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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

5/17/07 Sleep Train Amphitheatre Concord, California

I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan and was excited to hear that she was doing a west coast tour promoting her crystal visions album. I am from Washington and was sad that Stevie wasn't coming to Washington, but was playing several shows in California. I bought tickets for her Concord show and found that she was worth every mile that I drove to see her. She still hasn't lost her captivating presence and beautiful voice. I loved every second that she was on that stage. It was almost like I was in a trance fixed on the beauty and wonder that is Stevie Nicks
Teleah Jones
I saw Stevie with my daughter (who is 13) on Thursday night on May 17, 2007 at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Concord, CA. She is so beautiful in and out! This was my sixth show to see her live. What a great show. What a great voice! We are always willing to see her again and again. What an inspiration. Love the way she dresses. But I love more the way she writes. Since I was 15 my hobby has been writing poems and lyrics and I am now 35. I really appreciate all her hard work she accomplished in the past, what she is doing now and will highly look forward to hearing her new material after this tour. Even though I arrived to her show in limos before, this time I took an exotic one & arrived in style. I have been mistaken for her in the past. What a compliment! We had such great seats. Third row exactly right in front of her!!!! What a thrill! We were in a fantasy world. Thank you Stevie! We love you!
Michelle Angenet
I was lucky to get to see Stevie in Concord, CA the other night with fantastic seats. Let me tell you, this woman only gets better and better each time I see her! My husband who has only been home for 7 months from serving with the U.S. Army in Iraq was supposed to attend the show with my sister & I. Unfortunately, William has been called back to active duty to serve another tour. So my sister, and another "Army Wife" friend, Charlotte attended. Stevie makes each show special, but this one was very dear to my heart as I know how much Stevie cares for & how much she supports our troops. As always, Stevie sounded PERFECT and looks stunning! I have loved Stevie since I was 3 years old, and am now 34. I made it down for the "Edge Walk" and got to hold both of Stevie's hands as I told her "Thank you, & I love You." She responded back, "I love you too." This absolutely made my night. Thank you Stevie for being such the artist & person you are. Your music touches so many people in so many ways. Hopefully you make it back to the Bay Area again soon!
Vanessa Viso
It was a fantastic show! Stevie's show is more personnal than ever and I would have never missed this shared experience for anything. During "the walk" I was fortunate enough to pass her a picture of her and her Dad singing when she was in high school. Her fans are the greatest and the keyboard player is HOT! Dearest Stevie...we don't need a fairytale princess....what we want...is simply, you.
Richard Rogers
I attended the Stevie Nicks/Chris Isaak concert at Concord California on May 17, 2007, the first show of the new tour. While from Chris Isaak's hometown of Stockton CA - I have to admit I was never a huge fan mainly because I didn't really know his music that well. He was a great opening act for Stevie Nicks - a great entertainer and funny. He played over an hour. Stevie didn't take the stage until 9:30 or so and the only negative thing I have to say compared to the 2005 tour was her set was too short. I had read somewhere that because of the time required to change sets between Chris Isaak and Stevie - both acts are reduced to only an hour or so of set time. (due to 11pm curfews in most arenas). Stevie looked amazing - all decked out in black and the band was hot. I can't stress enough how great her voice was and fun she seemed to be having. The back screen displayed images from her original drawings and pictures of her last 30 years in show business plus her childhood. I actually had tears in my eyes when she sang "Landslide" and displayed pictures of her father (who died last year I think). On a personal note, we had a bag with two 40 dollar tshirts in front of us on the ground that we made sure was there every song but still someone stole it during the last encore. That was pathetic. But I can't blame Stevie - she was awesome and nothing could ruin a magical, enchanted night!
Maureen Salazar
It was my second Stevie Nicks concert, and I think I was even more excited than I was two years ago! I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift! I was in the lower section in row E and had a great view of Stevie the entire show. Chris Isaak went on first. I was surprised that I knew about 4 or 5 of his songs. Then there was intermission while they set up for Stevie's set. She started off with Stand Back, then did Dreams, If Anyone Falls, Rhiannon, Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, I Need to Know, Landslide, Fall From Grace, Sorcerer, How Still My Love, Edge of Seventeen, Rock and Roll (encore) and Beauty and the Beast (encore). There were some changes to her band this time. I was glad to see Lori joining Sharon and Jana. They all sounded great! Stevie introduced a new piano player as well as a new organ player. Stevie's voice sounded amazing and she looked phenomenal! She looked like she was having a good time dancing around on stage. During Landslide there was a really nice slide show with many pictures of her and her father. The drum and guitar solos before Edge of Seventeen were wonderful again. I wish I had been close enough to shake her hand during the walk, but I wasn't. Maybe next time... It was a wonderful, magical evening and I can't wait until she comes back to the Bay Area for another concert!
Kaye Culver
stevie was so beautiful,such a presence.she walks out on stage and you know you are in the midst of someone very special. i was at the belladonna show when i was 17.i have been to every show since.I cry when she walks out. I also have a whole new feel about Rhiannon.We have all now seen Rhiannon through Stevies mind on her magnificent screen behind her.What a beautiful,intense,haunting vision. The screen that projected behind her when Landslide was performed was undescibable.I remember those photos.At the Bella donna tour her dad introduced her.Ladies and Gentlemen my daughter Stevie Nicks. He was so proud. I had to wipe my eyes on my tour shirt.I love Stevies soul and have since i was 7 years old. I am 42 now.I own a flower shop with photos of her everywhere.Including the BellaDonna promo poster.I now bring my children to Stevies show and they agree she is a legend beyond words.
The tambourine was banging out the sunroof and we were blasting Edge of Seventeen the way up the long windy street to the Pavilion. We had arrived just as Chris Isaac had finished playing and the roar of the Concord Pavilion was defining. The love tour had just kicked off! Everyone was waiting for the lady from the mountains to make her walk down the long path lightened by dozens of red and burgundy lights. Her new band line up was ready to show off their skills and ready to back up the queen of rock and roll. She of course had her remaining back up singers along with, waddy and her drummer, but she added a new piano player along with a new instrument ,which I forgot. Sorry. The drums started and I knew Stand Back was the opening performance. The sight of Stevie Nicks stomping out on stage with her black boots and chiffon skirt almost made me pass out from the excitement. Her performance was breathtaking and of course who can forget her famous spin. She made the stage her own by dancing along all of her band members and winking at the crowed. Next dreams came on and she blew the crowed away with her calming deep voice. If any one falls was a surprise to me, I didn't think she was going to sing it but I'm glad she did because it was great. The crowed went crazy when clips of stevie were shown in Red Rocks, and L.A! Rhiannon started with a beautiful piano solo and Stevie walked out in a head to toe black shawl. I personally think she did Rhiannon better than she has done in a long time. Enchanted came on next and stevie came out with her big hat on with a pink and white feather, she started the song off with a high kick and ended the song with her trusty tambourine. Gold Dust Woman started with the live in Melbourne start making the song much more dramatic and aerie. Next was I need to know. She informed the whole crowed that when she went on tour with Tom petty that was of course her vacation so she was ready to rock out! I need to know was a definite crowed mover! Everyone was up and out of their seats throughout most of the show. The next song she dedicated to Concord, Landslide. She sung it beautifully all lonesome at the Mic. Fall from grace and Sorcerer were crazy! The back screen showed flashing black and red images which added to the excitement. After Fall from grace she said if you're ever mad or have a love that didn't work mail this song to him! Still of the night was next and of course sung beautifully. Next waddy started his famous guitar solo and everyone knew Edge of Seventeen was next. Stevie came out with a white skirt on with a black over coat. At the end of the song she collected flowers from the crowed, this was a time I could be jealous because I wasn't close enough to give her flowers! Rock N roll was her next song which was awesome, she had black loose pants on and did her knee-shaking move! Beauty and the Beast was so beautiful I couldn't help but cry. She wore the same dress she wore for Live in Melbourne and had her long beautiful blonde hair pinned back. The screen behind her was showing clips from the old classic movie Beauty and the Beast. The crowed was dead silent as Stevie casted a spell on everyone with her incredible voice. Throughout the whole show never seen before pictures were showcased along with Stevie Nicks's beautiful artwork. I always knew Stevie Nicks was HOT but she looked amazing! Her smile was contagious and heart warming; every time she looked at the crowed she couldn't help but smile, looking almost amazed because half of Concord was shoved in the Pavilion! The night was wonderful and Stevie's performance was awesome! It's something I will never forget as time passes!
Gail M.
My first time seeing Stevie was last night, May 17, in Concord, CA. I was completely mesmerized. When she took the stage, I felt like I was in the presence of greatness. I closed my eyes frequently throughout her performance to drink in her heart-felt lyrics, hoping to hold the experience within long after the show had ended. And her musicians are fabulous! The pianist's solo made my eyes well with tears, and the percussionists were in a class by themselves. Man! They left me speechless! It was the type of show where I didn't feel like the performers were just there to "hock their wares." Stevie seemed so genuine, so comfortable, so unassuming, and so down-to-earth. She truly is an enchanting woman. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Stevie!!!
Not the same ole' Stevie Nicks show. Yeah, everybody has heard her famous songs several times. Some of us have seen her perform those songs at least a few times. We all know that the songs are so good that she has to sing them. So, another summer tour for Stevie Nicks could only mean that she has to keep the music fresh and different. She comes out Rockin with Stand Back. She does a great standard version of the song. She sang the song strong. Great opener. After that, the mood slowly shifted to the 70's. She had some different arrangements on a few of the songs. I don't remember which because I was too busy trying to figure out what the heck she was doing different with the songs. The arrangements were fresh and contemporary. She sang her inflections up while Carlos (the dancer) and Waddy played what I believe where open notes on the guitar. The chords matched the upward inflection in Stevies notes. The change was wonderful to hear. It was like a whole new band. A fresh new Stevie Nicks. She was having fun too. The band was loose and jamming. At one point, Waddy came over to Stevie to let her know when to come in. Waddy and the band were jammin' 70's style. When Waddy finished his jam, he came over to Stevie and told her go. She jumped back in and the band just rolled back into verse. The cool thing about Waddy is that he uses all his old 70's stuff. His sound is the real 70's sound. All the new bands try to recreate the sound but there is nothing like the real thing. I get flash backs watching him play. To top it all off, Stevie and the band have chosen to do a 70's psychedelic trance version of the songs. Way cool stuff with psychedelic images flashing in the background and old Stevie pics to boot. At the end of one song, I forget which, there is a picture of her late father waiving from his scooter. It was the last picture in the sequence and I was very saddened because it must have been shortly before he passed away. Stevie was in great voice but I can see that she was being careful not to over stretch herself. She picked when and where to hit her signature high notes. Of course, we would like to see her hit them all but one show does not make a great vocalist. At this show, she came out strong,... eased up a bit and used the lower register on songs like Enchanted, did the really heavy psychedelic thing with Gold Dust Woman, and finally, ended really strong with Beauty and Beast. The venue was packed and Stevie was surrounded with her fans. During Beauty and Beast the screaming of "We love you Stevie" pierced through the song and almost interrupted her. Everybody was thinking "shut up you moron she is trying to sing," then again, the guy was right and we couldn't blame him for not being able to control himself. Fortunately, Stevie was able to continue singing. Thanks for another incredible show and memory, take care of yourself and that voice, take a little break...not too long though :-), and please, come back and do it again. Hopefully we will all be around to do it again.
Debbie Dowdall
I recently attended the Stevie Nick's concert at the Sleeptrain Pavillion in Concord, Ca. Her show, as usual, was very entertaining and proved that Stevie can still rock and roll. She looked beyond beautiful and was so full of her tradelike gypsy-ness. My only disappointment was that she didn't perform, my all time favorite Stevie tune,.....GYPSY!???? This is the second year in a row that we were robbed of this legendary song, performance, and ultimate best shared story of her life. NEXT YEAR PLS BRING BACK GYPSY.
Dave Metz
I was at the opening Stevie Nicks Show on Thursday night, it was probably almost my 20th time seeing her and or Fleetwood Mac. I brought my five yr old daughter who is named Rhiannon to the concert, her second time, she saw Stevie in berkely last yr with Top Petty. This was her real first show, so fun. My wife and I since college have been seeing her and or Fleetwood every tour. We both grew up On stevie and Fleetwood in the seventy’s and eighties and have been huge fans all the way through the nineties till today. Our Daughter Rhiannon loved her. I got all the way to the front on “edge of seventeen” Stevie saw Rhiannon and gave her a big smile and Reached way out to touch her 5 yr old hand. My daughter was so thrilled. She loves her presence, as I do. Stevie and the band were on, They are the best they have ever been. Such a great show. Rhiannon and I were able to stay up front through “rock and roll” and “beauty and the beast” now my daughters favorite is Beauty, she loved the movie running behind the song and the animation from Stevie. Such a great experience, thanks Stevie for keeping us inspired and keeping the romance alive in my life with your words. Thanks Dave/Tracy and our little Rhiannon
Craig Blankenhorn
I have just returned from roughly my 35th Stevie Nicks performance (counting both solo and FM shows). This show was a "WOW" show-perhaps one of the finest Stevie Nicks performances I have seen. She opened the show with "Stand Back", a rather positively assertive choice. Towards the middle, she did some slow spins, but at the end of the song, they speeded up much to the admiration (as measured by the cheering) of the respectfully filled venue. She talked a bit about being "home", and how the Bay Area is where it all started years ago for Lindsey and Stevie. She looked awesome throughout the whole show, changing after every few songs or so. I'm glad to report that the Boots are back for the ENTIRE show! Throughout the show, with the exception of the encore, she wore black leather elbow-length gloves and a black furry collar of sorts. One of the highlights was "Landslide". The vocals were right on, and projected on the backdrop was a series of slides and video of Stevie as a baby, up to present. There was an emphasis on pictures of her father, again starting as a young father, up what I assume to be pictures taken from the Golddust tour just prior to his death. It was very heartfelt and touching. When Edge of Seventeen started, the usual stage rush started, and with being in row 2, I was plastered right at the foot of the stage. I usually bring her flowers, but this time opted to bring a check made out to the Stevie Nicks Solders Angel Foundation-Stevie started this recently to equip returning injured solders from Iraq with Ipods. I clearly marked the front of the envelope with what it was, and she saw what it was, and appeared quite grateful. I hope others take my lead and do the same at future shows as this is a very worth while cause. She did two songs for the encore-Rock and Roll, a cover of the Led Zepplin classic which she TORE up, and a beautiful version of Beauty and the Beast, with her hair up and a black cape with an exaggerated collar-HOT! Her band, as always, was fantastic. Waddy Watchtel as usual, Lenny Castro, who is a GREAT percussionist, and with her on and off since I believe 1994. For future attendees, pay attention to her pianist-WOW! He did a killer job throughout and especially on the intro to Rhiannon. I'm sorry I did not catch his name, and there was no program (what gives, chris!) so I cannot refer to it for his name. And Oh Yes! Lori Nicks is back on vocals! What a show and I hope she returns soon to the Bay Area!
Cara Ford
I had the very fortunate opportunity to see Stevie at the tour's opening in Concord CA. I have seen her several times, and recently moved to SF from Chicago. This was the BEST concert I've seen her in yet! She looked gorgeous, and sounded the BEST I've ever heard her. If Anyone Falls was my favorite, as well as In the Still of the Night, as I've never heard these live yet, in the past 6 years that I've been seeing her. I am still riding high after this show, and Stevie is like a fine wine...she only gets better with age! I mean this as the highest compliment ever. She looked hot and sounded amazing. I wish her nothing but the best and am jealous of anyone who can see her this summer...go see her! You will not be disappointed!
FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I can't begin to describe "my girl"!! She is incredible, Stevie was the best she has been. I have seen all the Vegas shows and again wonderful. The difference between December and March was a big one. I had 6th row seats and again she looked and sounded so good. She does nothing but improve with age. It has been Very good to her. I loved the way she is so per4sonable with the audience. I loved it w\hen she talks to us and it's different each time. That in itself is special. The Girls sounded wonderful and the band.. what can you say except SUPERB!!! I have seen Stevie a total of 67 times now and can't wait for the 68th. Although I might add between Vegas and the Bay Area its getting to my pocketbook but my priorities are still and always will be Stevie 1st!!! I am so grateful and fortunate to be able to see her as often as I do and it keeps getting better. I got some GREAT pix too. I was surprised they didn't bother us about it. I was up at the stage when she sang "in the still of the night" and knew what was next to come. I got to shake her hand once again and she told me " their going to crush you, be careful" cause, I was leaning on the stage and when she comes around during Edge of 17 well we all know everyone wants to be touched by her and touch her. She is so precious and lovely, NOT TO MENTION SHE LOOKED BEAUTIFUL> I'm sad for those who didn't get to see her and if you have the opportunity to do so ..... DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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