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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/22/07 Casino Rama Orillia, ONT

Jim Templeton
Well I have attended show number 2. Again in front of the stage, and as thrilled as the first show. I was lucky enough to meet most of the band on the night before, and received their autographs, except for Stevie's. Maybe someday. Stevie fell the night before, almost across from where I was standing, after the stage walk, in front of the keyboard, and percussion. She tripped over the wires, which were not taped down. Stunned to see that, I wish I could have jumped up to help, as none of the side stage crew was aware what had happened, except for Jana Anderson, who tried to help. Amazing as Stevie is, she shook it off, smiling. Any song she has ever sung, has always been a real treat. She sounds as good, if not better, than all the years of performing. I got to shake her hand, not long this time. I was just thrilled to be able to attend show #2. Her voice sounds so strong and powerful. She has an excellent band playing with her.
Once again Stevie came through and delivered an outstanding performance for us fans again tonight. What a dream come true to not only be front stage centre once again tonight, but to be a major fan of Stevie's and have her come to me and actually hold both my hands, look at me in the eyes and talk to me..... no words can describe what I feel right now. Tonight was definitely a dream come true for me. I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life and got thru each and every one of them because of her. Tonight I was given the opportunity to tell her that. She is truly the poet in my heart. Waddy was also very sweet and thanked me personally as well. This is one concert of hers I will never forget! ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!

Well I went to see Stevie yet again last night - several hundred more road kilometres racked up to go where ever she is playing - she was solo with no opener at the Canadian venue. As always, Stevie was terrific - but this time, she just seemed so much happier and confident during the entire show. She was smiling, talking quite a bit, and she made some references to how she and the Band love Canada and love the audiences here. Waddy and the band and the back up singers, Lori, Jana and Sharon, were smoking as usual and the new pianist was spectacular. It was the same set list mentioned before but mixed up a bit in the order - show went just under two hours long. It was great to hear If Anyone Falls as it hasn't been on the set list for quite some time - also Enchanted and How Still My Love. This was the first time I had seen her cover of Rock and Roll and she seemed to have a lot of fun with it as did the band. She has quite a time keeping her top hat and feather on her head though. The encore version of Beauty and the Beast seemed for me to be the best she has done in years - her voice was so clear and confident - she appeared very focused and dramatic during the performance. The dress she had on was very flattering and her hair was up. Stevie is always wonderful to see in concert and everyone should experience it at least once (I've seen her at least 16 times now - solo and with the Mac - younger and older,) but last night, she just seems to be so content and it shows. She was dancing around, lots of spins, playing with the band, and the back up singers. She was all over the stage which was great to see. I remember when Trouble in Shangri-La first came out and during the tour she was so not animated and stuck close by her mic throughout the entire show. Well, she has been evolving over the time since then, including the Mac tour, which I saw three times, and she is back to enjoying her show and is really shining through. I don't know what she is doing with herself, but asa woman of 59, she is only getting better. She looks so great, her hair is beautiful and she looks terrific in her pants and boots. The boots are definitely back!! They had some placards up and made an announcement at the show that they were taping the performance so maybe this will turn into a DVD that, unlike the promised Live DVD of the Australia shows last year that never materialized (on video), true lifelong fans and new fans alike can appreciate and relive Stevie over and over at home, in her best element - LIVE. I sat beside a girl 24 years old who was a big fan of Stevie - when I told her I had been a fan longer than she has been alive (since the release of the first Fleetwood Mac album with Lindsay and Stevie) - she was amazed and had quite a bit of Stevie fan knowledge. It was great to see younger people embracing Stevie's music and her immense talent as a songwriter and entertainer. I told her that I had achieved a dream two summers ago during the Stevie and Don Henley tour in Detroit, when I got to the stage during the Edge walk and shook Stevie's hand. This young lady then decided, just as the show was starting, to take a chance and try to get down to the front before they closed off the aisles during the show. She never came back to her seat so I sure hope she enjoyed herself at the stage and got to meet Stevie as I did. I have tickets for the London, Ontario show June 25th and am looking forward to again seeing Stevie rock on. I look forward to many more great shows in the future as this classy lady is no where near done!!!
David, Ottawa
I drove 6 hours to see the show on a Friday night and joined two other friends there - I wasn't going to miss Stevie's brief foray into Canada! The show was at the Casinorama north of Toronto and was sold out, 5000 people and it was the second of two nights at the venue. Chris Isaac was not there, so we were shocked to be hit with the sight of Stevie launching full tilt into Stand Back the minute the lights came up! The set was a mix of old and new, it was great to have If Anyone Falls and Still of the Night in the mix along with Dreams and GDW and Landslide. The band and Stevie were energetic, she talked to us to introduce songs and give some history, and she really seemed to be completely enjoying herself. The sound was a bit muddy in the auditorium, we found, and the melodic aspects of some songs were lost a bit, but the energy was high and the beauty of most of the music shone through. Stevie struggled with her voice as the set progressed and she even had a hard time speaking to introduce the band at about the 3/4 point. After that she seemed to work really hard to do Edge of 17, and Rock and Roll (the first encore). She made it through Beauty and the Beast, the second encore, beautifully, however, a gorgeous version with a spotlight, a cape, and her hair up. All in all, an evening to remember, despite the vocal troubles. Stevie's vocal limits are a big part of her charm, after all.
Andy Parfitt
I had the pleasure of seeing Stevie perform at Casino Rama(her 2nd of two nights there) which is about an hour and a half north of Toronto. It was worth the trek despite the distance from where I live. Unfortunately the crowd was really dead....made up of many seniors---I know that the casino gives away a lot of freebie tickets to "regular customers". Stevie, however, was not fazed and put her heart and soul into the show. The set order was changed a bit---after SB she did Enchanted and then If Anyone Falls. Her opening outfit with the pants looks fab. Kind of disappointed that Fall From Grace appears to have been dropped completely now. She made a light hearted reference to the previous night when she had fallen on stage....I know someone who was there and saw it and apparently it really shook the whole band up. (Jana had run over to help her, but more help was required. The show went on though....!!) It looked to me that the show I saw was being taped......wonder if a DVD is going to be released later on? Highlights for me were Rhiannon (never tire of hearing that one played) and How still My love. Stevie made a plea to the audience at the end about the state of the record industry and how it needs to be saved.....she was so sincere and after all of her tales about how her songs came to be what they are, you can tell she is really hoping that things turn around.....or we will no longer have any "poets" like her any more to enterain and enthrall us. Thanks Stevie.........you are the best!
Stevie and the band were FANTASTIC .. great show up here in Canada. I had goosebumps when she sang Landslide .. and I nearly died when she sang Beauty and The Beast.
Stacey Hanks
Ms. Stevie Nicks, I wanted to take a moment tonight to say thank you so very much for your show this evening. I got the great honour of seeing you perform at Casino Rama. You could not have sounded better. Your voice was truly as amazing today as ever. It was a full circle moment in some ways as not only many of your Fleetwood Mac songs, but particularly your Bella Donna Album really played so much through my years of growing up. It was a pleasure to really hear them live and see you perform. I thank you so much for you and your talented band (awesome!). The show was great with stops through time with different songs. You rocked out with the up beat songs and made everyone stop and really feel so much with the slower ballads. I hope you felt the love in the room, but it was interesting that through the songs - you could hear a pin drop - people were in awwww!! You looked wonderful and your show was a true gift. Thank you and keep up the great work on your tour. Please ensure your band knows how grateful we were to have witnessed their talent this evening. I hope to have the opportunity to see you again one day. All the best for you, you are wonderful.

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