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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

3/23/07 Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, Nevada

We flew from west Palm Beach to Vegas to see Stevie perform and what a great show Friday night at Caesars it was! Worth every penny I lost in the slot machines!!! Stevie was phenomenal as she always is!!! I saw her at the Super Bowl Tailgate party(I was right in the front and was so hoping she was going to do the Edge of Seventeen walk, but there was no way she could do to the logisitics!!) where I thought she did an awesome job for all the football fans! And, then to see her again in Vegas was the bomb! She was in perfect vocal form, beautiful in her outfits and brought me to tears during her dedication of Landslide to her niece Jessie and when she came out and sang Beauty and the Beast! Even my husband was brought to tears because her voice was so powerful and packed so much meaning. We were 12 rows back which was perfect b/c we could see everything going on up on the stage!!! She rocked on the Tom Petty song I Need to Know and the Zeppelin song Rock and Roll!!! But, it’s always her songs that are numero uno in my heart! It was nice to hear If Anyone Falls and How Still My Love! Great Job on those. She was very talkative which was great b/c I love to hear her tell how a song came to be and to hear her talk about her band as if each one of them was an immediate Family member! And I am sure they all fell like family because they certainly seem to adore each other when up on stage. We had the pleasure of meeting someone who works for Stevie before the show who said he’s worked for her for 10 years and there is no one like her!! That I agree with! Stevie definitely could fit in Vegas with a regular show if she ever wanted to get of the road and perform in just one spot!!! We look forward to her tour with Chris Isaac (he rocked at the Super Bowl as well!!) Thanks Stevie for another Wonderful, Magical, Mystical evening!!! See you in Atlanta, Boston and wherever else we can fly to to see you on the East Coast!!!
Sandy C.
Chris Frye
I have been a Stevie Nicks fan for a very long time! I have been to Fleetwood Mac Shows and her Solo Shows starting with the Wild Heart Tour. I have to say she was at her best on Friday Night at Caesar's! She looked great and sounded so good, that venue has the best acoustics I have ever heard! Stevie was so confident and her voice so strong. The girls were dead on and it was great to see Lori back at Stevie's side. She dedicated Landslide to her niece that was there that night. I have to say that I paid a lot of money to have 5th row seats, but it was worth every dime! Me and my sister flew in from Atlanta on Wed and left on Sat. We stayed at Paris and in the room on the table was a copy of What's on, the Las Vegas guide; with Stevie on the front cover! I also found about 3 other magazines that had articles on her shows at Caesar's. I am one of many people who connected with Stevie along time ago, and her words and music mean the world to me! I will admit that I cried during Beauty and the Beast! Rock on Stevie Nicks!!! I love you!
Tim Magas Graceful,ageless,beautiful in voice and appearance!! I flew in from Winnipeg, Canada for all 4 shows (as I had in 2005)and it was more than worth the debt I am drowning in.Stevie simply keeps getting better with age.What a surprise to kick the show off with Stand Back!!My ass didn't want to touch the seat from that moment on.One great thing about seeing Stevie live is how she doesn't feel she has to do a song as recorded.She'll use new harmonies,words and phrases and exciting extended endings.At 58 the woman still totally rocks as she proved with Fall From Grace,Rock and Roll,Edge Of Seventeen to name a few.The harmonies between her and the girls are astounding and it is so great to see Lori up there.I had the priviledge of shaking Stevie's hand at the first 3 concerts(touched by the hand of god)as I call it.The most astounding thing of the whole week was after the final show,a total stranger invited me to be her guest at a meet and greet.I was actually face to face with Stevie and became completely speechless.Stevie is genuinely kind and gorgeous and I got to put my arm around her for a picture.I was even able to say a few things to her despite being totally stunned!!Life is full of surprises and people can be truly kind and generous.I will never forget my unbelievable week in Las Vegas.Thank you Stevie and rock on Gold Dust Woman!!
Joy and Michael Effie My husband & I drove from San Diego to see Stevie Friday night, May 23rd, at Caesar's Place, which was absolutely awesome! It's a beautiful venue where the sound is absolutely fabulous! Though we saw Stevie there two years ago, this time she sounded & looked her best! She did more than her usual amount of famous kicks & twirls ... she totally rocked the house! She looked radiant, graceful, & absolutely more beautiful than in years past! Our seats were on the aisle & close to the stage, allowing us the opportunity to be up close when she sang Edge of Seventeen as she shakes hands & greets those in the front, known as “The Edge Walk”. I've never missed bringing her one of my personally made bouquets, be it roses or some unusual arrangement, but this time I did 3 dozen tulips, half in pink & other half coral with a matching iridescent pink & coral sheer wide ribbon bow. As she took them, she said to me, “thank you, they're beautiful” ... who whoooo! The previous time in Vegas, as she took the stargazer bouquet from me, she said the same lovely compliment, but also leaned over & kissed my cheek! WOW ... One memorable moment of many, but her kiss is forever a timeless treasured moment from Stevie ... She's been a blessed earthly Angel that touches the deepest darkest core of my soul with not only her angelic voice, but with her poetic words of my lived past healing & motivating me through good times & bad. Forever I hold on to this; many moons ago, she told me "We're sister's of the soul ... ". Yes, Stevie, more so today than ever before & we always will be ... We can't wait to see you again, in San Diego, 3 days before your birthday!
Carol To all of you whom are not sure if you should go or not in the words of Stevie “ I think you should go”! Just when you think perfect couldn’t get any better here comes Stevie!!! I have seen all of her concerts her since 1976 and she is rockin just like she always has. I love to see what kind of twist she puts on all of her songs and I don’t think the fans will be disappointed. During the concert she talks about how some of her songs came about and it really shows some of her personality-she is great!! I love it when she talks to the audience!!! And she looks great!! Now to get tickets for San Diego (they went on sale while I was in Vegas!!). Thanks Stevie for all that you have given us and I hope there is more to come; I can’t imagine a world without you!!!!
Heather I'm still experiencing goosebumps! I had the pleasure of attending the 3/23/07 concert in Vegas and it was the best I have ever experienced! She was absolutely beautiful and amazing!!!
Seth If I was in a position to declare a national holiday, I would declare this to be "Stevie Nicks Week." First of all, I love going to Las Vegas, and love Stevie Nicks even more. The Friday, March 23, 2007, concert was the second time I have seen "Dreams" at Caesar's Palace. The first time was May 2005. I can honestly say that I enjoyed this show even more than the one before! A friend and I arrived in Vegas on Thursday night the evening before the show. The Flamingo graciously upgraded us to a HUGE suite, with an amazing view. In anxious anticipation of the Friday concert, I slept for barely an hour that night. Now for the concert. . . I'm a "young" Stevie fan by some standards at only 32. Born in 1974, the same year that Stevie & Lindsey joined the Mac. I sat with two couples in their 50's who had been fans since the mid '70's. They confessed that they had never seen Stevie or the Mac in concert! They had traveled all the way from New Jersey. The build up to this concert is incredibly exciting, as "Bootylicious" and the Deep Dish version of "Dreams" comes on. I expected Stevie to open with "Enchanted" then "Outside the Rain/Dreams." I was very surprised and excited when "Stand Back" came on as an opener. This was follow by two of my other favorites, "Dreams" and "If Anyone Falls." The beginning of this show was high energy to the hilt. . .visually, musically, and in every way imaginable! Not to mention Stevie looks gorgeous. This woman can't be almost 59 years old ?!! There were some very special aspects of this concert for me. Stevie talked. . .a lot! Though I listen to her music all of the time, to be in the same room with her and listen to her tell the story of each piece of music as the show goes on is absolutely magic. There were new endings to "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon." I also never realized how funny Stevie is. When introducing the band, she mentioned that Carlos Rios "is a chiropractor on the side." I cracked up. Before started into "How Still My Love," Stevie said, "We don't always do this one from the Bella Donna album, so I don't know it that well. I may mess it up. . .anyway." When ending this one, she sang"baby, baby, baby. . ." over and over. The band just went along with her. Definitely a "fun" part of the performance I will never forget. Upon walking out of the Colosseum, I was speechless. . .in my own world, absolutely mesmerized by the performance I had seen. I cannot wait to see Stevie Nicks this summer, when she tours with Chris. To cap things off, I bought "Crystal Visions. . .the very best of Stevie Nicks" this evening (on it's release date!). Foolishly, I did not check the Nicksfix prior to my shopping to see where it would definitely be available, so I had to go three (3) different stores to find it. I ended up going to a very old record store that sells new and used. It is the same store where I bought "Trouble In Shangri-La" at (on it's release date!) almost exactly six (6) years ago. In the used record section, I found old LP's of "Bella Donna" and "The Wild Heart" in excellent condition. They are gorgeous, and resting protected in plastic on by bedroom chest of drawers. By the way, "Crystal Visions. . ." is playing right now, and it is awesome. I highly recommend it. Thank you, Stevie : - )
Eddie Newkirk I've been going to Stevie and FMAC concerts since the late 70's, many of them, because Stevie RULES! Just when I think she can not do a better show.... BAM!! She clubs me over the head with a better one!! I've never stayed at Caesar's, so my girlfriend of many years Anna and I met in Vegas to gamble, relax and mostly see the lady that does the soundtrack to our lives! The hotel was phenomenal, lots of great restaurants, and the pool was off the hook! The Colosseum theatre was incredibly high tech and just generally fabulous in every way. From the beginning of Stand Back to the end of Beauty and the Beast we were mesmerized. "How still my Love" was a wonderful addition, with the new entrancing ending! Who died and went to heaven? "ME!" I was so touched to hear Stevie dedicate "Landslide" to the soldier "Daniel" from Walter Reed Med Center. Those men and women who have fought for our freedom deserve everyone's support. I am pleased and not surprised to see Ms. Nicks focusing attention on just that. I'm sure he was very honored to hear her sing to him! It was a truly magical show! Thank You Stevie! You are class personified. P.S. During a random walk through the Palace Casino the on the night of the 23rd, my friend Anna and I where almost run into by a flock of security guard who promptly asked us to step aside as they ushered someone past us..... I looked past the lead guard to see Stevie making her way with her entourage!! I was speechless and very happy to see her that close! I think her breezing thru there gave us good luck on the slot machines. Will never forget that night.
Sarah M.
My sister and I drove all the way to Las Vegas from Houston for Stevie’s Friday night show at Caesar’s Palace…It was probably one of the best shows I have ever seen, and was well worth the drive. Stevie opened with Stand back and had all of her fans on their feet singing right along throughout the concert. Stevie’s voice sounded better than ever and the band played awesome as well. Keep on rockin gold dust woman!!!!!
Christopher Galindo
The money paid to see her was WORTH IT! I hadn’t been to a concert of hers in my life and I am definitely glad I made the trip to Las Vegas. Beauty and The Beast was haunting and beautiful. I felt completely in awe and at ease in the Coliseum watching this brilliant artist whose voice sounded better than any artist out there and any recording she has ever made. Stevie truly does love to sing and loves to touch her fans in ways that humble you. She truly has tapped into the Universe and the Universe smiles back. What a gracious women and talented being in this world. If Tina is the Queen of Rock and Roll, then Stevie Nicks is truly the Empress of Rock. I can’t wait for Los Angeles dates at Greek Theatre.
Dottie Boyd
Stevie was absolutely gorgeous, sounded beautiful and she really had a lot of fun with her band and the audience. I brought my 14 year old daughter to the concert as a 15th birthday present (her birthday is 2 days before Stevies) and we had a fantastic time. I enjoyed every song, but Landslide was especially touching. It brought tears to our eyes. Stevie is such an inspiration. She is a poet and her music has touched millions of people over many generations. She truly is a rock and roll legend. Stevie doesn't need fireworks, dancers or any other distractions during her concerts. Every eye stays on Stevie when she performs. Stevie has so much talent, elegance, charm and eloquence. I always feel so privileged when I see Stevie in concert. I am already looking ahead to the next one! Thank you Stevie for making such a magical evening for my daughter and I. We love you!
Well here I was again THANK YOU MARYLYNN who got us third row seats.FOR FRIDAY NIGHTS SHOW, STEVIE was really dancing up a storm! I was right in front of her three rows I danced all night and the row I was in was really happy row :) THESE PEOPLE WERE FUN ! MORE STEVIE MAGIC when ever I go to any of yoru shows STEVIE I feel like CINDERELLA when all these really neat things happen to me. I never expected to go twice! We found Pillas of Color :) in Caesars Palace giggling giggling all the time the Pool was beautfiul I felt like a princess Some guy took our picture form caesars but damn it we forgot to get it at the end such a drag . what a great memory that would have been. the night before the show some girl was crying saying that she had a ticket the band was suppose to leave her causing Sherry Lewis to come out who spoke to her and then she left sherry did and marylynn felt badly so Marylynn gave her her wednesday night ticket I couldnt beleive it Let alone this another TRUE STEVIE fan to do that!! so that girl went in on Marylynns good deed neato spreading what i call the stevie love :) Taku and Jimmy were awesome during there drum and congo precussion solo it was fantastic FUNNIER wednesday when jimmy was playing so hard his glasses came off and he just played ever better. WADDY WAS FANTASTIC HE WAS SO HAPPY ROCKING OUT HE SOUNDED GREAT so neat looking :) We had Wine up in the room at Caesars Palace and as we were all sitting there in the Austus towers ( sorry if I spell anything wrong but I am tired) but happy. So we saw the water show right out the window it was fantastic. I have never seen such a room exvept at the warldof n NY when marylynn gave me a room there when my mom was in ICU unreal. the room was so gorgeous and the wine was great ( I don't usually drink ) Little Black Dress it was called Stevie was chatty Wednesday and dancing so much on friday night. I love when she did DREAMS!!! Stevie was so much fun and so happy! She wore her boots the whole time I loved seeing her in them she was so much fun dancing ! During her welcoming of the band she was dancing with Lori and also Jana It was great to see Jana smile so big. Sharon was flawless as usual her voice is gorgeous as is she I met Harry and Vikkie from Austrilia NEAT. Stevie took my hand and gave it a squeeze thanks again stevie nicks :) some girl behind me stepped on my foot like three times and its all swollen now. I had so much FUN DANCING WITH YOU STEVIE NICKS i was right there in front it was so much fun I had a blast !!!! After the show we al went to take picutres outsdie the colloseam and everyone came out. Jimmy was all excited and couldnt beleive was here from and island just north of boston. " Summer you came all the way from Boston?" and YES JIMMY I DID and you were awesome on those drums!!! I met Jen !!!and Waddy came out( rebecka took a picutre with waddy ) she s never been to a tevie Nicks concert :) it was her first :) she is 21 sarahs sista and she had a grand time :) and the piano player came out, he was talking to us for a long while asked us which show we liked best so nice. Taku came out Al he talked to everyone too and to top it OFF for a FANTASTIC ending, there she was( in her socks)!!!! YES STEVIE CAME OUT AND WALKED through the casino as Sarah yelled " You rock on gold dust women Your a rocker Stevie, never stop singing ever" and stevie looked over right at Sarah so she was thirlled of course I tried to get a picture for rebecka with her camera. So nice Thank you so much Stevie Nicks!!! I was so Happy the whole time I was there and when I got back to the island and looked out on Good Harbor Beach ( good haba as we say here in boston) I was listeing to you TISL CD smiling my head off GREAT SHOW SO MUCH ENERGY i would tell you our plane got delayed four hours, sarah missed hers and drove from Texas and marylynn took a flight from manhattan NY oh STEVIE what people will do to get this HIGH THANK YOU thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Peave love and Stevie Nicks varoooooooooommmmmmmmm see you in BOSTON
Hollie Cordell
This was my 13th time seeing Stevie live and again it was amazing! I went with my best friend Belinda which was her 1st time to see her in concert. All the songs sounded great and when I heard Beauty and the Beast live, all I can say is "Wow"! Stevie is definitely the goddess of rock and roll!

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