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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

5/19/07 Greek Theatre Los Angeles, California

The long awaited weekend has arrived!!! The traffic was a typical So. California Saturday... bumper to bumper traffic the entire drive (am thankful that reservations were made to stay the weekend…what typically should have been a forty-five minute drive took an hour and twenty minutes!)… Once settled into the Hotel was able to release the stress from the drive and focus on the evening... Stevie! Thankful that the venue had re-opened since the Griffith Park fire of the previous week. Due to the fire Loreena's concert on the 10th was relocated to the Universal Amp. Dressed and ready to go…the taxi was ready and waiting just outside the Hotel lobby…the driver, a quirky gentleman from Greece! The drive to the venue was quite pleasant…the sections of Griffith Park that had burned were closed, preventing view from the street… am thankful that the venue was open. Souvenirs were plentiful…T-shirts, black and gray - "Crystal Visions Tour 2007" The front depicting picture of Stevie (same that is on the CD) The back - listing the cities and states during this tour. Other t-shirts included a pink Faery shirt, tank tops, and black and white Bella Donna t-shirt (no photo). Crystal Visions CD, magnet, key rings and…Tour Books!!! Yay!!! Very detailed...with hand-drawn artwork by Stevie! There were plenty of Chris Isaak items - T-shirts, CD's (of which he did a meet and greet, and signing of CD's during the intermission). Chris promptly took the stage by 7:30 p.m. beneath, June-gloom in May, overcast skies. Many in the crowd appeared to be long-time fans. He danced, pranced and sang to many in the crowd's delight changing tuxes throughout the night. He opened wearing a bright Turquoise tux with sequins… near the end of his performance he non-chalantly walked onto the stage wearing now a silvery-shimmer suit. Blinding as the strob of lights caught it. He does that one-legged hop…hop…hop quite well … in perfect time with his two guitar player side-kicks. His performance was alright… would have preferred to see Vanessa again. She opened a few years back when Stevie performed at the Santa Barbara Bowl and was quite good. I recall at the time VH1 was airing one of her hits… the name of that song escapes me at the moment. Chris performed 'til about 9:00 p.m. After a brief intermission … The lights came down… music came up… the crowd alive… filled with eager anticipation as our Stevie gracefully emerged from the rear of stage!!! Stevie looked and sounded magkically stupendous! Her beauty radiated through her smiling eyes throughout the night! She welcomed us, saying how good it was to be back home in L.A.! Stevie's hair was beautifully long (trimmed and void of any fray ends) below her waist. (speaking of which is tiny as ever). Stevie danced, twirled and sang the night away…Smiling into the audience - her band members throughout the night. The happiness within her radiated throughout her lyrics - sung with heartfelt emotion the entire night. As was discussed during her radio interview with KLOS - there are a few new mixes with the 'old' set favourites; a fun addition… Those of you holding tickets are certainly in for a very special evening! The opening number, Stand Back, Stevie entered the stage as the lights were still dimmed, adding mystical energy to the stage… she was wearing a new black tiny dress, with a long black cape, with lace and fringe… simply gorgeous! As she twirled, the cape billowed out as if she were flying Gorgeous!!! She wore elbow- length gloves most of the evening… the opening number the cape concealed her neck, was unable to make out if the crescent Moon necklace adorned her neck… One thing is for certain… her Boots are back!

The Set list:
Stand Back - (new black dress with black lace cape)
If Anyone Falls
Piano solo (new bandmate, Cornell) leading into Rhiannon
Enchanted (surprisingly enough, not many singing along?!)
Sorcerer (of which she announces was written in 1971 with Lindsey)
Lights dim... purples and blue hues backlight the stage violinist - new opening for Gold Dust Woman (new intro - Gold shawl…taking that stance… very dramatic closure with Waddy… surreal... standing ovation!
Need To Know (dedicated to Tom Petty, whom was in the audience! Stevie commented that after doing 27 shows with Tom she had a grand time, bowing her head ever so slightly with a shy smile adding a little giggle!) Landslide
Fall From Grace (she has since overcome that twitchy hand movement!) Bongo/drum solo between Jimmy and Lenny, everyone knew where this was leading as those scrambled up front (the lack of Security was quite odd)
Edge of Seventeen (white dress with black overlay, gorgeous.. Stevie extended her hand, shaking many!.. Her assistant collected and gathered the many gifts fans brought, from handmade cards, flowers, to feathers… as were well received with a smile…new ending to this song…

Stevie thanked us again for making our way to see her band as they one by one exited the stage. Everyone remained standing as we knew this night was not yet over. Encore: Rock 'n' Roll (Stevie nails it! yes!) Wearing black dress, black hat adorned with long plumes and black boots! This brought the house down…Everyone was on their feet throughout much of the night! As she disappeared behind the stage.. Remerging for… The closing song with Beauty and The Beast...(this one is a tear-jerker, everytime…Stevie was adorned in her long floor-length gown, high collared dress, hair beautifully done in an up-do. So gracious… the crowd was ever so still, listening as Stevie gave a gracious, heart-wrenching, beautiful performance… After the show many were commenting on they thought this has been one of Stevie's finest performances ever! With each and every performance Stevie perfects and rises above her previous performance! If that were possible! She radiates and exudes beauty… contentment… and inner peace…a truly balanced and centered woman. It was evident that she was enjoying the evening as much as we were… dancing right up to a few of her bandmates - especially the dramatic close to Gold Dust... Stevie introduces her band - some new, some….well….not so new (her quote) Waddy Wachtel - guitar/Musical director Carlos Rios (guitar) Al Ortiz (Bass) Jimmy Paxson (drummer) still, the greatest hairdo ever! Lenny Castro (percussion) new Cornell Thigpen (piano) new - excellent! Richey Peterson (organ) new (personal opinion, can do w/o) The Ladies - Lori Nicks - returning after a sixteen-year absence Lana Anderson Sharon (Sharona) Celani (adding that she is the grumpy one when they mess up) (she has a nice solo/backup with Stevie After the close of the second encore song the entire band took the stage - hand-in-hand, with first Stevie bowing to her bandmates, her bandmates to her, then turning, bowing to the audience. She closed by thanking all of us for supporting the music industry by coming out to these shows! She took the stage around 9:30 p.m. performing to 11:00 p.m. - returning to the Hotel by 11:50 p.m. Ah... such a wondrous weekend! This Magickal weekend has now ended…allowing memories to replay within my thoughts… returning to work on Tuesday… Enjoy your shows!
Stevie took charge of the stage as expected!!!!! She was beautiful and delivered her songs to the audience with such power and grace. This woman is a legend and I am so grateful that I was able to witness this, as I caught the show on the 19th at the Greek in L.A. then trekked down for the San Diego show on the 23rd. I was taken away both times!!!!!! And just to pay compliments to the band, WADDY had the whole audience coming out of their skin during the beginning of "Edge of 17". The build up to the song was euphoric and explosive a real rock show. Thanks for the pick Waddy, I love STEVIE!!!
Stevie was awesome. This was one of the most magical shows I have ever seen her do since the 70s. Nicks seemed to exude a spirit of happiness and joy as well as gratitude, which showed in her smooth, warm, caring voice. This spirit illuminated the Greek thru-n-thru. Everyone was feeling the magic of Stevie Nicks swaying and dancing in the cool night air. I tell you it was the BEST concert I have ever seen her do. The fabulous artwork added the most perfect touch, almost bringing an euphoric feeling to the music. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ms. Stevie Nicks, for sharing your undying spirit the night of May 19th, 2007. You are truly a white light. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT EVENING.
John Seger
Stevie Nicks is without a Stevie Nicks brought her "Crystal Visions" tour to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for two sold-out nights, and her May 19th show was a stunning success. Changing her set list around a bit, Nicks started the show off with her smash 1983 hit, "Stand Back," decked out in her trademark shawl, a gorgeous black dress and black leather gloves,and her trademark platform boots(yes, the boots are back!), Nicks twirled around the stage, and sang the song with such energy and wonderful vocals, it brought the house down immediately. Nicks welcomed her audience and then launched into 3 more classic hits, "Dreams," "If anyone falls," and "Rhiannon." Lori Nicks is back on background vocals, and her voice blended lushly with Stevie's on "If anyone falls." It is very nice to have that song back on the set list again, as it is one of my favorite songs. Stevie carried herself on stage with grace, beauty and confidence. Her vocals sounded stronger than ever, hitting higher notes with ease, and her iconic vibrato purring effortlessly. At 58, Nicks still exhibits a genuine sexiness, and is still a very beautiful woman for sure. Fans occasionally whistling, and yelling "I love you, Stevie," continued throughout the one hour and 45 minute set, proving her fan base is just as strong as ever, and also proving Nicks is not ready to slow down anytime soon. The videos and lighting displays were gorgeous, and Waddy Wachtel's guitar is sharper and hard rocking as ever. As the evening progressed, Nicks removed pieces of her wardrobe, until during the evening's final encore, "Beauty in the beast," the singer appeared in a form fitting crushed velvet dress, baring her shoulders, wearing her hair pinned up..She looked stunning. And she sand the song with so much power and emotion. Other highlights of the night included the rockin' Petty cover, "I need to know,", a blistering cover of Led Zep's "Rock and roll" and a really spookey version of "Gold Dust woman." Stevie also included two songs from her top 5 selling 2001's "Trouble in Shangri La," and the two songs were received with just as much applause as her classics: "Sorcerer" sounded a bit of the blues, and crackled with energy, and "Fall from grace" is one of her most hardest rocking songs to date, and Nicks worked the song into a truly frenetic frenzy. This was Nicks' first appearance at the Greek Theater since her 1994 "Street Angel" tour, and I hope she plays at this venue more often, as it's such a gorgeous and atmospheric place, much like the artist herself. This was an excellent concert, and proof that Stevie Nicks is still the reigning queen of rock and roll.
Hello, my friends and I saw the show last night and it was amazing! Stevie sounded and looked wonderful. We want to thank Stevie for a wonderful experience, hopefully we'll be able to see Stevie again, we love her!!
Kevin O'Neal
I have never seen Stevie Nicks before....however as a disc jockey and a musician for over 30 years myself...my appreciation for Stevie Nicks has always been deep...I love her music, I love her song writing and I love her passion when she sings...but to see her in a live show...well...it left me speechless. The Crystal Visions Tour in its second night ..opening with Stand Back... I do realize after reading other reviews, she has started shows in the past with this...but it's a perfect start to a perfect night...with her appearing on stage to a standing and screaming sold out crowd. Highlights include: Her personal art work and family album photos, h and selected for this tour and used in the backdrops! A beautiful and moving grand piano solo into Rhiannon. Percussion and Drums battling it out to come together in perfect harmony with a screaming Les Paul into Edge Of Seventeen and of course Landslide. Rock solid versions of Fall From Grace and Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll which in my eyes Stevie should release as a single...as it was a right on the money version, but yet she still made it her own! Most of all the voice of Stevie Nicks still has power and that clear signature that only Stevie Nicks, one of the most recognizable voices in Rock and Roll, can have. In all the years...that I have seen her on TV as a solo artist and as a member of Fleetwood Mac...she still stays true to the image, she created that so many fans love. A sexy, sexy, woman with long beautiful hair and the dance of the veils, spinning around and around as if the wind will take her into flight like the white winged dove that she sings of on stage. Her f ans she did not disappoint...as she came out with veils spinning and a signature hat with a boa feather. You need to see this show, because Steve Nicks still can and will take an audience on a ride of "Dreams" and "Crystal Visions"!
Kevin Anderson
WOW ! ! ! ABSOULUTLY INCREDIBLE ! ! ! TOP OF HER GAME PEFORMANCE ! ! ! The concert at the Greek on Saturday May 19th was AWESOME ! She really gave the feeling that she was enjoying herself, seemed relaxed and in to it completely and it showed. I have seen so many of her concerts over the years ( Fleetwood Mac & Solo ) and this one was up there at the top. I really enjoyed the song selection. It was nice to hear some of her really great songs that are not normally played on stage when she tours. I liked the fact that Stevie mixed it all up this time and gave us fans and herself something different that was really fun to watch & hear. Also, really liked here wardrobe choices that were also different from normal. Stevie, you looked GREAT & HAPPY too !! Thanks for another wonderful moment in time experience with you. I won't forget it. I collect concert tickets since I first started going to concerts as a teenager. You should see how many I have that you have performed in... Los Angeles, Irvine & Phoenix ( Yes, Phoenix... I have gone there too just to see special benifit concerts that you have put together ). In my retirement years I am going to do something really special with all of these kept ticket and create type of piece of art to give even more meaning to these special moments in time. I hope to see you the next time you tour L . A . Take care of yourself and keep on doing what you enjoy !
Stevie can still rock & rock hard she does! She seems purer & more magical than she's ever been. Her voice was crystal clear & her energy & gratitude showed through every note & every sound coming from the stage. I thought the show was perfect! I loved the backdrop of the photos & artwork done by Stevie. She's so humble & so down to earth it seems. She's so dedicated & grateful for her fans that I felt a strong urge to reciprocate. My favorite moments: Landslide (w/family photos), Destiny (my favorite song), Gold Dust Woman, Rock & Roll, Beauty & The Beast. I've never seen her end w/Beauty & the Beast; it was one of the best moments I've had in my concert going experiences!! Truly, truly amazing! Her voice was so beautiful & the feeling she evoked & what was being shown on the backdrop was an extremely moving experience, a slice of heaven! (Thanks for giving me this opportunity!) :o)
Gary Larsen
My best freind Kelly and I just returned from the L.A. show. What a night. It was a shocker to have her open the show with Stand Back! She looked and sounded wonderful. She was dead on with every song she sang. The Greek is such a great place for a concert. For all the people going to future shows, get there on time and see Chris Isaak. His set was so great. It surely is a must see as well. Stevie's set list a very solid and it was great to see Still of the Night once again.
Frankie Z.
Once again. Stevie rocked a LOT (not a little). Smart choice to team up with Chris Isaak. Both Stevie and Chris are seasoned veterans who know how to entertain. They each delivered the hits and a few surprises. Chris covered Roy Orbison and Cheap Trick. Stevie covered Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin. As for Stevie, she opened with a rockin version of "Stand Back." She was particularly chatty and funny. When she introduced her drummer, she called him "Pebbles" due to his freaky hair which was pulled up in a ponytail above his head. Stevie's voice is clearly improving with age. And she uses harmonies with her backup singers better than anyone in the music industry. The Greek Theater is a perfect setting for Stevie. It's a gorgeous venue, with an intimate feel. She worked her magic to perfection. My advice: GO SEE THIS TOUR!!!!
Murphy & Family
We adored the show.....There were 3 generations of us!!! Stevie was great....Her performance was wonderful! Her selection of songs was superb....and she looked beautiful!! She had us on our feet all night....Our family ranged from 10 years old to sixty-five...She transcends all generations...We love her!!! Bravo!
My first Stevie Nicks concert was in Atlanta in July, 1983, on the Wild Heart tour. It was a month before I started college. I think I've seen all but the "Rock a Little" tour ever since, both solo and with Fleetwood Mac. What I can't believe is that Stevie gets better every single time--but it's true. On a beautiful night in Griffith Park, Stevie rocked the sold out house like nobody's business. She moved from rock star to balladeer to wise poet effortlessly and beautifully. What I loved most was that this was a woman at home in her skin, in her beauty, and in her career. She had the confidence of a poet and sounded better than ever. Rock on, Stevie, and don't ever stop. We love you and thank you for what you have given us over these many wonderful years--and for what you continue to give. And happy birthday! xoxo
I saw Stevie at the Greek Saturday, 5/19/07 and just loved her. I have been a fan since I was a teen and have seen her perform a few times. She sounds fantastic, looks great and exudes such a positive outlook. What a fantastic show!!!!! Thank you, Stevie!!!!!!! You made a lifelong fan truly happy!!!

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