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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/26/07 Turning Stone Casino Verona, NY

Arlene & Nicole
This was a very special night for myself and my 8 year old daughter Nicole. I've seen Stevie 27 times, but this was the first time I had the honor of shaking her hand. My daughter wanted to give her something special, so we stated planning weeks before the concert. I contacted a friend of mine who is an artist in Spain, Brian Tones, and asked him about painting a portrait for Stevie. He chose a pose similar to the CV cover, but a little different. Once I received it in the mail, it was absolutely beautiful, but we had to get it to her. In the back of my mind I was worried that Stevie wouldn't take it from my daughter, and I didn't want her to feel bad if she wouldn't accept it. But we just had to try. We were the first ones she came to on the Edge walk, and Nicole held it up in the air for her. Stevie at first looked stunned, but then took it from my daughter. She looked at it and smiled, and said to us "Just Beautiful". Then time stood still for "our moment" and we were able to say a few words, and shake her hand. Thank you Stevie for making my daughter's night(mine as well), and a memory that she will never forget!!!!! Stevie was absolutely brillant that night, and I have quite a few shows to compare it to. Very chatty, into the crowd and music, and the vocals were just Great. The only thing I wish was that the security would have let more people up for the Edge Walk. They turned away a lot of people on the left side of the stage, and there was plenty of room. We were sitting in the third row, section 3, and had to get permission to go up to the stage before the show started. As I came in with the portrait and sat in my seat, security approached me and said I wouldn't be able to give it to Stevie, as only the first 2 rows were allowed to go up to the stage. Well it didn't take me long to find the person in charge, and with some begging and almost crying, she finally said OK. But I really felt sorry for other people, one woman in particular with a little girl as well. They had the most beautiful flowers with ribbons, and this little girl was in tears as security turned them away. I tried to get the flowers from them to give to Stevie, but security told us to move along or we wouldn't be allowed to go up either. I understand the need to control the crowd, but they really took it to an extreme. From what I heard, on the right side of the stage, people 20 rows back made their way to the stage. Go figure??? Otherwise, what a GREAT night it was. "I Can't Wait" to see you again Stevie!!!!!
Christine MacDuff
I have to say that in all the Stevie Nicks concerts that I have been to, this was the best performance EVER!!!! I took my dad to see Stevie perform as a Father’s Day present. My dad is the one who brought me to love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie’s unique voice, in which I had always had a dream to sing with her one day. We were right up front, a few rows back, and my dad with a big smile, and so excited being the first time to see Stevie! Stevie spoke about her lyrics in the songs, and was so personal and sincere. She looked so beautiful! Then, she spoke about her song “Landslide” and how she wrote it for her dad. I gave my dad a big hug and kiss on the cheek and said; “this is for you daddy”! J What an amazing performance and an amazing group of talented performers. I just can’t say enough about it! Thank you so much Stevie, and the band for a wonderful and inspiring night with my dad that I will never forget. You’re all amazing!!!
My friend and I attended Stevie's June 26th concert at Turning Stone Casino. I must say off all the times that I have seen Stevie over the years, this was the best concert she has ever given. She looked beautiful and sounded great! Looking at Stevie, it's hard to believe that she is 59 years old! Thank you Stevie for all the music you have given to your fans through the years. Next time you go on tour, please come back to Turning Stone. Rock on Gold Dust Woman!
Saw the show on Tuesday, 6/26/07. It was wonderful, Stevie was great!!!
Heather Connell
I went to a Stevie show on June 26th at Turning Stone Casino in Vernon NY. It was the most amazing expierience! Stevie opened the show with "Enchanted" and she looked absolutely incredible! Her backup singers were awesome, and the band was smoking hot. She gave us not only the gift of her beautiful voice, but the visual effects she did made the music jump out more. She brought me to tears on 3 of her songs. I am sure I was not the only one in the sold out show that was crying. I love the fact that Stevie makes herself so available to her fans both during and after the show. I hope that she comes back here next year.
Stevie and Fleetwood Mac have been a part of my life for over thirty years. Her solo music and Fleetwood's music matter deeply to me for I believe that every person during their lifetime returns repeatedly to the music that he or she listened to during their "formative years", from the teens into early adulthood. These beloved songs never grow stale or lose their visceral meaning. Having seen Fleetwood Mac only once ("The Dance" tour in 1997) and never having seen Stevie by herself, I jumped at the chance to see her at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. Needless to say, she, and her allstar band, did not disappoint. Where to begin? Her voice, always distinctive with unique qualities that makes her singing instantly recognizeable, is powerful. To be sure, her vocal range is not what is was in the 1970's but she still retains that unmistakeable "Stevie sound". The concert set was varied and recalled her contributions to the Mac (Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon) and also included numerous songs from her very large body of personal work. Her tribute to her father during "Landslide" will put a lump in anyone's throat. Speaking of "Landslide", this song is my personal favorite, along with "Rhiannon", and is simply beautifully crafted. I was particularly impressed with Stevie's onstage personality. She was very gracious, warm, and appreciative of her fans, taking time to explain each song within the context of her life at the time it was written. At the end of the show, she shook the hands of those patrons lucky enough to be seated near the stage while accepting several dozen floral bouquets. The concert provided me with new insight into what this woman is all about. Yes, she is the alluring and mysterious Rhiannon-esque performer, with her gossamer wardrobe, boots and patented whirls and twirls on stage, and certainly a bonafied "rock goddess". But Stevie is much more, or less, depending on one's perspective. Although I can't imagine going out to lunch with her (I would not be able to speak!!), she does seem much more human to me after having seen one of her concerts. To me, she will always be the epitome of musical brilliance combined with a disarming, ethereal feminity that is simply overpowering. I can think of no better phrase to describe her than Romeo's impassioned description of Juliet in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet": "She doth teach the torches to burn bright!"
Hey I attended the Stevie Nicks concert on Tuesday night. I am 18 and have been a fan of Stevie Nicks since her latest Studio Album. My mom is a huge fan of hers and we both haven't seen her live. We were supposed to go in 2001, but to do the event of 9/11 she had to cancel her show. But I must say it was the most amazing thing I ever witnessed! Her stage presence alone was phenomenal, and her voice was simply beautiful. I can't wait to catch another one of her live shows because I am now hooked. I want to add that although Sorcerer wasn't really one of my favorites, but it sounded amazing live and I now love it!! Love you Stevie!!!
2.56PM.....In the greyhound bus, on my way back to Montreal...... Last nite I attended the show in Verona...it was the second time for me.....I havent been able to sleep the nite before..I was way too excited to see Stevie again!! After 9hours with Greyhound I finally arrived in Syracuse.... We arrived at the casino half an hour before the beginning of the show.... Diane, her sister and I!! The place is just really impressive ...ok I guess not as impressive as the casinos in Vegas but still REALLY impressive! Anyway back to the most important thing...THE SHOW!!... So our seats were section 3 row D.....I thought wed be on the left ...near the aisle but actually it was even better!!....We were almost RIGHT in the middle...In front of Stevie!!OMG and sooo close of the stage.... I was kinda dissapointed tho when I first saw my seat cause I thought Id be able to go near the stage for the "walk" but there was no aisle next to me going to the stage..... Well After a few mins ....people started screaming and everything...then the band arrived on the left of stage....the girls followed behind...they went on the right of the stage....then the music started!!! Waddy started playing the guitar....AND Stevie Appeared...AHHHHHHHHHH....STAND BACKKK!!! That was the beginning of almost 2 incredible hours!!! There wasnt any openning act so that was great we had more time seeing Stevie on stage:!!! I have to say that Ive realized smthg during the show last nite...I was soooo annoyed that during most of the songs...we were just a few people standing up....singing and dancing... Most of the people there just stayed sitted during the whole show!!! Welll thats just me but I cant understand how you can go see Stevie live and stay still...like youre bored or smthg!!!!....All this energy during the show makes you wanna stand up ...and scream sing!!!Just enjoy yrself and have a great time !!!!.....Well I didnt care I stayed up during the show!!! Seeing Stevie that close was just incredible!!! SHE IS sooooooo BEAUTIFUL....we all know that but when you spend the show so close ....youre like "wow...I cant belive shes 59!!!"...and she had so much energy!! I just felt really bad cause people werent sharing the same excitement..... Ive looked around sev. times...most of the time I was the only one standing up dancing and singing...there was also a woman on my right doing the same.... Its just annoying for Stevie and the band ...well I mean...people should be there having a great time ...singing all together...but well maybe some people dont have the same definition of going to a STEVIE NICKS show and having a blast!!!! Anyway...the setlist was the same....SB....Rhiannon.....Sorcerrer....Dreams.....If anyone falls.... I need to know...Landslide....How still my love.....GDW..B&theB.....Enchanted....Rock and Roll....etc etc.....I wont repeat it again....we all know the setlist! It was amazinggggggggg......She changed sev. times her outfits...she was having a really good time... Really talkative again about the meaning of the songs ...the music industry etc etc!!....she joked about a few things too!!!....but she moslty talked about the same things she did in Boston or in the other shows ... I loved every second of the show.....I felt soooo embarassed during Rhiannon...as soon as Ive heard Cornell playing the intro on the piano and when Stevie started singing..OMg I just couldnt stopped crying....I had to sit during the beginning of the song it was just impossible to stand up crying so much...I was embarassed!....same thing happened for Landslide.....Its just impossible to describe what I feel when I hear stevie singing....especially this song and LIVE!!!!....the pictures of her and her father on the big screen were just sooo beautiful and sad to look at at the same time.... and the sound of her voice....the melody...all these things make this song so beautiful and really emotional!!!!..... The pictures make you think about everything...her life....her carreer....her music....all these years showed in pictures.....I stayed sitted during the whole song this time...too hard... Well another great song was of course ....Rock and Roll....Stevie rockedddddddddddd!!! when she arrived on stage with her beautiful white dress...black boots and hat with the feathers....then she kicked her foot in the air so high!!......That was just AWESOME!!! Waddy was still really amazing, playing the guitar ....nobody else could have done any better!!!.. Ok I will dorectly talk about the end of the show!!!..... OMG.....the CRAZIEST moment of the show for me was def. the walk!!!..... As soon as I arrived in the shoroom and went to my seat I was conviced that I would never be able to reach the stage and give my bag with my longgg letter for Stevie and the gift and TY card for Sharon!!!....I was sooo mad about that!!! BUT!!!!.....Edgeof17 started...Waddy in the guitar...people started goin near the stage...I was standing there, looking at the people right near the stage....then this guy came right next to me...and started jumping accross the seat in front of me...OMG....1/2 sec. later I was doing the same thing.....It happend sooo fast!!....NO HESITATION....I didnt care about the security....I just crossed the 3 rows of seats ahead of me...jumped on the seats...and there I was again!!!.......standing against the stage.....I ran there sooo fast...I jumped on the seats!!! Stevie was starting shaking hands on the left...just 5 secs later...There she was!!! In front of me....GORGEOUS and smilling....I handed her my bag and tell her "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"....she took the bag and really hold my hand for a few secs......then she smilled warmly and said" THANK YOU !!"... OOOOOOh I swear her eyes!!!.....: Shes got a look which hypnotizes you...I was lost in her eyes during that moment....they are just so beautiful..when you look at her its like her eyes are smilling....wonderful moment when it happens!!!...you forget everything around you...it only lasts a few secs but it always seems like it lasts for way much longer!!...You re lost in the beauty of her eyes! Then when she kept moving on the right....I finally realised I just shook her hand again....I kept following her on the right for a little bit..recording and takin pictures... The girls were waving and smilling at people in the audience...All of them received a lovely bouquet of 2 or 3 pink flowers that they placed in front of them....on their mics.... Waddy was playing guitar ....amazingly...he came closer of the audience and shook someone's hand too! Stevie kept shaking hands....taking flowers...then she came back to the mic. and finished Eof17 perfectly.... Just writting everything right now makes me cry...Im still sooooo moved and happy bout everything...I know It wont be my last show during the CV tour.... Im goin back in France on Friday but I will COME BACK in July again....I wanna see her again...Its like an addiction I can understand why some people follow her everywhere...I dont care if I have to spend thousands for the plane ticket...Ill come back... well one thing which is for sure is that Ive had the MOST BEAUTIFUL time of my life ever during these 2 shows!! After Eof17....B&theB started....Cornel doin the intro on the piano....the candles ....the movie projected on the big creen...Stevie appeared.... It was sooooo wonderful....enevrybody stayed silent...and let Stevie sang alone just listenning to her voice.... I was standing against the stage and then right next to me was the sound system...so STevie's voice was coming right in my ears...as loud as you can possibly imagine!!! More tears again.........I was right next to the secutity guy....hes been soooo nice during the whole show ...never said ANYTHINg to people taking pics!!! He was facing us but never said a word!!.... While I was standing there ....There was the chzair of the security guy against the stage....so Ive decided I should take advantage of it and kneeled on the chair...that was def. a Great idea...I was even closer of evryone on the stage with a great view!!!!!...I was seeing everything...Stevie was right there!!! Waddy was in front of me....I could have touched it !!!He was that close!! Ive stayed there during Eof17...B&theB...rock and Roll!!! Ive been taking sooo many pics and some videos too....all turned amazingly great....they are only personnal pics I dont do uploadin online!!!!! Im so happy I bought this brand new camera the day before just for the show!!! I was taking pics and recording behind the security guy's neck!!! He didnt say anything!!Crazy!! Then at the end...it was the final...all the band went in the middle of the stage ....thanked everyone...waved etc.... Incredble... Then they left on the left of the stage....all walking in front of me...Stevie left first and she came by just in front of me....OMG!! After the show...I wasnt able to stop laughing talking...just so happy bout everything....It was my second show and Ive been able to reach the stage again and gave her my presents and shake her hand...Ive been so lucky and Im so glad it happened!! Then we left the showroom and headed back to the 4th floor...VIP ROOM!!! AWESOME....Diane knows someone working there so we had access to the VIP Room....Free alcohol....lounge ambiance etc etc there were only 7 people or so.....The place was soo class and nice .....We were expectting that Stevie and the band would come over there for a few drinks cause this is were the singers usually go after a show but after a few mins there ....we were told Stevie and the band ordered food to bring with them inside the bus....they decided to stayed there and leave instead of staying in the casino! Well that was still soo nice to be there.....we had free cocktails...wine....well any alcohol for free...No stevie but a good time there...We looked at the pics....talked bout the show...etc Well...I think thats all....I must also mentionned I bought more things again before the show.....1 tshirt..."the boots are back"...(thats a black tee with the moon on the front) + 1 poster and 1 magnet!!!!! This was an unforgettable moment again....Honnestly the 2 shows I attended....were the happiest and most emotional moments of my life!! ....Stevie has this abillity to make you feel so good and happy....the sound of her voice is enough to makes you forget everything else........nothing else matters at all...theres nothing but Stevie....she takes all the bad things in yr life away!!!! Well just wanna THANK YOU SOOO MUCH STEVIE....I love you and admire you...!!Thank you to everyone in the band...TY to SHARON LORI AND JANA!!..... Ill def. see you again this summer...once you see her on stage ...you just cant stop going!!!
It was great to see Stevie!, the show had great energy and Stevie seems to be enjoying herself and the appreciating the fans more then ever. In addition to Ms Nicks in fine voice the band was excellent and Waddy is a great guitar player. Sometimes it bothers me a bit that she is not more appreciated for all her great songs and accomplishments, but as a fan I wouldn't have missed a chance to see her again. Rock ON! Or Rock a Little which ever you prefer. As always I hope for another chance to see Stevie again.
Bill & Geri Bellotti
Dear Stevie, We had a great time at the concert last night, It was everything that I had hoped it would be. You looked great and sounded even better. It was a long wait for a upstate New York visit, but well worth the wait. The percussion solo before "The Edge Of Seventeen" was fantastic. I just can't say enough about the concert. You had the place really rocking!! Thanks again for a great show.
My friend and I attended the concert in Verona NY @ the Turning Stone on June 26th 07 and loved it! Stevie looked great...sounded great and put on a great show! The band was great, too. We don't get to see her tour too much in our area, and we feel so fortunate that we saw her this time at a beautiful place and on a beautiful night. We will always treasure the memoreis. Thank you Stevie!!!!!
Andres Nowak
To Stevie Nicks and her Band, This is the first time that I got to see you in concert and it was a great concert. Your voice is so powerful when you hit the high notes, I enjoyed the solos from your drummer and gutatis. and the rest of the band sounded Great.
I just got back from Stevie’s show at Turning Stone Casino. I had awesome seats….4th row and she was in clear view the whole night. She looked and sounded amazing! Still can’t believe she’s 59. She had no opening act and she played for almost 2 hours. It was a GREAT concert! Every song, she sounded perfect, and at her best. When she really gets into a song, like Sorcerer…she can still rock, as she also did on Rock and Roll. Gold Dust Woman was also a favorite of mine…..a beautiful song and her voice!! Every song was a favorite of mine, actually! I had gone with my sister and a new-found friend through the NixFix…Audrey. She had an AWESOME time and got to go up to the stage and shake Stevie’s hand and took tons of pics (security did nothing). I’m so glad I came to see her…I was actually on vacation with my family in FL and flew back to NY just to see Stevie in concert and am flying back down to finish my vacation! LOL!! Rock on Stevie. She has a great voice still. She’s just a beautiful person!
Last night I finally realized a dream, I saw Stevie Nicks perform in concert for the first time. When she appeared on stage my goose bumps, got goose bumps. I found myself shouting like a teenager, "We love you Stevie." I didn't feel one bit embarrassed as everyone around me was screaming similar sentiments. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful she looked. A few hours before the concert I was lucky enough to score two tickets on the floor, in the center, 11 rows back. They must have been artists releases. So, from that vantage point I could see her very clearly. She exuded warmth, energy and a love for what she was doing. Her opener, 'Stand Back' brought everyone to their feet. I felt swept up in the song and began to dance unabashedly. That's a little unusual for me, as generally I'm a little shy. Stevie followed that up with 'Enchanted' and 'If Anyone Falls In Love'. Then her pianist went into a long intro for what we correctly guessed to be Rhiannon.... More chills! Dreams was next then Sorcerer. Stevie explained that she wrote Dreams while hanging out with Sly of Sly and the Family Stone. At least that's the way I remember it, correct me if I'm wrong. Then the stage went dark and the background was filled with falling gold pieces and you know what was next. The haunting 'Gold Dust Woman.' She had an inter-play with her long time friend and guitarist Waddy Wachtel and at the end of the song she had her arms spread behind him like an angel. When Stevie talks about the people in her show you can tell she holds a lot of respect for each member. Each member in turn humbly give the respect back to her. It's really neat that her red-headed sister-in-law, Lori Nicks is one of the three backup singers. I understand, that last week in Canada, while performing 'Edge Of Seventeen', Stevie took a fall and injured her knee. The backups came to her rescue. I think the injury limited her twirls, somewhat. 'I Need To Know' was followed by 'Landslide' and a touching background photo montage that included a lot of family pictures and featured her father Jess, who died 2 years ago. Stevie impresses me as a daddy's girl. I remember her dedicating 'Silver Springs to him during 'The Dance' tour. As a father it moved me. Speaking of 'The Dance' tour, back in 1999 I had an opportunity to catch the concert, but due to family obligations missed it. That was the last time FWM performed together as a whole. Reading a recent review Stevie mentioned that she's hopeful that Christine will call her from her 'Castle In England' and once again join FWM . That would be great! I think it was after 'Landslide' that Stevie accepted flowers from audience members, and reached down and shook hands with her adoring fans. I'm still kicking myself for remaining in my seat. She was so genuine in her exchanges and the warmth that everyone felt toward her, increased. 'How Still My Love' closed the show but the audience, which I think was tremendously responsive the entire evening, would not let it end there. Stevie came out looking even more radiant than before. She wore a neat derby hat and had a black and white outfit on for 'Rock and Roll.' 'Beauty And The Beast' would be her last song. She wore an elegant black dress, with long sparkling earrings. She looked like she was ready for a ball. When it was over I felt a void, she left me wanting more. I thought, "But what about Gypsy, Silver Springs, Leather And Lace, Say You Will? I wonder if the 5,000 other people in attendance were thinking similar thoughts? At 59, this great lady still has it. Like Stevie said in an interview in the Boston Herald she lost her 40's due to substance abuse. She's trying to recapture those years, I think she has. God bless you Stevie and thank you for a wonderful evening.
Patty Leveille
I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the show in Verona NY- It was absolutely the best. Stevie- you rock- I give you 5 stars!!!!
Hey Stevie, I don't need to ask you a question .. i just want to let you know that I went and saw you last night and you were AMAZING!!! You played at turning stone casino in ny and i am a newer fan ( 2 years )and i LOVED it!!! I just want to tell you that you are fantastic and keep doing what you are doing!!!
My Stevie Nicks Story: Tuesday June 27, 2007 at Turning Stone casino in Verona, NY Oh My God!!!What a night.Amazing!!!! I got to the event center early to check out some shirts and stuff. I go into the event area, it only holds like 5,000 people, so it is smaller and very cool as I had a 10th row aisle seat. This place is small so I am like totally close .I bought Stevie a dozen roses in white, light pink, and dark pink, all tied up Stevie style with ribbons in hopes of getting close to her.Though,I hear it can be tough according to your seat and security .There was an empty seat before me, so I grabbed it. Up two rows now. Stevie comes on as there is no opening act and rocks the place! Looking Beautiful and sounding Amazing! I notice between the sections three rows from the stage there are chairs blocking the aisle, I ask security when they will move those so people can go and get to the stage for the edge walk.The security person say only the first three rows will be allowed up to the stage. I'm thinking well, I guess I will have to get them to a stagehand after the show or something.Stevie is rocking Edge of 17 and starts to walk to one end of the stage to do the walk. I grab the flowers and run to the barricade and am holding the flowers out screaming"Stevie,Stevie", hoping someone will take them and give them to her and maybe she will just look at me or something. It is not gonna happen. This lady next to me says climb over the chairs, which are folding chairs and if you step on it wrong it will collapse and you could possibly end up in the hospital and I am also wearing some kick ass shoes with a point which really does not help if I choose this mission to jump the three rows of chairs and get through the crowd, with only one hand free because I am holding the roses. I look at Stevie and she is approaching the center stage, I look at the first chair and I am off!!!!Through people and everything, there is no stopping me!!! I get on the floor and I get through the crowd towards the other end and get right to the stage.I am holding up the flowers, I yell "Stevie", and she looks at me, takes the flowers and says "Thank you". I have my hand outstretched and she takes my right hand( and now I am about to cry writing this as I have waited more than 20 years for this moment)and I put my other hand on hers and I say "I love you, I love you, I love you", She smile, and says "I love you', I kiss my hand and blow it to her all the while still holding her other hand. Enchanted was not the word, I was floored! I make it back over three rows of chairs and through the crowd as people(in my section) were apparently watching this and high five me for making it to her. I get back to my seat and then Stevie finishes edge of 17.The lights dim and I feel something tap my hand. I look on the floor in front of me, I pick up Stevie's guitarist Waddy Watchel's guitar pick. SWEET!!! Again,Stevie was Brilliant, twirling ,and spinning, and looking Beautiful in her dresses and boots! The band was tight and everyone rocked it out!!!Stevie is the rock and roll Goddess!!! Set list as close to the order I remember:

Opener:Standback-Kicks ass,twirls and high kick
Enchanted - good rocking number
If Anyone Falls - Awesome! First time hearing it live and excellent acapella ending with the girls.
Sorceror - brilliant vocals
Rhiannon - what can I say? The welsh witch takes flight!
Dreams- Beautiful
Gold Dust Woman - Totally cool with Stevie dancing around Waddy and very 70's Stevie making almost like these bird flying movements.
I Need To Know - One of my favorites. It was Fierce!
Landslide - Very moving and beautiful, especially standing there and being a fan over the years and grown and changed with the artist in its own unique way.
How Still My Love - One of my all time favorites.Awesome.Stevie doing almost like belly dancing movements twirling her shawl over her head and around her.
Edge of 17 - Well, You know and it rocked!!!!
Rock and Roll - It was really rocking and fun. Awesome live.Stevie was dancing all over and shaking up her skirt! Super high kick on this one.
Beauty and the Beast - Wow! Candelabra on the piano and Stevie comes out with her hair up(which is down to her waist) and in a velvet gown held out at the sides. She looks like a queen and I am about to cry looking at her so beautiful. In the background was playing the old black and white film Beauty and the Beast. Powerful. The show was mindblowing! Stevie singing like I have never heard her sing.Dancing and having a great time.The crowd was loving her and she could tel,she gave it her all and then some.Her artwork playing on the backdrop.What can I say?I was enchanted.
Stevie Nicks proved (not that she needs to prove anything) she can still wow a crowd just as well as anyone in the music industry. Last nights show was one for the books. This legendary grammy winner sounded as good as she did 30 years ago. From her opening song Stand Back to her much anticipated Edge of Seventeen, Stevie had the crowd dancing most of the night. Oh, the percussion solos were fabulous. Great performance that was definitely worth attending.
Saw Stevie at the Turning Stone on June 26th and she rocked the house. Totally awesome.
Alan B.
Last night I attended the Verona NY concert. What a wonderful delight it was to see Ms. Nicks as she delighted many with her musical talents and her voice of perfection. This concert was wonderful! Stevie had crowds standing at every song dancing and singing along. It was great to see Stevie gracefully dance across the stage wearing her Stevie garb and wearing her traditional platform boots. Her last song of the evening Beauty and the Beast was performed with perfection and grace. This was a fantastic concert! I can not wait for many more from the Queen of Rock and Roll.
Was excellent!!!! Thank you for stopping.... I am a fan forever!
Oustanding concert- loved all thee dialogue you gave about the songs history, ive seen you before and i love you more every time. cant wait to see you again
Brad H.
What an awesome show. It may have been in the 90's outside, but Stevie was even hotter inside. She has gotten better with time and each song was better than ever before. I loved every moment of it, Stand Back, Enchanted, If anyone Falls, Dreams, each one topping the one before it. She was at ease and loved sharing with the audience about each song. Stevie must have known that I was there. Two years ago I sang to my daughter when she got married. She would love "Landslide" especially after 'the Dance' when Stevie said, "This is for you Daddy..." It became our song. When I walked her down the aisle I left her at the alter and sand "Landslide" to my daughter. When Stevie dedicated the song "Landslide" she said it was for all the Fathers in the audience. So she knew how special it would be to me. All the pictures of her in the background with her dad made it that much more special. I didn't cry when I sang it to my daughter, (I tried really hard that day and did later.) But last night. I cried when Landslide was sung. Stevie you were awesome, I will always remember that and I so wished I could tell you in person someday. She kept on singing and her voice was better than ever, right through Edge of Seventeen, Rock and Roll and of course the showcased ending. "Beauty and the Beast". I have often been amazed at how many of her songs, have been ones about me and my life. I relate so well. 30 years of hearing some of these and they are as new today as back then. Please keep singing Stevie and keep moving us with your music. You are a 100% better than most out there today and like you said, the business is in trouble. Thank you for a wonderful night and it was well worth going 3 hours up with no AC in my car and going back 3 hours. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We love you Stevie. Thank you again for sharing your Visions with us all. Especially me.
Dick Fiedler
My wife and I had a most enjoyable evening listening to Stevie and her band. What a great show. Her voice is still strong and there is no mistaking it. I hope she continues to make great music for many more years.

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