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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/2/07 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, TX

D.A. Connell
Saw Stevie at the woodlands this year . It was a great show!!!! She was vibrant energetic and so so so enchantingly beautiful . After the show as the limo's went by she rolled down her window and waved to we groupies at the gate . Wow what a treat!!!!! Cant wait til the next tour !!!! She is sooooo Cooooollll! Lori and Sharon looked great too !!!!!!
This was my 5th time seeing Stevie Nicks and I must say, SHE ROCKED THE HOUSE, Just like she said after she said Stand back, which one of my favorite songs, She said, LET'S ROCK. And she did. She was absoultely wonderful. I really enjoyed her so much. I loved when she sang Landslide and show pictures of her father. I can relate to losing a loved one, and its hard so it definately brought chills up and down my spine. I really enjoyed myself, I had great seats, and some day when she comes back to Texas I am most certianly going to sit in the pit so I can shake her hand and say Thank you Stevie for being so beautiful in what you do. I will always make an effort to see her in concert. I loved all her songs that she sang. My hands were red from clapping but it was worth it. Had a blast, And once again, Thank you Stevie for making my night, a night I will not ever forget. You're the best.
Jack & Elizabeth
I treated my sister to the concert in the Woodlands. I have been sitting in rows 3-5 for all the solo and FM tours since the Street Angel comeback tour in 1994, so I decided that I was going to go for it all this time and purchased front row center. My sister never did ask how much...haha...I finally told her. We started off with some champagne in my sister's pool just a few miles from the pavilion...listening to FM music. We went over to the show early to have some drinks across the street. Went into the show and picked up some tshirts. Then before we knew it, the show was starting. We could not get over how good Stevie looks. And of course, that powerful voice...she will still be doing this for a long time. Stevie is great as a recording artist, and sometimes on television she is just so-so, but when you see her live...that is really what it is all about. Live is when her songs really rock and come alive. When she was shaking our hands, I showed her my tattoo of the dragon that Sarah McLaughlin drew and was the CD cover for TISL. She acknowledged it with a smile and a nod. Beauty and the Beast was incredible. Only Stevie Nicks take you on a rock and roll roller coaster ride and finish an evening with a love ballad tear jerker. The only blemish on the night was a girl who kept hitting me in the back because she wanted to sit down and couldn't see. All I can say is sit in the grass next time and don't ever violate anyone's space by touching them...you don't know what you are going to get in return. I was mature enough to ignore it and polite enough to try and hunch down.
Debbie Eubanks
Saw the show last night at the Woodlands Pavilion....she rocked the house down!!!! She is one hell of a performer,wish I had been one of the fortunate ones who was in the front row, getting an autograph!!!!!!!! But, just happy to have been there and seen such an OUTSTANDING show...Stevie Rocks!!!!!!!!!
The show was amazing. I swear any time I go to one of her shows there is always magic in the air. Even the outfits she wore were amazing. I really like the dress that she wore for Edge of Seventeen. It's no wonder she's my favorite singer.
Dani & Shon Johnson
Stevie, The show at The Woodlands was the best concert that we've attended. You truly gave your fans great memories. Thank you for touring! Please come back to Houston again. I think you put my wife under a spell, she's been talking about your concert as if she had a a life changing event. You still are very powerful . Keep the music alive Stevie, we need you !!
Several of us attended the show at the Woodlands in Houston Texas... All I can say it that it was great.. We have all gone together as a group for the past 26 years to see her everytime she comes this way..Looking forward to next time.
Laura K.
As it has been for the last ten concerts of Stevie's that we've attended, the afternoon/night was perfect. Her opening act, Chris Issak, was not only great, but was wonderfully entertaining as well. He danced off the stage and into the lawn area, making jokes all the way...so much so that after returning to the stage realized that he had a "wardrobe malfunction" (split his pants!)...but the show went on! Afterward, he was even kind enough to sign autographs for fans. Stevie opened with "Stand Back" with an energy that was refreshing and invigorating. Looking more beautiful (and thinner!) than ever....her voice stronger than I've heard in years, she commanded the stage with her haunting presence...and the crowd loved it! I especially enjoyed the new background pictures of her and her dad and family....very, very touching. My dad was "the wind beneath my wings"....much as it appears her dad was to her, also. Stevie's closing number, Beauty and The Beast, never disappoints....and so, the night was over....until the next time. Travel safe, Stevie (and friends)....Many blessings to you during your tour....hope you have the time of your life!!!
I attended the show at Woodlands, Texas. I have to start out by saying how beautiful this place is. I'm from San Antonio, and always travel that way when Stevie is there. Apparently she has a dear friend who lives there, who has written some of her songs, "If anyone falls" is one of them. Stevie started right on time, after a very energetic show by Chris Isaak, who by the way, managed to tear a whole in the crotch of his pants while running around in the audience...lol. He was very cool about it, and didn't waste any time by changing. He just covered it with a towel and kept on rocking.... what a guy! When Stevie came out she looked beautiful as she always does. She started with "Stand Back". With her black and gold shawl on, she had the crowd cheering when she did her famed spin. During "Landslide" she projected pictures of her family, mostly of her and her father, on the screen behind. You could hear the whole audience singing along, it was very emotional. She did several costume changes throughout the show, and her voice, what else could I say, was enchanting! It was an extra special night for me, because I was able to share it with my 12 year old niece, Michaela. I pass the torch. She will be the next generation to keep Stevie Nicks rockin' on.
Carolyn Jessop
CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I was really hoping to hear Sara and Gypsy, but was still great!!!! Loved it! I have always wanted to see her in concert… and I so got chills seeing her on stage!!!!!
Margaret Ward
I can sum it up in 3 letters~~WOW. Chris Isaak was fabulous in his hot pink suit. He ventured out beyond the stage and came up on the lawn. The crowd was ready for Stevie when she floated onto the stage. Her voice was as strong and beautiful as is the lady herself. It was my 19 year old daughter’s first Stevie concert, and she is now a true fan. Stevie~~Don’t stay away for too long~~. You’ve been in my life for over 30 years, and I miss you when you’re gone!
Steve Martin
My wife and myself went to the concert on May 2 at the Woodlands, Tx. All I can say is..." SHE WAS GREAT" It was everything I expected it to be, but only wish it was longer!! But so does all her fans like me.
First of all, thanks to the terrific security guards in the pit area for their assistance. My mother has had heart disease for many years and is now end stage. She LOVES Stevie and my mom will be 87 in August. Pretty hip, huh? She said she knew she would never have another chance to see Stevie again so she would make the trip to the amphitheater in The Woodlands to see the concert. I went to a ticket broker and paid more than I could afford for second row center pit seats but it was worth every cent of it. First, because Stevie delivered in the most amazing way as only she can and as only she ALWAYS does. Second, because the nice security guards I mentioned earlier assisted me in getting my mom a place at the stage during “Edge of Seventeen” so she could shake hands with Stevie. Stevie will never know how much that meant to my mother or me and I’m not ashamed to admit that when the concert was over, I stood at the edge of the stage and cried because everything I wanted for my mom happened. I just wanted to do one really cool thing for her and it all came true. I loved opening the show with “Stand Back.” What a way to begin a really rockin’ night!! I have to agree with Tom Petty. As big a Tom Petty fan as I am, Stevie does perform “I Need To Know” better than he does and I’m so glad she has kept “Rock and Roll” in her set and placed it on the “Crystal Visions CD. She rocks the heck out of that song!! As always, “Landslide” was beautiful as was “Beauty and the Beast.” You just simply cannot go wrong when you go and see this great Rock and Roll legend perform. I will always be grateful to Stevie for the happiness she has brought to my life and to my mother’s life over the years; for the beautiful poems she has written and set to fantastic music. I’m not ready to give up my mom. You never are. I know Stevie wasn’t ready to give up her dad, either. I’m sure she would understand. Thank you, Stevie, for making my mother so happy.
Stevie" you are "AWESOME"!!! :-) You still look as "Gorgeous" as ever and your singing is as "Beautiful" as I remember growing up as a kid in Phoenix, AZ!! What a "Great" performance you put on here in Houston, TX! I still find myself replaying the show over and over in my head! Your band played right along with you and are a really great fit with your "Showmanship" and "Style"! This will be a show that I will never forget and I can not wait until I can see you perform yet once again! I really hope you make it back to the Houston area again in the near future! "Thank You"!! You truly are "Amazing"!! ~
Kari Celestine
It's always fun to travel two hours down the road from my home in Diboll, to the Woodlands Pavilion. When I heard that Stevie Nicks would be coming back for a show on June 2, I knew I had to go. I've seen her at this venue several times before, and every time, she and her band put on a wonderful show. I liked the set list for this show. She got things started with, "Stand Back", which I feel is one of the best songs she's ever recorded. With each song, including; Enchanted, Rhiannon, Fall From Grace, and the awesome "Gold Dust Woman", which she performed wearing a gold colored shaw, Stevie and her band painted a mystical and entertaining picture of timeless rock and roll. From Dreams to Edge Of Seventeen, her vocal style continued to remind me why she is a rock icon. Stevie Nicks is Rock And Roll at it's finest.
I attended the concert on June 2 at the Woodlands Pavillion in Texas! It was fabulous and I loved every minute of the show!! I saw Fleetwood Mac in 2004, Stevie in 2005 and then last nights show and I can not wait to go again!! She is soooo spectacular and her voice is magical!! She rocks!! To those who have not seen the show yet, you are in for a real treat and a wonderful time!!! Enjoy the show!!!
We attended the concert on June 2 at the Woodlands and it was just as awesome as ever.It seems to get better everytime.This was the third time we have attended at this location and the concert was better than the other times.Everything was perfect and it is always a pleasure being at a concert where there is such class and grace in all the songs and musical numbers.
It rained before we left...while driving towards the Woodlands from downtown we spotted a rainbow...the magic began as we listened to the Welsh Witch in the car. Chris Isaak was fantastic for sure...I knew that already from seeing him 14 years when he opened for Tina Turner. This was my fifth time seeing Stevie ...catching her earlier on the STREET ANGEL, THE DANCE, TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA and SAY YOU WILL tours and I must say even though she was in great voice and form all those times...this was the best I've yet seen of Miss Nicks!!! "Gold Dust Woman", "I Need To Know" and "How Still My Love" were the stand outs out of a night full of them...along with the most killer performance I've seen of "Edge of 17." If I were from Houston and not New Orleans (hint Stevie come to Louisiana some time for crying out loud!!!) I would have gone to the Dallas show too. I was sure hoping Chris would come out and sing "It's Late" or something with Stevie like they did on his cable show...a very small disappointment on such a rocking experience. I danced, and sang and sweated and smiled way big and loved every second of it!!! Thanks STEVIE!!! One last note...on the way home we took a different route with hardly anyone on the road...in front of us was a limo with motorcycle officers guiding the way...we speculated...then they took the airport exit and we knew it...following her out of town...well we like to think so...the odds are good.
Such a great show last night! Im still high from it. It was great seeing Stevie again. Sharon was wicked happy :) smiling all the time. Great fun! Chris Issac was very good! His band was fun and Scott Stevie key board guy played with there band. At the end Chris had a bunch of people come up and dance with him that was fun and he sang cheep trick it was good to hear that song again. Cornelius :)( the piano man) kid i should say~~~ is new to Stevie band he was so cute and fun!! I had so much fun with him and Al and Waddy it was too funny !!! He played a mad piano to Rhannion it was terrific! Picutres we had never seen beforof some of Stevie's art work! He was really getting into the music. Stevie was so cute ! She played Landslide, ~ya know~ and there were great shots of her Dad and her It was so nice !!There was one picture where he was in a scooter and he was waving. Great pictures of them all together!! Her and her mom and father. Sandy Stewart was in our row and Stevie was so happy she was there! Mentioning all thesongs they wrote together. I loved Socerer this time the whole place was singing it with Stevie and it sounded awesome!! The venue was really pretty andthe acoustics where fantastic. We had front row seats Thank you Peter Zonis :) who every you are GREAT DEAL ON THE SEATS. Waddy and Stevie are really tight speaking of which Waddy wore his leather pants and a vest and a white shirt that later came off :) and he was in a blak T and a tan vest!! I loved watching during the beginning part of Edge of Seventeen! Lori looked wicked pretty she wore a great outfit! I loved Jenna with her wrap around on she looked good. Sharon looked awesome too. Jimmy Paxton did GREAT again freaking playing those drums FANTASTIC. Itwas good to see the old percussionist WICKED GOOD TO SEE HIM :) He is so cool to watch too. He and Stevie did the mad tamborine JAM. Al was awesome we were right in front of him and Courneluis and Waddy. We were so happy !! Thanks for the pick Waddy!! I Love the way WAddy walks around stage he is so comfortable there. He is a great guy!! I think. Stevie I was so happy when you sang Edge of Seventeen that you sang SOME WHERE DEEP IN THE MIDDLE 0F THE NIGHT MY BABY I THINK ABOUT YOU !!! She held my hands and carried own then looked back right at me and said thank you I gave her some white roses and a Cowboy Birthday card I just had too!!! I NEED TO KNOW WAS FANTASTIC AS ALWAYS SUCH A good song Stevie. To me Fall from Grace was a great song kinda reminds me of the war in Iraq ~~ya know ~~ ...and to keep him from the fire....~~~and I always loved when Stevie sings " Maybe I fought this long and this hard to make sure you survied!" making personal with myself, like you all do at times when we think Stevie is talking directly to one of us and SHe does :) LOL Well you all know that feeling I am sure. She makes you feel like you werement to be here!! Thats what is so great about you Stevie Nicks!!! It was nice to hear Stevie's version of what the song ment. She said it was an angry womens song love/hate so I was lauging to myself~~ya know. :) cause it meant something completely different to me, LOL which is what art is suppose to do anyway. Well I am from Boston so I had A WICKED :0 GOOD TIME AT THE SHOW IN TEXAS GREAT STATE WICKED FRIENDLY PEOPLE !!!!! See you soon Stevie in Beantown. Peace, Love and Stevie Nicks!!! See you near the island soon STEVIE !!!! LOVE YOU & THANK YOU for lifting my spirits right away again I'm still so blown away great, so high from the experience !!! Love Love love!!!! see you in boson for another wicked good time. Varrooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
Wow, attended the at The Woodlands on Saturday night and what I can say ! It had been a couple of years since I last caught one of Stevie's shows, so the wait was well worth it! ! It was great to see her again & to hear some of the songs she doesn't do live. The Girls that back her up sounded & looked great. Opening with Stand Back got the crowd going. My favorites Dreams, Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman get better and better every time I see her. But, the ending most, Beauty & The Beast bought tears to my eyes. I would have never guessed one of her shows would end the way it did. Simply the Best! ! Rock on Stevie! !
I went to Stevie's concert here in Houston on June 2nd, 2007 and I have to say that it was fantastic - Chris Isaac, not so much. She is the ultimate woman and our classic rock station here in Houston has referred to her as the first lady of classic rock. I have to agree with them. I have followed her career through the years and have attended several of her concerts and she is, as always, superb! I look forward to attending more of her concerts.
Arlene Lewis
I have to start out by saying that Stevie, you looked and sounded better then EVER Saturday night! You ROCKED! Another INCREDIBLE night seeing Stevie, as I was in the 2nd row with a AWESOME, sweet friend of mine.. Misty! Stevie's life has brought one more wonderful person in to my life.. THANK YOU STEVIE! Her wardrobe was incredible! We LOVED the pants for Stand Back, as well as the White Dress and black jacket for Rock N' Roll, along with that AMAZING Black top hat with the big white feather! (That is my favorite hat of all time)! Each and every song was incredible and the tribute to her Dad during Landslide was a tear-jerker for me! It was such a sweet tribute and we loved it! We also miss your Dad Stevie! He would have loved your Tribute to him! You were amazing! I have been talking back and forth to Herbie Worthington, and like he said, you are the happiest you've been in a long time, and it SOOO shows! You just glowed! We LOVED seeing you, as we LOVED each and every song you sang! We also loved it when you mentioned "following you since the beginning of your solo career"! I've actually loved you before then, during the 70's! You truly are a passionate and loving artist and one who truly appreciates her fans, and in turn, that is what makes your fans ADORE you! I'm hoping one day to meet you, and that Herbie can make it to Texas, as that way I can meet you both! Again, we LOVE you very much and were SOOO glad to see your wonderful performance at the Woodlands in Houston! Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaase come back SOON! We LOVE YOU!!
My Family and I saw Stevie Nicks Saturday June 2nd in The Woodlands.I have to first start off by saying, that this is my first experience seeing Stevie Nicks Live. It is also the first time that I have been at this particular Venue. Stevie is the only music artist that I have ever wanted to see live. Stevie was AMAZING!!! I will never forget this day as long as I live. When she came on stage, I immediatly got goose bumps. Stevie has this way of captivating her audience. There was this electrifying charge in the air. I had this feeling come over me that I cannot explain. I remember when I got to the venue, I was thinking oh my god Stevie Nicks is somewhere on this property and I am going to be in the same room with her soon. What is so funny about this, is if you knew me, then you would know that I am not this type of person. I do not follow famous people. I have never in my life been interested in a famous person. Stevie Nicks is the first famous person that I have ever admired. I do not like her because she is famous, I like her because of her music. I hope the next time I will get to shake her hand and tell her this. My husband really liked the show, he said that he likes how personable she is with her band and her fans. He bought me and my daughter 260 dollars worth of Stevie Nicks shirts. I cannot wait till she comes back to Houston. I still have goose bumps. I have to admit that I cried during Beauty and the Beast. I also cried because I knew that this was the end of the show. Stevie ROCKS!! (Stevie if you are reading this, I hope you liked the necklace and journals I gave you for your Birthday.)
I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac and of course Stevie Nicks as she developed her solo career. My mom was always a huge fan, which of course turned my brother and I into little mini-fans! So, of course, I was expecting a fantastic show. What I did NOT expect was how...magical and surreal...it turned out to be. Stevie’s voice is so distinctive and powerful, it seems to reach into your heart and turn your soul into something primal…something that FEELS the music with every beat instead of just hearing it. Sadly, my brother died last October before ever being able to see Stevie in concert. I truly believe that he was her most intense fan..her #1 fan, if you will. And, he would have sold everything he owned..his very soul..to be able to be there last night. So, of course, I bawled my eyes out the entire concert. When she stated Landslide was about family, I was absolutely riveted to the slide show of family pictures, and that song (one I’ve always loved before) took on a new personal meaning for me. And of course, watching the reactions of her other fans around me, brought home how MUCH her music means to so MANY people! Now that I have actually seen WHY my brother loved her and her music with my own two eyes, I am now a HUGE Stevie fan as well! All I can say, is words cannot actually describe how amazing the show was last night, and I hope that every person who lives near a concert venue will attend one of her shows. You will not be disappointed!
Stevie not only still "has it", she is better than ever. The show got better and better as the evening wore on. Stevie's voice is more amazing than ever and she is more beautiful than ever. The band members, new and old, were awesome. Loved the new pianist. Everyone seemed on top of their game. Truly a magical evening.
Houston, we have a problem.....the show is over! And what a show it was! Chris Isaak opened the show promptly at 8:00 and he was just full of action. They just kept going, song after song after song. A highlight was when he grabbed a mike and went out into the audience and WAY out up the grassy knoll to the cheap seats. The people were thrilled. He did manage to split his pants during the jaunt (he informed us of this) and spent the rest of the set covering up with his suite jacket or hand towel. He did change clothes for the finale. His suite was made totally of mini rectangular mirros. He reminded of a piece in National Geographics some time ago where they found a 2,000 year old mummy of a Chinese woman and she was wrapped in a suite of rectangular pieces of jade! Stevie, OMG she was just fabulous. She looked stunning, fit, beautiful and a true shinning star. Her skirts were all shorter than usual, her boots taller ( yes, as the tee shirt said "The Boots Are Back"), her hair longer and wavier than it has been lately. She was also chattier than I'd seen her before either in concert or on dvd. She was wonderful. She thanked all her fans from the bottom of her heart for supporting her all the years. I had a tear in my eye. She sang and sang and sang her heart out, each song was better than the last. Rhiannon was fabulous. The band was great. It was so nice to see Lori up there singing. Jana seemed like she was having more fun than anyone else. I wish Taku was there but the new drummer (actually Stevie said he was her old drummer, something Castro) was pretty good, but I really like Taku. When my sons ask me why I still like Stevie Nicks and not some new singers (my boys are 12 and 13)....I tell them..... "Boys, come back to me in thirty years. If any of the singers, groups, you are interested in are still selling albums (dvd's), still rocking, still filling up venues to sold out status after thirty somewhat years like STEVIE NICKS, then we'll talk"
Great great show! I was thoroughly impressed. Why no "Silver Springs" though? All the same, you played the song that got me hooked to you, "Gold Dust Woman," and it sounded awesome! Thanks for the memories and I hope to see you in town next year!
Daniel Ballard
What can you say that hasn't already been said? This woman is truly an amazing artist! I have been a fan since Sara with FM, she's one of the very few who impress me. Between the slideshow of her and her family in Landslide, to the monsterous opening with Stand Back, to the delicate tragedy of Beauty and the Beast - she's never been better! She always mentions Sandy when she comes to Houston (lucky!) and dedicated her performance of their co-written song "If Anyone Falls" - one of my favorites! I also loved seeing her artwork. Gold Dust Woman would have to be my favorite performance - sent chills down my spine. I have seen her about 6 times (and a couple times with Fleetwood Mac) and it gets better every single time. These pop tarts out there today need to take some notes from a true legend! Stevie truly makes a lasting impression on me every time I see her perform. This was no exception - BETTER than EVER! Looked great, sounded great, great band, great sets, incredible wardrobe - AHHHH I have to stop! Love you Stevie, thanks for sharing your genius with us again. Please come back soon - we love and miss you when you're not around!

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