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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

5/25/07 Soboba Casino San Jacinto, California

Tammy Dawn
Last nights show in San Jacinto, CA (Soboba Casino) was out of this world!! We were front row and center. Stevie looked so beautiful! She had it all going for her. The stage colors made her and the band shine. It was truly a magical night. To be there a day just before her birthday, wow! Someone in the audience made a poster birthday card for her. We got to sign it and the security guard put in on stage for us. Stevie looked down at it and when she was finished with her song, she took it backstage. I have admired Stevie for years and have always wanted to meet her. Thank you Stevie for the Edge walk! I got my ultimate birthday present, which was just a few days before hers. Yes, I got to shake her hand. She gives so much to her fans. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. If you have not had a chance to see her in concert yet, I highly advise you go. You will be so glad that you went!
I almost did not go my friend backed out at the last minute But I had to go and I am so glad I did I have seen you perform five times the first time in 1970 in San Bernardino with Fleetwood and Credence Clearwater I fell in love with you and your music back then and nothing has changed I also saw you in LA when your Bella Donna Album came out and realized that you are one of the best entertainers ever Your concert last night I loved it... its as if you have brought your concert performance level to the extreme Everyone around me was on their feet. I was so glad to see the same performers that you had from years ago. Bravo Oh my goodness I want to see you again
This was the 5th time I've seen this fantastic singer/songwriter over the years as a faithful follower. She looks GREAT, sounds STRONG, looks HAPPY, which is wonderful for us fans who have followed her over many years. She really seems to be in a very good place in her life. The show was absolutely wonderful -- Chris Isaak was incredible, full of energy and all over the stage and arena. He really knows how to get a show going! Then, Stevie just blows it away -- her voice is so strong, her presence is so confident, the singers and musicians so very talented -- it is just mesmerizing to watch this group. I was especially taken by the new rendition of "Gold Dust Woman" --- very powerful! Waddy really knows how to make this song more moving than it already was. I am so greatful to have seen her in this small area of So. CA -- Stevie, ROCK ON, and we will follow!!
To all Stevie fans saw her at Saboba Casino on May 25 she was the best of the best she sounded great ,looked great (man Stevie has lost so much weight) her song choice couldn't have been any better than what I wanted. The highlight of the show was me making my way to the front and being able to shake her hand and tell her Happy Birthday. I can die now and go wherever'. If anyone makes it to her shows you will be in heaven and glad that you went. Have a Enchanted evening.

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