Other then that it was AMAZING!
Im finally taking the time to write my first review about my FIRST Stevie Nicks show!!! Even now after 3 days, I dont remember everything...I dont realize it happened for real...Ive seen Stevie on stage....it seems to me that it was like a dream!!...I cant remember how many times Ive been telling to myself....."NO you are there...thats for real!!!!".....I still need to look at the pictures Ive taken during that night to realize it was true....Ive also bought 3 tshirts...3 posters....2 tour book...and 2 keychains!!! It was the BEST TIME of my life!!!!....I will never ever forget this nite... Eveything was just so amazing!.....Stevie looked SO Beautiful, I just adored all her outfits during the show....she looked absolutely stunning as always but when you see her for real...not thru a screen...just right in front of you....wow then you realize how gorgeous she is!!!! The girls looked all gorg. and sounded amazingly great!!....Waddy played perfectly during each song!! The rest of the band was incredible as well!! They are all so talented!!! Of course it was my first show....so I cant compare it with previous shows....but all I can say for sure is that it was just INCREDIBLE......Stevie had such a great energy!!!!...she was so talkative.....explaining the meaning of each songs.....Her voice was so beautiful!!....She was always smiling...looking at the audience.... As soon as the music started and Stevie appeared on stage for Stand Back....I felt I was about to fall....I was just sooo excited...my heart was beating so fast....Seeing her walking slowly near the mic...it just took my breath away for a few secs.!!!....I was screaming....smiling and crying at the same time...I just cant describe the feeling..... My seat wasnt that bad...It was seat#1 in section 1 row M...the only thing which was REALLY annoying for me was this huge black box standing on the right of the stage....so during the whole show Ive never been able to see the girls.....it made me crazy!! But well of course I was really close of the stage....Stevie was close enough for me to see everything clearly!!! The set list was amazing....The audience was just awesome in Boston!!!....everybody was singing...dancing....its such an incredible feeling to be there with thousand of other people around you...all singing and dancing on our favorites songs!!! The most emotional moment of the show for me was def. during "LANDSLIDE"!!!.....When the pictures of Stevie and her dad appeared on the big screen....Ive started crying just seeing all those pictures...that was beautiful and sad at the same time....it was father's day....I was worried before the show it would be hard for Stevie....of course it was hard...but then she said her father was always there with her....Omg....It was just so beautiful to hear....more tears came in my eyes.... Oh one more incredible moment was right after "Landslide" too...Chris Isaak came right behind her...touched her shoulder so softly and gave her a bouquet of 20 red roses or maybe more!!!.....Oooooh ...He said TY to her, hugged her and Stevie never completly turned around ...just turned on her left a little bit......cause she didnt want to face the pictures of her father which were there right behind her....it would have been too hard for her not to cry!! behind her...OMG That is just sooooo emotional!!....even right now I remember the moment perfectly ...it still brings tears in my eyes writting that....the way she reacted.......she was so touched by Chris's gift and his kind words....She also said that she first thought the hand on her back was her father 's....but then she said "my dad is Always here with me "...that was a lovely moment!!!.....Then when she hugged Chris and stayed in his arms for a few secs......that was just incredibly beautiful!!!.... IMO..that was THE most beautiful moment of the show that nite!! GDW was also a great moment....especially when Stevie came near Waddy ....starting dancing soooooo slowly ....wrapping Waddy with her shawl......moving on the sound of the guitar......it was incredible....and all the lights....orange....red.....it made this moment just wonderful....so magical!!!! B&theB amazed me so much too!!!....the candles on the piano....cornell playing so nicelly the piano....the blue lights on stage....the audience was so quiet waiting for Stevie to appear in her lovely outfit....and then there she was....in her long black dress...she started singing....on the screen behind Stevie was projected the movie "La belle et la bęte" by Jean Cocteau made in 1946!!!....the images from the movie conbined with the lyrics and Stevie's voice made everything so beautiful!!! ...the combination was perfect!! Well all the songs were amazing....I could talk about the show for hours buut unfortunately I cant!! When How Still My Love started we all knew the meaning...: Get ready to run near the stage thats now or never!!!...the chance of your life to shake Stevie's hand...to tell her how important she is in your life...how talented she is..... At that moment...security guys were all busy blocking people from everywhere....it was crazy to see that!!! Great thing for me ...the security guy who was standing near me during the show was 2 rows behind me blocking people.....then Summer told me one thing: "JUST GO...NOW!!!Go Audrey!!!"....I followed her advice and run near the stage with the HUGE & FLASHY bag of roses for Stevie and the girls and all the presents too! OMG....when I reached the stage...I was standing there...RIGHT in front of the girls...at their feet!!!....I just couldnt believed my eyes!!!!....First time I was seeing them after an hour there!!!....I was just sooo amazed to see them!!Lori, Jana & Sharon!!!!.....standing there....looking incredibly beautiful!!!....When Ive realized I was standing so close of Sharon...omg I just couldnt stopped smiling ...I was soooo happy!!! Ive listenned to the end of HSML.....I was so close of everything....My elbows were basically resting on stage!!!! I was that close!!!That was unreal AFter HSML....that was the moment everybody was waiting for...Eof17!!!....Stevie started singing etc...then the walk...that was THE TIME:!!! she started on the left....then she came closer and closer....and there she was....standing right in front of me.....this moment Ive been waiting for for soooo long finally arrived! There was only one woman standing on my right...the other peeps were on my left....anyway....she stood there for a while shaking hands.....I shook her hand Twice...omg......and Ive been able to give her a Huge and Flashy green bag with like 20 flowers we put inside for her and the girls...and diff presents in it for her!!!It was the only bag she got actually....it was SO AMAZING.....she took it .... she had this look on her face...cause the bag was kinda heavy actually!!!! and I told her smthg like "TY so much ".....She looked at me straight in the eye.....and gave me this Incredible& Beautiful smile!!! WOW....thats crazy to say but omg when she looks at you in the eye....you feel sooooooo strange...shes really looking at YOU!!!.... for a few secs maybe but she does...just You!!!! Then Ive been able to give her my TY CARD she took it again smile...gave the card to Lori and she kept it for a few secs....then she started dancing with the girls....lori then Jana then Sharon!!!......Lori then gave my TY Card to the security guy and he dissapeared backstage with all the presents etc etc.... Anyway to be honnest...the show was soooo incredible that I still have memory lose!!! thats weird but I really have!!....I mean I cant realize it happened.....It seems like it was a dream or smthg...("MAYBE ITS ONLY A DREAM!!!)... One last thing Ive been to the show with Summer, Sarah, Tony, Dustin and Cindy!!! THANK YOU so muchhhhhh to all of ya...I was great meeting you all......Thanks Summer cause youve been so nice and kind to me!!!! It was the best time of my life thanks to you too...!! STEVIE...THANK YOU for everything....I love ya so much..Your music is a part of my life..and will always be.....I cant wait to be there again for the show in Verona, on june 26!!! Thank you for these incredible moments....life is just beautiful with your songs in my life..... Keep rocking!!! Take care of you!!!..
Melanie Gosselin
My friend Bonnie and I went to the 6/17 (Father’s Day) show at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield (Boston), MA. It was hands-down the BEST concert I have ever been to. I’ve been to the Fleetwood Mac/Say You Will and Stevie Nicks/Don Henley shows as well. She definitely rocked those shows, but Sunday’s show was special. Stevie looked amazing, she sounded unbelievable, and most of all, she really seemed happy. I’ve been a Stevie Nicks fan since I was little. I can remember listening to Dreams and singing along. I’m 34 now and I share my love for Stevie’s music with my own children Ethan, 7 and Emma, 4. Emma sings along to Dreams with me. My favorite Stevie Nicks songs are “Sweet Girl” and “Sorcerer.” Stevie’s voice has never sounded better and it is obvious that she continues to put all she has into her shows. The pictures of Stevie and her dad during “Landslide” brought me to tears and “Seventeen” just blew me away! We were walking into the show and clumsy me… I stepped into a hole in the pavement and down I went! –How embarrassing! I sprained my foot and have a couple of scrapes and bruises, but that didn’t stop me from dancing the entire show and singing along to every word in every song. After the show it was POURING and it took Bonnie and me a good 20 minutes to find my car. We listened to my Crystal Visions CD all the way home, soaked, sore, and happy! I’ll be at the Mohegan Sun show on 7/1 with my husband, Danny. I am looking forward to another great show! I am truly a life-long fan and I thank you so much for sharing your songwriting and singing with me over the years.
Karen Biddy
My name is Karen and I have been a HUGE Stevie fan for close to thirty years. I have seen every tour since 1983 Wild Heart tour. I have to say, she did awesome on Wednesday night in Mansfield, Mass. She looks great, sounds even better. She seems to get better and better every time I see her. I was sitting ten rows back center stage and I was just amazed at the energy from her and the audience. My best friend John and I go to every show when she comes to this area. He was able to sneak down to the stage during Edge of Seventeen and was able to shake Stevie's hand. This made his night. I was so touched when she sang Landslide for her Dad. The photo's that were shown during the song were great and I felt like Stevie was more open and shared some of her personal experiences with her fans. I also loved the fact that she thanked us for still being fans after all these years. I was so young when I first heard her voice from Fleetwood Mac's Rumor album. Ever since then I have been a dedicated fan. She is such a wonderful artist and her music is so moving for me. I always look forward to seeing her every time she comes to town. As always Stevie delivers such a powerful and wonderful show.
Jim Nolan
...And the bands play on... Chris Isaak’s music is a good match for Stevie’s, as both are a great deal more spiritual than critical. Chris is a great entertainer as well, and it certainly showed in his set. Both played a myriad of songs, and I was surprised when Stevie’s band played an extended version of “How Still My Love”. I thought I’d never hear that song played live in concert. It’s not extremely popular, but the audience loved it. It’s one of my favorites, as it’s such a soothing song. I’m certain I know & love the music, but in contrast, little about the woman or the band that makes it, although everything I hear is always very good. I’ve got to say this just one more time – loud & proud: “THANK YOU!!!”
Sarah Mitchell
I'm very excited!!!! All smiles here! So, Boston was the 3rd Stevie show I've been to on the crystal visions tour and wow..I would have to say Boston was one of the better shows. I went with a group of 6 people, 4 of which were from the Boston area and one from Montreal and myself from Houston. Stevie came out on the stage with an energetic smile and kicked off the show with stand back!! She really interacted a lot with the audience during the show and everyone had a smile on their face. One of the most memorable moments from the concert was after she sang landslide Chris Isaak came up behind her without her knowing and lightly touched her shoulders to greet her with roses and you could see her body shake as she was surprised. Of course it was Father's day and she had just told the audience that landslide was a song about family and there were a lot of pictures of her and her father in the slide show playing behind the stage. And Stevie said..if you guys didn't notice I felt these hands on my shoulders and I didn't know who it was and she said if I turn around I'm going to cry. It was such a great moment! Me, Tony and Dustin were on the left side of the stage and Summer, Cindy and Audrey were by the girls on the right. When Stevie did her edge of seventeen walk all three of us touched her hand and by the time she got to the other end of the stage I saw Summer's big green bag go up and Stevie looked like she had a hard time lifting it because it was heavy topped with roses. Keep on Rockin Gold dust woman!!!! We Love You!!!!!
I'm Tony and I had a great time at the show!!! I saw Stevie in Vegas but she ALWAYS puts on a great show here IN BOSTON!! Oh all her shows are great!! I got to go to the front and DUSTIN GOT to touch her hand! I did TOO !!! It was a fantastic night,a magical night as it always is with the best rock and roll women in the whole WORLD !! I LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!! We LOVE YOU STEVIE!!! Thank you for a great night !!! Blessed be!
What an Awesome show. My best friends from high school were with me, we've been Stevie fans since 1984. this will be the 15Th time we saw Stevie since then.Now you can see our age we are all 40, and we are still rocking with Stevie all these years! And she thanked the audience for rocking with her all these years and we felt the same way with her! We love her so much, We had 11Th row on the right hand side of the stage, right before White Winged dove came on, I asked the Security Guard If he could please let me and my two friends go down to the stage to shake Stevie's hand and he said yes! I was SO excited for my friend Robin and Jessica to get to shake Stevie's hand. And we were right in front of Sharon,Jana,and Lori!!! We couldn't believe it!! They all smiled and looked at us we were singing with them we all had such a good time we were all making eye contacts and laughing, Because we couldn't believe how lucky we were to be right up front!!! Thank you SO much Security Guard!! Our Night in Shining Armour!!!
The show was amazing. Stand Back is an excellent choice for an opening song. I miss Outside the Rain but it is a welcome change to have her exploded onto the stage. As soon as the song finished she said "let's rock" and proceeded into dreams which was excellent but it just seemed out of place without OTR to lead into it. "If Anyone Falls" was one of my favorite songs of the night. I have never had the pleasure of hearing this song live and was glad to have that chance. Waddy added a lot to the song with his little solos and near the end there was a point where it was just Stevie, Lori, Sharon and Jana singing the chorus which gave me chills. Her vocals seem to get better with every tour. "Rhiannon" which I didn't recognize by the new piano intro. I think after seeing the mac for the SYW tour Stevie's solo version don't seem to capture as much intensity. The slide show in back was very interesting though with all different celtic drawings of rhiannon. "Enchanted was perfect." "Sorcerer" which she explained to the audience was written at a time when lindsey and her were "screwed" and weren't sure if they would ever make it. I wish there was more songs from TISL in her set list since it was her last solo cd and "Fall From Grace" was dropped. "Landslide" was heartfelt with candid photos of stevie and her family especailly her dad projected behind her. When she was singing the last note of the song Chris Issac decided to surprise her by sneaking up behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders. She jumped in the air it was funny. He gave her a bouquet of roses and thanked her for letting him tour with her. His whole band came on stage and said goodbye to her band. "How Still My Love" another highlight for me I have never heard live. I have always loved this song and was blown by it live. Towards the end of the song she took her shawl and started spinning it around her head and sawying her hips. I can't believe I am saying this for a 59 yr old woman it was hot!! "Gold Dust Woman" was hypnotic with her ending "Baby, baby, baby you can't see me know" The mood she set seemed to over take the performance she looked lost in the moment. Fantasic performance. "Edge of 17" was full of punch with her singing it like on the new live version. "Rock and Roll" a awesome song to encore with. Her hat has to have the biggest feather I have ever seen. I thought it was going to fall off her head! All and all I can't wait for another tour, another cd, anything!!!
Dustin R. Hoffman
Picture it... a gorgeous day... the 17th!! (Edge of...), Father's Day, and the Queen of Rock in my state of Massachusetts to grace her with her beauty, voice, and fierceness.... I went to the concert with my boyfriend, Tony, his friend Summer and her friends, Audrey, Sarah and Cindy. We had the music blaring and singing at the top of our lungs on the ride up there. There was not a stitch of traffic which was wonderful. We were a bit late and missed Chris Isaak but what came later in the night made up for that... To our delight, my and Tony's seats were right in the aisle next to the stage!! The drum beats start of "Stand Back" and here she comes twirling with her OLD Stand Back shawl!!! The crowd went nuts!!! Stevie was in full force that night and sang everything wonderfully... .changed costumes many times and even put on her old tan boots!!!! Work those boots, Stevie!!! You all know the set list so I won't get into that but I will say that "Enchanted" made it back in. I love that song. Well, "How Still My Love" was coming to and end and you know what that means... the crowd starts it's decent towards the stage. Since we were right next to the stage, it was easy to get up against it. I must say, this is my first time EVER being up front at a solo Stevie concert. "Edge of 17" starts and the crowd goes bananas!!! I am getting anxious wondering if Stevie will make it all the way to the left side of the stage where I was...needless to say, she did!!!! I had my hands stretched up and she grabbed my right hand first and held it for a minute and then I raised my left hand and she grabbed it. I said to her "Hi, Stevie. I Love you." She smiled and squeezed my hands and moved on and I broke down. I was crying so much because I was so happy. An all time dream of mine came true to be able to touch my favorite singer!!! "Your hands held mine so few hours...."
she was just awesome! i was bummed in the beginning and really missed her old "outside the rain" intro but replacing/ adding it later in the show with "how still my love" totally made up for it. Her voice sounds rested and she looked fabulous. The old pics that were shown brought back a ton of memories. "Beauty and the beast" is the best tear jerker ever. Looking forward to Mohegan!
Cathi Mabon
Thirty years have gone by since the first time I saw Stevie perform live. After many, many Fleetwood Mac and solo concerts, I must say, she has never been better onstage. Last night's performance in Mansfield was incredible! Stevie, the band and the singers gave us a summer night of rock and roll that entertained and amazed. Her voice was strong and her stage presence was captivating. Nobody can reach out and touch so many souls the way Stevie can. Her Landslide Father's Day tribute was a beautiful, heartfelt moment that she generously shared with all of us. Thank-you, Stevie. You are STILL the queen of rock and roll!
Hey there! Saw Ms. Nicks at the Tweeter Center on 6.17.07 and let me tell you that my life is forever changed. From the moment she set foot on stage and "Standback" kicked in...I was born again. Never before have I been to a concert where the performer is go gracious, lovely, and open. I really felt Stevie's joy in singing these songs for us. And what songs they were! I couldn't have made a better set myself for her! I was thrilled when she played "Enchanted" and her moving presentation of "Landslide" was amazing (I feel blessed to have been with Stevie to celebrate Father's Day). Her encore of "Beauty and Beast" left me speechless--yes, I never thought I'd be in the same space as Stevie to share that moment. "Beauty and the Beast" is a masterpiece. Stevie sounded amazing and looked gorgeous. I'm so blessed to have been able to be there and share in Stevie's talent!
Sunday night I attended my 6Th Stevie concert and once again my spirits have been lifted to a higher level. Although I have never been able to say one Stevie song is my favorite over another, I do have to say this version of Landslide by far seems to be the most memorable. This show was more enjoyable with how much she spoke with us before many of her songs especially her mentions of the lyrics in Landslide which she said was written about her relationship with her dad. It was impossible to watch without being brought to tears as the photo slide show displayed in the background directly behind Stevie while she so sweetly sang her dad's song... Just after she finished singing Landslide Chris Isaak hugged her from behind and handed her flowers. When he left the stage Stevie mentioned that she can never look back at the photos of her dad playing in the background because it's just too emotional. She then went on to say that for just a moment before realizing it was Chris touching her shoulders, she almost thought it was her dad... She continued to mention that he is always there with her. For anyone who has lost a loved one, especially a parent we can most certainly relate. What A perfect and deeply touching "Fathers Day tribute" during the June 17Th Fathers Day Stevie Nicks concert! On a more personal note, one of my most wished for dreams was to someday meet Stevie Nicks as I'm certain all the rest of you Stevie admirers that are reading this have had this wish too! For the first time I was able to reach the stage during her Edge walk but I was most certain that being too far over to the side of the stage Stevie would not be able to walk over to where I was. Never stop dreaming, hoping, or imagining because the very next moment Stevie started to walk right to me and ever so gently locked her eyes with mine and as I reached up to her she gently bowed down and held onto both of my hands. Although we did not exchange words, I felt as though we spoke on a very spiritual level that I can't seem to put into words as she held onto both of my hands and graciously looked directly into my eyes during those few precious and most memorable seconds thus far in all my 31 years of life. I have and will forever carry with me this magical moment. Thank you for all the wonderful memories Stevie, Please don't stop reaching out to us in all the ways that you do.
Janice & Monica
If there were only one word to describe Stevie's performance Sunday night in Mansfield, it would have to be "flawless". Stevie has a talent that goes way beyond the others. Her lyrics grabbed me a long, long time ago and since that time, she continues to blow me away. She can sing beautiful ballards but also belt out the rock without one being better than the other. She does not miss a beat!!!. Her ability to connect with her fans is completely amazing. It is obvious that we really matter to her. Who can you think of that takes the time to let their fans come up to the stage take your hand...looks into your eyes?There is no one else. She has it all. There never has been or never will be anyone like her. Her beauty and style and stage presence are just a plus. She takes me to a place that is like no other. All of you who "get it" know exactly what I mean. Between the sets...(by the way...Chris is kinda cute but the suits ... well they were different) I was telling my niece who is just 13 that there was nothing like a Stevie concert. Everyone around us agreed~we were 3rd row all die hard fans!! But being 3rd row she got the whole experience. She said she wants to go 50 more times!!. This could get really expensive but it's great that Stevie is getting a brand new fan base along with the one's that have been with her all along. Thank you Stevie once again for a night to remember. I will see you at Mohegan Sun July 1st. Who else out there loved the storm as we were leaving?
Hey there! Saw Ms. Nicks at the Tweeter Center on 6.17.07 and let me tell you that my life is forever changed. From the moment she set foot on stage and "Standback" kicked in...I was born again. Never before have I been to a concert where the performer is go gracious, lovely, and open. I really felt Stevie's joy in singing these songs for us. And what songs they were! I couldn't have made a better set myself for her! I was thrilled when she played "Enchanted" and her moving presentation of "Landslide" was amazing (I feel blessed to have been with Stevie to celebrate Father's Day). Her encore of "Beauty and Beast" left me speechless--yes, I never thought I'd be in the same space as Stevie to share that moment. "Beauty and the Beast" is a masterpiece. Stevie sounded amazing and looked gorgeous. I'm so blessed to have been able to be there and share in Stevie's talent!
Tyna Massachusetts
I just got home from the show at The Tweeter Center, Boston. By the way, not near Boston. Stevie was absolutely enchanting in every set she did. The vocals were outstanding. Everything was spectacular except for one thing....not enough Twirls and dancing! I love to watch Stevie "kick it" up a notch with some fantastic moves. Landslide had me cheering and crying at the same time. It was a beautiful montage for her Daddy especially on Father's Day! I have been to several Stevie concerts, even going to Las Vegas to see two shows, and I have never seen her do "Gold and Braid", "Talk to Me", or my absolute favorite "Unconditional Love". Maybe sometime in the future. Hey Stevie, if you ever need another assistant, I'm here for you!! ;)
Susan Irving
I was lucky enough to see Stevie on June 17 in Mansfield, Mass. She was absolutely fabulous. She looks great. She's lost more weight and the boots are back!! Her voice was excellent and Sharon, Jana and Lori were excellent as well. The only thing I could have asked for was for her set to be longer. You could tell that she's having a great time on this tour. She's never been as talkative as she was Sunday night. Chris Isaak surprised her with roses after Landslide. The pictures of Stevie and her father that were on the screen during Landslide were awesome and sad as well. I loved her versions of "I Need to Know" and "Rock 'n Roll." Her finale of Beauty and the Beast was so beautiful. I hope that I don't have to wait another 3 years to see her again. She totally kicked ass for the whole show. As I said to my husband, "You go you 59 year old girl you!!" I feel bad for the people seeing Stevie after the June 17 show as Chris Isaak is no longer on the road with her. He was awesome. The only time I had ever seen him was on TV when Stevie appeared on his Christmas special. He's someone that I would also like to see by himself. He puts on a great show and is extremely funny.
Randy Boback
Just got back home from the Boston area show. It was Chris Isaak's last show with Stevie Nicks and he had a great night. Good solid rock, and very cool blues. His show went on for a total of 75 minutes and then a 15 minute break before Stevie came on. Her set was as described since the tour beginning

Stand Back
If Anyone Falls
Gold Dust Woman
I Need to Know
Fall From Grace
How Still My Love
Edge of 17
Encore: Rock and Roll
Beauty and the Beast

The woman is phenominal on stage and took the time to talk to the audiance and give some background about what was being sung. The overall show was superb, and the highlight of it all was beyond a doubt Edge of 17, where the band went off the hook... Waddy's playing was geneous, and the percussion duo turned the intro to that song into what was possibly the best all out concert song I have ever heard. Bought the tix for my GF, but so very happy I went too. It won't be my last Stivie Nicks concert, thats for certain!
Let me preface this by saying the night before I attended the True Colors concert and saw Deborah Harry, Cyndi Lauper, Erasure..the Dresden Dolls, the Gossip... some oldies and some bands on the cutting edge of today's music scene. Fast forward to sunday night, June 17th! my birthday! section 2 row C ... From the moment Stevie stepped on the stage she was pure magic! She hit all the high notes and intense notes without hesitation..these were no watered down versions of past hits, rearranged to hide the fact that the singer doesn't have the voice he/she once had. And Stevie looks amazing. But the thing that struck me the most was how her songs are so timeless. The lyrics, the music...nothing sounds nostalgic! She and her band play everything as if it were fresh on the radio.. i especially loved Sorcerer, If anyone Falls, and Beaty and the Beast... OF course the highlight of the evening was shaking her hand during "Edge of Seventeen." I have been to see Stevie everytime she's come to Boston and although I love Fleetwood Mac, her solo act is so much deeper.. her songs are so amazing I could literally sit there for hours contemplating the lyrics.. Stevie said it best in her commentary between songs..she knows what her songs meant to her when she wrote them but the greatest thing is that her songs mean different things to different people.. that is the hallmark of a great songwriter which Stevie is, while also an amazing singer and overall performer! God I hope she is around and entertaining for many years to come!
Karen Darke
My best friend and I attended the show at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield Ma last night. The show was awesome to say the least. Stevie looked beautiful as always.Glad to see the boots back!!! I was so grateful to be there. My best friend Cheryl got the ticket for me as a surprise. I have been through a most difficult time in my life the past year and this was the perfect gift. I cant thank my friend enough. She even purchased a t-shirt for me too!! It will be a night that I will remember for a very long time. If you have chance to see this Steive tour it is much worth your time and money. Thanks again Cheryl!! You too Stevie for a night that I will always remember...............
I had a great time!! !!Thanks!! Stevie!! You looked great and sounded excellent! I think the best song of the night tonight was LANDSLIDE!! So sorry Stevie took out Fall From Grace she did How Still My love :) She was so Happy!! Dancing around and talking! During Landslide I was thinking she must not be able to turn around and look at the pictures and sing,she would probally cry cause it's Fathers Day, and at the song she said that " I can't turn around cause I'll cry" As, the song was ended Chris came out and his band, Chris placed his hands on Stevie's shoulders from behind and Stevie had just gotten finished with Landslide and she said, I had my eyes closed and I thought when I felt this soft touch it was my Father" Chris gave her a beautiful boquiet of flowers all pink and red roses looked like about two dozen!! Lenny Chris drummer gave Waddy his credit card and Chris Thanked Stevie and said he had a lot of fun touring with Stevie and what a sweet heart she is! Lenny said to !!Waddy!!, " Here is my credit card for the tires!" Waddy took the credit card and started laughing! Stevie talked about how she never wanted to break up the band Fleetwood Mac she just wanted anotehr avenue for her songs. She said "They thought I would screw things up, but I wasn't trying to screw anything up,I wanted to put mysongs out there" Thank you for doing that Stevie! She twirled so much during this concert!! During Stand Back and Rhannion and Gold Dust Women!! She was SO MUCH FUN last night! :) I brought five people to the show!!! They all made it up front!!!! But I did not. So Happy for Dustin!!! I was so Happy Audrey made it to the front she lives and Paris and now canada and I picked her up in New Hampshire because she deceided to go a few days before the show. Tony and Dustin needed a ride cause T's car broke down, and Sarah was here from Texas so Off we rode!! Dustin got to touch Stevie's hand and he was so touched and excited !!! It was nice to see the excitement on his face!! Audrey was so happy and she was trying desparetly to get Sharons attention, she made a gift for her, she kept waving a yellow rose toward Sharon trying to get her to come over she wanted to hand Shaaron her homemade gift!! Really thoughtful. It was nice to hear about everyones experience after the show was over!! It always Pours when you are here Stevie LOL reminds me of DREAMS :) Everyone sounded great and Cornell plays a great piano you can really tell he loves to play! he got right into it. THANKS FOR A GREAT NIGHT STEVIE YOUR AWESOME!!
Went to the show last night in Mansfield, Tweeter Center,,had 2nd row, it was amazing!!!!!! I can't even describe how cool it was to be so close to Stevie,, she is truly unbelievable and just beautiful, she still rocks like no other!!!! I have seen Stevie 4 times now and this was the best show ever, the best night of my life,, anyone who hasn't seen her show yet, you are missing out!!!!!
Jimmy Carothers
The Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak Show at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City was a Classic. I've always loved Stevie Nicks and have seen her Perform Live Before, but as we left after the show, people were telling me they've seen her seven and eight times before and this was the BEST. Stevie could burp and I'd pay to see her, but for real, she Sparkled! It was Magical, and hours later I still had goose bumps. All I can say is Thank You Stevie! What a Beautiful Woman, in every way! What would our World be like, if Stevie didn't decide on a musical career, and became a teacher? The World would of never learned as much about LOVE!
well i have to say i don't really know how i ended up there but i did after 20 yearys i some how ended up right in front of stevie reached out and when she touched my hand after white winged dove i was in stevie heaven the borgata is a great venue and last night stevie shined and was so beautiful and so poised and polished when we say we love you forever we mean it, nothing will top last night thank you you always come to the east coast in june and always around my birthday which is june 24th i have been a fan since i was 12 i love you stevie last night was the best you have ever done and then you touched my arm after white winged dove i will never forget that i have pictures from long ago and alot of pictures but last night was the ujltimate thank you love you forever
Alan Tobin
Another outstanding Stevie performance, number 53 for me. I was able to get the set list again from the guy that controlled the board. The acoustics were great at the Borgata ball room. Saw her there 2 years ago. This time however there weren't any large screens. The songs were great, her voice was crisp and strong, no wind or cold like Wednesday night at Jones Beach. An added feature was her rendition of Happy Birthday to Sharon. Nice to hear a different Stevie vocal. My son also had a blast. On to the Mohegan Sun July 1st!!
Rebecca Johnson
My son and I went to the show in Mansfield, MA last night. He is 24 and I 48 so I have been a 32 year fan he has been a 24 year fan. Stevie has just been in our lives at all stages. The show was fantastic the sound was top notch and her band was A #1 couldn't put together a better group of musicians. My son has been to many shows of top notch caliber and he said that was one of the best shows he has ever seen and was so glad to have attend with his Mother. Stevie Rocks and as long as she is out there I will be listening. Rock on Miss Stevie. Catch a show in your area now.
I was at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield MA Last night 6/17/07 along with a very eclectic mix of young old, and by the roar of the crowd, I wasn't the only one who thought this concert was incredible! I've never been a Chris Issac fan, but I have to say I did enjoy his set, he is quite the entertainer. Stevie, what can I say, She's beautiful, fun, a great story teller and has one of the most incredible voices in rock history. She not only made me sing she made my heart sing.
The sun was setting on a warm sultry day with a cresent moon hanging in the evening sky as Chris Isaak played a fine set of his songs. A man totally down to earth and also sounds very good live. As soon as he finished his set a Kildeer with its strong and rapid flight flew out from over the top knoll cheerily calling out, in what was considered to be perfect timing. Shortly thereafter darkness was upon us being around the ninth hour, the Siren of our time took to the stage. She played the same set as the opening night of the tour except for "Fall From Grace". The sound of her words even more enticing than the melody in performing all the songs, boots and all. During the Landslide there was a slide show that was shown which was quite moving, since it had photos of her father during his last days. Chris Isaak came out immediately after she sang Landslide unbeknownst to her and walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. Stevie said that she felt haunted, unlike other times when she sang Landslide she thought she felt someone touching her, it was only until she realized that it was Chris behind her. I wondered how many people would have picked up on it if she had not mentioned it to the audience. Stevie made as many changes as the moon in her apparel. In Closing~ I'm not sure but I think after this Crystal Vision Tour we may not see her for some time perhaps even a long time. It seemed more apparent at the end of Gold Dust Woman when she was circling her shawl around high over her head with one hand slowly walking away from the audience into what looked liked a distant galaxy on the back drop. Once upon a time when she would spin in her fringe, now her fringe spins around her ( ...and the messenger said). To those of you who were around me~ I will remember... with warm regards.
Amy Llunna
Well, this being my probally close to my zillionth show since the 70's, The Goddess can still rock out! From a gypsy to now a very sexy classy lady. her outfits were amazing. and still has that "energy" She conversed with us all. I was in the 3rd row from front and when How still my love was ending, and I knew the set list, ran to the stage. Stayed there till the end. she came by at the end of Seventeen and held my hand. I yelled thank you! and she smiled and said thank you back. It was very humid but the rain after was a great refreshing treat! " thunder only happens when its raining!" So the set list was, Stand back, Dreams, If anyone falls, Rhiannon, Enchanted, sorcerer, gold dust woman, I need to know, landslide, intro's, how still my love, edge of 17. encore- rock and roll, and ending- beauty and the beast. Landslide was so emotional, pics of her and her dad. Dedicated it to her dad and to all dads. then at the end Chris Isaac came out with roses. he touched her shoulders softly and scared her. she then said to us that when she plays that she knows her dad is there and when he did that freaked her out. such an emotional time! and I don't think there was a dry eye during Beauty and the beast. at least mine weren't! Thanks Stevie, for always touching my heart in such an magical way~

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