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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

6/9/07 DTE Energy Music Theatre Detroit, MI

It was a great night for a concert. Beautiful weather. I got inside the venue at around 7:30. I got my merchandise first. Too much to choose from. Wanted to get alot more of the shirts but I only got 4 of them. (Wanted the Hoodie too hopefully I'll find it sometime). I got other items as well (both posters/magnet/key chain/mug/tour book). Unfortunately, when I got to my seat I'd missed most of Chris's show. I really wanted to see it but ....maybe next time. I did see like the last 3 numbers or so. My seats were great on the left side of the stage right close to the front. I've not ever , ever been that close at DTE/Pine Knob before. Right by the speakers. I think I was totally overwhelmed by the sights and the sounds. Stevie came on stage at about 9:00 or so....Her outfit was so awesome. I loved the boots and the sparkly leg warmers. AWESOME. I loved 'If Anyone Falls'....great song. My favorite part of the night was when Stevie sang 'Landslide' ...there were pictures shown on the screen of Stevie with her family/dad....I was crying. After my Dad had his spell last year and was in the Hospital (last July 12, '06) --he had to have a pacemaker put in...this song and all the family pictures really got to me. I was crying big time. I couldn't see the pictures that well....there was something covering up the guitars on that left side of the stage so I could only see half of the pictures.....either way I loved it alot. While Stevie was singing 'Fall From Grace' a bug flew down her throat at the end....she messed up the words but either way it was great. I got to go down for my first ever Edge of 17 walk....right at the left side of the stage. I was so excited....but I think I was in such awe of actually being there....when Stevie finally came to my side(I hand my right hand out)....I thought she would shake my hand but went to the others right next to me.....I was saddened by this but I know she can't shake everyone's hand and hopefully, there will be a next time so that I maybe able to shake her hand and tell her how much her music means to me. Thank You Stevie for a wonderful night.....Please record again and tour again. Thanks for everything!! It does really matter!!! Blame It On My Wild Heart.....Come back to Michigan too!!!!!! Thanks for CV and the DVD too esp the recording of BD--AWESOME!!!!! As a fan of 19 yrs almost 20(next yr!)Thank You!!!!!!!!!
Ed Hummel
Thank you DTE for hosting the best concert I think Ive seen of a solo Stevie. Thanks to Polly and Tom for making it happen. The concert was beautiful, high energy, perfect in every way. Thank you Chris Issak, Stevie Nicks, players, singers, fans and Kid Rock. I will never forget this concert. It had the feeling of her last for some reason. Probably because it was in support of "Crystal Visions". I don’t think it could get any better than it did that night. Love you Stevie. Always have, always will. Thank you.
1ST ROW - That alone tells you that it was utterly A-MA-ZING for me! Stevie looked so incredibly beautiful and her weight loss has put her in the best physical look in years :-) So of course I had very 1st row so the show was tremendous. When the gates opened up at 6:30 we went straight to our seats. Stevie's drummer was walking around on stage and said hello to me and my friend who flew up from Texas for the show. About 15 minutes later, WADDY came out and cut across the stage to the other stage door! As soon as I seen him I yelled "WADDY! YOU ROCK!" My friend told me I must have spilled 2 paragraphs to him about how great he is. He came over, shook my hand, and said "thanks mine!" The drummer saw the whole thing and just smiled. I was mad at myself though because I was going to bring Waddy a card like I did for Sharon & Stevie but I decided against it. Then I had this one-on-one opportunity with him and had nothing. Oh well. Chris Issak was okay. My friend got to go up on stage with like 15 other girls during his last song so that was cool. But of course the reason why we went: STEVIE!!!! Stevie came out to the very intensely chilling version of STAND BACK. Ugh, she was tremendous :-) She was very talkative through the night explaining song meanings, etc. Rhiannon was terrific and Gold Dust Woman was probably my favorite. Landslide, Anyone Falls in Love, I Need to Know were also all great. There really wasn't a bad song all night. During one of the songs, I can't remember which one, she screwed up the words after having a really sick look on her face. After the song she apologized greatly to the crowd as she said she had just swallowed a mosquito! So Sharon ran over and gave Stevie her bottled water. Sharon is such a sweetheart!!!! Of course though being in first row EDGE OF SEVENTEEN provided the best moments of the night :-) I gave Stevie my single rose and Valentines Day card (4 months late, lol). She handed it to her security guard and then looked me in the eyes and said "thank you." I said "STEVIE I LOVE YOU!" She just smiled and moved on. When she looks you in your eyes there is seriously no better feeling in the world. Oh my word! It was just so amazing and then she shook my friend's hand too! But the biggest thing is my friend video taped (:45 seconds) of Stevie doing the Edge Walk and it captures Stevie taking my card and flower!!!!!! You'll see my face and everything. So I have to wait for my friend to forward that to me. She also took a picture of me early in the show with Stevie in the background. I saw it on her digital camera, it looks so fake but its REAL. So I can't wait to get a copy of it :-) And of course after the Edge Walk concluded and Stevie sang "SHE SAYS SOMEDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT MY BABY! I THINK ABOUT YOU!" it was just like a victory party as I love that new verse and after the special moments that just transpired it was so amazing! :-) In the encores KID ROCK came out and banged Stevie's tambourine while smoking a big, fat cigar during Led Zeppelin's ROCK & ROLL. He was wearing a Miller High Life hat on backwards with a wife beater on. Him and Stevie were really getting along on stage, having LOTS of FUN! It was so cool. Then she went back to change outfits and came out for Beauty and the Beast more elegant looking than I have ever, ever seen her look in my whole entire life! After Beauty & the Beast the band took two bows and then I waved Sharon over as she walked off. I handed her the Snoopy thank you card I brought for her. She shook my hand and I told her I loved her. She smiled and said she loved me too as well as thank you. She was so cute. She was confused why I was calling her over, she thought I was calling somebody else over. She was hesitant because of the confusion but then finally realized the card was for her. So overall I met a lot of great Stevie fans, got to shake Stevie's hand, give her my rose & card, talked to Waddy, greeted Sharon, and overall just had a phenomenal Stevie experience!! Rock & Roll Forever, thank you, and good night :-)
Stevie looked fanfreakintabulous!! and her voice was perfect. Hopefully Stevie will release a DVD of How Still My Love! I was absolutely awestruck! What a treat to have Kid Rock smoking a fat cigar while dancing with Stevie and playing her tambourine. Fall from Grace. Has been my favorite since Stevie the Trouble in Shangra-la Tour. I hope and prey this was not Stevies' final Tour.
I just attended the Clarkston, Michigan concert at the DTE Energy Center. It was phenomenal. Stevie looked and sounded beautiful. The set hasn't changed. It was so great to hear If Anyone Falls live and How Still My Love....I love the way she does that song live. The band was great. Waddy is an awesome guitar player with his own unique sound. Kid Rock joined Stevie on stage for Rock 'n Roll. He played the tambourine and danced around Stevie. At the end of the song he knelt down and did a bow to her. The background imagery on the screen behind Stevie was stunning. She looked so beautiful and ethereal when she came out for Beauty and the Beast. A dark purple dress and her hair pulled back with flowers in it. My sister and I stayed at a hotel and both rooms next to us were also people attending the show....who knows how many more guests were there just to see Stevie. When we woke up the next day, we could hear the guy next to us singing Stand Back. I should mention to that Chris Isaak did a great job. He ran off the stage and into the crowd a few times. I don't own any of his CDs but I'm definitely buying some now based on what I heard last night. He was pretty funny too talking to the crowd. During one of his songs some girls got up to go to the bathroom and he says, "hey where are you going, can't you hold it...ease up on the beer" what's funny is they were walking away during a part of the song that the lyrics say "don't leave me".
This was the BEST Stevie Nicks show that I have ever been to. I can not even count how many Stevie /Fleetwood Mac shows that I have seen since 1982. But this one tops them all! If there are any fans out there that are having second thoughts about going to see this tour GO!!!!! I have been a fan since the song DREAMS hit the charts back in 1977 and have had the chance to see her solo and with the MAC. Last night was just OUT OF THIS WORLD! The set list was the same as they had posted but the best part of this show was that KID ROCK came out and jammed the Led Zeppelin classic 'ROCK AND ROLL" with Stevie Nicks!! I know that he is from the Detroit area and has made several SURPRISE APPEARANCES with other artist that play in the Detroit area,but I had no idea that he would show up on stage with Stevie last night!! Thank You MS.STEVIE NICKS for giving me one of the best 2 hours that I have had in my life since my mother passed away in 2004. She was also a fan of yours and had been to several of your shows with me. She would have been very pleased to know that you had made me so happy last night with your great talent and love! Thank You once again Stevie for being everything that you are!!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS,Karen from Michigan!
Stevie Dore
Hello my name is Stevie Dore and I am 12 years old. Thank you Stevie Nicks for this wonderful life changing experience. I just went to the concert in Detroit on June 9th. I was in the front row and I was the little girl dancing all night and singing every word. I'm so excited because I got drum sticks and a guitar pick from Waddy. Waddy was so great I will never forget him. He was so nice to me smiling and laughing, I loved it. Tell Waddy I say thank you so much. I also went to the concert in Las Vegas December 8th at Ceasars Palace. That show was amazing too. My favorite part of the show was probabaly Rhiannon because I do a dance solo to Rhiannon for compitition at Miss Lores Dance Rage in Bay City MI. Dancing is a passion to me and I love to dance to your music.Stevie, I believe that music can heal the world. Your music just calms the soul, but yet gives it excitment at the same time. Thank you for all your hard work for all these years, everyone appreciates it including me. Thank you once again and hope to see you soon! Love, Stevie
Jim Truszkowski
I have to say, I just love Stevie Nicks, she is truly a legend! The night was perfect for a outdoor concert, had 8th row center tickets, my view was straight in front of Stevie, perfect! Chris Issac, was ok, but I really would rather have Stevie as a solo act and a full 2 hour show, the setlist was the same, the audience engery was incredible, I have seen Stevie everytime at this venue since 1986 and have to say, some years alot of people sat most of the night, but not tonight, people were on there feet from the 1st beats of Stand Back, the only times people tended to sit down was thru Landslide, what a beautiful picture show of Stevie and her life/family. I LOVED her cloths, she look Fantastic!!! The boots are back!!! The merchandise was great! The Stage and band perfect. My only downside to it was songs like "Enchanted, I need to know, How still my love," I went with 3 other people who have never seen Stevie live before, they loved her, but thought these songs really didnt fit, most importantly since she was touring with Crystal Visions, the very best of...They really wanted to hear hits like "Talk to Me, Rooms on Fire, Stop Draggin...Leather and lace, Gypsy..." I told them its hard, because I am sure she likes to do some of her favorites as well, but in the end I do agree, Frankly I have seen The 3 songs I mentioned enough to last a life time! The highlight for me "Fall from Grace,(she even swallowed a "famous Michigan Mosquito, kept singing, actually adlibbed the entire ending, was fun thou!) Golddust Woman, Edge of 17, Rock N Roll, which I am not a huge fan of but Kid Rock came out on Stage which was fun and of course Beauty and the Beast! ", a perfect ending to a perfect night! She was amazing, and I so look foreward to a new SOLO CD and tour SOON!!!! "Turn to your guardian Angels..."
Stevie Nicks just gets better and better as she ages, like good wine. She is timeless. I have seen Stevie for many years and at several venues, I think the DTE Center was a wonderful setting for the concert. Stevie was at the top of her game, her vocals were stunning. I was at the stage during Edge of Seventeen, unfortunately I did'nt get to shake her hand but making herself accessable to her fans is outstanding - and for 30 some years! I traveled 6 hours to see her, it was worth every mile!!!
Matthew Fasang
Well the Detroit area date finally got here and it was worth the wait. A beautiful cloudless evening with temps in the high seventies, but enough about details nobody reading this cares about. Chris Isaac came on stage exactly at 7:30 and started his set. I was in the front row with a group and put a stuffed penguin from the movie “Happy Feet” on the edge of the stage. When Issac came out the first thing he did was pick up the stuffed animal and pitch it back stage. Maybe he thought it was for him. People were polite for his set and interacted with funny banter. “Wicked Game” live was of course the hightlight. Stevie came on after the stage was reset and rocked the house with “Stand Back which surprised those who had not seen the set list on the website. Stevie looked fabulous and beyond beautiful, her voice full and healthy. She rolled though sections from Crystal Visions with a sprinkling of Fleetwood Mac classics with of course a killer version of “Gold Dust Woman” with Waddy providing the dead on creepy surreal guitar riffs Lindsay created many years ago. I have only missed one tour that Stevie has done with either Fleetwood Mac or solo and that was ‘Wild Heart” due to a hospital stay (the only thing that could keep me away.) so being in front I was primed for “Edge of Seventeen”. Waddy didn’t disappoint and delivered what is now one of the most recognized leads in popular rock. Enter Stevie in yet another wardrobe change spinning on stage to the delirious delight of the crowd. Stevie delivered the song in a powerful full throat vocal that whipped the capacity crowd into a frenzy. She greeted all of us in the front with personal handshakes and I offered up a kiss which she respectfully declined, yet accepted the Penguin I had a roadie retrieve between her and Isaac’s sets. Hey, I went for it and I didn’t feel bad as she didn’t kiss anyone else. Kissing her hand was not a bad consolation though. Anyways, the encores followed with a visibly drunk Kid Rock coming onstage to join Stevie in a cover of the Led Zeppelin classic “Rock in Roll”. You could tell the lit cigar Rock waved in Stevie’s face during what I am sure was a planned duet that didn’t happen bothered her somewhat, but it was Stevie’s show and clearly her audience that she didn’t want to disappoint. The concert closed with a beautiful performance of “Beauty and the Beast” with only retro pictures of Stevie growing up behind her during the performance of “Landslide” topping it. It was a true tribute that Stevie’s true diehard fans from Michigan were all sitting close up. I saw many of the familiar faces I only get to see when Stevie comes around. Thank you for including us on this tour Stevie and that kiss still stands….you know how to reach me.
What a magical night! The weather couldn't have been better, nor the excitement higher than it was for this special show. My friends and I headed to Detroit early to tailgate before the show. We met a "superfan" named David, and his friend (sorry we couldn't remember your name!!) who drove in from Pittsburgh for the show. He has met Stevie, and has some great CD's of stuff I had never heard before. We had a great time! Thanks for sharing your CD's David! We got the the back of the pavilion just as Chris Isaak's first song was starting. Chris looked so handsome in his powderblue suit. To our surprise, he came up through the audience to the lawn seating area (still singing!) and walked right past us. He sat down on a blanket next to some people, and kept singing the whole time! He was awesome!! I especially loved "Somebody's Cryin." I'd go see him again!! What can I say about Stevie's show that hasn't been said before? I've seen Stevie/Fleetwood Mac over 30 times, (the first time in 1980) and she just keeps getting better. My friends remarked that Stevie's voice was in top form. Also, lots and lots of smiles from Stevie throughout the night! What a great smile she has! I loved the family photos in "Landslide". I loved "Fall from Grace", and of course the beautiful piano intro for "Rhiannon." Another highlight was the drum solos between the percussionist and the drummer prior to "Edge of Seventeen." Incredible!!! Of course what would the evening be without the chance to go down to the stage in hopes of handing Stevie some flowers and maybe get some eye contact. We got down to the right side of the stage, didn't get to hand flowers to her, but she did wave at us and her bodyguard did take them. I got to say hi to Lori (geez you girls are so tiny!) Sharon, Jana and Lori had some great outfits for the show, especially Sharon, love that leather look!! The kicker came during the intro to "Rock and Roll." Out walks Kid Rock, puffing on a stogy and banging on Stevie's tamborine. The crowd went NUTS!!! He's banging that tamborine on his chest, he and Stevie are signing together, it was soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Stevie for coming to Michigan, we'll drive whereever you are for just one more chance to see ya. I never stopped smiling the whole night. YOU ROCK!!!!!!
Stevie looks the best she has since the OSOTM tour! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT INCREDIBLE, AWESOME, MAGICAL, AND MAGNIFICENT. I was finally able to shake the hand of our High Priestess of Rock -n- Roll after 24 years of seeing her in concert! Kid Rock joined her for "Rock and Roll" THANKS STEVIE.....59 and forever ROCKING!!!!!
Curtis Helmus
Saturday night was my 18th Stevie concert. She was amazing as usual. Chris Isaak was the most enjoyable opening act I have ever seen. He was very entertaining. He certainly did a good job Tuning the crowd up for Stevie. The crowds dynamics made this particular show one of the better ones of the 18 Stevie shows that I have seen. It truly was an incredible evening with Stevie. It even included a surprise appearance by Kid Rock on the Zepplin cover, Rock and Roll.
Dean Martelle
The day was absolutely beautiful. Clear skies and a day time high in the upper 70's. This lead to a cool clear night which was perfect for rock and roll under the stars. Chris Issak is great performer with fine band and a set list of great rock staples. He also has great banter with the audience. It's worth it to see his part of the show. Chris and Stevie have worked together in the past. A couple of duets would be nice to hear. (See the Chris Issak show for a Chris and Stevie duet of It's Late) Stevie is looking great. She was absolutely radiant for the whole show. She was also very animated with frequent twirling, dancing, air guitar, air drums, and a kick on Stand Back. She was also more talkative with the audience than I have ever seen her. This show was not smooth. Once Stevie said it had gone "golwonkers" but she maintained her composure and kept going. Her perseverance paid off with a strong finish and rescued a show from problems that would have broken a lesser performer. The show go off to a rough start. Stevie sounded very raspy in Stand Back. I was concerned that she was coming down with bronchitis. I know she lost a lot of shows to bronchitis in the Trouble in Shangri- La tour. I did not want Stevie to go through that again! I needn't have worried. In the second song the gravel was gone. Her voice got stronger as the night went on. Stevie is holding notes longer and regaining her high range. She is in good voice, and getting better every year. Stevie is at the point now that she is showing off what she has regained. To that I say you go girl! Stevie wanted to dedicate Landslide to Kid Rock but he was not at the show (that she knew about) so she dedicated it to Detroit: music city. The got a big cheer from the crowd. I loved the slide show that went with Landslide. Family is very important to Stevie and it shows. Having Lori on stage is great for us but allows Stevie to make the point. While singing Fall from Grace I knew something was wrong when Stevie sang 3 lines out of order. It turned out that a mosquito flew into Stevies' windpipe and broke her concentration. This caused the lyric mixup that put off the back up singers. Stevie recovered and finished the song with style. I really like this slightly slower tempo version of Fall from Grace. This song fell just a few steps short of outstanding on TISL. The new tempo gives the song a crushing power that was missing from earlier versions. I liked hearing If Anyone Falls and How Still My Love. Mixing up the set list is great. I love hearing a variety of songs live. I hope Stevie keeps bringing songs out of the vault, dusting them off and singing them for us. Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman, were particularly strong, performances. When it came time for the first encore (Rock and Roll) Kid Rock joined Stevie on stage playing Stevies tambourine, smokiing a big cigar and dancing (but not singing). At the end of Rock and Roll he went to one knee to honor the queen of rock. Stevie returned the salute with a gracious bow of her own. If he was at the show all along and Stevie didn't know or he got word and came later, it was good to see him. Beauty and the Beast was the perfect closer. Stevie conveyed elegance and poise, worthy of the star she is. The true test of any performer is how they react and compensate when things go bad. By that measure Stevie passed this trial beautifully. Stevie and adversity are well aquainted. She delivered a fine performance in spite of and right through the rough spots. Kudos also to Waddy and the whole band for hanging tough and backing up Stevie when she was in trouble. Even with the problems they had it was a great show.
I saw the most awesome show ever last night (June 9, 2007) at DTE in Michigan. Now I have been a serious fan of Stevie NIcks since the early 1970's. I must say the show last night was just spectactular. Way beyond words.
Michelle Lynne
So I went to see Stevie Nicks last night at DTE in Clarkston. I think this was the 14th time that I have seen her either solo or with Fleetwood Mac since 1986 when my 12th row floor ticket was only $16.00. Last night an equivalent ticket would have been $135, so luckily it was a beautiful night to be sitting in the "cheap" seats on the lawn. Anyway, after seeing Stevie that many times, you know what to expect, so I can't really say there were any big surprises. This wasn't my favorite time seeing her, but one reason is just because the set list was about 4 songs shorter than it has been for the last few tours. But with as many great songs as she has, how do you even chose which songs you will do? If you have seen Stevie in concert before, you know that traditionally she starts out kind of mellow, opening with "Outside the Rain," and "Dreams,"then about halfway through the show she goes back stage and comes back out rocking with "Stand Back," and the whole energy changes. When I heard that she was opening with "Stand Back" I thought that would be a good way to start- to open the show with all that energy, but the level never quite reached what it has in other shows. A lot of my perception though is probably just because of sitting further away than I am used to and feeling a little removed from the action. It's a whole different feeling up front. I'm sure that Stevie being 59 now also has something to do with it, but I can't think of a single artist that has been around or will be around in 30+ years that has the grace and presence that Stevie still has, and whose songs that I will never tire of. Either way, While I appreciate that Stevie tried to change things up, I really missed "Outside the Rain." It's hard to nail down an all time favorite Stevie song, but if you asked me today, this would be the one. I'm not sure that Stevie was having a good day either, because at at one point when she tried to introduce the band she had a hard time because she said that she thought one of our famous mosquitos had flown down her throat and said something along the lines of the whole day being kind of screwed up. The set was very simple, but there was a nice video backdrop behind the stage that was used for various visual effects. During "Rhiannon" Stevie's drawings were projected on it. She introduced "Landslide" saying " a lot of people think they know what this song is about, but you don't. It's about family." Then old pictures of herself along with her mother, brother, and father(who recently died) were projected on the screen. She also traditionally dedicates this song to somebody in the audience, but she said that she didn't know anybody in Detroit to dedicate it to, except for Kid Rock, but he wasn't here because he probably had better things to do, so she would just dedicate it to all of Detroit. ("Detroit City" as she calls it, and somebody has to tell her when she comes to DTE, she's really in Clarkston-lol) Anyway, for me the highlight of the show was during her encore of "Rock and Roll" by Led Zepplin when she is surprised on stage by Kid Rock who showed up after all. She lent him her tamborine and the whole place was rockin' for this one, and singing along.. "Been a long time, been a long time, been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time..." Chris Issak was pretty good also. I was impressed because he managed to sing while he came up all the steps from the stage to frolick with everyone in the lawn area. I don't know how he did it without being winded. All in all it was a great evening and if Stevie adds a show in Cleveland, I'm there.
Well, it was my second time seeing Stevie, and she was just as amazing as she was when I saw her in Las Vegas! I had such a blast, and I feel very lucky to be able to experience something so amazing in my lifetime. She performed incredibly well, and she left my parents and I stunned and singing Rock and Roll as we left. I was standing and dancing around during the entire concert, and I think I was annoying some of the people behind me. Kid Rock showing up was a pretty fantastic surprise! I don't think anybody expected that. The most touching moment of the entire show, however, was during Landslide when the pictures of her and her father were shown in the background. I was leaning on my dad the entire time. All I can say is that I hope this isn't the last time that I get to see Stevie. My goal of touching her hand during Edge of Seventeen has yet to be accomplished...
Brenda Moore
I have been a huge fan of Stevie Nicks since first seeing her with Fleetwood Mac during the Rumours tour and have attended almost every Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks concerts since. Never before have I had such an incredible concert experience as the one Saturday night. Stevie looked and sounded amazing and I was able to get to the stage during the Edgewalk. Twice Stevie clasped both her hands on mine for several seconds! I was truly in awe. She was very personable with the audience, talking between every song. Thank you Stevie for such an incredible evening!
Dave S.
This is my first show of the tour...and as the years go by, Stevie still does her thing and well. Made the trip from Pittsburgh to Michigan since the tour wasn't stopping in Pgh this time. Been a longtime fan, and actually was hoping to maybe get at least one rarity song, or something that's not preformed much, but that didn't happen. Starting out the show with Stand Back to me seemed to be a bad call...that's usually the "showstopper" that is usually the song that people look forward to hearing mid-show. I actually miss having the show start out with "Outside the Rain/Dreams" Its ashame that the song didn't make it onto the set list. One of the Highlights was actually having Kid Rock come out during the Encore of Rock and Roll to Jam with her. Stevie actually seemed like she was having a GREAT time esp with Kid Rock up there with her. I was actually impressed with the Venue itself, was in a great location and was nice to have second row seats and to have the seats so close to the stage. Overall, The band sounded great, as did Stevie, and the weather was perfect. Thanks to Robin and Dana for making this a memorable roadtrip. I couldn't think of two other people that I would of rather went with...we had a blast!

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