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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/4/07 Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA

Barbra McGuire
I went all the way from Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia to see miss stevie. It was so worth it. I was one of the first fans to arrive at chastain that day. I met a few other fans who were totally sweet. I missed stevies sound check by about three or four minutes. the few fans told me she was wearing her green curlers and she only did soundcheck for maybe five or six minutes. I had second row for the show and chris isaak rocked, he was really funny. and he looked at me a few times and hershel yatovitz (gator) his guitar player, played and looked at me which was awesome! then after they broke his set down and set up stevie's I see about two or three guys escorting her to her tent behind the drums, THEN I got totally pumped!! she came out and did "Stand Back" and kicked it as always!!! Lori waved to me, she is so sweet. I kept smiling and waving at the singers all night cause they did such a great job. and stevie was AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNG as always she changed outfits quite a few times and very quickly! go stevie!!! thats pretty awesome to be able to change a whole outfit that fast. :) so the drum solo before "edge of seventeen came" I went rushing with the crowd of fans who went to the stage, I made it up there, finally!!! after five shows of wanting to be up there I had my chance. she so did a fantastic job on Edge, and came around and shook hands, I was so in awe I couldnt even say anything to her. she smiled at me and said hi. so that was cool. and I stayed at the stage that last few songs. that was really a treat to be able to be at the stage for the last songs, I never thought in my entire life id actually get to do that. so, then, the bass player, Carlos Rios, threw picks and the two people beside me got them I was dissapointed, but then he got another one and threw it down to us and I got it!!! I was so thrilled!!!! what a sweetheart. he did this little "sexy dance" at one point where he was tapping his heart and kinda swaying thing, which was cute and funny and made sharon and jana and lori laugh. and waddy played down in front of us at one point. he even waited till i got my camera to take a picture!!! I am sooooo wowed that he played right there in front of me...that was amazingly cool!!! he is one of the most amazing guitarists ever!! so the concert was the greatest night of my life. THANK YOU STEVIE!!!
Zane Shelfer
It's midnight and I've just returned from the second Stevie Nicks show at Chastain Park in Atlanta. I also attended the first show last night. This was my 14th and 15th times seeing her live. Stevie was incredible, as usual. She performed the same set both nights. She looks and sounds great. I liked that she moved Stand Back to the opening number. Many of the people that go to concerts at this venue have season passes and buy tickets for multiple performers without necessarily being a "big" fan of each one. So, opening with a big hit that is such high energy was a great way to get the crowd up and moving. She then moved into Dreams and If Anyone Falls., Since she has not performed it often in past shows, If Anyone Falls was fun to hear live. Gold Dust Woman seemed to really have a new energy….more so than in years past. She's added some new lines at the end that really add to the mysticism of the song. Landslide was particularly moving because she included many images of her family and a retrospective of her career. She mentioned before the song that it is about "family" and that was evident in the slide show. She really rocked with Fall from Grace. She talked more between songs and more about the songs and their meanings than I've ever heard her before. I really appreciated this because it lets us fans feel even more of a connection to the songs that have articulated our feelings for so long. How Still My Love was one of my favorites of the set. It reminds me of why Bella Donna is my favorite solo album, and it really showcases her talent and skill as a songwriter. Both nights I moved down to the stage when How Still My love ended because I knew Edge of Seventeen was coming. I was fortunate enough to stand directly in front of her at the stage. Edge of Seventeen had all the raw emotion and power that it has had from the very beginning. I shook her hand both nights and told her she looks and sounds great. She is just radiant up close. She then did a blistering cover of Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll and closed with Beauty and the Beast. Her combination of beauty, songwriting talent, vocal expertise and stage presence truly do make her the Goddess of Rock. Her shows just continue to improve through the years. She seems to be at the top of her game and really gave her fans a phenomenal experience both nights in Atlanta.
What an absolutely enchanted evening with the divine Ms. Nicks! A friend and I had the pleasure of visiting one of my lifelong friends who lives in Atlanta. For my birthday, my friend purchased tickets to see Chris & Stevie. It was the most awesome present ever! I have seen Stevie with the Mac three times, and I have seen her twice before on solo tours, but never like Monday night. The attitude was back and the voice was kickin’. She was having a blast! I like her so much better without FM, because she doesn’t have to worry about upstaging anyone (or ticking Lindsay off). Toward the beginning of the show, she said that the show “made history” because the little technical guy actually walked out onstage to respond to her request to tighten the microphone stand. She said “I always ask, and they never do it.” One stage hand finally did, and she was most grateful. The park-like setting of the Chastain Park Amphitheater was beautiful, but I wish she had more stage space. She had to limit her spins because there wasn’t sufficient room onstage. Her sincerity in thanking all of us for supporting her through the decades was obvious. No need to thank us, Stevie. You’re the one who has blessed our lives with over three decades of “Enchanted” music, and I look forward to being there to enjoy the rest of your career. You are a magnificent, magical, beautiful, graceful, and never-changing. My friend Leigh had never before seen you perform live, though she’s always been a fan. After the concert, she said to me, “That was the best concert I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that time has stood still for Stevie. She looks and sounds better than ever!” Keep on rockin’!
Gary Wilson
My wife Christy and I made the trip from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see Stevie-Great show! We have seen Stevie 7 times now and it is always a pleasure-no honor!-to see Stevie. I first saw Stevie on the Wild Heart Tour back in the early 80's in Tuscaloosa and I will admit to getting a little misty eyed when I heard "If Anyone Falls" just like I heard it back then! Great crowd, seems like everyone was really appreciative that she was there. I must say I was very happy with the set list and it was amusing to hear people saying that they were unhappy that she didn't play this song or that song, but with such an extensive catalog she can't play everything! I believe Stevie really picks these songs by heart with what she is feeling at that time! Thank you Stevie for all of the great music you have given us! From the Buckingham Nicks album (a personal favorite) all the way through Fleetwood Mac and your solo career you have given us nothing but the very best! I still have Bella Donna on 8 track that I refuse to get rid of ! Bless you Stevie and we look forward to seeing you again!
Darci Gilreath
This would be the 5th time I have seen Stevie in concert and she just gets better and better all the time. I tool my Step-Mom (who turned me on to Stevie 30 years ago), for her 60th Birthday and this was the first time she had seen Stevie in 30 years. She saw Stevie with Fleetwood in 1977 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. So this was so neat to have this come full circle. We got to Chastain Amphitheatre early and we caught the Chris Issack show. His music is not really my cup of tea but He did something really cool that I have never seen before; he got down off the stage and walked up and down the aisles singing and flirting with women. The anticipation grew during set change and then the music began for Stand Back and we were on our feet. Stevie came out in a black long dress. The first thing I noticed, as her concert T-shirts say “the boots are back”. She looked amazing!! It is so hard to believe that she is 59, because she doesn’t look like it or act like it at all. She seemed to be in great shape and her hair has gotten longer and it looked perfect. The highlights of the show for me were Gold Dust woman, where she added a few lines at the end. It rocked, and Lori, Jana and Sharon were amazing last night. It was so good to see Lori back. Stevie pointed out that the next song was not about what any of us thought it was about. She said it is simply about family and she began to sing Landslide. The family pictures slide show that was displayed on the screen behind her gave her fans an insight into her family. I can say as a fan that is enthralled with her, that this was so moving to see pictures of her and her dad. She joked with us about how her microphone stand is never tight enough and she was jokingly making a dig at her crew. They promptly came out and fixed it. It was like seeing a real person up there, because that was not part of the show. I am not sure if that makes sense or not but she just seemed like one of us. Stevie seemed to be in a great mood. She smiled a lot and thanked us several times for “still coming to see her after so many years and that it does not go unnoticed”. Rhiannon was amazing; she has a new pianist who is out of this world. Edge of Seventeen was rocking the drum solo at the beginning was awesome as ever and Stevie added the part at the end of the song that is on the live version on Crystal Visions and it was just so magical. Another highlight came when Stevie did her version of “Rock and Roll”. She came out with that black top hat and feathers with a white dress that had layers that resembled a petty coat and a black long jacket over it. Her version ROCKED!!!! I loved it. She looked so great and she reminded us of the power she has in her voice. Then of course, I know this has been covered in other reviews, but she wore a black gown, with a high collar in the back that literally made her look like the Queen she is, with her hair loosely swept up with a black round clip. She sang Beauty in the Beast with the piano and with this raw emotion that I have never heard come out of her before. In fact a lot of her songs last night seemed to me that she was feeling them for the first time, and although I know that is not the truth the fact that she can still sing those old songs like that shows her never ending talent. When she got done singing that song I was just still and felt like I could cry, her beauty and the beauty of the song was very overwhelming. One major thing I have to say about Stevie is that no matter how many times you have seen her in concert she always does something different. At the end she asked us to help save the music and keep it alive. At the end of every concert though I get sad wondering if this will be her last. I hope she has many years of concerts to come. I am in awe of her poetic lyrics and her sultry powerful voice. I love her and I think she is amazing. Continue to share your songs with us Stevie, we love it!
Colleen & Gregg
Just got home from the Atlanta Concert, with Chris Isaak and Stevie. It was simply unbelieveable, enchanting, awesome,totally worth the wait and cost of the tickets. One problem tho, Securtiy needs to be told to back off when Stevie does the Edge Of Seventeen Walk. They were trying to run people off, and when you pay good money to be that close to enjoy the Concert, they should be more concerned with the people who are trying to sit in seats that are not theirs. Anyway, Chris Isaak put on a great show. I'm not one of his fans, (my husband is) but he was really good! He slowly got the crowd into his songs, and his comedy routine was good, also. It must be hard to open for Stevie, but he did a good job! What can I say about Stevie, except do not miss any of her Concerts!! She was stunning, she seemed to be enjoying herself, and Lori, Jana, and Sharon were awesome! The whole band sounded great,Chastain is a great venue for this type of Concert. Stevie sang each and every song flawlessley. The backgound was beautiful, during Landslide, they showed Stevie and her family going thru their lives, simply spellbinding. Again, the crowd was a mix of young, middleaged, older. Stevie seems to cast a spell over all of us, and transport us all to a tranquill and calm place. Stevie, thank you for all the wonderful Concerts you have done, also a great big thanks to all your band. (Waddy, man you are awesome!) Stevie, please keep on performing, you have a wonderfully calming effect on all of us, and we all seem to be in a great need for that. We will be at tomorrow nights concert also, HOW DID ATLANTA GET SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU PERFORM FOR 2 (two) NIGHTS? Thank you for shaking my hand, and taking the red MS bracelet..YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL LADY, KEEP ON ROCKING!! MUCH LOVE AND PEACE, ALWAYS A #1 STEVIE FAN

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