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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

5/23/07 Coors Amphitheatre San Diego, California

Originally I was going to see Stevie in San Jacinto which is in the valley where I live, but I had other plans that weekend so I decided to go see Stevie in San Diego instead. It worked out perfectly because I managed to get two front row tickets! I've never had front row seats before so I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass me by. It was so worth it. My friend Gayle and I went and it was a birthday present for her as well (her birthday is the day after Stevie's). We both dressed up Stevie style and we got there alittle after Chris Isaak started playing. Hopefully we didn't miss too much. We enjoyed Chris a lot. At one point he came out in a suit that had mirrors all over it. He reminded me of a disco ball! And Jamie Maletic is right, the weird gyrating girl was just to the left of us and she was doing hand stands and other weird moves. I thought a couple of times she was going to take her top off! Anyway, Stevie came out shortly after Chris' set and she looked and sounded awesome! Stevie still rocks! I was touched by the video she showed in the background during one of her songs that had her father in it. And it was so good to see Sharon and Lori singing back up. And my almost name sake Jana (she pronounces her name differently than mine). When Edge of Seventeen started playing I noticed a bunch of people heading for the stage so I told Gayle, this is it. I'm going up there. She stayed back because she didn't want to risk having her knee injured. But I went up and got right to the edge of the stage. The woman next to me had flowers for Stevie. While the song was playing, the woman and I noticed the speaker in front of us was unplugged. Waddy Wachtel was right in front of us and when he came closer I made eye contact and pointed to the speaker. The woman next to me plugged the speaker back in. A minute later Waddy came over to me, reached down and was handing me something. I put my hand out and he put a guitar pick in my hand! The woman next to me said, "Hey, how come you get a guitar pick? I plugged his speaker back in." But he came back a couple of minutes later and gave her one too. Then it came time for Stevie to greet her fans. She started on the left side of the stage near us and worked her way over. Then she got to where I was. I had the guitar pick in my left hand so I reached up with my right hand and Stevie shook it! I was ecstatic! What a memory from this night, a guitar pick from Waddy and a hand shake from Stevie! This was my fourth time seeing Stevie and this was by far one of the best! My only complaint was there were a couple of rude people I encountered. When I was at the stage, a couple of guys pushed me. And there were two dorks next to Gayle who kept getting in her way and almost pushing her out of her seat. Even the lady behind them got mad at them. But other than that, it was a great night and I will always treasure it. Stevie, you are a rock goddess! Thanks for a wonderful evening and concert!
I have seen Stevie perform once before in Las Vegas last year, and I am a HUGE Stevie fan, so I had to go to a concert on this tour. Since I am only fifteen years old, it is sort of hard to afford concerts, so I had to talk my 26 year old sister into taking me. It was amazing, and even though we were not in the first section of seating, it was breathtaking to see her on that stage. She sang fourteen songs, after Chris performed, who was also really good. Highlights for me were: the first steps Stevie took onto the stage as Stand Back started, singing "I Need to Know", which I have never seen her perform, and the emotional "Beauty and the Beast" at the end. I loved it how she talked to her auidence throughout her performance. One special time was when she called everyone her crystal visions, and at the end she talked about how everyone should do music, "because otherwise we won't have a music industry!" Nothing truly compares to the excitement and thrill of attending a Stevie Nicks concert. I am only fifteen and some people will find it odd that a fifteen year old boy loves Stevie Nicks, but she truly is the best music artist on earth. I love you, Stevie.
Jamie Maletic
Kim and I got our front row center seats (first time ever) through ticketmaster on the day of the regular onsale. After about 12 attempts, they popped up and I grabbed them. We got to the venue around 6:15, and proceeded to get in line to go through the gates at around 6:30 (Chris Isaak was scheduled to come on at 7:30). I got my camera through with no problem. They were checking bags and I had my camera in my sock on the inside part of my ankle. There were no metal detectors, although I’ve walked through them before in Vegas with a camera on me and they never went off. We went in and looked at the merchandise. I ended up getting the black shirt, the brown shirt, a key chain (that will fall apart in about a month) and a magnet. *for those of you getting the brown shirt online - they run a little smaller than regular tour t-shirts, so keep that in mind. We had to wait to be let into the seating are until about 7:15, which I thought was odd. Then finally, we made our way over to our seats. (I love that part!) We were just a tad bit to Stevie’s left, and the backup singers were to our right. This venue has a rather high stage - about 5’3’’ or so, so there was a space of about 7’ from the stage to the front row. I imagined that area getting filled with people after awhile, but I wasn’t worried about finding a space at the stage of course. Before Chris came on, I placed a birthday card we had for Stevie on the stage. One of Stevie’s guys saw me do it, grabbed it and pointed at me and I nodded. He nodded back and walked it over to Cory Buckingham, who took it right back. Hopefully Stevie read it before she went on. I figured she had time to kill during Chris’ set, so maybe she’d get to read it beforehand. Chris came on about 7:45. He was good. He sounded just like his records. He was playful with the audience. There was this really odd chick gyrating to all of the songs and at the end where he has a bunch of chicks up on stage dancing, he pointed down to her and said, “hey you - with all those weird gyrations. We need you up here!” A security dude helped her up and she proceeded to do the same on stage. Really weird. I think she was on something. She gyrated for a little while then proceeded to stand on her head. His whole band was cracking up like, WTF?? Anyway….it was interesting. After his set ended, the stage hands came on and changed the stage over. It only took them about 20-25 minutes. Then Bootylicious started and they played about ½ of it before they started on “Stand Back”. Stevie came out all bundled up with her black scarf thingy and long black gloves. It was slightly chilly (about 60 maybe), but I don’t think enough to warrant that scarf and all. Especially with all those stage lights and dancing around. Maybe she’s just trying to preserve her voice for the rest of the tour by keeping her vocal chords warm? Regardless, she looked awesome! Once she started I thought for sure people would move up to the front, but they didn’t. Those that tried were quickly ushered back to their seats. Security is not normally so strict at this venue, so that was weird. Kim and I pretty much stayed right in front of our seats, and we stood the entire show. Stevie said she was here to back up her new release, Crystal Visions, and that “ALL of you - each and every one of you - are my own little crystal visions”, and thanked us for supporting her all these years. I thought that was sweet. The set list was the same, although Sorcerer was moved up in order. I think it was after Rhiannon? The intro to Gold Dust was awesome! Really zen-like and cool. I think her new keyboard guy had something to do with that. We got some eye contact with Stevie throughout the show, but not as much as we have had in the past. I’ve learned that sitting in the front row places you a little below her line of vision that she tends to use. When Stevie was introducing “I Need To Know”, she was explaining how she got to tour with Tom Petty and had the best time and that she ended up doing even more dates than planned with him. She said Tom was in the audience the other night in LA, and tonight Mike (I think, and I can’t remember his last name) from his band was there tonight and she wanted to dedicate INTK to him. During this whole time of explaining this, Stevie was totally looking right at me, like she was having the entire conversation with me, so I just smiled and nodded. She was smiling too. That was fun. J “How Still My Love” was awesome. She really works that song. At the ending Stevie was singing, “ You can’t save me now…you can’t feel me now…you can’t touch me now…” she also had another verse in there about “Hold Still” or something to that effect. It was very sexy. Right after HSML ended, security let the people through that I saw waiting in the wings for the edge rush. This dude tried to literally push his way in front of me and I said, “I don’t think so dude, and stop pushing!” He said, very effeminately, “whatever!” But he moved aside. I was glad I didn’t have to go all kung-fu on his ass. So Kim and I are at the stage and all of a sudden this security guy comes over and says, “Everyone BACK to your seats or you will be escorted out!” Everyone kind of looked at each other like, WTF?? So we all sort of started to move back, but it seems like all of us realized at the same time, wait a minute - this dude obviously doesn’t know the drill here. So then we went back to the stage, but Kim lost her spot. She was right behind me though. So she was plenty close. That was the first time ever at that venue that the security was so strict and that all of them obviously didn’t know about the edge walk. In fact, people in the front row that tried to go up for a second to take cell phone pictures were told to sit down. I did manage to get a few good ones when I was at the stage though, cause at that point it didn’t matter. I got some video on my cell too. Stevie had her gloves off when she was singing EO17, but put them on right before she started the hand-shaking. (Probably doesn’t want to catch God-knows-what, right?) She made her way over to us and I got her hand and told her Happy Birthday. She was smiling. She started working her way down and her right boot was right there in front of me, so I felt it (just on the outside toe area - not like up her calf or anything). Stevie didn’t seem to mind, or even know for that matter. Her white dress looks really soft up close. (no, I didn’t touch that - even though it was within reach, lol..) She danced with Sharon on her way back to the mic. She stopped and grabbed her hands and danced with her. Sharon looked caught off guard but was laughing. When she came out for Rock and Roll she didn’t have her pants on. She just added the top hat. It still looked good, although I was looking forward to seeing the pants. Beauty and the Beast was beautiful. I teared up towards the end like I always do. After that she wished everyone well and said to go out and listen to live music - go to clubs, etc….keep the music industry alive. On our way out we picked up our t-shirts. After we walked out of the gates we noticed we were walking right by the main gate that leads backstage where all the buses, trucks and limos are parked. I saw that there was still a limo waiting. I was pretty sure it was Stevie’s as it was the only one there and it was parked in the same place I had seen it parked before when I was backstage at this venue previously. So we decided to wait and see. The security person at the gate we were waiting at said after awhile, “She’s not signing any autographs, just so you know.” I said that was fine, because we didn’t want any autographs, just maybe a wave. The security person was cool with that. So we waited a little longer. We were the only ones there. Then we saw little Stevie come out and get into her limo. She was too far away to say anything to at that point. Her hair was down and she was wearing this long gold shawl-looking thingy. (She wasn’t in disguise..J) She got in and her limo started towards us. I put all my bag down as to not seem like we wanted something signed, and the limo slowly came out around through the gate. The back window never came down, but the limo DEFINATELY slowed down as we were waving. Maybe she was waving back from the inside not realizing we couldn’t see her? I’ll never know for sure, but that’s probably the case. From what I know about Stevie she doesn’t think about technical things like that. It was kind of a bummer though, as we were really hoping the window would come down. Oh well. So we had a fun night. I’m glad to have had the official front row experience. I learned there are good things and bad things about it.

The Good:
~ You have lots of dancing room.
~ You have lots of freedom to either go to the stage or not.
~ There’s no one between you and Ms. Nicks.
~You are pretty much guaranteed a handshake at the Edge walk.

The Bad:
~ You miss out on eye contact, which I love.
So, to me, although the front row does have it’s advantages, I believe the perfect seats exist in the second or third row, directly in front of Stevie’s mic. But that’s just me. The best thing is that it’s not over for us yet - we get to see Stevie in Vegas on July 30th for a charity show. Hall and Oats are opening. We have 2nd row seats for that one (and they only cost us $50 apiece!)
Stevie....I've seen you a million times....actually, I'm only 29...maybe not quite a million, but none-the-less, you are more amazing each time....thank you for that. So much. Your experience is a life changing event...every time. And always a good one! My dreams are huge....thanks to you...dad is a musician...he helped me pave my path. I plan to back you up someday (vocally)...hopefully with Fleetwood Mac and maybe even you on your solo tour as well (there's the dreamer I was talking about). In the mean time I will carry on operating the business I created and keep on singing whenever I can....it is my passion! Oh, and just for the record...remember when I said I was 29......yeah, I will turn 30 on June 18th....that's right!....I was born the same day "Dreams" went to #1 on the Billboard chart! I'm so proud!! Again, thank you Stevie! I wish I could express to you what you do for us(your fans). You certainly deserve it. Love ya!...and Happy Bday!!!!!
Dick & Sharon Storti
We attended your concert and were in awe! You have been a fan of our family for many years. But this is the first time we saw you perform. We enjoyed each and every song, some brought tears to our eyes they were so beautiful. You have a God given talent, we thank you for sharing it with the world. God Bless you and Keep you safe.
My friend and I went to the concert in Chula Vista at the Coors Amphitheatre and we were sitting in the front row!!! Stevie rocked as usual and she sounded great!!! The setting was outside and it was beautiful!! Stevie put on a fabulous show and had everybody on their feet when she opened with “Stand Back”. Everybody went crazy!!! We have been to a few of her concerts here in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace and we thought that she sounded even better outside. Her band looked great and Waddy rocked as always!!! We were all close to the stage during “Edge of Seventeen” and it was awesome to see Stevie and Waddy and the rest of the band up so close! We finally got to shake Stevie’s hand when she came down along the stage during “Edge of Seventeen”. We were so excited!!! We all think that it is so awesome that Stevie takes the time to come down and say hello and shake hands with the people along the front of the stage and also with the sea of hands trying to reach out and just get a small touch of the Goddess of Rock. It was an awesome, fantastic show and the fact that it was outside made it even better!!! The weather was perfect!!! We hope to see Stevie again when she comes to Las Vegas! Thanks to Stevie and the band for a great concert! Chris Isaak also put on a great opening show and he was really fun and entertaining! Thank you!!!!
Doc A.
Loved it! I saw Stevie a couple of years back in Virginia and you would swear she sounds even better. I gotta say she's probably my favorite artist, she's helped me through a lot. I told myself when I was overseas in Iraq that if I ever came back safe and sound she was one thing that I wasn't going to miss. Surfice to say she does not disappoint. Thank you Stevie for getting me through some of the hardest times of my life without even knowing it. Your performance is something that gives back the energy the world sometimes takes away. From Fallujah to here home and loving it, with all my heart......thank you.
After that phenomenal night of nights two summers ago when I first sat in the pit section at a Stevie Nicks concert and enjoyed all the perks that came from being in the front (including being able to hold Ms Stevie's hand) I was hesitant to go again. I thought to myself "Okay, can she do ANYTHING that will make it better than the last time?" Looking back, I have no idea why I ever doubted her. I was very impressed with her vocals and the energy she brought to the show at the Greek Theatre, the only downside was I did not have orchestra seats. So I made a decision to gather monies from wherever I could and buy myself a ticket for the orchestra section for the San Diego show (where I live). When I got to the amphitheatre and sat down, I was sure it would be impossible for me to make it to the front during Edge of Seventeen. So I sat and tried to enjoy the show. Stevie always seems goofier when she plays San Diego.... Maybe it's the strange smelling waterpark next to Coors Amphitheatre? She always seems to have laughing fits for one reason or another, but I digress. Around Fall From Grace I decided that I was going to get to the front some way some how, so for the entire length of How Still My Love, I sat at the edge of my seat, aware of all my surroundings, like an animal in the jungle, ready to pounce. As soon as How Still My Love Ended and the venue went dark, I saw a few people creeping towards the front, I knew it was either now or never, so I went for it, scooting my way past 10 people in the row I was in, and then rushing to get to the front. Since this was going to be my second time up there, I was a little less awestruck, and was determined to 1) Not Cry, 2) look her in the eyes, and 3) speak to her. When she came by and grabbed my hand I looked her in the eye and screamed, "YOU'RE AMAZING!!!" She smiled at me as she was being pushed through by her bodyguard and said "Thank You!" This of course made me get a little bit teary, I had just spoken to my idol! Keep On Rockin, Stevie!
Shar Dirkovich
I have never been to a Stevie Nick's concert and it was awesome, was in the 11th row and could have sat there all night, must say, you have a great and fabulous new piano player, unreal gift he has, look forward to hearing him more...any chance he will do a solo on an album of yours? Thanks for the experience, it was priceless.
Tim Cole
Last night I attended the Chris Isaac/Stevie Nicks show at the Coors Amphitheater. I was lucky enough to get six row center pit seats – close to the aisle for easy access to the stage for the Edge of 17 mad-dash! I love it when her show starts with the Bootylicious - there is just something about the way that intro gets my adrenaline pumping and sets the tone. Stevie came out, looking dressed as if snow was in the forecast, rocking to “Stand Back”. She wore her basic black outfit, boots, black gloves – no shawl – and wearing a really thick bundle of black fur around her neck like a tie(?) that I didn’t really get. She seemed to be a little awkward wearing it, especially during her “Stand Back” spin cycle. She wore this “tie” through the whole show up until Edge of 17. Aside from that, she looked absolutely stunning and sounded strong. This is my 51st time seeing Stevie (counting The Tonight Show, The Zoo, and other guest appearances) - each show had its own memorable moments. Tonight it was this tour’s version of “Gold Dust Woman”. She didn’t do the wailing at the end, but this is the most intense acid-rock version I have ever heard by far. Then the Land“slide-show” which featured never-before seen photos of her as a young girl and many pictures of her father – it was touching because I have been a huge fan of Stevie since May 1981 and I feel her loss…especially now that my own Dad is 75. Her closing number “Beauty and the Beast” was breathtaking. I loved her gown and while I prefer long hair worn down on most people, she looks totally angelic with her hair tied back – don’t hide behind your hair Stevie!
Duane Choquette
The show last night in San Diego (Coors) was awesome, nothing short of OUTSTANDING. We had great seats, a few rows off the floor in Section 101. Stevie looks great, and still sounds great too. Her song selection was right on too. Her band and back up singers were simply awesome as well. We look forward to seeing them again in the near future. Thanks again for the awesome experience of 'reliving' some Fleetwood Mac days, as they were my second group ever seen when I was at the tender age of 14, which was "back in the day" (like the mid 70's). Have a lot fun on this tour. Come back to San Diego soon, or maybe we'll see you as an event headliner at the San Diego Fair someday. God bless you ALL!!!
What an evening, I've seen Stevie Nicks in concert about 15 times including with Fleetwood Mac. It's hard to believe that she's going to be 59 on a couple of day's. She's still as beautiful and as graceful as she was in 1978. Every time I see her she enchants me and sooths my soul. Her song's were vocally perfect her personality was outstanding and her hair was long and soft, she was wearing her signature boots and shawls. She started the set with a powerful Stand Back had great visual's on the back screen, she showed a powerful slide show during the Landslide song a tribute to her Father and Family. Fall from grace was probably the most powerful song along with Sorcerer, two I don't recall seeing before. But great. As always an enchanting evening and a crystal vision once again for me. I could listen to Stevie Nicks in concert for hours so when it ended I wanted more but.... Thanks for the time that we spent together, O and Happy Birthday To My American Idol.

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