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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

3/20/07 Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, Nevada

Cindy Florence
Just wanted to write and say how much fun I had at the show in Vegas. My husband and I flew in from Utah for the event. We were ten rows from the stage and I could not have been more excited. Stevie was on her game and I was speechless the whole concert. I even cried at the end. It was very emotional for me when she sang Beauty And The Beast. It was worth the two thousand I lost gambling! Money will come and go..... but, I will remember that concert the rest of my life. I love you Stevie.
I could not fathom how Stevie would follow up her classic and energized Las Vegas shows from 2005. I was coming again to see the March 20 and March 21 shows and she did not disappoint. While the Monday show showed a tinge of rust (by no means enough to take away from the beauty and talent of Stevie and her band), the Tuesday show rocked! Everyone was clicking and some additional improvising beyond the Monday show seemed to naturally flow. My wife and I are still talking about the performance of "Be Still My Love". Stevie had the whole audience mesmerized during the end of that song and I truly did not want it to end! Her voice captivates as she sings her songs that she has known and loved like a dear friend; songs such as "Landslide" and "Beauty and the Beast" to name two. Songs that require a raw energy, such as "I Need to Know" and "Stand Back", she brought pure energy to their lyrics and you could tell she was enjoying herself. Waddy and the band (with some small changes) were fantastic and on time every time. They truly looked as if they were enjoying themselves also - it showed in the music. Speaking of "Stand Back", my only concern with the Vegas venue, is that while you can "stand back" , you better not stand up! Caesar's limited capacity makes this event special the 4 times I have seen Stevie here. Because it is in Vegas, the audience is a mix of tried and true Stevie fans who know all the songs and the public accounts of Stevie's roller coaster ride of life to get to this stage of her career with fans who may know Stevie and her "hit" songs, but do not know or appreciate the true story behind her storied career. On Tuesday I was seated in a section that was not getting into like some true Stevie fans and it caused some tension amongst all the fans within that section. Still, without hesitation I would go again. If you are attending Friday or Saturday, size up your section early!
I attended opening night Tuesday 3/2 0 in Vegas. WOW !!!!!! Very cool venue, AND the BEST Stevie show I have EVER witnessed !!!! When Stevie opened up with "Stand Back" you knew you were in in for the ROCK of your life ! I'm so very glad I made the trip from Jersey. Stevie not only looked fabulous, her voice sounds the best it's ever been. Stevie just looked so comfortable and her audience was awash in her sweetness. Although, I loved every single song, "Rhiannon" was a poignant & soulful moment. You could not help but be effected by the tenderness and sincerity in Stevie's voice. But I think the most touching moment when Stevie sang " Beauty and The Beast". The last time I saw her do that song was at The Meadowlands on The Wild Heart Tour with The N.J. Symphony Orchestra. As beautiful as that was, it did NOT come close to THIS performance. The radiance of our poetess during this song will not easily be forgotten. Stevie much thanks for this wonderful show-it's a memory that will treasured for the rest of my life.
Travelled from Hawaii to see Stevie in Vegas. From Stand Back to Beauty and the Beast- and everything in between- the show was spellbinding! Stevie looked beautiful and her voice and energy were incredible! It was such a great show! Stevie - you've rocked my world for over 30 years ! Never break the chain.
Well. I have just returned back to the UK after flying out to Las Vegas to see Stevie and the gang in concert. It was amazing - Stevie was sensational. This has been a dream of mine for many years, and it was better than I could have ever imagined. So Stevie - thank you for an incredible night I will never forget. We all love you.
Fantastic! Stevie you just keep getting better! We were in the back of the orchestra pit but made our way to the stage. I actually got to touch her hand, finally! Stevie seemed very at ease, playful. Her voice as beautiful as she was. She truly has magic around her. Thank you Stevie for enchanting me again.
Well Let me tell you this STEVIE she came out with STAND BACK first!!! for every song she sang she was absolutely brillant!!! Not one FLAW in any thing she was so happy and chatty and really into all her songs! She sang GOLD DUST WOMEN and she sent us all in a tance when she repeated for the longest time I have ever heard her "RUNNING IN THE SHADOW" over and over again. SHe practically made love to her fans during HOW STILL MY LOVE it was fantastic. The GIRLS were so good STEVIE and SHARON singing so well together like they do for SOCERER and Lori was WELCOMED BACK immensly by STEVIE and her GIRLS and All the FANS :) JANA YOUR VOICE IS SO BEAUTFIUL! DAMN GIrlfrien How do you hit those HIGH notes absolutely beautiful/ FALL FROM GRACE my favorite song on the TISL album ( an extention of janis joplins BOBBIE MCGEE) She turned back around for me held my hands and I gave her my present she was thrilled and said THANK YOU and I said THANK YOU STEVIE YOUR SHOW was awesome!!!! YOU HAD YOUR GAME ON never stop LOVE SUMMER and TONY ( the man you blew a kiss two as he got taken away by some of your presistan fans)we are happy. Peace.
FANTASTIC!! Opening night in Las Vegas. I don't know where to start!! I arrived early Tuesday morning with my fiance`. We stayed at the Flamingo (our first time actually staying on the strip). This was the 7th time I've seen Stevie, but all day I was so excited!! When we got to Caesars there was Stevie's picture on the sign outside & several more in front of the Colosseum. There were lots of things to buy before the show. T-shirts, bears, & a poster. Our seats were great...center stage!! We were so close you could almost touch her!! The show started a bit late. First Bootylicious & then the Deep Dish Dreams mix...you could see Stevie behind the drums & then everyone took their places & Stand Back started!! She changed the whole set around!! She did a cool high kick & her ever present twirls!! She looked gorgeous. Her hair was soooooooo long, almost to her waist. She had her platforms on for the whole show!! She looked very rested & happy. Her voice was incredible. Very clear. She did a new version of Gold Dust Woman, adding new lyrics at the end. She did a really sexy slow dance around Waddy at the end. She was very talkative with the audience. She joked around a lot. Lori was there & looking great. Stevie did most of the usual songs...Dreams, If Anyone Falls, Landslide, Beauty, Enchanted, Sorcerer, Fall From Grace, Rhiannon, etc. She added new endings to a lot of the songs...it made them all seem new!! She added How Still My Love again & it was great!! That has always been one of my favorites. Edge of Seventeen was really high energy!! Unfortunately when she went down to shake hands a lot of people got very rude & she had to tell them to get back more than once. It's very gracious of her to do that & people should be more respectful. She didn't do as many shawl changes as usual, she had her gold one & then a black glittery one with gloves. She wore her top hat at the end. The band sounded absolutely perfect. Stevie looked better than I can remember. At times when the lights hit her a certain way, she looked like an angel. Very ethereal. Very Stevie. It was a great night & if I see her 700 more times I will never get tired of it. Seeing Stevie live is like no other experience on earth!! Thanks Stevie for another wonderful memory!!
The show was wonderful as usual, I try to go to a performance everytime stevies in town. I even got blessed to have been moved to an orchestra seat.Thank you Stevie,I love you.
Mike and Cindy C.
Just flew back into Houston with my ex-wife :) from Vegas after seeing an unbelievable opening night for Stevie in Vegas. I've seen her and Fleetwood Mac about 70 times since 1976, and I have to say this was one of the best performances I've ever seen. Saw her December 8, 06 at Caesar's also. Last night had a great song set and when she opened with "Stand Back", the entire crowd seemed surprised, but what a way to get pumped up for the night. We had third row seats which were fantastic. Lori, Jana, and Sharona were about 10 feet in front of us which was great. When the show first started, I smiled at Lori and she smiled back and did a little wave down by her side. Sharona and Jana were great, also. Back to Stevie, it is amazing that her voice remains in great form and she still can mesmerize the entire crowd. Just as beautiful as ever, if even more so!!!!!! Highlights of the night were "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" and "Beauty and the Beast" The only complaint is that some of her fans have no respect at all. As she came to shake hands with everyone at the end of "Edge of Seventeen", some of the people were actually holding on to her hand and would not let go. I was able to shake her hand and told her what a great evening. If anyone reads this who was one of the ass_ _ _ _ 's , who kept a grasp on her hand, learn respect. Stevie even looked a little freaked out and then said she had to go, and went back to the middle of the stage. Stevie, you only get better "as the days go by" Keep rockin!!!!!! Can't wait until March 27th to buy "Crystal Visions". Look forward to seeing Stevie on her summer tour. I'm sure it will be just as magical as last night!!!!!!!!!!
Stevie did it again! After all these years, she continues to thrill and amaze me and to hear that incredible voice live! I was lucky enough to get front row seats through Ticketmaster, which added to the excitement tonight. Ageless and beautiful, Stevie opened with Stand Back and closed with Beauty and the Beast and threw in If Anyone Falls, which I haven't heard her do live in a very long time. Her and the band and the ladies were all in great spirits and put on a spectacular show. With those stairs at the front of the stage, I wondered how Stevie would do the "Edge Walk," but she did it and shaking her hand this evening is something that I will never forget. I'm excited about the new CD / DVD combo and look forward to seeing her this summer on tour. Stevie, thank you for 32 years of incredible music and for continuing to do what you do - nobody else compares! You continue to inspire so many.
I had front row last nite here in Vegas and the show was totally awesome.. Stevie looked great and was very energetic. She started the set with Standback and then went into Gold Dust woman. She added I Need To Know and axed Outside the Rain. The song list was in a different order which was kind of cool because it felt like she changed the show. There was NO cape for Rhiannon and she totally got into I Need to Know. Once again.. I got to shake her hand. The seat that I had was right in front of Stevie.. Security was pretty tight, esp during the Edge Walk. The shorter people had a rough time getting to shake her hand. I have 6th row center for the Wed show and 11th row center for the Friday show.. I hope that she makes Las Vegas an occassional home at Caesars once Celine leaves later this year. I hope that everyone has fun at the Vegas shows.. This town is pretty cool to live in because there is always something to do. I remain Enchanted.

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