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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/21/07 Casino Rama Orillia, ONT

Jim Templeton
This turned out to be quite amazing, as I was ready to attend the first of all 3 shows. I had front row, and was at the stage from the start of the concert. Stevie has done miracles again with that beautiful voice. It is probably a tough thing for her to select the song list for any tour with so many fantastic songs to choose from. I've been a fan for many years, but could never afford to attend shows, until 2001. During Stevie's stage walk, at the Edge of Seventeen, I had a special gift for Stevie, which she took, and took my hand in hers for what seemed like ages. Those 6 or 7 seconds I was tongue tied, as she was bent down understanding what I gave her. She only let my hand go, when she started to walk away to greet other fans. The classiest performer as always. Stevie's fans are true to her forever. AND I will never forget my brief moment.
George Appleton
Just can't believe my luck in catching all three local shows here in Ontario, Canada. Stevie, &, the band were awsome. Rama was great & I was able to get to the front of the stage both nights. London was a last minute arrangement for me but I got Row G seat 7, (from the ticket office), fantastic view, great sound, Watched Stevie leave in the Limo, saw the rest of the band leave in the most beautiful set of four matching tour buses ever. Sad thought that I would never be this close to Stevie again...........but i was....shook her hands twice, both nights at Rama. Stevie is God.
The show was totally amazing. I am still blown away by the show I saw. Stevie is still a most beautiful woman. She has been my idol since the 70’s and that will never change.
I just saw the show last night and it rocked!!!! Stevie belted it out for two hours. She’s the first and only rock goddess……
Larry & Joan
My wife & I (60's) attend a lot of concerts at this casino. Stevie Nicks was the most outstanding show we have seen there. She is a humble, sincere & honest performer. We loved the show so much we had to go to the chiropractor the next day for adjustments. Dear to our hearts...

Warm Canadian greetings! This weekend was my 43rd birthday and I had pleasure and honour of seeing Steve Nicks at Casino Rama. Every year, on my birthday, instead of receiving 'gifts', I ask my family to give me 'memories'. (Memories keep you company in quiet moments) It was a wonderful memory I will enjoy for many years. Stevie Nicks seems to have transcended time. Her voice was magnificient and her energy magical. Her stories were light, funny and charming. The band and back up singers were out of this world! Thanks for bringing the tour to Ontario.
Colleen Child
Great concert! Stevie looks great and her voice is actually better than ever! If she comes to your town, she's a must see.
Karen Bokovay
Hi Stevie......You were AWESOME last night at The Casino Rama!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved your music....but, I didn't know how good you are live!!!!!!!!!!! You really rocked the house last night....I totally appreciate you coming back out for one more session. Your band and back-up singers are soooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way...you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever you are doing to keep looking so young...keep doing it!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brenda White
Stevie's vocals seemed to have the entire audience mesmerized. She looked fantastic and her voice sent chills. A night to remember and hope I get the chance to see her for a sixth time somewhere down the road. "Hope your leg is okay after the fall on stage." Thanks for bringing your tour to Canada.
I just got back from the show at Casino Rama.(Where I was front stage centre *wink wink*) STEVIE IS AWESOME!!! Her voice was at it's best. She definitely gets better with age! She opened with Stand back and closed with one of my personal favourites Beauty and the Beast. While it made me think of my own Fathers passing, she did have a tribute to Jess which was very emotional as she sang Landslide. Showing all the old pictures of her throughout her career and photo's of her family on the big screen behind the stage was great to see, especially to a die hard fan like myself. She did have a little spell and fell but that did not stop her! She got up and totally rocked the place! I look forward to another great show again tonight :)
After arranging a trip to Las Vegas in March to see Stevie at Caesar's Palace, I found out she was coming to Orillia, Ontario, a half hour from my home in June, so we bought tickets for the Thursday night show and our kids bought us tickets for our 25th anniversary for the Friday night show. Well although the show in Vegas was great, tonight was absolutely awesome. Stevie's energy on stage is amazing and her voice as powerful as ever. The visuals on the giant screen were fantastic, the ones of her family, especially her dad during Landslide were very emotional. She talked alot to the audience and was joking with her band members which made it more personal. Her costume changes never disappoint, the white dress during Edge of Seventeen really stood out. It was so great to see such a mega-star come so far north in Canada.........Please come back to Orillia again!!!
Carmen Toth
When my husband and I found out that Stevie Nicks was finally coming to Canada again, we totally freaked out. We absolutely love her and Fleetwood Mac and our CD and DVD collection speaks for itself. We are still kicking ourselves for missing FM in concert when they did the Say You Will tour and made a stop in Toronto a few years ago. My amazing husband waited in multiple line-ups for several hours to get our coveted and precious 13th row floor seat tickets for Stevie's June 21st show (she did two shows - the 21 & 22). I was actually nervous to see her, because I had been anticipating it for so long. We built a vacation around it and booked a hotel room down the street from Casino Rama. Stevie's show started around 8:10 PM, and I actually had to be ushered to my seat because I was in the bathroom when they started performing Stand Back, the first song of night. I was like, "Where's Chris Isaak? Wasn't she touring with him? There's no opening act?" So I danced my way back to my seat, following the nice usher lady with the flashlight. Then things got really interesting. My husband noticed that people were gathering and dancing right in front of the stage, and they were not necessarily the people from the very front row. He asked the nice usher lady if we were allowed to go up there too. She said "yes". He grabbed my hand and we ran. We managed to get ourselves in front of the stage, on the right hand side, with a great view of Stevie the whole time. We were also positioned right in front of her extremely talented backup singers - Sharon, Jana and Lori. I could not believe our luck. Needless to say, the show was hot. Magic. Total magic. Every song sounded amazing. Of course I had to scream "That was HOT!" after Gold Dust Woman. (I actually think she may have heard me.) And Stevie looked amazing too. The other adoring front-row fans and I agreed that Stevie was by far the hottest rock star alive. Especially in that gorgeous crushed velvet dress that she wore for the last couple of songs. The lip-syncing pop-tarts should watch and learn. Stevie has a stage presence that is second to none. The show was just under two hours, but it went really fast, because time flies when you're having the time of your life. The set list was the same as all the listings I've seen on the Nicks Fix site, though I'm not sure if they played Fall From Grace or not. (I don't remember it specifically.) So as if it weren't enough that we got to be right in front of the stage for the whole show, Stevie did her traditional 'greet the fans in the front row' during the extended instrumental break of Edge of Seventeen. I braced myself and grabbed a part of stage. Was I really going to do this? What does one do when being touched by Stevie Nicks? I didn't have any flowers or presents to give her. I didn't want to cry or faint, but I warned my husband that I might. I basically just didn't want to embarrass myself or frighten her with any emotional outbursts like "You rock my world! You're my inspiration! I love your music! I love your voice! I love your clothes!" I put my hand out when she came our way. Then my husband lifted me up so she wouldn't miss me. She almost walked by me but then she stopped and very gently put her satin-gloved hand around mine. I looked right in her eyes and she had the most loving look about her. By some miracle, I remained calm and smiled at her. I waited until I was back on the floor with my husband and then I started jumping, crying happy tears and screaming "Oh my God! I just touched Stevie Nicks!" Then I was really worried because Stevie tripped on a wire and fell in front of the keyboard. Sharon rushed to her aid. She didn't get up right away, and I thought she might really be seriously hurt. (Stevie, is your knee okay??) But once she did get up, she was on fire and gave two AMAZING encore performances: Led Zepplin's Rock and Roll and the beautiful Mick Fleetwood-inspired Beauty and the Beast. I love that song! I looked at the audience behind me and saw people with tears in their eyes - all of them as moved as I was. I guess patience pays off. That was hands down the BEST LIVE SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Ever. It changed my life. Thank you Stevie's amazing band and crew. Thank you Casino Rama. Thank you Stevie. ~
Cara Howell
My husband and I drove 7 hours from Montreal to see Stevie perform. This was the first time I saw her, except from the nosebleeds on the Say You Will tour--I rushed the stage and stood underneath her the entire time(my god, she's beautiful!). It was the most amazing experience--her voice, the band, the songs, everything was PERFECT, there's no other word. And, it doesn't end there: I discovered that seeing a Stevie Nicks concert is really a piece of history--you're not just watching her, you're watching Waddy pace with his guitar and Sharon & Lori belt out harmonies together,like they did so many years ago when it all began. It's wonderful that Stevie has been able to surround herself with friends and family when she's onstage. I bet it's a big part of why she has chosen to continue to perform flawless shows like the one I had the privilege of attending...plus, she shook my hand and smiled at me! Stevie, I hope that you know how much this little gesture of shaking hands with your fans means to us--it was the best night of my life. Thank you.
Robin S.
I attended the Stevie Nicks concert last night at Casino Rama. It was an awesome concert. It was my very first Stevie Nicks concert. I am 19 and have been listening to Stevie for about 2 years. She is now my favorite singer! Her voice is still awesome. It was great to hear all of her hit songs live. She started out with one of her most amazing and popular songs (and my favorite) "Stand Back". I think the live version is better than the original!! she sang three Fleetwood Mac songs which were "Dreams", "Landslide", and "Rhiannon". It was great to hear some Fleetwood Mac tunes! She sang alot of songs that night from each album. I was amazing because some of the songs she sings from the 80's still sounded awesome because they still used the synthesisers and made them sound exactly like the album versions but better. I was very excited about this concert because I wanted to shake Stevies hand. I have read reviews on her website and I have seen her interviewed and she talks about how it is a tradition at the end of "Edge Of 17" to shake peoples hands and accept gifts from them. So during the whole concert my goal was to get up to the front and shake Stevies hand. The beggining of "Edge of 17" started and we walked up to the front along with many others. At the end of the song she walk over the our side of the stage and started shaking hands. She grabbed mine and i said "thank-you" and she looked straight at me and said "your welcome". It was a wonderful feeling , and a great end to an awesome concert. She came out for an encore and sang the Led Zeppelin song "Rock n' Roll", and she sang "Beauty and the Beast" which was beautifully sung. What a wonderful concert done by Stevie. I cant wait for the next one!!!
Lois Cutts
Hi Stevie, I hope you get to read this at one point. I am a separated wife of 30 years, who is still in love with my husband and I am just recovering frome this separation. I have always been a huge fan of your music, and I admire your strenght and your down to earth persona. I belive you write the most heart renching lyrics and when I saw you preform I was enhanced by the feelings and connection you made with your audience. Your show was wonderful, your musicians were truly at the top of their profession, your backdrop was mesmorizing, you are a true artist and a wonderful human being, you touched my heart and I believe the hearts of everyone there with your warmth and resonding beautify songs. Life is short and we need to have more artists. as yourself, make us take the time , to go and hear more concerts, to put us in touch with our feelings. I came away from the concert feeling, mellow, thinking of the songs you sang and at what time in my life I could relate them in comparison to now. I came away with a good feeling andtrue perspective that what we grow up with, has a lasting impression, and we never loose our youth. What I felt then when I heard your songs is only amplified now that I am older. Stevie, You are a wonderful talent, please keep writing and singing. Respectively yours...
Craig Smith
Stevie Nicks rocks! On July 21 I saw Stevie solo for the 4th time (and 6 including Fleetwood Mac) in the outstanding venue that is Casino Rama about 2 hours north of Toronto. From the opening song "Stand Back" to the closing "Beauty and the Beast", she had this fan in the palm of her hand. I was often in tears hearing some of my all time faves from any artist. A few notes. There was no opening act. Chris Isaak for some unexplained reason didn't make the trip up north. The set list was changed from what is posted on "Nickfix" opening night list with "Enchanted" in the second spot exchanging with "Dreams" Stevie mentioned how nice it was to come to Canada again and how she didn't get up here that often (last time 2001). The entire band was very tight and amazing , but a couple of special of mentions. Like many people I talked to after the concert I thought that the pianist Cornall Thigpen is a wonderfull addition to the band, more than any other solo on the night his was captivating. What can you say about Waddy Wachtel except WOW! One of the signature guitar riffs of all time in rock music is his in "Edge Of Seventeen" That's why that song is one of my top 5 of all time. During that song and the after the wonderfull "walkabout" that Stevie does she had a fall . I didn't see it happen as I was watching the band. but I saw Sharon helping her up. The trooper that Stevie is she laughed it off and continued on. Later in a post concert interview she mentioned the had "a bum knee" Stevie came out with the encore and did "Rock and Roll" which was a surprise to many people around me, but not to the people who visit "Nicksfix" or who bought the "Crystal Visions" CD/DVD. Stevie contiunes to impress with her intimate talk to the audience. I would love to see her in a 500 seat theater in an acoustic show and if anybody that reads this and is close to her, maybe they could suggest to her that she should do this, I'd be the first to offer internet support. At the end of the show she says that we should support music, songs, outlets that sell music and musicradio. I echo that thought. Everytime I hear "Dreams" or "Edge Of Seventeen" on the radio I smile, and think how lucky I was to see this lady in concert a few times. From the 1980 Fleetwood Mac concert at Western Springs in Auckland New Zealand, March 22 in which I was one of 30,000 to one of 5,000 a couple of days ago. its been a wonder trip as a fan. Luv you Stevie.

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