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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/30/07 Toyota Pavilion Scranton, PA

Staff Sergeant Joe Novackowski
Nicks on the Mountain... Wow, one of the best performances I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Stevie was so talkative between songs, so personable with the audience. I attended the show with my wife Lorrie and another couple, my buddy Steve and his wife Michelle. Steve is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom but previously served during the first Gulf War as well, Desert Storm. With that said and knowing Steve to be a very big fan of Stevie Nicks also, we both appreciate her commitment to all military personnel. So, as a matter of respect and thanks to Stevie, we both attended the show in uniform. Thank you Stevie. Stevie was vibrant, more than that, phenomenal. The band and the backing vocals were awesome. The venue was smaller and more personal and the weather was excellent. Could anyone ask for any more? What a great show! Lastly, Thank you for Landslide Stevie, that's something I'll always cherish. ps. to Lisa Cramer and Patti...you're welcome for the tickets!
Joe R.
What can I say but “Oh My God” I have seen many Stevie shows in the past however that Saturday night was special the weather was perfect and the moon was rising over the hill side while she sang it was an incredible site. Even at the end of the concert the wind was blowing so hard a dust storm appeared in the parking lot because the pavilion is on the top of a hillside at a ski resort it was just a magical event even as we left the show. It was very fitting for the sister of the moon. I had the honor to bring a friend that night to the show it was his first time ever to see Stevie. I looked over he was crying because he said that she looked beautiful, sounded great and never saw a lady rock like she did that night. He said that he felt as if Stevie was singing to him and him alone. I told him a fan has been born. She sounded wonderful and looked amazing. The special effect with the screen behind her was beautiful however who could ever take there eyes off of Stevie for a second? Not me anyway! She still has the capability of just putting her finger in the air or winking to have her fans scream until they cannot talk anymore. She did dedicate a song to her friend Joe and since that’s my name I feel as if it was for me. I do hope that she comes back to New York area at the end of the summer rock on the Queen of Rock and Roll “Ms. Stevie Nicks” your fans love you. You are ageless!
Lisa Cramer
My husband and I, along with our best friend John, drove from Western New York to see Stevie in Scranton. This is the second time I have been to Montage Mountain...I LOVE this venue! What a beautiful setting!! The acoustics seem really good too. In looking through all of the reviews, both this tour and past Stevie tours, one thing comes to mind. Stevie has some of the most dedicated fans in the music business. But how could she not? At 59 years "young", Stevie Nicks continues to be one of the most passionate and talented rock icons of all time. Simply put, she freakin' ROCKS!! I continue to be amazed by this super woman's work ethics. You can tell that she genuinely loves doing what she is doing and that she is doing it for us, the fans. She looks absolutely amazing, probably the best she ever has. And that haunting voice! Oh my God...I didn't think it could get any better but it has. Like many other fans, I too think the video clips and family photos in the background were a very classy and emotional touch to the show. I also liked the lighting which was quite dramatic and extremely flattering to Stevie and her band. The song birds once again blew us away with their precise and perfectly blended harmonies. Waddy was a nut on guitar, as usual, and it was nice to see Lenny Castro again (great percussionist!!). The set list was pretty cool. I'm so glad I got to see and hear "If Anyone Falls In Love" live. "Beauty and The Beast" was absolutely gorgeous, as always. I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my Stevie friends, Patti. If you're reading this, girlfriend, thanks for hanging out with me -- had a GREAT time with you! You're such a cool chick. I also want to thank the soldiers that gave us 6th row tickets! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!! Stevie is a great poet, performer, song writer, and the absolute perfect representation of what all musical artists should be. Don't worry, Stevie...we WILL continue to buy CD's and concert tickets and help to support the music industry. What would life be without music???? I can't imagine it...nor can I imagine life without Stevie Nicks!! You rock, lady. Keep sharing your words with us, with the world!...and with you in it, it will truly be a better place. Thank you once again for being there for your fans and for putting on such a great show. You make it all worth it!!!
This was the second show of this tour that I attended (I was in Holmdel at the PNC Bank Arts Center on June 12th) and it was just fantastic. Don't get me wrong, the Holmdel show was great as well. Maybe it was Vanessa Carlton as the opening act that made this so special (she sang back up on the last 2 songs of the show), or maybe it was the beautiful setting in the mountains...... whatever it was, Stevie was phenomenal! She was so relaxed and happy. Watching someone who loves what they do as much as Stevie does is truly inspirational. I couldn't help but smile through most of the show. People have asked me what it is about Stevie Nicks that I love so much. Of course there's the voice, the tremendous songwriting talent, and the unique style that makes her so fascinating to watch. But I think her true charm lies in the warmth and sensitivity that she projects through her songs and her performances. She really does care about her work and her fans..... and I think they can all feel it. Keep on rocking Stevie, you make this world a brighter place!
I had one of the best times of my life at the show in Scranton on June 30. I made a last minute decision to drive the 5 hours and splurge for dead center, close up seats even though I lost my job and money is an issue. I went by myself and stayed in a flea bag hotel to see my favorite all time music artist. This was the most I've ever paid for a concert but it was absolutely worth every penny. I cried during and after and sat next to a nice woman and her daughter. The mother said she had never seen Stevie or the Mac live and this was her dream come true. So glad to see the daughter (college age) also loved Stevie and totally got her music. Everything everyone has said regarding Miss Stevie on this tour is so true. THE WOMAN HAS BEEN REBORN. Forget all the bitching about the same old songs and the set list not really changing except the order. I saw her on many of the old tours as well as the SYW tour and the Gold Dust Tour and with Tom Petty and let me say, she is like the Stevie from days gone by. She looks absolutely gorgeous and it's truly hard to believe she is 59. She has lost a lost a lot of weight and is moving better. She did the kick at the end of StandBack and on one other song (maybe Rock N Roll) Her voice sounded the best I've heard in years. She just glowed!!! Best of all she totally communicates how much fun she's now having. On the SYW tour, she looked not very happy and even on the Gold Dust Tour she was good but not great. She was great at this one. I totally loved Gold Dust Woman -- so powerful. And How Still My Love was so sexy. Loved all the new costumes too. Best choice she ever made to start with Stand Back and do it in pants!!!! She looked frickin HOT and the place was on fire. What other woman would be described as HOT at 59. Can't think of anybody. I also loved the new Edge white dress. She looked so petite and cute. She did a wicked scream during Edge. I loved Rock N' Roll. It's so her and she blew me away with her power on Beauty and the Beast. She can still pull off the high points on that song. It was amazing. Her voice is amazing. Every song was great and the band, what can I say. They also seem reborn. Much more into it than on the Gold Dust Tour. The band this time around seem more like rock n roll. Louder with more energy. Especially Waddy. He rocked. I also loved that she was so chatty, telling all the stories. But I think the highlight of the evening was on Landslide. She had the audience from the very beginning. It was like an anthem to a generation (just like on Rhiannon) and everybody sang that song. Hell, everybody sang every song, but this was special. The pictures from her career and her with her dad just got everybody. It was a magical moment not to be forgotten. I cannot think of any other artist I have ever seen that has had that effect on me. I know a lot of other fans feel the same way. Stevie is truly blessed. The only downside of the evening was I couldn't believe I was so close to this woman, but unfortunately couldn't get past the security people to shake her hand on Edge. I figured Stevie would help me to get in a better frame of mind and overcome the obstacles in my life. I vowed driving back to my hotel room that I would not waste this experience and change what's wrong in my life. Stevie has always done that for me -- helped me through the bad times in my life. She has overcome so much in her life way more huge than what I'm dealing with so I'm determined to make things better and Stevie will help me to do so. I love you Stevie Nicks!!!! Never leave us. You are truly an special person with a special gift. Rock on. You are the Queen of Rock N Roll. There are not other contenders!!! Thanks again for the most wonderful evening. I will not soon forget. Please tour again.
This was only my second concert and it was totally amazing. My mother has been a huge fan of yours and saw you live with Fleetwood Mac back in the seventies. I always knew who you were but never really became a fan until last Saturday. I bought the Crystal Visions CD and am enjoying it very much. Another thing is that you are extremely articulate. I liked how you had a little something to say about all of your songs. One other thing, i thought it was so touching how you walked around the stage and took notice of all the die hard fans that had front row seats. By the way our seats weren't great...you were about am inch tall and me and my friend often go you confused with the guitarist!!!Thank you, Stevie. I will definitely buy more of your CD'S. From your New Fan... P.S- I was a waitress too and got fired...lol
I came from Hinsdale, NY to go to my first Stevie Nicks concert in Scranton, Pa and what an amazing concert it was!!! I've been to a lot of concerts at HSBC in Buffalo where I'm originally from. This was the best yet. I was the lady sitting in front of Jacqueline, Brenna's mom. By the way I wish I had a camera, I saw Brenna up there and it was the cutest thing!! I have a daughter that I wish I'd had the money to take with me. I got my daughters middle name from the song Rhiannon. Her first name was from Practical Magic, Kyleigh. Anyway, My first concert was supposed to be with Stevie in Buffalo back in the 80's but it was cancelled :-( Better late than never. Everyone here knows how much I look up to Stevie. She's known here as my 2nd mom. LOL. She's the one who I used to listen to when I was a little girl and looked up to. So seeing her in concert was a dream come true for me. And in such a beautiful place as Montage Mountain. It mirrors the area that I'm in, the Allegany foot hills. I hope we can all have the opportunity to see her again and again!! I loved her stories too. She's got a great sense of humor. I couldn't pick a favorite song out of the whole concert, they were all amazing! And as expected she looked amazing too! Stevie changed every few songs and they all looked great. I look forward to your next album and tour. We love you Stevie!
The Stevie Nicks show at the Toyota Pavilion in Moosic, PA on June 30 was incredible. That was one heck of a rock and roll show. Stevie's voice was the very best. I have always been a fan of hers and attending the concert was quite unexpected. It was the best concert I have ever been to and I bought her CD/DVD. I just finished watching the DVD. I plan to see here every year from now on!! Keep up the great music, Stevie!!!
Ann Marie
My friends and I attended your concert held on Montage Mountain. We were shattered, splattered, and shined by you and your music Ms. Nicks---an outstanding experience! Soon again, please!!!!
Wow! What a show last night. I got a few hours of sleep and now I am ready to write my review. I went to the show with a friend of mine and his two little girls. They are ages 5 and 7. This was to be their first concert. We met up a few hours beforehand with some friends I had met at one of Lindsey's shows a few months ago. The girls had no idea what was in store for them for the evening. We had kept it a secret since March. It was really hard for us to keep quiet at dinner. After dinner we took the girls out to the car and told them they needed to change their clothes. To their surprise I had packed them full on 'Stevie' clothes. They were in the back seat of the car when I handed them their clothes. I heard the oldest one say to the youngest one "I think we're going to a Stevie Nicks concert!" We arrived at the show about an hour before the doors opened which was great because it gave me time to do their make up and hair and put the finishing touches on their outfits. In between they took turns spinning with their sparkling shaws, with many smiling onlookers watching. We walked inside and after getting some t-shirts and some drinks we stood around and chatted. A photographer from Live Nation came and took a few pictures of the girls. Unfortunatly he left so quickly that we didn't get a chance to ask him where we could get a copy of the pictures. The girls got smiles everywhere we went. Stevie's fans are soooo nice!!! Unfortuantly all of us could not get seats together so I took the oldest and we went to our seats about 10 minutes before Vanessa started. We got all kinds of comments from our seats. The lady in front of us turned around and was talking to us about their 7 year old daughter and how she is named after Rhiannon and the lady beside us was also talking to Brenna and asking if it was her first concert. I'll tell you again - Stevie has the nicest fans in the world. Brenna and I had pretty good seats - 7th row to the left side of the stage. Brenna had drew Stevie a 'Rhiannon' picture and I had finally written a letter to Stevie. We walked up to one of the security guards before the show and asked him if he was aware of 'The Edge Walk' and he was but said only the first 3 rows were allowed up. I explained I had a little one that wanted to give Stevie a picture and he said I had to ask some head of security or something. So, not knowing who or where this guy was we sat down. Stevie came out early and started out with 'Stand Back'. Brenna stood on the seat and was just in awe. It was so cool to see Stevie, but it was even better watching her face! I have seen Stevie quite a few times in the past and I really wanted Brenna to have a good time. By the time Stevie launched into 'Rhiannon' Brenna was singing along and dancing. The people in front of us tended to sit down so Brenna had a full on view of Stevie. Stevie looked and sounded amazing as always. I can't believe she looks so good at 59!!! She talked a lot about the songs before she sung them. Her inspiration for writing them and what was going on at the time. I think this is the order of the setlist - Stand Back
If Anyone Falls
Gold Dust Woman
I Need to Know
How Still My Love
Edge of Seventeen
Rock and Roll
Beauty and the Beast

As soon as How Still My Love started I grabbed the picture and letter and gave it to Brenna and told her we were moving soon. She started to get excited, so halfway through the song we walked over people to get to the end of the aisle to the left side of the stage. We stood and waited for the song to end as people stared at us wondering what the heck we were doing. The song ended and we walked up to the security guy that I had talked to earlier. He told me to show him my ticket and he was going to look at it and send me through, but to stay in the middle so that he didn't get in trouble. I thanked him and we were on our way!! We walked almost to the center and there were only a row of people in front of us. (Front rowers...lucky!) The intro to Edge had started and it was just a drum solo. The stage was huge! I am 5'3 and it went up to my nose. It was hard to see if you weren't right up on it without a speaker in front of you or standing back a few feet. At this point I picked Brenna up so she could see and as we were standing there waiting for Waddy to come out with his guitar I felt someone grab my arm and pull me. It was the head security guy that was directly below Stevie's mic. He pulled me up and said to the girls around him "She has a little girl! She needs to be up front!" I couldn't believe it. We were standing directly below Stevie's microphone!!! Brenna was just in awe. She was getting heavy so I put her down for a little until Stevie came out. The opening guitar riff started and out walked Stevie. She looks so good up close. I was able to get lots of pictures as well. I just held the camera up over my head and snapped away. The security didn't even care! They were sooo nice. So...the song ends and Stevie starts at stage left. I made sure Brenna had everything in her hand and I picked her up. It was going to be hard to lift her. Security was in front of me so I couldn't get right next to the stage and there were tons of people to my left and right and behind me. Stevie was getting closer and just as she got in front of me the security guy lifted her up and Stevie grabbed her hand and took the picture and letter. She said 'AAWWW!!! Thank You' to Brenna and touched her on her nose. It was so sweet. It happened so fast I couldn't get a picture until she was already to the next person. We got to stand up there for 'Rock and Roll' and 'Beauty and the Beast'. There was a guy next to us that offered to put Brenna on his shoulders so she could try to get a guitar pick from Waddy. She declined so the security guy tried to get it from him but he had already backed up. As we were leaving some random guy taps on my shoulder and says 'Did you get to give Stevie your picture?" Brenna said 'yes' and he said "I thought that was you guys up there!" I have no idea who he was!! Everyone was so nice to us I couldn't believe it. I actually felt safe with her up there, despite all the people around us, because of the security guy watching out for us. I have never had such a pleasant exerience at a concert before. I am so glad everything worked out and I know Brenna and her sister are going to remember this for a long time.
My partner Lee and I drove from Rochester, NY to Scranton, PA to see Stevie at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, which is an incredible place for an outdoor concert for sure, very beautifully surrounded by a forest. Vanessa Carlton opened up for Stevie this time around. She played an incredible set on the piano only. And as a bonus she shared that she was from that area, and she actually had a ton of support from the audience that night. She later came back to sing background on "Edge of 17". My partner enjoys Stevie and FM, but only casually, I'm the Stevie freak in the family! This was his first time seeing her, and I was determined to make it a fun night. When we pulled into the parking lot everyone was playing a Stevie song while tailgating, how surreal! Both young and old were really getting into it. My partner doesn't attend many rock concerts so he was taken aback a bit I think. The crowd was decidedly older, but there were quite a number of young ones about, including a little girl dressed in the most adorable Stevie attire! And of course there were the prerequisite women in Stevie wear as well, some were outstanding. Stevie switched the play list around a little from the opening night setlist, dropping "Fall From Grace", moving up "Sorcerer" and moving back "Dreams". Stevie opened with "Stand Back" which was totally awesome, with twirls and the kick! At the end of that song she welcomed everyone graciously and then said "Let's Rock!" which totally pumped up the crowd! I've written reviews before and I'll say this again...it totally amazes me that every one goes ape when the woman twirls! I find that amusing, and of course went ape myself! As one reviewer stated in the '80's, Stevie could stand on stage and read from the phone book and her fans would freak, very true. She talked a lot last night, introducing several songs, she was quite chatty. When it came time for Sorcerer, she talked about how she wrote it long ago, 1973, when she was waitressing. She them did a very funny take on her being a waitress saying..."Can I get anyone more coffee?" while striking the waitress pose of holding a tray...very cute of her to do! She also noted that "Dreams" was the last song recorded for rumors, which I did not know, nice tidbit of trivia! The highlight of the evening for me was her performance of "How Still My Love", one of my fave songs of her ever. She sang it beautifully, enchanting, kinda bluesy in fact. My partner turned to me and asked why she doesn't do more songs like that! It would in fact be wonderful if she played more in more intimate settings, using that sultry sandpaper/honey voice of hers. Her astounding rendition of "At Last" comes to mind. Stevie is a true class act. She had the audience in the palms of her hands the whole night. At the end of the evening I turned to my partner and said, "Now do you know why I love her so much?" He could only agree with a wry smile. She ended the night asking the audience to support music: attend concerts, buy cd's, support musicians, noting that the music industry is in a decline. I for one do not download stuff, I go out there and support the artist as much as possible. Thank you Stevie for this performance. Your voice was very strong, powerful, mystical, everything one wants to hear from you. And a shout out to the "Ladies" in back up...You totally ROCK! Please go back to the studio and release another CD soon!!
WOW!!!!! This being mt 5th time seeing Stevie (3 w/ The Mac & now 2 solo!) It just gets better & better with every performance! All the Hits, All the classic moves & all the magic a Stevie Nicks show can bring!!!!!!...........Rock On GOLD DUST WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, simply stated..........WOW!!!!!
Lady Gypsy
Hey everybody i attended the June 30th show. Stevie ROCKED the place with style and grace and so much elegance. She was spot on perfect and so very nice to the fans. After all these years and going to see her so many times, she never fails to give a performance like it was her first one. Ilove you Stevie keep on rocking and putting out great music. Im a fan for life.
Dave Swiderski
Last evening's show in Scranton was the most amazing concert I had ever seen! I've been to a lot of different shows over the years - including the Rolling Stones' famous 1990 Steel Wheels Tour show in Atlantic City - and nothing compared to Stevie's astonishing performance last evening. I recently purchased the Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston DVD/CD and after watching it, could've kicked myself for not going to the concert when they were in Hershey, PA back in 2003. I swore I'd never make that mistake again and was so excited to see that Stevie was on tour this summer and playing in Scranton. Since she sang several Fleetwood Mac classics too, it was the best of both worlds and well worth the three-hour drive from "Happy Valley." After local favorite, Vanessa Carlton's opening performance, the excitement in the crowd began to build for Stevie and her band. You could immediately feel the energy level rise at the start of the opening song, Stand Back Everyone was on their feet dancing and cheering. What a great song to set the tone for the night! I was in awe by her voice and dance moves. She still has it after all these years of performing and didn't miss a beat! I was sort of disappointed that that talented longtime keyboardist, Brett Tuggle, and master percussionist, Taku Hirano, weren't part of the tour; however, the band's performance didn't disappoint me down one bit! They were all so talented and awesome - especially lead backup singer Sharon Celani. She is more beautiful in person than you can ever image! Jana and Lori were great too. Guitarist, Carlos Rios, was really entertaining to watch and seemed to inspire and energize Stevie with his onstage theatrics as the night wore on. He seems like a really fun type of guy to have along to keep things fun and exciting during the daily grind of a national tour. If you haven't bought tickets yet for one of her remaining shows, I highly recommend that you do. You will not regret it. Last night's show was an evening I'll never forget and look forward to seeing her again on her next tour. Thanks Stevie and Sharon for a memorable performance.
As a loyal Stevie Nicks fan since 1977 (I was in 9th grade then), and having attended several Fleetwood Mac concerts, her show tonite was the absolute best. She was personal, relaxed, and really seemed to enjoy her performance – with every attention to detail, she truly had her heart into the show to entertain the audience. It’s absolutely amazing how awesome she looks and how great she sounds. We were fortunate to be up and center. Even at $90 a seat, it was well worth it. The outside venue was excellent. Stevie and team, thanks for a great concert.
Chris M.
Amazing! The concert was exciting and ageless. Such a collaboration of souls on that stage. My son took me to the show as a birthday present - not realizing that he had given me a priceless gift of sharing the joy and music. I felt like when I was young and listening to Stevie. She is the same beautiful soul, which has to be experienced. Seeing her perform is a true ballet in life. She is ever graceful and beautiful. I was happy to see that the fans still brought her flowers and mementos of their true affection for her. People love her , it is because she is a genuine soul, and she was blessed with such talent. No one comes close to her abilities as a songwriter. Her beauty is everlasting because it is her soul shining through. God bless Stevie Nicks and keep her healthy and happy for all her days! All I can say is thank you Stevie for sharing your heart and your wonderful gift of music.

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