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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/1/07 Smirnoff Music Centre Dallas, TX

Jesse Geer
AMAZING SHOW>>>>>> My friend Brandie and I had gotten far left stage tickets for the show but were in row R so were still pretty excited. Once Stevie came on I was glued to the stage, this being only the second time that I've seen her (first was last year with Tom Petty). She opened with Stand Back and stayed true to the set list from the first night. By the time she got into Dreams I was already screaming and dancing like an idiot. The people in front of me said I was hurting there ears, and the people behind me were bitching that I was bothering them dancing. So we moved up a couple rows....WOO HOO. Even closer to the stage. Gold Dust Woman brought the house down. One of my all time favorites. One great song after another. When the drums for Edge of Seventeen started, Brandie took off towards the stage and I was right on her tail. We got almost to the stage. There were a few people in front of us, but we nudged our way up there till we were both right at her feet! OMG>>>>>> When she did the walk I gave her the silver bracelet that I was wearing. I never dreamed I'd get that close, so when I did the bracelet was the only thing I had with me. Brandie and I both got to shake her hand as she walked by. I could have died right then. Then she did Rock & Roll. She was having such a good time doing that song. It was incredible. And the dress she wore during the second encore Beauty and the Beast, even better still. Her voice was clear and powerful, and it couldn't have been a better night. With the exception of the roadies who were not too pleasant after the show, but I guess they deal with screaming idiots all the time.
Pat Wiley
I went to Vegas just to see her show there and it was great, came home to Dallas and watched her show here again last year and of course it’s great again. This year I went to Vegas again and just saw her in Dallas at Smirnoff and guess what it was terrific. But my favorite was when she came on stage with tom petty here in Dallas! I have come to the conclusion that she absolutely could not perform poorly even if she didn’t sing a note. Hope she is still performing at 80 because I will hopefully still be coming to her shows.
R. Lovett
Dallas/Ft. Worth rocked. I haven't seen her alone since my high school days in the mid 80's. It was fabulous naturally. Chris Isaak was pretty good even though I'm not a big fan. He put on a great show. Weather was great-we've had 23 days of rain in the past month. The heavens stopped raining long enough to sing along with us. I went with my best friend from elementary (who wore her Nicks outfit) and we rocked out all night just like when we were growing up. Stevie you looked great and sounded even better. I look forward to singing along with you next time your in town alone or with Fleetwood Mac. Don't wait too long.
I attended the show in dallas and found Stevie to be on top of her game. She was funny, witty, interacted well with the audience and her voice was great. I heard her hit notes she has not hit in years……I was a bit saddened by the fact that she said she will not be touring again FOR A VERY LONG TIME, after this tour. Retirement? I wish her the very best and think she has more than earned a private life.
Luis Garza
Stevie Nicks looks and sounds as beautiful as ever. The show was pleasing to me as I got to see her live for the first time. Although sad, as I hear rumors that this will be her last tour, I poured myself into the moment to savor. I was a bit disappointed that she did not sing "Room on Fire" or any of her great hits with Fleetwood such as "Seven Wonders." Knowing the respect of her accomplishments and talents, her voice, sound and beauty quickly overcame.
my wife and unborne child past away two years ago my life has been a mess ! But i have found comfort in your songs and have always been a big fan of yours , but have never been able to see you untill last night in dallas , it was a night i will never forget a dream come true ! The only regret is that i could not get back stage to meet you , mabe some day? that would be wonderfull . Well i just wonted to tell u that u were and are the greatest ,and ill love u forever ! mabe i will get to see u agen .
Judy Ochoa
STEVIE once again Rocked the house! The show was flawless, More home pictures on the screen in the background during Landslide. I really thought it was a very nice tribute to her Dad to have the pictures of him there. I lost my dad the same year in January so I can relate. I really enjoyed the into's of the band. I too, have been on this journey since before Belladonna and feel I know them all, and Waddy is soooo Awesome. No one is better than him!!! Stevie just gets better all the time, without a doubt the Reinging Queen of Rock. I love the way she talked to her fans more this tour! She asks that we do not stop going to concerts, Well I ask that she never stop performing them. AS long as she has them, I am there. We love you Stevie so please keep Rockin!!
The weather was great and for Texas that is a plus, the rain stopped long enough for the concert, I am a Steve fan and have seen her 6 times (so far). The concert is when my daughter and I get together and go down memory or nightmare lane. The songs and the passion of which was on the stage was great, Glad Stevie’s sister-in-law is back she has such a tremendous voice and the blend of the back up singers with the band and Stevie’s voice will send chills down your back and tears swell. As always we enjoyed the concert and can’t wait to see you again
Patty Markle
People might think I'm either lying or exaggerating because every single time I see Stevie, I swear it was the best show ever. The truth is she just keeps on perfecting perfection and manages to top herself every single time. The Dallas show under the full moon with a pretty much packed crowd had everyone on their feet and magically enchanted for the entire evening. Stevie talked more than usual, (which I love!) shared some interesting stories and shined brighter than I've ever seen her shine before. Everything clicked too. From the lights to the sound system to the visual presentation, the show was polished and spot on. Have your hanky ready for "Landslide" if you are easily moved to tears. I missed a couple of faces but was thrilled that Lori is with her on this tour. We cheered when Stevie mentioned that Dallas was Lori's town and she met up with her here (after first meeting in California) and how her and Lori did some background tracks here. Since the tracks were for Beauty and the Beast, that makes that song all the more special. I also learned Carlos Rios is from San Antonio, which made the Texas crowd go nuts as well! A million thanks to everyone in the band and everyone behind the scenes who made this night so perfect. Texas loves you Stevie - don't ever forget that!
Venus Paternite
The first time I saw Stevie was in 1977 with Fleetwood Mac. I can honestly say I have seen her over twenty times. The 2007 Dallas show has probably been one of her best show's. It looks like Stevie has found her inner soul again and has taken back control of her life. She moved around that stage like she did in the 70's. I loved how she communicated with us about her life and songs. Her voice sounded great and there is no doubt that Stevie is a Diva and you would never no that it's been a long time since she rock and rolled because she looked and sounded like she did several years ago. As always you can't help being enchanted with her.
I must say that this show was AWESOME! Chris Isaak was good, and I loved all his songs. I just couldn’t wait for Stevie to come out. I liked how she sang different songs on this show. “How still my Love” was a favorite of mine. She really did look so cute, and beautiful. “Beauty and the Beast” was just wonderful at the end. I hope to see Stevie again!
HI! Saw Stevie Nicks in Dallas this weekend.....she was wonderful, her band, and backup singers were wonderful....what a special night...I love the way she changes her costumes. gloves, boots, hats!!!!! And she talk to us so much....now that makes ya feel like she knows you are out there.....Thankyou Stevie, your show has been the hi light of our summer....Your awsome GURL!!! Hugs from a Texas Gurl.
I went to see My Incredible Stevie on Friday Night in Dallas...and I have to say...that She just gets better and better with time ...As it has been said on many occasions...but still bears believing.... I was so anxious to see Her I got lost finding my all to familiar Smirnoff Venue..as they took down a sign that marks it...Nonetheless I was there in plenty of time...starting off with "Stand Back" was so awesome..and still Stevie Spun at least 8 times which as You all know...is trademark and drives the audience wild! it followed thru with many power packed Hits from "Fleetwood Mac" and Her solo career...and I loved everyone of them~! especially "How Still MY Love" so glad to here that outta nowhere... Landslide with the photos in back...(God Bless Stevie's Father~~) I had a tear in my eye, as I too lost A parent recently myself and Stevie,s Music just guided me through my dark moments as well as the more light hearted ones! Gold Dust Woman was another that I always Love... and all the way down to the mesmerizing ... "Beauty and the Beast" which I got to see close Up , as it was near the end of the show, and I got to move up pretty close...and Her & I actually Locked Eyes. and I waved and pointed to my heart... it was so powerful for me..I love Her "Still" and always will...Go On and treat Your self to this One....It is truly wonderful... I have been seeing Stevie now Solo and with "Fleetwood Mac" since 1976...and I always Love every single time... Thank You so much Stevie... "Really! And I like to say to a very old friend out there...(Somewhere In the Back Of My Mind) who I haven't heard from in ages but still think of often...another Stevie Fan in heart& soul..In Houston.... "I am gone but I'm Never Gone From You"... Thanks Stevie, The Nicksfix, and all the loyal fans out there... Love & Peace
Robin Anderson
How do I love Stevie? Let me count the ways…. Everything everybody has said in these reviews is right on, so I will not repeat how beautiful, glorious, enchanting, nobody-like-her-on-this-planet (!!!) Stevie is, but I must tell my concert story: Okay, everybody go grab your Timespace CD and open to Desert Angel, or just read on, b/c you’ll know what I am talking about in a second. There is a pic of Stevie superimposed over an American flag. The flag was sent to Stevie by SGT Robert M. Garcia during Operation Desert Storm, after Stevie sent her own letter to the troops which was published in ‘Stars and Stripes’. Now I had seen this name & picture many times, as you know how we Stevie-lovers examine everything that has to do w/ Stevie. I ended up w/ 2 sets of tix for the Dallas show & needed to sale one. Now you know where this is going… I ended up selling my extras to “THE” Sgt. Robert M. Garcia of Timespace CD fame! After several emails I learned all about the flag in the picture, about Stevie’s letter to the troops of Desert Shield (her letter ends when the ‘Shield’ becomes a ‘Storm’), and what Robert wrote to Stevie on that flag. The flag had ridden on Robert’s vehicle for a few days so it was sandy and dirty. Robert washed it out for Stevie and if you read what Stevie says about the flag to Robert, you will understand. I was so moved and touched by this entire tale, that I just knew Stevie would want to know that Robert was attending the Dallas show. I wrote to nixfix and so had Robert. After Stevie’s people found out Sgt. Garcia was coming, 2 passes were left at will-call Friday which enabled Robert and his wife to go backstage and meet Stevie. The show was perfect, as always, but the opportunity to meet and talk to Sgt Garcia has left me humbled. I hope you don’t mind that I have told your story. We are indebted to soldiers like you for every day of freedom. And a very special thanks to John Kinney for which this wouldn’t have been possible. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I stood at Stevie’s feet for the last 3 songs of the night. There is nothing that equals being so close to that magical, ethereal angel that she is. You are my sunshine, and so there I stood and basked in your warm glow during those last minutes. As long as you keep coming to us, we’ll keep coming to you…
Jeremy & Chad
Last night I took my boyfriend to see Stevie in Dallas. It was my 6th time seeing her in concert and his first time. He wasn't really a fan and he really didn't like her that much...until last night. After the show, he thanked me for taking him to see her because he loved her. I think we can all agree that THAT is the magic that Stevie has always had... At any rate, Stevie came on and opened up with "Stand Back," which I never thought she would have used as an opening song. But it sounded great regardless. The moment she stepped onto the stage, she looked breathtaking. Of course she did her trademark spinning during the break and the kick at the end. And in case you didn't already know...the boots ARE back! All the songs she sang were really wonderful, but "Fall From Grace" was by far my favorite and I think had the best vocals from her. She put so much into it. It was also really great to hear "If Anyone Falls" because I've never heard it done well live before...and this was my first time seeing her do it live. The harmonies near the end were really amazing. I think we can all agree that between Stevie, Sharon, Jana, and Lori (welcome back)...they have the most amazing vocal harmonies. They sang like angels. "How Still My Love" was another song I've never seen her do live before...and she did a wonderful job on that one too...especially the line "...standing in the doorway..." That was great! The ending just seemed to go on forever and with the feel of the outside air and the music, it totally created a sense of calmness. Of course "Edge Of Seventeen" was great. It always is. I get teary-eyed about everytime she plays that because I'm taken back to a time in my life when I had to watch a close family member slowly fade away. "Rock And Roll"...always a great kick-ass live song and Stevie sounded so good rockin' out on that one. And the final number..."Beauty And The Beast"...I can't even begin to tell you how enchanting her voice sounded against the movie screen behind her that showed clips of the old b&w "Beauty And The Beast" film. I think there was even a moment during that song where I again got teary-eyed. Stevie I can't begin to thank you for coming to Dallas to sing your beautiful songs. You touch us all and will always be an incredible inspiration. We love you so much...
Carol Hoorman
Ms. Nicks Loves Dallas. Now we have Proof. Are we special? We must be! Stevie rocked out and rocked on with an immaculate performance last night at the Dallas Smirnoff Centre. 60 years old? There must be some mistake! Ms. Nick¹s voice is stronger, more clear, more pure and resonant than ever in her career. Her arrangements were sassy and funky, backed by a ³kick-ass² R&B style band. Front man Wachtel pranced around the stage never missing a lick. Most of the band has been with Stevie since the beginning. Only 2 members, I think, were newbies. 2 of the 3 female backup singers, Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks are touring veterans and Nicks considers Lori to be her ³best friend.² All three ladies sang flawlessly! Two percussion solos were explosive and energizing to say the least. Thanks to the entire Nicks band for showing everyone you can stay young at heart. Her music is made of stories about love, loss, travel, desire, passion, premonition and disappointment. The new arrangements are exotic and very fulfilling. Stevie was pacing herself from the start. I enjoyed the way the vocal patterns and phrasing had been artfully modified to accommodate the live, open-air venue. It seems the melodies were creatively reworked so as not to stress the vocal cords and ensure perfect pitch. Each note resonated powerfully, self confidently, out into the sweet, muggy night air of Dallas, June 1st, 2007. Quite a distance from the concert I saw in Cleveland, Ohio sometime back in the first days of the ³Rumors² release, more than 30 years ago. The new piano player performed flawlessly and ethereallyS. His opening for Rhiannon brought out tears as well as goose bumps. I can say, watching Stevie come onto the stage, in yet another amazing outfit, was a moment I will never forget. I liked the concept of the short, chiffon top with the shiny pants. Still Nixey, the outfit was sassy and youthful; a brilliant and emotionally textural contrast to the fairy queen outfit she wore for the encore of ³Beauty and the Beast.² The design of the show was brilliantly targeted to the baby boomers. The past middle age, not ready to be old yet set. Nostalgic imagery from the 60¹s was projected during Stevie¹s atomic version of the Zeppelin song, ³Rock and ³Roll. We almost burst out of our seats it was so amazing, heartfelt and freshly performed. The lithe, delicate girl that was Stevie, appeared dancing as a ballerina, fading hauntingly in and out, being projected on a large drape of velvet behind the band, as Ms. Nicks sang. It was heart wrenchingly, poignant and too beautiful to bear. The retrospective images projected during ³Landslide² had the same effect. Appearing briefly, fleetingly, like a beautiful memory, the young Stevie flits across your field of vision. These projected images brought the past to view as though it were only yesterday. To say the least, the graphics were breathtaking. Melancholy faces in black and white, with large angelic eyes looked silently into the audience. I am guessing the artwork used as a backdrop to Rhiannon, was Steve¹s art. The images drifted in and out like ghosts behind Stevie¹s emotive rendition of Rhiannon. An amazing piano solo was an overture to that song and waves of gasps, tears and sighs rose up as we recognized the anthem of a generation. I looked around and over the crowd and saw there were tears, hugs and wide-brimmed smiles throughout the adoring group. A big, strong, security guard was near; arms outstretched, he was paused to take hold of her tiny waist as she bent over to shake hands and accept gifts from the crowd. Ms. Nicks was chatty, amiable, and very relaxed with the crowd as she shared stories with them and brought them intimately close to her experiences of writing and performing through the years. She lovingly introduced her band, like family members. As Stevie and her band lined the stage to bow us farewell, which is something I don¹t think I have ever seen at a Rock Concert, I was struck by the timing, tightness and professionalism of the entire show; less like the rock concerts we remember from the 70¹s and more like the new, highly designed performances of Vegas. I mean that as a compliment due to the precision of their performance as an ensemble. The princess has retired into a memory so beautiful; It must be a dream, but The Queen Rocks on, more than just ³a little² into the realm of ³Legend.² (How can I get a backstage pass? My dream is to shake hands with Stevie just once before I die.) Stevie, Dallas Loves You Back! Much Love and Thanks!
Saw the show last night at Smirnoff and Stevie rocked. Waited in the back and saw her limo leave,,,,,,,,sure wished she would have stopped and signed our tickets!!! Way to go,,Stevie ,,,,,,keep rockin ,woman!!!
Jay Bird
I just want to say STEVIE YOU ARE STILL ROCKING FOR YOU AGE, GOD BLESS YOU AND PRAISE THE LORD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Well this is like my 10 or 11 time to see Stevie live and this time it was wonderful. I took my niece Whitney with me for her graduation present. She was so excited, we were 3rd row right side. I want to give a BIG HELLO TO LEIGH ANN B...... she sat in front of us. Hello to her friend, but honeslty I forgot her name. She opened up with Stand back. I thought it was strange for her but it was awesome, then went into dreams. I believe this was the 1st time I'd ever seen her in dress slacks. She didn't have on her normal black dress. Well it was different to see a change in her. Then she sang If anyone falls. Well let me say this if anyone falls in love I wished it had been us 2 that night. hahaha. Then she went into rhiannon, then sorcerer, she did a set change from what is on nicksfix.com Then into Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, I need To know, Landslide with her family slides in the back on the Titantron. You can tell she still misses her daddy. Stevie you are in my prayers. Then she rocked the Smirnoff with Fall From Grace. To be honest this isn't one of my favorite songs she recorded, but if I had a version from lastnight I would play it over and over. Then she sang one of my Favorite songs ever How Still My love. Oh she could sing that for hours and I would never get tired of hearing it. Then we got to move right next to the stage as the Drummer and Lenny Castro did a little drum solo then Wadde came out on stage and did he intro to Edge of Seventeen. Then she shock my hand and I told her i loved her and she said i love you too. it was almost as good as when she gave me a hugh from stage on my birthday July 3 concert at American Airlines Center. Then she left the stage and came back out and did a cover of Led's song Rock And Roll. She honestly needs to record this song or release it as a single. I think it's better than Leds. Well anyways she left the stage and they drapped the piano with a purple clothe and candles and the pianist did a little intro. Stevie walked out between the drums and precaustionst stages and went to the mic and sang Beauty And The Beast. I'm so glade to see Lori back with Stevie. The harmony was wonderful with the mixture of voices. Well I hope to see Stevie Again. God Bless Her.

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