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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/8/07 Charter One Pavilion Chicago, IL

Mary & Jr.
First off, Chris Issak! YOU ROCK! What a show this man gave! I have seen Stevie numerous times and was fortunate enough to have 2nd row center stage tickets this time. Stevie rocked the place as usual. Still the same great voice of years ago! We were able to make it right to the stage on EDGE and saw 2 little kids by us. I picked up the little boy while a woman next to me picked up the little girl. Both had stuffed animals to give to Stevie and I knew in my heart that it would be their dreams for her to take notice of them and receive their gifts. However my Husband ended up taking the little girl and placing her on his shoulder and the woman next to me had taken over with the little boy, I chose to point out these 2 little children for Stevie to shake hands with instead of myself. I hope that these 2 children remember that night for the rest of their lives and that they remain Stevie fans for years to come. The smile on their faces and the smile on hers made me feel so good inside as if I had done a miracle for these children as well as Stevie herself. I had of course been excited that I might shake Stevie's hand once again but unfortunately I was passed. Stevie, you were fabulous and hopefully next time I'll be able to shake the hand that rocked me for years. God Bless you Stevie and as you say KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE!
I remember one time, long ago, I believe at the conclusion of the Bella Donna tour, when Stevie said her final good-byes to her adoring fans, wrapping up a marathon tour. Very teary-eyed, and emotionally spent, Stevie described the last evening of that tour as a “very special night.” I have never forgotten that. Every time I am fortunate enough to be blessed by her presence is a “very special night.” I feel cleansed by every Stevie experience I’ve managed to be a part of. And the Chicago show was sort of an exclamation point on her storied career – and my deep connection to the rock goddess that is Stevie Nicks. The venue itself is stunning. You ease into your seats, facing the stage, and behind you is the majestic Lake Michigan. The sparkling city skyline to your right, Soldier Field to your left. A surprisingly cool evening left Stevie chilled (something at which she expressed tremendous surprise), and I too was chilled – not by the weather, but by our songstress. Stevie got things off to a rollicking start, and deviated from the traditional Outside the Rain/Dreams combo with a rousing rendition of Stand Back, replete with – if my math is correct – 12 Stevie twirls! I’m thinking, “how many 59-year-old performers can do this?” Stevie never has looked better or sounded better. If fact, anyone dropping in from another planet would swear that they were seeing a performer in her absolute prime – and they wouldn’t be wrong. Stevie’s “prime” must be somewhere between the age of 20 and 80! Can she really be 59? This is Stevie Nicks at 59??!! But I digress. Suffice to say, Stevie looked absolutely stunning and her vocals were superlative. As Stevie progressed through the set, she established a great rapport with the crowd, sharing considerable background information on how many of the great songs reached fruition. The set list:

- Stand Back
- Dreams
- If Anyone Falls
- Rhiannon
- Enchanted
- Gold Dust Woman
- I Need to Know
- Landslide
- Fall From Grace
- Sorcerer
- How Still My Love
- Edge of 17
- Rock and Roll
- Beauty and the Beast

I won’t deliver a soliloquy of my impressions of each and every song (they were all fantastic; and I do mean ALL). But when Stevie emerged from the darkness in her shimmering "Gold Dust Woman" shawl, I was totally enraptured. I felt like I was cast under some sort of Stevie spell; kind of zoned out and mesmerized by her. She looks so gorgeous and sounds like an angel with a slightly raspy, incredibly sexy voice. I fell in love with Stevie all over again. I do have to add that the slightly tweaked Australian/Crystal Visions version of “Edge of Seventeen” is enhanced by the live performance. The end of the song, where she proclaims “I know what it sounds like” really resonated with emotion and meaning. I know what greatness sounds like, and I was a witness to greatness on this very special night. There is a certain passion and conviction in Stevie’s voice that tells you this song has special meaning for Stevie. More chills in a night of chills. Again, I felt cleansed by the power of Stevie. The beauty and depth of this performer is unparalleled. The naysayers who say disparaging things about her – well, I would be hard-pressed to count those people as friends. If you don’t “get” Stevie, then you don’t “get” me either. I would be remiss if I did not add a few comments about Chris Isaak too. I had never seen Chris before, but I will certainly see him perform again if I ever have the chance. Terrific voice, stage presence, and just a whole lot of fun. I had kind of forgotten that Chris did the song “Wicked Game.” Chris Isaak is a terrific performer. Shades of Roy Orbison, to be sure. You could easily mistake him for Orbison, he’s that good. A versatile singer, he could remake himself into a full-fledged country singer if he chose to. His suit, in fact, was reminiscent of those worn by country crooners of yesteryear (think Porter Wagoner – ha!). But there are also strong obvious Elvis influences, replete with the gyrating pelvis. He even did a few strains of “Don’t Be Cruel” that left one pining for more. A crowd-pleasing, versatile, ultra-talented performer. The opening was a surprise treat for a Chris Isaak novice during this “very special night.”
WOW!!!! I just got home from the show, June 8, 2007 in Chicago. I have seen Stevie about 75 time since the first time in 1981. This show was INCREDIBLE… Stevie is the best I have ever seen her. I FINALLY shook her hand and was in the front the whole time. She looks awesome and sounds incredible. There will never be anyone with such a haunting voice. She can fill a room with that voice even when there is no room, and we are outside. Its amazing. I am waiting for the next chance to see her… I am speechless…
I attended Stevie's concert in Chicago tonight and man, I was blown away, such powerfull vocals, she is as good as ever. You rock Stevie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I just saw the second best concert and the first best concert was Stevie Nicks 2 years ago. What an awsome show. Stevie looked and sounded fabulous. The only bad thing about the show was it had to end. Excelent choice selecting Chris Isaak as an opener! HOPING to see Stevie again very soon.
Stevie's show at the Charter One Pavilion in Chicago was absolutely amazing! The night was perfect... albeit a little crisp, but she looked stunning and sounded the best I have ever heard her in the six times I have seen her live over the years. All of the standards were great. "Beauty and the Beast" was breathtaking. Her vibe was so positive and strong... an unforgettable evening with our beautiful, glittering city as a backdrop to boot. You could not ask anything for more! Chris Isaak was excellent as well.
This was the first time that we have got to see Stevie live and it was perfect. The band rocked and were right on it and Stevie was just amazing. Her performance was on key, the sound was great and her presence on stage was enchanting. We could not have asked for anything more. She sang eveything that we wanted to hear and the entire audiance was just spellbound the entire performance. We loved it and we love you Stevie.
I saw Stevie in Chicago on Friday, June 8th. It was surprisingly chilly, even for Chicago. Stevie commented on how she just left Atlanta (where I used to live) and how hot it was there and how it was a shock to her and her band to be in this cold weather. All the gals were wrapped in their leather jackets and gloves. It's cool to think they prepare for such things. Stevie looked amazing. I've seen her several times and this is the happiest, most radiant I've ever seen her. She looks beyond beautiful - almost outerworldly so. We were at Charter One Pavilion, which is an amazing outside venue right off the lake (which would explain the cold). You could see the entire city outline as you watched the show. It became uncomforably cold and my body still aches from all the shivering, but it was worth it. Chris Isaak is funnier than I ever imagined and his voice was "crystal" clear. He could probably sing just about anything and it would sound great. I made a point not to memorize the set list this time for Stevie and enjoyed being surprised by the set changes. I think she was as amazed as I am about how long she has endured and still gains young audience members. I have to say I was annoyed by these drunk sorority sisters in front of me, but I was halfway impressed how Stevie reaches even these inebriated youngsters (slurring every freakin' lyric). I guess I wouldn't be really happy unless I was front row center and the entire audience was utterly quiet. I actually miss Stevie. I wish I could relive the experience (and maybe pay the extra $50 for a better seat).
It was a perfect night for a concert in Chicago. The Nicks/Isaak Tour was performed at the Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island. This outdoor venue is owned by the Chicago Parks department located on the grounds of the former Meigs field airport. Chris Isaak started the concert right on time to a half full venue of fans. Dressed in his standard "rockabilly" suit he wooed the audience by immediately coming out into the crowd. Running around in the bleachers while singing,laughing, and talking to audience, it is obvious why his fans love him. I am guilty, like many, for buying our tickets to see Stevie Nicks. I do own a Chris Isaak CD, so I just thought of it as icing on the cake. However, I was extremely impressed by Mr. Isaak's abilities. Not only is he an excellent performer, his vocal qualities are outstanding. He and his band do not require high tech lighting, or pyrotechnics to prove their talents. While watching the show, I could not help comparing Mr. Isaak and his band to artists of the past. Back when the performers had a more personal connection to their fans, and dedication to their music. Back when they did not spend more time selling soft drinks, than they did making music. It appears that Mr. Isaak cares about his fans. At the end of the concert, he announced that he would be autographing merchandise. A rare quality in performers these days. I strongly suggest that if you have tickets to the upcoming shows. Do not miss this part of the act. You will are guaranteed a great performance. Keep up the good work Chris. Twenty seven minutes later, the seats were full and Stevie exploded onto the the stage with, "Stand Back." The crowd went wild. Dressed in her standard black Victorian ensemble, her gravely, sensuous voice mesmerized the crowd. Our enchantress had arrived, and we were under her spell. Throughout her performance, Ms. Nicks kept her fans entranced. Mixing songs from Fleetwood Mac releases, and her own albums, she lived up to her reputation. As a variety of psychedelic images, and videos played on the stage screen, she twirled around, lifting up her shawl in her trademark performance. The Welsh witch cultivating her melodic brew, and we the audience drinking it up. When the first few licks of "Rhiannon" reverberated from the guitar, the audience erupted into a musical orgasm of excitement. I cannot forget the first time I heard Rhiannon. I was fourteen. It was a hot summer afternoon at camp. I was infatuated with it. I went straight out the next week and bought the album. Whether with Fleetwood Mac, or own her own, Stevie has been a part of our life since the seventies. Through a storm of personal conflicts and demons, she has consistently provided her fans with a countless array of timeless music. As the concert concluded to the final notes of "Beauty and the Beast" I stood in amazement. This Welsh witch of rock had taken me under her spell. For once again she proved she was the High Priestess of Rock and Roll.
I took my two children (ages 10, 9) to see Stevie in Chicago Friday night and the place was packed. Last time we went to see Stevie, we forgot to bring stuffed animals to give to her during her walk on "EDGE". Not this time. Prior to the start of "EDGE", we started to the main stage and got thru. I could not believe that my two little ones had scurried to the actual dead center, hands on stage, to lift their arms up to present Stevie her gifts. Their eyes barely at stage level, other Stevie fans lifted them up to see. (I was caught three feet behind but knew they were safe.) Stevie came out with "EDGE", and my children raised their animals high - a blue parrot and a red monkey. Stevie acknowledged them with a smile as she sang and then as she walked the stage, shook both of my children's hands, took her new stuffed friends, and sincerely thanked both of them. Needless to say, they were thrilled. They felt like little rock stars themselves as they walked back to our seats. Thanks Stevie for being such an amazing performer and most sincere person. You touched my kids greatly. I think its so unreal that after all these years, you still can fill up major arenas. I don't think that any of your other female rocker artists that began when you did can come anywhere close to filling up a major tour like this. Its a tribute to you. Your music in timeless, and as you said Friday night, "I just want people to know how much I appreciate you all supporting me over the years", the pleasure has been ours.
Denise & Joe
My husband and I attended Stevie’s June 8th show on Northerly Island in Chicago. We missed Chris Isaac’s set, due to extreme traffic delays (the Chicago Blues Fest and a White Sox game were also going on). My seat was about 10 rows back, directly in front of her ribbon-festooned mic – I was thrilled just to see it. I cannot describe how beautiful and powerful she is – from the moment she took the stage until her final wave to her fans. The set list was the same as previous shows; she had the whole venue on its feet, rocking for the entire concert. Amazingly, when she started to chant “Baby, baby, baby, baby … you can’t see me now … you can’t save me now” at the end of Gold Dust Woman, the crowd was almost silent, just to hear her and watch her raise her hands up, almost as though she was blessing us. She looked beautiful, but at one point she commented on the cold Chicago weather, laughing as she told us that the band just came from Atlanta and they weren’t expecting such chilly weather. Chicago loves you, Stevie – please come back soon!
The show on Friday nite was absolutley incredible. Stevie opened with Stand Back and let me say this, it was powerful. The crowd went crazy as she walked down the center of the stage looking incredibly relaxed and confident. The sound at this venue was incredible. I'm sure her sound crew can be credited for that. Stevie sang and improvised a lot more than in the past. It was great to hear her in such great vocal form. Rhiannon was exceptionally haunting both vocally and visually with background images which lacked the dolls from previous shows. She talked a lot throughout the set which was great. She made mention to the chilly weather in Chicago which was apparently a welcoming change for her since she remarked on how they were "frying in Atlanta" the day before. Stevie didn't hold back on "How Still My Love" aka "Still of the Night". She twirled her shawl over her head as she slowy walked off stage. Very cool. Overall, the show was outstanding and she truly gave her best. I hope she tours every summer. We love you Stevie.
i have recently returned from my road trip to chicago to see a lady that i have been a fan of for 16 years. i am from louisville, ky and i've never travelled that great distance by myself but i was determined to see the one that kept me enthralled for all this time. i arrived well on time taking in all the sites of the pavilion and the people that i shared one common thread with. chris isaaks got the show off to a cool start. he got the fans' attention when he came out in the crowd dancing, hugging the ladies, and posing for pictures. he was funny and charming, and he really likes to gyrate. he performed a full set and towards the end i was getting really anxious for stevie. his show wrapped up, the stage hands switched out gear, and finally lights were dimmed and a very familiar beat pounded through the pavilion. i had stumbled upon my concert tickets when purchasing them on line. i was supposed to be in the 300 section but instead came across tickets for floor seats in the 100 section for just $20 more. i was about 20 feet away from the stage and was so glad for dumb luck. the audience was in a continued roar awaiting their rock goddess, the music still going, and right on time, stevie emerged from inbetween the drum set and the percussions. the lights were still a little dim then she began "no one looked as i walked by. just an invitation would have been just fine..." with the opening line i was able to see her face. it was surreal knowing she was there in person. she talked in between songs and gave us fans insite on the meaning behind the lyrics. a very nice touch. people were gathered all around the stage and in the aisle ways. i was not bothered by that since i'm only 5'2 which meant the more people out of their seats from in front of me, the more easily i could see; but after a few songs, security broke up the chaos and sent everyone back to their assigned area. only people with tickets to the center rows could be permitted to be at the tip of the stage. they took advantage of that opportunity when edge of 17 began. knowing stevie would shake hands and accept gifts, fans clung to the stage to take part in this ritual. she walked from one end of the stage to the other, waving and ackowledging the people that have stuck with her through the years. the song faded away and so did the band members on stage. the crowd was cheering and obviously wanted more. not to disappoint her fans, the piano player, one of chicago's very own, came out and began an intro to what i thought was "has anyone ever written anything for you?". as i listened closer, taking in the scenery of candles lit atop the piano and the solemnity, i realized that it wasn't " has anyone..." but instead, and without exaggeration, one of my most favorite songs of hers, "beauty and the beast". she chose this song to close with, took a few bows with the band, and just like that the show was over. stevie had left the stage for good this time. it was truly an incredible experience and i'm so glad i was a part of her 2007 tour. thank you stevie for giving me a memory to last a long while.

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