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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

3/21/07 Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, Nevada

What can I tell you. Everyone was so happy and so talkative to one another. It was a sea of love for Stevie. I had my daughter to another concert and she is mesmerized by the abundance of people who are huge fans(she is now, too)! Her voice was strong and fabulous. The songs, as ever, were exactly what we wanted to hear. The band performed like they were having a lot of fun. We gave Stevie an easter bunny stuffed animal. I hope she enjoys it. I caught eye contact with her sister-in-law, Lori. She has such a pretty smile and gorgeous red hair. Thank you to everyone for a magical night we will never forget.
"Itís been almost a week." I had a fantastic time in Vegas. Road a roller coaster, saw a white tiger, and spent some time at Margarita ville of which I could have spent all day except for the fact I had Nicks tickets and that was why I was there. Stevie was as wonderful as ever! Same with the band! Rock on for ever and ever! Stevie did some great twirls but what really captured me was her singing. Her voice was great. I think she just keeps getting better and better. Specially loved when she carried out the notes, lines at the end of the songs. To cool. Yes she was chatty. I think it is great to hear what she has to tell. Iím glad she is so open as to what her songs are all about. Being a rock star I think she knows she is free to talk about anything. Specially now that it has been so many years since some of them were written. Even at the end when she was about to grab my hand she saw a 78 year old woman and just had to stop and hug her. It was awesome. Stevie has heart and her fans know it. That must be one of the reasons they keep on. Thanks again Stevie for a wonderful night!
I flew from Alaska to Vegas just to see Stevie, and it was definitely worth it. I'm a poor college student, so I had a hard time justifying spending that much money on a concert -- plane ticket, hotel, etc -- but it was definitely worth it. I'm glad I splurged. This was my first time seeing Stevie live, and she did not disappoint. She opened with an awesome version of Stand Back and didn't miss a note through the whole show. She sounded GREAT -- her voice was really strong, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun. She sang the standards, of course, but also "How Still My Love" and a few other rarities. She looked fantastic in her black dress and boots (and the oversized hat for the encore!), and she twirled away. There were no kicks, but that's OK -- I didn't expect any. Stevie was really talkative, too, which -- as I understand it -- is kind of unusual. She talked about the story behind some of the songs, told the audience that Landslide "isn't what anyone thinks it's about," and was very chatty when introducing the band. The cast is familiar -- Takao, Waddy, Jana...and Sharon and Lori are both singing backup again! Yay! This was a great show. I really hope I get the chance to see her again some time!
I saw Stevie in Vegas on March 21 and she was awsome! Wow! I traveled from Phoenix just to see her concert, my 3rd time seeing her. I'm only a year younger than her, so I can REALLY relate to her references to the 70's and 80's. Her performance was flawless and she looked and sounded better than ever, if that's possible. She is such a great talent and totally professional. She didn't even NEED any back-up singers, as her voice is so gorgeous and strong. I would recomment seeing her in concert in Vegas in the future. The Collosium is such a fantastic venue and makes her concert even more fantastical! Stevie is THE rock and roll queen of ALL time. I am amazed by her always! Stevie, please come back to Phoenix AND Ceasar's real soon!!! Thanks for all the pleasure you give to all of us who love you and witness you amazing performances!
Jacquelyn aka SteviGypsi
I had the most wonderful time, and as usual Stevie was awesome, she looks so beautiful. I was about 5 rows from the front, and out of the many times I saw Stevie, this was the first time I was fortunate enough to shake her hand, I didn't realize I was going to be as close, so I didn't bring anything to give Stevie, I decided to give her my favorite silver bangle bracelet that I was wearing. That bracelet meant a lot to me, I had given it to my mother, but in May 2006 I lost her to cancer. The best part of seeing Stevie for me was that I handed her a gift that was so special to me, it was the most awesome feeling to finally give something back to her, she has been my inspiration since 1976. If Stevie is reading this, I want to THANK YOU for all your of your hard work, and the many years of wonderful songs, poems, and most of all you are still singing and performing for us to come see you. Please stay healthy Stevie, I want to keep planning for all your shows in the future!!! Thank you Stevie!!! OH and another big bonus was this show was the first time I saw Lori Nicks perform with her, THANK YOU LORI for being there! You are the one and only rock goddess! Rock on Stevie!
Stevie Stevie Stevie... You never disappoint. My partner and I flew from Tampa to see Stevie Nicks March 21'st in Vegas. We had seen her in Tampa after the Super bowl show. The Tampa show was great. So great we flew cross country to see her. The Vegas show eclipsed even Tampa. In Tampa Stevie was glowing coming off a successful Super bowl show in front of 90,000 people. We were lucky enough to get second row seats at the Caesars Palace Coliseum for the second show of four here in Vegas. Stevie and the band were on fire. You could tell because they hit everything right on. They had things set the way they liked it. A middle aged man next to me was lucky enough to catch a guitar pick from Waddy, and I swear it made his life. He about broke his glasses diving under the seats to get it, but he got it. Fans were still looking for it after the show until I told them that it had already been found! Steve was real chatty with the crowd, and took time to explain some songs to us as to what the meanings were to her when she wrote them. Especially fantastic was "If Anyone Falls (in love)". Stevie hit all her marks, she hit all the chords, and she rocked! Stevie looked so radiant, and happy. I was lucky enough to get a wave from her. I would have liked to have been that fan that got to go back stage, but I was happy to make eye contact and get a wave back. One of the stand outs in the band I thought was the bass player "Al". He was sooo into the songs he was grooving. Anyways this was our third time to go see her, and hopefully not the last. Stevie thanks again. You really rock girl.
Hi fellow Stevie fans! I saw the new show in Vegas last night at Caesar's Palace, and Stevie was radiant! I don't want to give away any secrets, but the show is transformed again, and I want to share a highlight: How Still My Love came through in a way I have never heard it before, I was transfixed! I went with a longtime friend, Alan, who is working with Cirque's Love show in Vegas, and after Stevie's concert, he was able to take me with him to meet Stevie backstage. Alan and Stevie talked a fair amount, and I just stood there in awe, and I remain stunned by my lifetime chance to thank Stevie in person for just all of it. I have to let you know that she is every bit the beautiful person I expected, and she took some time to chat with me unexpectedly, and Stevie was just so very gracious, my accidental visit became a cherished moment, just like one of her songs. You've gotta see the new show!
Shelee Petka
I just got home from a truly amazing trip to Las Vegas ...My friend and I went specifically to see Stevie and let me tell you..She did NOT dissapoint. She looked BEAUTIFUL, sounded AMAZING, and just seemed so excited to be there. She looked so rejuvenated ..like she hasn't been doing this for years and years...there was a youthfullness about her last night that I have never seen before. This was I think my 7th time seeing Stevie and I never leave feeling dissapointed by her! She was in her heels the whole time, dancing like the queen of rock, twirling like it was out of style! She sang such a great playlist..not the original Gold dust tour music. She threw in songs like Enchanted, and How still my love....GREAT songs. She is such a star and knows how to put on a show ..you just can't take your eyes off of her when she is on stage singing. I think a lot of poeple were crying during landslide...and to quote her she was "especially chatty" last night...She was telling a lot of stories and letting us know exactly what these songs meant, when she wrote them ect...The whole audience loves to hear her talk about her music. At the end of the show she always takes so much time to go down to the bottom of the stage to touch people, shake hands and let her fans know how much it means to her that people still come back to see her after so many years...Her fans love her and she reciprocates that back so well. I can't wait to see her again..I can never get enough of my stevie. Tiffany: If you are reading this Kelly and I looked for you but didn't see you in the crowd? Sorry we missed you!

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