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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/5/07 Chastain Park Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA

I went to see Stevie both nights at Chastain, the 7th and 8th times I’ve seen her either solo or with Fleetwood Mac. The first time was November 1979, Pittsburgh PA, when FM was in the midst of their Tusk tour. Stevie sang “Dreams,” “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” “Sisters of the Moon,” and “Sara” and it was the most magical night ever. All these years later, “Sara” is still my most-favorite-ever Stevie song. In 2004 when I saw FM at Chastain and Stevie sang “Sara” it was a magical night once again, and even more so. FM rocked the night with each and every song. Stevie is the most magical singer ever! Stevie was of course fantastic both nights, but the second night was the better of the two. This concert was more pared-down than the prior night. The first night, the piano introduction to “Rhiannon,” while new and very good, just seemed to go on and on forever; the second night it was trimmed to half the previous, and was much better. The same was true for the intro to “Edge of Seventeen.” As everyone has remarked, Stevie sang better than ever and with more energy and enthusiasm than ever, even after all these years and years. Stevie, thank you for an entire lifetime of music that I will always cherish. You came onstage with “Stand Back,” my second-favorite song ever, and it was absolute high energy and set the tone for the night. Up until “Beauty and the Beast” at the very end, which was so tender and heartbreaking. Stevie, your music is the light of my life. But as great as the concerts were, it was somewhat disappointing that the second night was all but an exact copy of the first night. Not a single song different, or even in a different position on the play list. I’ve often wondered, don’t performers get tired singing the same songs over and over year after year? And as fantastic as “Dreams,” “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” and (especially!) “Gold Dust Woman” were, I can’t help but think it would have been so much better to have heard a lot less Fleetwood Mac and a lot more Stevie Nicks. Since a highlight of the tour is “the boots are back!” then why not have sung “Nightbird”? Stevie would have sung the line, “cos I wear boots all summer long,” and the crowd would have gone wild! Also, how about “I Can’t Wait” and “Talk to Me”-- why does Stevie seem to refuse to perform these mega-hits in concert? “Wild Heart,” “Ooh My Love,” “Rooms on Fire,” “Long Way to Go,” “Sometimes It‘s a Bitch,” “Whole Lotta Trouble,” and (especially!) “Blue Lamp” would be awesome songs to hear her sing. “Sara,“ “Sisters of the Moon,“ and “Blue Lamp” are in my opinion Stevie’s three most awesome songs. And there was no interaction with the fantastic Chris Isaak!! Stevie, it would have been magnificent to hear the two of you duet on “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” and come to think of it, since I’ve just been listening to your Enchanted box set, I think it would have been a killer to have you and Chris sing “Gold”!! Then, you launch into “Gold Dust Woman.” Wow, that would be unbelievable. Anyway, I still love you Stevie. I’ve loved you for 32 years, and will love you for another 32 to come. p.s., I had a really terrific stuffed penguin to give to you the second night at the end of “Edge of Seventeen.” On my way to my seat before the concert I met Waddy and I showed him the penguin and asked, “Do you think she will like it?!!”, and he said, “I don’t see why not!” But because I was sitting in Row A, 20 feet away from the stage, and not in “the pit,” the Chastain security guards would not let me down to the stage to give you the penguin. I begged them, as you sang “Edge of Seventeen,” and still they wouldn’t let me. So I sat in my seat and cried, so close to you yet so very far. Well maybe next time I will get to meet you. C'mon, Chastain security guards, lighten up. Thanks for ruining the night for me.
Chris Frye
This show was so special to me, I have had some major surgery's over the past 6 months and through that time managed to fly to Vegas and see Stevie at Caesar's (5th row)! I had major surgery on May the 8th again and said I was not going to be able to go this time at Chastain. Needless to say I was not happy, since I have seen every show since The Wild Heart Tour! Well I could not stand it and got tickets at the last minute off of Ebay, They were awesome by the way!!! We were so close and could look her right in the face and smile! I stood the whole time and sang every word along with her! My best friend drove up from Tennessee to go with me, We have been going together for years to see Stevie. That too made this whole night so special. Of course the main event was Stevie Nicks at her very best. She sounded great (we were in front of the speakers) and she looked so good! Stevie is like fine wine, she just gets better with age! The crowd was great and this was the second show in a row and it was almost a full house! I have never been so happy in my life! The only thing I don't understand is why she and Chris Isaak did not sing Solitary man or it's late, together? Oh well the show gets an A+++, and if you get the chance to go you have to go or you will regret it! ROCK ON GYPSY QUEEN!
John Mcdowell
A review can wait; Stevie is beautiful! I've attended all the Nicks/Mac shows in the Atlanta area since 2001 and this was the first time I was able to get close to the stage. Third row, third seat, right in front of her microphone. I could not believe how beautiful she was up close. Pictures don't do her justice. It was a very different experience up front, her show was awesome, I was on my feet the whole time. Chris Isaak put on a very entertaining show and unfortunately it was the typical late arriving Atlanta crowd. Well, the late comers missed a great show. Stevie's set list had not changed from what is posted on the website from what I could tell, I was a little distracted, just watching & mesmerized by her almost the entire time. The moment I'll remember was during the Edge of Seventeen "walk" when she took my hand, squeezed it and smiled at me. I fell in love! That almost didn't happen because of one security guy who harrassed me I guess because I had a camera; everyone had ca Thank you for a wonderful night Stevie,
Zane Shelfer
It's midnight and I've just returned from the second Stevie Nicks show at Chastain Park in Atlanta. I also attended the first show last night. This was my 14th and 15th times seeing her live. Stevie was incredible, as usual. She performed the same set both nights. She looks and sounds great. I liked that she moved Stand Back to the opening number. Many of the people that go to concerts at this venue have season passes and buy tickets for multiple performers without necessarily being a "big" fan of each one. So, opening with a big hit that is such high energy was a great way to get the crowd up and moving. She then moved into Dreams and If Anyone Falls., Since she has not performed it often in past shows, If Anyone Falls was fun to hear live. Gold Dust Woman seemed to really have a new energy….more so than in years past. She's added some new lines at the end that really add to the mysticism of the song. Landslide was particularly moving because she included many images of her family and a retrospective of her career. She mentioned before the song that it is about "family" and that was evident in the slide show. She really rocked with Fall from Grace. She talked more between songs and more about the songs and their meanings than I've ever heard her before. I really appreciated this because it lets us fans feel even more of a connection to the songs that have articulated our feelings for so long. How Still My Love was one of my favorites of the set. It reminds me of why Bella Donna is my favorite solo album, and it really showcases her talent and skill as a songwriter. Both nights I moved down to the stage when How Still My love ended because I knew Edge of Seventeen was coming. I was fortunate enough to stand directly in front of her at the stage. Edge of Seventeen had all the raw emotion and power that it has had from the very beginning. I shook her hand both nights and told her she looks and sounds great. She is just radiant up close. She then did a blistering cover of Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll and closed with Beauty and the Beast. Her combination of beauty, songwriting talent, vocal expertise and stage presence truly do make her the Goddess of Rock. Her shows just continue to improve through the years. She seems to be at the top of her game and really gave her fans a phenomenal experience both nights in Atlanta.
Randy DuBose
Just got back from Stevie's June 5th show in Atlanta! Was the dream of a lifetime due to getting front row pit seats! I have never seen her that up close and personal before, but this was well worth the $ spent! The set list was the same as it has been so far in the tour. It's SO difficult to pick a favorite song as they all were special, but I have to say that "Gold dust woman" stood out a little more due to the excellent guitar showmanship shown by Waddy! Stevie adds some additional lyrics to it and Waddy plays an awesome guitar solo that is very reminiscent of Carlos Santana. Stevie was gorgeous as always and very tiny! SO cool to see her upclose, she is actually more stunning in person than on any televison appearance! She has a stage presence that is matched by noone else I've seen! During "Edge of seventeen" Stevie shook my hand and as a special treat she grasped my hand with both of hers...and yes, it was surreal! Awesome show! Beautiful classy lady...will remember this always! Thank you Ms. Nicks! Everyone, if you get the chance, PLEASE go...You will totally remember it always!
Colleen & Gregg
Well we made it to the second night concert in Atlanta with Stevie and Chris Isaak, and both performances were dynamite! (Of course Stevie is the best, again my husband is the Chris Isaak fan): Anyway, it had rained, but cleared up beautifully at Chastain, wonderful Spring night for Stevie's Concert. Again, Chris did a great show, he was funny, warm, and very entertaining. He did his hits, and also ran way up to the crowd far in the back. He is a great performer, and as a special treat, Waddy came out and played a song with him.(Again, Waddy you are something special on that guitar!): Chris finished his set, and it took a few minutes to set up for Stevie, and then the Lady herself came out.(I myself have been a Fleetwood Mac fan since 1970, and always thought Stevie has put her heart and soul into each and every song she has done, with the Mac or by herself, and tonight she did not disappoint!): She was warm, talkative, full of energy! Her voice was simply magnificent, and she looked radiant. I have enjoyed seeing her in various venues, but very nice to see her in Atlanta for 2 nights, and she was at the top of her game! How did we get that lucky to have her with us for two nights? She sang each and every song perfectly, but one of the standouts for me was How Still My Love, very upbeat and beautiful. Stevie, again THANK YOU (AND THE BAND) for all the wonderful music you have given to all of us! We need your energy and calming effects, it seems to really help us all deal with whatever drama we are going thru. I would also like to THANK YOU for shaking my hand, and taking the hair ornament, with the little note about the MS Concert? Stevie, you are one very kind and considerant Lady. We have loved your music since day one, please keep on writing, singing,and touring. We need you to keep on casting that spell on us, it really helps! Peace and Much Love to You and The Band, we will be here with our DREAMS of you return!
The June 5th show in atlanta was AWESOME. Stevie came out with an incredible energy that I've never seen in her before. I mean she's always great but this show there was something else. You could tell she was having alot of fun with the show. the audiance was up and on thier feet through Id say 90% of the show. She played an incrediable 2 hours. I'm sure its old hat to her by now but I am amazed every time I've seen Stevie in concert ,either solo or with Mac, by how she does it all. I have an incredible respect for this wonderful lady. She does so much for our troops, and yet she stilll manages to tour for the rest of us. I dont know how many times I can say this but the show was outstanding, Stevie came out with a kick ass attitude and it spread to the audiance and stayed the whole night. Oh and Chris Isaak was great too but whats up with the mustard yellow band uniform and the disco ball suit he stole out of wayne newtons closet? ok j/k it was great.
Dear Stevie: Seeing you perform in person was as magical as I knew it would be. The words between your lines have meant much to me throughout my life, but this was the first time ever I saw your face. While everything about the performance was great, I am writing my "review" from a more personal point of view. A cool evening had fallen around us in the park. Everyone was excited and waiting for you to appear: I was standing in a line, behind many other of her lovers when out of the shadows she appeared the Bella Donna of heartache and love Then, in a crystal vision, a beautiful white winged dove was singing her songs, calling come away, come away with me Suddenly, I was standing alone, drowning in a sea of love and my wild heart cried out for the night bird, the one that I hold deep in my dreams some nights Little dancer, rock and roll lily of love, dances across the stage her songs lighting up the night and life even in my darkest hours Like Alice through the looking glass her spell of love pulls me back to the other side of the mirror where I have another love waiting, who matters to me But sometimes in the quiet of the night I will think of you the lady from the mountains, my candlebright Still I love you... from afar Thank you and everyone with you for a wonderful evening.
Amanda K. Slocumb
WOW! What a night!!! I attended the 2nd show in Atlanta. I was in the pit, on the 19th row. Stevie was just as enchanting as ever. Stand Back opened and we rocked with her for two hours. It's so hard to pick a favorite song. Whether from Belladonna or TISL, her voice, her clothes, her twirls were so fabulous and so Stevie. For all of you dying to know, as the shirts say, "The Boots ARE Back," along with the beautiful black satin gloves, the feathery top hat, the moon necklace layered with another, and of course her beautiful capes. I managed to make to the fourth row during the Edge walk, and I stayed there till the concert was over. I can't tell you all enough, about the feeling you get when you are that close to Stevie. I will say the last song, Beauty and the Beast was SPECTACULAR!!! I've never seen Stevie look more beautiful. Stevie, thank you for sharing your heart with us. I really do hope you tour again when this one is over, so we can all step into your crystal visions on the other side of the mirror once again, for just a little while. And to my friends: Allison, Darby(my kindred spirit), and her friend, thanks for sharing it with me!
Renee' & Chris
My husband and I received two tickets as a special gift. This was our first time at Chastain and the seats were outstanding. We will go back. Stevie was so amazing. My husband and I loved every minute of it, especially when everyone started singing along to Landslide. It was totally AWESOME!! Her last song of the evening, Beauty and the Beast, is one of my favorites and she sang her heart out. Her face was flushed from the humidity but it didn't stop her from rocking. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SHE COMES BACK. Chris Isaak is a great performer, however I'm not a fan. Loved it when he got down off of the stage and went into the crowd. However, I think $15 is a little pricey for the tour program since there really aren't that many pictures of Stevie and you can't see her face in a few. Also, it would be cool if fans could email songs that they would like to hear her sing and then they could be compiled and she could use that as her song list for that particular city. ROCK ON FOREVER, SISTER OF THE MOON!!!!
Kathy Bobo
I attended the Stevie Nicks concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta last evening. My daughter gave me tickets for Mothers Day. It was absolutely wonderful. I have been a Stevie Nicks fan since the beginning. It was a thrill to see her in person. She is as good as ever and she looks amazing. She has not aged at all. Wonderful, wonderful concert!!!!
Hey Stevie Nicks Fans! I was fortunate enough to catch Stevie's performances at Chastain Park in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday, June 4th and 5th. My seat on Tuesday was in the front row, right in front of Stevie's microphone (thanks "Cowgirl" for selling me your extra ticket)! The show was, as always, AWESOME. Stevie is the only person I know who looks better and better with age! (Her waist is super tiny too.) She looked "simply stunning" and sounded GREAT too. The show opened with "Stand Back" and the crowd went nuts. Stevie performed "Dreams" "If Anyone Falls In Love" "Landslide" "Rhiannon" "Gold Dust Woman" "Fall From Grace" "I Need To Know" "Enchanted" "Beauty And The Beast" "Sorcerer" "Edge of Seventeen" and "Rock & Roll" (Not in this order and I am sure I am forgetting one or two songs.) I was able to shake Stevie's hand again during "Edge of Seventeen," which is always, again, AWESOME. She is the most gracious rock icon I have ever seen and there is no one like her. Hope you all can catch one of the shows of the tour.
Nathan Ballew
The show was AWESOME! Stevie and her band ROCKED! This is the third time I have seen Stevie perform and she just keeps getting better. Of course she is always wonderful but this time was especially great! I am 19 yrs old and I have been a huge Stevie fan most of my life. One of the highlights of the night to me was how she connected with the audience. She talked to us alot and told us about her songs and her wonderful career. She also said many times that the loyalty of her fans does not go unnoticed.(We Love you Stevie!) Every song was wonderful and it could not have been better. Stand Back, Dreams, Enchanted, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman etc I Love them all! Her performance was amazing and she looked absolutely gorgeous. The Boots are Back WOOHOO!! Everything she did was beautiful! Its great to know that Stevie loves and appreciates her fans. Her dedication of Landslide was great, she told us that Landslide could be about whatever we wanted it to be about and that it had alot to do with family. The pictures of her and her family were great, we loved them! What else can I say Stevie you're beyond wonderful! Thank You so much for giving us such a wonderful night and memories that will last forever! Keep on going and we will save the music business as you asked us to do. Yes that is our mission and we will do our very best to keep it alive! Thanks again Stevie we Love you and may God Bless You!
Troy Martin
My sister and I went to the show together. I ‘am the one of who is the Real Steve fan. I have bought every solo or Fleetwood Mac album to date. We drove 51/2 hours to Atlanta For the show. It poured down rain and thunder about 2 hours before show time. The rain stopped soon and we were on are way to see Stevie.She and her band were awesome. I just wish that she would have done a few more songs. This show was almost the same show as the show in Atlanta with the Gold Dust Tour two years ago. I would have loved to hear Talk To Me, Sister Honey, Jane or Whole Lotta Trouble and so many others. But the show was great anyway. Chris was good also. I was I fan of his show on Showtime. The trouble came from the people who worked the Chastain show. Most who really were rude. At the middle of Edge of 17 those people would not let me get close to the stage. Letting just those who had the front row tickets. Those were the $400.00 and over tickets. I had paid $98.50 per ticket that I managed to save up for. I talked to a few that worked the show after to find out the deal as to why we could not get to the stage. They said that Steve’s people told them when this would happen and that would happen and those in front would get the chance to shake Stevie’s Hand.Stevie Sang great and so were the girls and band. I will never go to Chastain Park to see another show.NEVER.The Gold Dust Tour was in another arena in Atlanta two years ago. And Stevie and Don Henley were awesome ;The sound was so much better. At Chastain the fans that could get to the stage during Edge Of Seventeen should have been able to. This show cost over $600.00 with T-shirts and Poster, motel. and gas of course.. Stevie would you please add some more album songs to your set. I realize you must do some songs; But those who were there were down to the core Stevie fans. Angel or Affairs of the Heart would be a good add to your set. Thanks to you and the band for an AWESOME show.

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