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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/28/07 Constant Convocation Center Norfolk, VA

My boyfriend and I went to see Stevie at the Ted Constant Center in Norfolk, Virginia....She was great....looked great and sounded even better....Saw her when she cam e with Tom Petty also...awesome performance........Keep rockin Stevie
Wilmer Stanley
Saw the show At ODU in Norfolk, Va. Awesome not only for the sheer power of Stevie's voice; but also for the dramatic lighting, background artwork, photo slideshow and musical accompaniment. Truly an incredible experience. Hope to see this show come out on DVD. Would go to see the exact same show again if it comes back to the area!!!!!!!!!
Valerie Morgan
Brandon & Carla
I have been a Stevie Nicks fan since I was old enough to remember. It was a fantastic night. If I could change one thing about that night thoug, I would have had my dad there with me and my friend. You ROCK Stevie.
Roger Weeden
WOW!WOW!WOW! This had to be the BEST Stevie show I have ever seen!!! Her voice was soo strong and the notes were long. She was beautiful! Radiant and glowing... she is just sooooo amazing. A friend and I had second row floor seats.. Stevie saw me in my hat and as I punched the air to the beat of the song (I Need to Know), especially, she was staring right at me and punching the air back at me!!! It was great to hear a few surprises as you've all read in other reviews. But the set songs were even different cause she put so much into them... belting out every vocal! And the band.. the band was great... piano intros to Rhiannon and Beauty were INCREDIBLE! At the start of Edge, I climbed over the seat in front of me, clutching the 2 dozen roses and the jewel dripping tube that contained a long letter and a huge water color painting that I did for her, which illustrates her demo Goldfish and The Ladybug.. anyhow, my friend-first Stevie concert- pushed my legs over the seat and I was in front of Stevie! I held up my gift and the flowers and her eyes widened at the sight of all the roses! She grabbed them up and I was sooo happy that she as them!!! I put my heart and soul into the letter and the painting.. I hope she likes them. Vanessa Carlton was really good too! She came out again at the end of Stevie's show and she and Stevie were arm in arm! She also has a great voice and , umm, she is also a hottie!!! This show only proved to me again, not that I EVER doubted it, but Stevie is the best and a performer that is hard to mirror. WOW!WOW!WOW!.. just incredible!!!!!!
What an awesome performance!!! It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 6 years since the Trouble in Shangri-La tour played Virginia Beach. Even a mild heart attack that I suffered on Saturday morning couldn't keep me away tonight. As always, Stevie was at her best, as were her backup singers and band, especially the legendary Waddy. Thanks for such a great show. I can't wait until you're back here again!!!!!!
All I have to say is thank you so much for once again putting on a killer show!! Everyone rocked!!! My husband and I loved the background also. Stevie--girl you did it again! I am so glad that you share your music with all of us--it touches us in ways that are most beneficial. Your songs have helped me to be a stronger woman and to visually see my similar thoughts voiced--you are our crystal vision! Thanks again to everyone involved and keep it flowing........Music rocks!!
It was a long drive to Norfolk Virginia from good ol' "Mayberry" North Carolina, however, it was MORE than worth it!! I got front row tickets off of Stubhub once again.......First of all the crescent moon was shinin' bright tonight before the legendary rock and roll GODDESS came to take the stage from a very deserving Chris Issac! He impressed me, although I will admit I would have NEVER heard him had he not been opening for my woman Stevie Nicks. Since I was a small child her music has truly entertained me and inspired me to do many things. Stevie is a woman of true magic, talent, mystery, and POWER! When Stevie took the stage I was honestly in tears.....She came out in that classic "Stand Back" cape and when the lyrics started she gave a HUGE HIGH KICK (@59 years old) and belted out the lyrics......I of course sang along to the music the whole concert occasionally hearing people get a little aggravated with me. (Jealousy is such an evil thing) Her voice was strong and you could tell that she was in such a great mood because she was smiling so big. I think that she knew that she was on top of her game tonight and that no one will ever be able to touch her in the music industry! I mean come on people she is 59.....who else could ever do this kind of touring and high kicks at her age??? Thank you......Anyway back to the show.....next of course was "Dreams" and she sounded amazing......I just know that when she sings this song she thinks about Lyndsey.....so sad......Oh well his loss is my gain right? LOL.....After changing into some tight pants and a button down black shirt Stevie came back and mesmerized everyone with "If anyone falls and Enchanted" Both songs were Rocked completely out by Miss Nicks and her guitarist Waddy......They are both so unique at their craft.....Stevie again went backstage for a costume change and while this was happening her pianist played the intro to Rhiannon so I knew she was going to come back and put chills down every ones spine....THAT SHE DID....OMG let me just say that he body is AMAZING......She came out in her classic crushed velvet low cut and I mean LOW CUT top with all the extra fabric draping ever so low from her arms.......With huge black boots......YES THE BOOTS WERE BACK TONIGHT.......Stevie truly BELTED this song out.....and out of all the times I have ever saw her this was the best performance of this song EVER. Sitting on the front row I was able to feel that vibration from her voice go all through my body. After she thanked the audience she went backstage and came back and took on "Gold Dust Woman" adding some extra lyrics there toward the end like Baby Baby Baby Baby GO HOMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (cant wait to sing it like that) She also used a light pink shawl tonight instead of the classic gold that she normally uses......dunno why. She took off the shawl and said some kind words about Tom Petty and then rocked us all out on "I Need to Know" I was really blown away once again by this performance as well. He voice was so in tune and amazing......So hauntingly familiar. Stevie then talked about landslide and said how she couldn't turn around and look at the huge screen that was playing pics of her as a child with her father. It was her late dads favorite song and that she just couldn't hardly turn around and see him.....The whole crowd joined in on this number (not just me this time). Stevie Winked at me several time because I would be standing when everyone would sit down.....After a quick change of clothes we got rocked out by "Sorcerer and how still my love." I love both of these songs and she really showed me another side of her tonight.....the new, raw, over Lyndsey, OK with life, no drugs, truly happy Stevie Nicks.......She played these songs and smiled so much as if there was NOTHING that anyone would ever be able to do to bring her down! Stevie went offstage once again and we all heard the classic guitar riff to "Edge of Seventeen" now this is the point when I really got excited b/c I have been able to touch her twice during this performance. So here she came in her black chiffon top and her classic white dressy skirt with High Heeled Boots. She rocked this song WAY OUT of the park......as she got to do her walk she was guarded by so many guards I was literally having to push people away that was trying to get near her.....I thought I am on the front row and Ill be danged if anyone is going to take this moment from me.......Once again it was as if Stevie was watching out for me and she reached over several people's hands and held mine for at least 4 or 5 secs until she had to let it go but she smiled and I was so happy......I gave her a red rose (her favorite flower) and she mouthed Thank you so much to me!!! I was the happiest man on the face of the earth. She then went backstage again.....But being a veteran at her concerts I knew it wasn't over......Several started to leave.......Why I don't know. But she came back and Rocked us again with her feathered top hat to Led's cover, "Rock and Roll" This was truly amazing.....he feathers looked as if they were gonna fall off the hat because she was rock in so hard. Her hair was soooooo long tonight, I think she had in some new extensions......She then ended the night asking us to please keep supporting music.....no just hers.....but music in general......and took on her classic "Beauty and the Beast" What an amazing song and voice. Even if you don't like slow songs this song would truly mesmerize you. She is truly a blessing from god. I cant wait until the next album come out by her and she starts touring again. I know after this she said that she is going to take some time off but I know the Rock and Roll Gypsy Queen will not leave us too long without some kind of musical healing! Until that time..............I love you Stephanie Lynn Nicks........
Mandy Holt
I had a dream of mine to come true last Thursday, June 28th and that was to finally see the very amazing and legendary Ms. Nick’s in concert for the very first time. I have been a huge fan since I was a little girl and have always wanted to see her, but it did not come true until now that I am 33. My fiancée and I left Thursday morning from Myrtle Beach, SC driving 7 hours to the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA to see a concert that I knew was going to be the best I had seen or will ever see. I was so excited; it was all I could talk about. I have only been to a few concerts in my life because even though there are some singers and groups out there that I like, I could just listen to them on CD or radio and be fine not going to a concert and most of them are just in it for the money. I knew from the first time I heard and seen Ms. Nick’s that she was going to be different. You can hear in her voice how sincere and genuine she really is. We arrived a little early at the concert so I would have plenty of time to shop for some memorabilia. Let me just say, 150 dollars later I had 3 t-shirts, a tour program, and a key chain. If my fiancée had not pulled me away, I am sure I would have bought some more items. After shopping we went to go and find our seats. We set about row 16 on the floor, which were great seat’s, but I would have liked to have been closer, so maybe I would get a chance to meet Ms. Nick’s, but security was only letting the first couple of rows go down front for her famous edge walk, so I did not even try. Miss Vanessa Carlton opened for Ms. Nick’s and she was very good. She talked to the crowd a bit, which was nice. Miss Carlton and Ms. Nick’s both were very good at making you feel at home, very personable, it was nice. Most singers and groups out there today just show up and do their sets. They don’t really talk to the crowd or really even thank them for coming out to see them. It is as if they don’t even care about their fans, which if it was not for the fans they really would not have a career in music. Well, after Miss Carlton finished her set, she thanked everyone for coming out and then the crew came out to set up for what was going to be a very magical night. It took about 15 minutes for the break down and set up and then the lights dimmed and out came the band. The music to Stand Back started and I must say Mr. Watchtel is incredible on that guitar. I was looking around for Ms. Nick’s but did not see her and all of a sudden the crowd started screaming and I looked at my fiancée and I said where is she, I still don’t see her and then from behind the drummer she walked out and I got chills. She was absolutely beautiful and definitely does not even look close to 59. My fiancée whom was not a fan until after going to this show looked at me and said she is absolutely gorgeous. It was really cute, he sang and danced the whole concert, which was funny because he is very shy. She did the same songs as the other shows, which to me were all great. Landside was very beautiful and her sharing those pictures on the screen of her family and seeing how close she was to her dad was very sweet. I got a little emotional during that song because it reminded me of my grandpa who was like a daddy to me that I lost not so long ago. I also really loved Rhiannon, it was very powerful. After Landslide she introduced her band and back up singers and I thought that was really sweet and showed what a caring person she is, that she really appreciates each one of them. After her last song Edge of 17 she was gone, but I knew she would be back and sure enough a two record encore, which was fabulous. She did Rock and Roll, which I think she does better than Led Zeppelin. After Rock and Roll she ended the night with Beauty and the Beast, which is a 1946 movie that played on the big screen behind her as she sang. She changed clothes several times during the night, but I must say she looked absolutely stunning with her hair up and that beautiful long back dress with what look like fur around the collar. There are many people out there that try to wear the clothes that Ms. Nick’s does, but let me just say, she is the only one that can wear them and pull that look off. Her clothes are so beautiful and look wonderful on her. I had heard the last song Beauty and the Beast on a CD before and it was lovely, but as she sang that song live I just closed my eyes and was completely drawn into that song, her voice so pure and powerful. Her voice after all these years is still as strong as it ever was. She has a very unique and mysterious voice that once you have heard her sing, it is like you cannot ever forget that voice. After Beauty and the Beast was over so was the concert, I had a wonderful time, but was a little sad that it had to come to a end, just like all great things in life must come to a end. One last thing before I go, Ms. Nick’s if you read this I would just like to say thank you for your music, it is truly wonderful and inspiring and it has helped me through some tuff times in my life. I hope this is not your last tour because I would really like to come out to see you again, but most of all I would really like to be able to meet you some day. I know you get that a lot, people writing and saying they would like to meet you, but I can dream can’t I. I hope one day that maybe that can come true. May you be blessed with good health, happiness, and safety on the rest of your tour. After all these years you still have what it takes. Rock on Ms. Nick’s!
Hey all! I sprayed "Honk 4 Stevie Nicks" on the back window of my car and went to see Stevie in Norfolk this past Thursday night and I must say, it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. I am 17 years old, and this was my first Stevie Nicks concert. I went with my mom and great-aunt, and each song touched all three of us in different ways despite our age differences. Vanessa Carlton was good (she forgot how to perform a few songs and made jokes...very good with the crowd) but I was definately there for Stevie. I listened to a few of her songs then went up to buy merchandise (I got a poster, the red baby tee, and a key chain). By the time I made it back down to the floor (I was on the 12th row) it was almost time for Stevie to come out. It didn't take long to change the set which was nice (Vanessa only had herself and a piano up there)! 12th row may not sound that great to some people, but the rows were so tight that I was only about 20 feet from the microphone. I'll try not to give a play by play because I know that by now everyone knows the set etc., but I'll probably get carried away because I'm still so excited about everything! When Stevie came out for Stand Back, I completely broke down. I laugh about it now because I really don't know exactly what happened, but my knees started shaking, I started crying uncontrollably...hahaha don't laugh it was bad!!! Everyone told me before I went that my first Stevie concert would be like nothing I had ever experienced but I guess I didn't think I would be that emotional....I was very touched to finally get to see such an amazingly strong woman in person. I cried through the first five songs...especially in the "dreams unwind, love's a state of mind" part of Rhiannon. Then I was ok until Landslide, but one of the slides was a picture of Stevie crying when she was younger and that got me started again! haha I sound like such a baby I hardly ever cry but for some reason I couldn't stop all night...I was so touched by her presence...Even though I had a great time at the concert, I must say that I'm a little bit disappointed in the fans that were there! I was one of the few people that dressed anything like Stevie, and everyone SAT DOWN while she played. I know that people like to be able to see etc. but come on, it's STEVIE NICKS...get a little more excited people!!!! Also, I was determined to make it up for the Edge Walk but pretty much nobody else knew what it was...I talked to people who said they had been fans since the early days of FM but they had no clue what I was talking about when I asked them if they were going to try to make it up front...COME ONNNN!!!! Anyways, I made a run for it when the time came and got past two security guards but a third one sitting behind this curtain who I couldn't see grabbed me. I tried again but it was hopeless...the only way up was through an isle about 3 feet wide and there were five security guards right there. I then tried to rush them...yeah right...hahaha. I finally had to go back to my seat with the necklace I got for Stevie and nothing to show but a foot drenched in beer (it got spilled on me in all the comotion). Ok I guess I've been kinda wordy but I hope more than anything that Stevie knows that there are still some true fans out there...I really was disappointed in the crowd at the concert...they even sat down during the encore. The performance was EXCELLENT, her voice was amazing, her outfits were great, and she is looking as hot as ever (especially with that low cut dress during BATB...I'm sure all of the men were very happy)! Rock on Gold Dust Woman, and I hope we'll see you for another tour (but only if it's what you want to do)!
Dawn & Dave O'Connell
Hi,Stevie My husband and I flew from St.John's Newfoundland Canada to see your June 28th show in Norfolk, Virginia. We thought the show was great and liked that you talked to the crowd between songs. I've been a big fan for many years and always wanted to see you in concert. I would have liked to have heard you sing "Silver Springs". You have a big fan base here in St.John's and I am the envy of all my friends that I saw you in concert. Hope one day you will put a show off here. Keep Rockin'
April Forbes
I attended the June 28th show in Norfolk, VA at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. I don't even know how to put into words how complete I feel. I am 24 and have been a big Stevie fan for a long time. It is obvious that all these songs are from her experience because all of them relate to my life in some way or another. It is almost like she is singing right to you. I took my mom. She is 60, this is her first concert and I am the one that got her hooked on Stevie Nicks! We had the best seats and I am still in awe about the whole thing. Vanessa Carlton opened and she got the audience pumped up for Stevie. I don't think it really hit me until Vanessa got off stage and they started doing the set change. They brought her costumes across stage and finally, the lights went dim. It was totally dark and you could see, one by one her bandmates coming on stage. The music started and then front and center...all you could see was blond! It was just wonderful. She opened with Stand Back..(good choice!) and really got the audience pumped. She spoke a little about each song and we heard everything from Gold Dust Woman, Enchanted and I Need to Know as well as Edge of Seventeen, just to name a few. The crowd LOVED her. Landslide was very good. I believe everyone in that place sang right along with her! I loved watching her move along the stage and of course, her bow! Her costumes were beautiful. She came out in a black dress with her signature boots. I especially loved the outfit she wore during Gold Dust Woman. It was black with a beautiful gold shawl. I also loved her beautiful feathered hat which she wore during Rock and Roll. Overall, the absolute best costume was the one she wore when she came out to do Beauty and the Beast. It was a black dress with a black cape and her hair was pulled back. She should wear her hair up a little more. She was absolutely radiant. I liked the fact that while she was doing her costume changes, the band kept on playing. They really got the audience pumped up!! All in all, the concert was pretty much one of the best experiences of my life so far. I don't know what could top it. What I do know is that when she tours again, whether with Fleetwood Mac or not.... I WILL BE THERE! I wouldn't miss it for the world! This was my first Stevie concert and I pray that it will not be the last!!
I just attended the Crystal 'Visions concert in Norfolk Va. I really think Stevie was even better than the last time I saw her eight years ago. The energy she and her band displayed was spectacular. She looked happy and sparkling. I wish she could sing all night. Keep playing the music. We love you.
One of the best concerts I have ever seen. Stevie continues to deliver consistent entertainment! Her voice is still incredible.
Denise & Dee
She's still got it! I saw here when I was 16 .....26 years later.....it was 1981 all over again!!!!! The show was awesome. I took my mom to the concert with me (or rather she took me for my birthday). She was never really into Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks (she was always a C&W fan). After last night's show.....Stevie has a new fan....my mom. She can't stop talking about how much she enjoyed the show and neither can I!!!!
Ellen C. Elliott
I saw Stevie last night in Norfolk, VA and she was AWESOME!! She seems to get better each time I see her, if that's possible! She is like a fine wine that gets better with age. I cannot believe that she is 59 yrs. young, it seems impossible! She looks and sounds better than ever! I first saw her in Greeensboro, NC in 1983, at the Wild Heart Tour. I have been a fan since the very early 80's, and last night was the 6th time I had seen her, 4 times by herself, and twice with Fleetwood Mac. Last night was perfection from beginning to end! And one of the best parts was that there was NO Lip Syncing HERE!! You can tell that she is really singing and singing from her heart! She was very appreciative to the audience for sticking with her through all the yrs. Vanessa Carlton was very good as well. I had laryngitis within the first 5 mins. after Stevie walked out on stage, LOL, I couldn't help but scream when I saw her come out, and I could feel that scream all the way to my toes! She has such a rapport with both the band members and the audience. Waddy is truly amazing, as are all of the band members. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite song, they were all fantastic! I do wish she would have done Gypsy though, as that has always been one of my favorites. I was really hoping that video would have been on the Crystal Visions DVD as well, but it's okay because it is imbedded in my memory forever, and I am thankful that she included a DVD along with the CD. I particularly liked Rock and Roll and Gold Dust Woman, as well as Dreams, the black and while outfit with the wonderful hat that she wore and Beauty and the Beast was awesome too!! It was awfully HOT here yesterday. Thanks for battling the heat, Stevie! I had also heard that she had hurt her leg at a recent concert, but she never said a word about it and she still did her famous twirls which I absolutely love! Please continue to Rock On, Gold Dust Woman!! I will continue to attend your concerts as long as you continue to go on tour! The only thing that could have made it any better was 2 things: backstage passes and being able to sit on the front row so that I could have the honor of shaking her hand. How does one get front row seats anyway? Are those radio station giveaway seats only? I have never been able to figure that out. I had very good seats though and am just grateful to have been able to attend and to bring home a t-shirt, a post card that is already hanging on my bulletin board at my desk, and wonderful memories that I will never forget! Thanks so much Stevie!! And, yes, let's keep the music going! I will continue to buy CD's and continue to support the music business, especially you!!! Thanks for coming to the Hampton Roads area, I hope you will some back soon!!!
As always Stevie was wonderful. I got so close to the stage I got to touch her boot. The only thing I can say is that it seems the shows are too short. I wish she had come back out for a surprise ending. But she was beautiful sounded wonderful. We had a great time!
Sally Valentine
Hi Stevie, hope you read this! The show last night brought back memories of the last time I saw you, which was in 1978 at the Norfolk Scope with Fleetwood Mac. It did my heart good to see that you can still kill it! Your voice, your attitude, the songs...everything was truly magical. I wish you much success for the continuation of your tour and want you to know how much I appreciate good music, especially yours! The band was tight, the harmonies were just beautiful. I enjoyed the time you took to talk to the audience, because so often that important interaction is overlooked, and I know it meant a lot to the military families in the audience that you took the time to recognize the Navy presence in the Hampton Roads area. Once again, thank you for a truly wonderful show...all the best to you.
Q. Noel Fitchett
Stevie was AMAZING last night. Absolutely flawless. Her voice is incredible. I loved the stories of the songs as retro, a little perspective on what she going through and thinking about because I think so many of us and relate in many ways with our own lives. Stevie is timeless so beautiful and SO VERY VERY talented. I hope that she takes some time and works on writing a new album. The dedication of "Landslide" to the troops and fathers was very sweet. GREAT SHOW!!!! :) I only hope Stevie will come back again sometime because I will definitely be there!!! :)
Steven Rodey
I have been fortunate enough to have seen Fleetwood Mac on two occasions a number of years ago along with Stevie Nicks on two other occasions. I was very fortunate to have front row seats for her concert last night 06-28-07 in Norfolk at the Ted. Stevie is still a vision of beauty and grace. If not for my keeping track of my age going by, I would have thought I was looking at Stevie when I first saw her. Her voice is still as beautiful. I was also fortunate enough to be able to shake her hand as she walked across the stage. She did it in such a special way, not like other musicians that will just touch fingers. Stevie held my hand and listened too some short words I spoke to her and she acknowledged them. Stevie, you will always be very special beautiful lady to all of your fans.
Roger Weeden
Hello again.. I have calmed down since last night when I had just returned from Stevie's show and started writing my review of the show.... "Now, here I go again"......First- a friend and I had two second row dead center seats!!, which I paid a mint for, but I knew it would be worth it.. and it was!!! Vanessa Carlton was GREAT! It was just her and piano on stage... unfamiliar songs were great to hear as she has such a nice voice, and as I mentioned earlier.. she is gorgeous and very talented, I look forward to hearing more from her.. Shortly after Vanessa left the stage-wasn't very long at all, Stevie's band set up and took their places. A guitar riff led by Waddy began Stand Back-(what a great song to START a Stevie show!) Out from behind center of the drums comes Stevie in a black blouse and pants and high heeled suede camel boots (yes, I was THAT close!) She tore through Stand Back, altering a few lyrics,dancing around,beating her air drums,spinning and a HIGH kick or two! Of course, Stevie gave us a run down on the next song... the last to be recorded for Rumours she aid and described Sly Stone's studio to us in great detail.... then Dreams began, as elegant as it is. If Anyone Falls was next and it was a great surprise to hear it live for the first time! The ladies belted out the chorus. Rhiannon... Rhiannon is always a killer for me! This was the song heard on my parent's car radio in 1975(?) that captured me. Stevie flowed through it while images of her drawings were shown on the screen behind her. Similar to the early days of Rhiannon, Stevie took the song for a run after the first 3 verses and belted out from "Dreams unwind" and on to a familiar climax. Beautiful! What is her age again??!! Enchanted is always fun to hear- a rockin little song that Stevie knocks out with high spirit. GDW was very dramatic as always... Waddy's incredible whining guitar prelude led into the hypnotic beat of the drum intro. My arms were high in the air, beating the spirits above me. The song pounded through to the chant , Stevie's new line.. "baby, baby, baby.. you can't see me now..." over and over as the song wound down. She stood in front of Waddy, back to the audience and arms outstretched, teetering back and forth to the slow beat- her orange/ red colored shawl spread out like wings. More comments from Stevie... (she was "Patty Chatty"all night long!!) before a hot rocker- I Need to Know.. this one was XCLNT!!! She ripped through it.. her voice so strong.. she danced all over! I was punching the air above me to the beat and Stevie started pointing at me and punching the air with me as the beat repeats itself. She was looking right at me and smiling!!! I was so happy! The entire crowd was standing and moving... a great piece!! During Landslide, as y'all know, photos of her Dad played on the screen behind her... more photos of Stevie and family throughout the years... she as a child in her cowgirl hat, high school year book photo... similar to the video "Sometimes It's a Bitch". Most of the crowd was sitting, but a few stood and you could hear the voices echoing her sentimental lyrics. She had explained this song was about family, no matter what everyone thought it was about. Photos of Barb and AJ and Chris were on the screen behind her. She explained that the next song was written in 1973 about LA ( I knew what it was).. and the opening chords to Sorcerer began. She once again, knocked it out and ALMOST reached the high notes that are heard in the 1973 demo recording. Still, I was standing and singing right along with her. It was incredible as Stevie often was looking right at me and smiling at me as she saw what a time I was having- I'm sure she noticed the bouquets of flowers that I was clutching! A new treat- How Still My Love... I can't place my mind on what kind of sound, but maybe something(don't get me wrong here) like a lounge singer(?) It was a very cool and classy portrayal of the song, which Stevie embellished on and really extended the song with lyrics and soft drums to bring it down. Very nice Stevie!!! Waddy took center stage next and started a long guitar riff to begin "Edge". I knew this was the time! I wedged myself between the row in front of me and my friend pushed my legs over- (I am not very agile!!) I took the roses- large white and smaller deep blackish red - along with a tube that I garnished with glass beads, gold chains and white and gold ribbons. It had a watercolor painting I had earlier finally finished for Stevie amongst a long letter and few other small tokens. (The paintng was a large water color that illustrated her demo "Goldfish and The Ladybug". This is the second painting that I have given Stevie- the first a portrait of her.) Back to the show... "Edge" rocked on hard! Stevie BELTED out the lyrics and was dancing sooo much!!! As the song boiled down, she of course came to the stage to shake hands. She saw the roses and her eyes widened and she grabbed up my gifts and gave them to a crew member behind her. I again was so elated that she had more of my art. Would she respond to my gift as she has in the past? She slipped into the shadows.... as always, the crowd jeered on and she came out again wearing her top hat and feathers. I was also donning a similar hat that I had put together for the show...Rock and Roll was a killer.. she TORE IT UP!!!! In pants again, Stevie was dancing all around and punching the air with me again!!! What a thrill for a Stevie fan as I!!! After R&R, y'all know what's next... B&B... Stevie was stunning as she made her way to the stage in her black gown with the high collar and her hair pulled up. She was the reigning Queen. For this song I was still and hypnotized... I could not move. She delivered a gracious and beautiful, almost opera like performance for this song. Her voice soared! As most know, B&Wclips from Cocteau's (sp?) original film B&B showed on the screen behind her. This was a nice added dimension, but my eyes and ears and heart were with Stevie only. She swayed and moved to the gentle music as cries from the crowd tumulted at every gesture or movement from Stevie. Another incredible performance by Stephanie Lynn Nicks! As I end this long review, Thankyou Stevie for an evening that I will never forget... what a performance, what a voice, her interaction with her fans.... Stevie,you are one classy babe!.. Much Love to you... Victor
She truly is the Queen of Rock and Roll. I went to see Stevie in concert in Norfolk, VA and it was wonderful. It was the best concert I have ever been to. Stevie’s voice is as good as it was 40 years ago. She first came out singing Stand Back and she is so powerful with her voice it really felt like you just wanted to take a step back. I have never seen people go so crazy as when she sang Landslide though, she started crying but what was so wonderful was that you could hear everyone singing the song, it just gave me chill bumps. But I will have to say nothing beats Edge of Seventeen, she sang that like it was nothing. She is truly one of the best and she can make you feel like theres no worries in the world when she is singing. I feel like I wasn’t even at the concert, it was like being in a fairyland. She still looks good as she has always. Stevie, I love you!!!!! and keep on Rockin!!!!!
Ronda Bailey
I have been a fan of Stevie's & Fleetwood Mac for 20 years. I saw her in concert last night in Norfolk, VA at Old Dominion University (Ted Constant Convocation CTR.) where she was, and remains, Magical. Her voice and energy continue to be inspiring, strong, and powerful. She is the female voice of true rock & roll. Seeing her perform was a magical experience. She was full of energy, enthusiasm, and love for her fans. Her petite frame silhouetted in the lights, her blond shimmering hair, and signature style makes her a genuine heroine in the world of rock. I can't pick a favorite part of the performance, because the entire show was a mystical experience. If you haven't seen Stevie you must go. Rock on Stevie, Rock on.....
My husband is now a Stevie fan! He never understood why I raved about her concerts. Well, now he knows why. My best friend couldn’t make the show last night – so he went with me. It took us four hours to reach the venue (traffic was awful from No. VA)….but, it was well worth it. Stevie’s show last night in Norfolk was amazing. The band and Stevie never sounded better! The venue was small…..but, great for a concert – sound quality was “right on”. My husband loved the band……..raved about it and said Stevie had an amazing voice. He now understands why I love going to her shows so much……you can always expect an amazing performance and go away with a memory that makes your heart smile. To top off the evening…..for the first hour on the road home the local radio station played live versions of FWMac and solo Stevie performances. It truly was a night we all needed. Thank you Stevie and the band!
I attended the concert at the Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA with my two daughters on June 28, 2007. The quality of her voice is awe inspiring, to say the least. To watch her perform is to experience the telling of her songs; her expressive face and hands truly allow you to understand the story behind her music. When the images of Stevie and her father appeared on the screen behind her band while she performed, "Landslide", I saw tears in my daughters eyes by the time the song was finished. I have admired Stevie Nicks for a very long time, and, aside from my own delight in being at her concert and hearing all the favorite songs and remembering days gone by, aside from that, just knowing my two daughters, ages 23 and 25, were experiencing a true artist in every sense of the word, a truly unique and strong woman, was equally as satisfying as seeing her myself. In a sense, Stevie's music gave my daughters a deeper understanding of who I am as an individual. All in all, a night to remember. Thank you, Ms. Stevie Nicks.
Shawna Provost
Show was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stevie at her best. Guitar was over powering her voice. Other than that WONDERFUL
Wow, Awesome concert as always! Stevie always puts on a super show and gives her audience a little peek into her heart. Last night was no different. She rocked the stage, just like the classic rock and roll artist that she is.
Angie Wilson
I'm just in from the Show in Norfolk, Va. at the Ted Constant Center. Excellent Show and Performance. I'll try to do a recount but I'm sure I will think of plenty of tidbits later that I wish I had mentioned. The Pre Concert Dinner and Wine Tasting Event was really nice. About 30 attended and it was great to be inside as the crowd became thick outside the venue awaiting the doors to open. Sound Check peeking was a first for me and the set up crew were friendly tho I saw a few familar faces, I was tongue tied trying to remember a name. LOL During the Pre Party we had access to a smoking area outside of the venue for those with the need and could enter and return easily away from the general audience and we were able to walk into the seating area as the stage getting it's once over. Vanessa Carlton was too cute as she rolled out song after song playing gracefully and methodically on her piano with plenty of Stevie references in her lyrics. She missed a chord in one song and Exclaimed OH SHIT as she explained her predicament which to be honest if she hadn't hesitated- I don't think anyone would have noticed but she was insistant that she come back to the song to play it all the way through..which she did try to do just that but the specific chord failed to come to her rememberance. She was absolutely refreshing taking time to share stories of support, and mentorship from Stevie. Stevie came in as many were rushing back to their seats from the stage adjustment from Vanessa's set up to Stevie's- myself included. Stand Back roared through the hall and the scurrying began frantically. The audience was extremely polite if not seeming oblivious the regularly scheduled sequence of events. It was a small cozy venue. The smallest I have attended thus far but it was a full house nonetheless. How Still My love was fantastic as Stevie charmed the crowd and Landslide was precious with the addition of photos of Stevie's Dad, I especially liked the last photo where Jess looks as tho he is waving. Landslide was Dedicated to the Navy and Military Force Men and Women. Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman were vibrant and Stevie incorporated some twirling of her Shawl on several instances foregoing the energetic twirling of her trademark tho she did do a good amount well placed intense twirls which drove the audience into a frenzied roar. Sorcerer was full of energy as Stevie utilized the length of the stage, and Dreams was just undescribable as it's one of my personal favorites and I think I tuned the entire venue out seeing only Stevie as she performed this pricless gem. The Edge Rush was a disappointment as the Staff of the venue seemed clueless as to the ritual of the The Edge Stage rush and it appeared only Rows 1-3 were permitted to get near the stage but the Music wasn't affected in the least as Stevie bellowed out her classic masterpiece bringing to rememberance The journey of her climb to fame as a solo artist while remaining dedicated to Fleetwood Mac. She gracefully shook hands and accepted gifts and plenty of Roses. Stevie adorned several new outfit changes as well as her classic for Beauty and The Beast. I'm still in shock as to how many people seemed clueless as to the flow of the show as many began leaving when she said goodnight before the ancore- Which was good for me, since I went up and snagged 2nd row when the security guard turned his head. Honestly the security there acted like they were holding down fort knox and the build of these guys would have put the Navy Seals to shame. They didn't seem too concerned with camera's or video being taken but they were seriously checking ticket stubs and blocking people from moving about. Rock and Roll was totally awesome and the energy consumed the venue, I think finally the crowd finally loosened up and it was reminiscent of concerts of old with everyone dancing and cheering Stevie on. All in All it was a lovely evening. I was happy with my seats and my view and It's always such a treat to see Stevie on stage totally in her element singing my favorites LIVE. Stevie looked incredible, vibrant, and healthy. It was a treat to see her in her black leather pants and the white dress she changed into looked amazing on her. Till Next Time Rock On Gold Dust Woman

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