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5/28/07 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Denver, Colorado

I was lucky enough to nab tickets to her show this Memorial Day at Red Rocks in Colorado for my first visit there. The show was fabulous, excellent choice of songs, incredible sound. Stevie’s voice has never sounded better and she is still my favorite performer of all time. Thanks for continuing to perform, I’ll enjoy her music for as long as she keeps singing.
Lori T.
I Love You STEVIE!!!! My daughter and I flew from Kansas to Colorado for only 1 night JUST to see YOU!!! I've never been to Red Rocks before but dreamed about going someday and when I found out Stevie was playing I bought tickets and planned the trip. I have already told my kids about you and how much I love your songs, (they know them by heart from hearing my CD's playing ALL the time) and I was glad I could take 1 of them with me to see you, the other daughter had finals, Anyway, It was the most amazing place I've ever seen and Stevie you were beautiful as always and sang like a song bird!!!! We had tickets to row 31 but sat in row 16 and nobody made us move YEAH!! The gals next to me were fantastic and we all sang our hearts out along with you!!! Please don't let this be your last concert, we had tickets to the Trouble in Shangri-la tour but you were sick and cancelled Kansas, but I got to take my youngest to the Fleetwood Mac Say You Will tour, 5th row! WE LOVE YOU STEVIE, RED ROCKS WAS AWSOME BUT COME AGAIN TO KANSAS PLEEAASSE!!!!!!!! P.S I've already requested that they play Landslide for my funeral(morbid I know, but I want them to really remember me and thats thru knowing you too). All my Love.
I saw the Stevie Nicks Red Rocks video on HBO when I was in college and it was always a dream to be at a Stevie's concert at Red Rocks. Well, dreams do come true and my best friend Hope and I were at Red Rocks Monday night on the front row! What a great concert and Stevie was outstanding! I look forward to hearing her again in Atlanta at Chastain Park next week! Stevie still rocks!
My wife and I attended the Concert at RED ROCKS on May 28th. We both enjoyed it immensely. I thought the music was a bit too loud at times and overpowered STEVIE’S voice. My wife’s favorite song was Beauty and the Beast which STEVIE sang to close the show. She played it on our stereo for 6 hours straight on Wednesday night, again on Thursday night and again on Friday night.
Gil Romero
I am a HUGE Stevie Nicks fan and I have seen her 20+ times. The show at Red Rocks was absolutely incredible. I went with my best friend/soul mate Judy and my niece Nataline who are also both huge Stevie fans. The warm weather, beautiful back drop and almost full moon made for a perfect evening! Stevie definitely did not keep any Crystal Visions to herself, as she performed as many of her hits as time would allow. I especially enjoyed that she sang If Anyone Falls and my all time favorite How Still My Love~ I was lucky enough to be able to get up close to the stage at the end of the show and get a hug from Stevie, Although it was Stevie's Birthday a couple of days before the show, I was the one who got the best present and lifetime memory! Over All , Stevie looked beautiful and sounded as great as ever! Thank you Steve for a night I will never forget! Love From My Wild Heart~
Jim Ash
I had planned to visit someone in Wyoming the same time as Stevie Nicks was scheduled to perform at Red Rocks, what better way to combine the two, especially given the chance to see Stevie Nicks. I have been blessed to have seen Stevie solo as well as on tour with Fleetwood Mac several times and it is always a treat. The venue is perfect for acoustics and as always, Stevie was remarkable. From the opening number, Stand Back, to one of my favorites, Landslide, to which she dedicated to local relatives and to all of our families. She is so gracious towards the fans and truly appreciates their support of her music and the music industry in general as she stated at the end of the show. Her various wardrobe changes as well as her signatures spins during selected songs enticed the audience. I enjoyed the twist on the introduction of the band members, some new and some familiar, especially Sharon Celani and Waddy Wachtel as she has known them for so many years. Stevie, thank you for yet again, for another evening of memories and absolute fun as only you can deliver with your songs and also for making it a special evening for my "adopted mom, Joy" who was in your prescence for the first time and really enjoyed the opportunity to see greatness at her best at Red Rocks!
Ms. Stevie Nicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Opening with "Stand Back" did one thing, put the crowd on their feet instantly!!! Sold out show! Beautiful spring spring night, red rocks, a gentle breeze, almost a full moon with wispy clouds and one tremendously awesome artist!! Stevie looks absolutely wonderful. Healthy and in top form! She smiled SO much and was having so much fun. I have only seen her three times, but this night proved to me that she is one of the top female singer/performers ever!!! Her voice IS in incredible condition!! I just marvelled at how powerful she truly is. When she sang Rhiannon and Rock and Roll, I was blown away. Stevie talked to us a lot as well. Making comments about most of the songs, what inspired her to write some of them and so on. I could not get over how she ruled the stage with her presence!!!! She is F***** awesome. I totally got off on all the wardrobe changes she did. At first she came out donning a pretty much all black outfit. I don't know the styles or names as she clearly has her own look. Anyhow she had on her signature black suede/crush velvet high heeled boots, a pair of silver&black sequenced glittery type pants under one of her cape style shirts! She looked absolutely stunning! My favorite though was when she came out wearing her black top hat with those big fluffy feathers, with it she wore a pretty white wavey/fluffy lol type dress! The breeze made all her twirling and movements on stage mesmerizing!!! Oh my!!! I just love watching this 'woman of rock perform'. During most of the show, the huge red rock wall that makes up the back drop, was filled with images of past shows, some of her videos, friends and a lot of her dad and mom. My fav was when Rhiannon was performed... it had some of Stevie's artwork and an image of the mythalogical woman Rhiannon. Really Really COOL!!! Her band of course .... ROCKS!!! I love her classy back up singers and what a treat to see Lori Nicks performing again!!! Of course Sharon and Jana were the other two. All in all, I am still buzzing and full of warm fuzzies from this show. It marks the most memorable for me! Good thangs happen to those who wait.... and to those who dare to dream!!!!

set list:
Stand Back
If Anyone Falls
piano solo from a new guy* don't remember his name! very beautiful pianist music!!! huge black grand piano!! Rhiannon
Gold Dust Woman <---FRIKKIN EERILY AWESOME... goose bump city!!!
I Need To Know.. blistering Tom Petty cover!
Fall From Grace ... intense and LOUD!!!
How Still My Love
one insane drum solo and percussionist solo!!! lordy!
Edge Of Seventeen
Rock and Roll
Beauty and the Beast .. this song has such a strong emotional affect on me, I must add that Stevie could not have performed and sung this song any better. I was awestruck, mouth hangin open and tears welling in my eyes! Just amazing...

well, last note... much to my surprise, Stevie came down front... my seat was just a couple seats off of front and center... lucky me... so she goes down the line of folks shaking hands, smiling, hugging a few folks... so I thought what the heck... I went to the front and managed to get in beside a woman in a wheel chair, who sat next to me the entire show.... well Stevie got closer and then there she was, she looked right at me, and when our eyes met, I just smiled so big... she placed an arm around me and I her, and then I got a face to face, cheek to cheek wonderful Stevie hug!!!! The woman next to me, got a kiss on the cheek! Stevie is a gracious woman who gives more to this world than just her music. The look on that womans face was priceless. Indeed a very wonderful Memorial Day at Red Rocks~!! Thank You Stevie & as always....... Come back soon!!!!!
Jenny & Mike (The Rycher)
The Red Rocks performance made me feel as if I died and gone to Heaven. The sound of Stevie's voice in this superb venue brought tears to my eyes. Looking up at the moon and the mountains added to the cool shivers that went down my spine as she sung her heart out. My husband and I landed the most perfect seats in Row 3 (close to dead center). It was just the perfect day at Red Rocks. Even though we couldn't get in during sound check, you could still hear Stevie singing her heart out as we waited on the stairs on the north side of the venue. If you ever have a chance to see Stevie at Red Rocks, make sure you take the opportunity and go. She will amaze you. This venue produces amazing loudness, but you do not need earplugs since it produces a pure sound without any distortion. It was just incredible looking back at the audience and seeing every seat filled. The fans were incredible: I met her biggest fan & her husband (9th row/Bay Area) (you two are an awesome couple); the gal & hubby next to us who owns an apparel store in Denver called Rumours (you go girl); the smiley gals behind us in line who were in awe of the shirtless biker and who agreed that they weren't going to eat any of the free ice cream (Lord knows what is in that stuff); the man who has a pet deer that he can identify by the scar; the girls on the steps who won the Radio contest tickets--(I hope you two scored good seats); the couple who was talking to the bus driver and told us about the U2 MTV concert that he attended back in the day; and I could go on and on. My husband and I agreed that this was a ten-star performance. One cool moment was on the way out, we hopped down to second row and I looked down and found an Ernie Ball guitar pick--I thought it was just an Ernie Ball guitar pick until I turned it around and it said Waddy Wachtel--Keep Back 200 Feet. Gotta love it! Also, getting out of Red Rocks wasn't as bad as what we thought, it probably took us 15 minutes maximum. P.S. to the fans, Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Laughing at yourself is therapeutic.
Nichol Lee
The moon was not full, but looming large, bright, and incandescent against an enchantingly warm May Colorado sky, lighting a fully-pumped and energized crowd, when our sorceress Stevie took the stage. We roared in anticipatory approval and you could feel the excitement in every part of you being as she and the band kicked off the night with "Standback". Stevie wore black sparkly leggings and a black leather bodice with ruffles and sleeves, and black gloves. She seemed a bit tired and reserved, yet still completely on and present as she made her way through this new set list. She did not once hit a note in any of her higher register (such as "Sorcerer" in "In my misery, yeah-yeah") which was a tad disappointing and I do long for her wild, carefree, and highly animated movements reminiscent of earlier days. However, our diva still more than delivered, looking trim and gorgeous as ever, and when she hit the stage in her golden shawl for "Gold Dust Woman" you could feel the entire energy of the crowd rise and deepen into some sort of an "ancient queen" trance, positively intoxicating. Stevie added some new lyrics and harmonies to "Gold Dust Woman" where she chants, "If you could see me now . . ." and it makes one wonder "if WHO could see her now?" Lindsay? Her Father? Sounded like a "success is the best revenge" line toward Lindsay; who knows, but it was fabulous. We were well under her spell by now, as she moved into "How Still My Love", the other highlight of the night. Stevie and the girls added some powerful harmonies to this Belladonna classic and transported me right back "to the Gypsy that I was", back in the early 1980's as a little girl, fixated on the TV screen watching Stevie dance and twirl before me, captivated . . . Shangri-La's "Fall From Grace" was another major highlight and Stevie really roared and belted her way through this up-tempo rocker. As the night rocked on Stevie and her first-rate band worked their way into "Edge of Seventeen", and the spellbinding was complete, as I could not stop periodically gazing at the luminescent crimson moon and soft, billowy clouds, which seemed to have made themselves perfect just for our special night with Stevie. Red Rocks is a venue like no other, and for those who are not familiar it is quite literally a park full of mammoth red rocks, in which the outdoor amphitheater is cradled--pure fantasy, just like Stevie's world from which she is inspired, and yet it is real; so seeing her here was incredibly special. As we moved to the front I was the very first line to shake Stevie's hand and she said to me "How are you?" all I could do was thank her in awe and reverence . . . I shook her hand also back in 2005 when she came to Red Rocks, and all I can say is that somewhere in the back of my mind and depth of my Spirit these exceptional encounters seem to be some sort of Divine compensation for the very painful and arduous life I have lived over the past few years. As hard as things have been, I have not quit, even though I've felt as times that there was little if any hope of things ever returning to normal, let alone getting well. And yet little by little, things have gotten better. If anything, being so fortunate to have shook Stevie's hand twice, from a woman who has struggled with very similar issues, it seemed to be The Powers That Be's way of saying "There is Hope!!! Don't Give Up!!!" and ultimately this is what Stevie inspires in us all; Hope Springs Eternal. And Magic and Beauty and Love. As I danced ecstatically that night in my platform boots and Stevie-inspired black lace bustier, I truly felt JOY like I hadn't felt in so long. Thank you White Wing Dove Woman, it was a night we will never forget.
I've seen Stevie Nicks perform about 15 times in the last 30 years, but this was the first time I'd ever been to Red Rocks (west of Denver). Traveled there from San Diego just to see the show. Guess I'm now officially a fanatical fan. We started the evening by taking in the surroundings. I always thought the Santa Barbara County Bowl was an incomparable outdoor setting, but Red Rocks is truly magnificent. Climbed up to the top and looked out at the Denver skyline in the distance. Then walked down to our seats (9th row - excellent) and watched Chris Isaak. Never had seen him before but he was a GREAT entertainer. Such a funny, handsome devil. During one song, he climbed from the stage up to the top row of the amphitheater - right through the middle of all the crowd - while singing and never missing a note. This was at 6200 feet above sea level! (Gasp.) Then it was Stevie time. She looked even leaner and lovelier than she did two years ago. Fiddled with her earpiece and monitor levels during the first few songs, but then settled in and found her groove. The vocal blends were better than ever, and seemed to have a lot more depth. I think the addition of Jana Anderson as a third backup singer really made a difference. The new keyboard player was awesome, too - especially on the intro to Rhiannon. During Gold Dust Woman, I looked up at the towering rock formations on either side, the Big Dipper overhead and the nearly full moon emerging from a cloud. You couldn't have scripted that any better. Then came Sorcerer. Wow. Unspeakably good. Just SO damn good. Surprisingly, Fall from Grace was one of my favorite songs, mostly because she showed so much intensity there. And of course, I Need to Know is always such rocking good fun! All night long her voice was strong and clear, especially towards the end of the show when she let loose on some high notes. All in all, it was well worth the price of the ticket, the plane fare, the hotel room and the 7 hours I spent stuck in the Denver airport the next day. Looking forward to seeing her again when she's 65 and 70 -- but hopefully NOT in some cheesy Las Vegas show. (She's way too good for that. I don't want to remember her that way.) Thank you for a wonderful evening, Stevie. Thank you so very much.
Kevin - an old school Stevie fan!
I attended the show with my niece and my sister. My niece who is 11 is a full-fledge Stevie fan!! and this her 2nd show confirmed it My first Stevie show was in Boulder,CO almost 26 years ago when I was 16. I have seen Stevie everytime she has come to Colorado. This was my 10th Stevie concert and what can I say,I am still in love with Stevie! The show was incredible from the opening Stand Back to the end Beauty and the Beast. Stevie sounded and looked great. The band and Stevie rocked the Rocks! It was great to hear How Still My Love and I Need to Know back in the set. I really like the harder egde to Gold Dust Woman these days. I am hoping Stevie puts a whole CD of a live show soon!! Rock On Stevie! Hope to see you again at Red Rocks!
Wow! That is all I can say about the Stevie Nicks/Chris Issac show at Red Rocks. I came from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to see the show. The evening started out with Chris Isaac keeping the crowd entertained. Stevie came on about 9:15PM and the set started with Stand Back. The crowd went wild. Her voice is amazing! Her setlist was similar to the show I saw at the Hard Rock Live in February 2007, however, she added "I Need to Know" and "How Still My Love". It is a beautiful song to hear live. I hope she keeps that in the setlist. During the encore, she performed "Rock and Roll" and you could tell she loves that song, she was dancing, smiling and just having fun. Her closing song was "Beauty and the Beast" and it was a great way to say Goodnight. I am so happy that I went to the show at Red Rocks, the crowd was into it and everyone was dancing and having a great time. Thank you Stevie for another great performance! Keep Rockin'.
So, it was a beautiful night at Red Rocks for the Cystal Visions Tour. Getting in and finding my friend Jessica was of the utmost importance because I haven't seen her in forever! Found her, yay! Our seats were ok but I can't complain because c'mon, this IS Red Rocks, one of the most prestegious concert venues on our tiny little planet! Chris Isaak took the stage and then left the stage>>through the audience! He went all the way up top, through the crowd and then worked his way back down again. My friend Sara and I were (up top) getting a bite to eat when we started to walk back down to our seats and noticed that everybody was looking "back". We just got back to our seats when Jessie told us that Chris (on his way down) just walked through there! Damnit, I missed it! The girl in front of us had an incredible picture that she took on her cell phone of Chris walking over my seat! Anyway, Jill got a pic too on her ph one of his backside going back down. She needs to learn how to send those to my email from her phone, lol. Chris played a good hour and a half, great set! But you know me, I was here to see my BABY, MY GIRL, yeah, you gotta' prah!! I was ready for MY STEVIE! In the past the beginning of "Stand Back" has always been a drum solo and then we meet the band. This time, it was the opening song. It was a great way for Stevie to introduce a different 'set' for her songs. Of course her second song was "Dreams", the only #1 song from Fleetwood Mac. From the moment Stevie took the stage, the entire experience was to a T. Well, who has to pee? Tell me now, because I'm NOT going to pull this car over! Stevie's piano player has an incredible solo piece that becomes "Rhiannon", another FM track. But not to worry, Stevie offered and served her best solo greats. That's right I said, "HER best". Sure, we even got "Landslide", another FM biggie! These tunes are to be rejoiced, they are the product of this peotess/songstress/Isaidwearthatblackdress! If you are going to perform a cover song by LED ZEPPELIN, then the song is "Rock-N-Roll", and only to be sung by STEVIE NICKS. "Beauty and the Beast" was the best I've ever seen Stevie, very fitting for the last song of the night! Stevie's performance was flawless, and it made me think of the family that she has here. Thank YOU STEVIE for caring about our troops, please help us get our boys HOME! GREAT SHOW!! I always love when Stevie comes, it's sad when she goes away..... Best I've seen In Stevie. This show was very new, and very much 'Classic Stevie' I love that she really does stay true to herself.
WE LOVE YOU, STEVIE!!! THANK YOU SO! MUCH FOR PLAYING ALBUQUERQUE LAST NIGHT! This concert was THE BEST one I have ever seen in my life, and it was mesmerizing and enchanting. All the musicians gave it their best, and Stevie had such command of her music and the audience. She exceeded my expectations and delivered one of the most magical performances I have ever seen. I especially appreciated the fluid piano intro to Rhiannon and hope that this version is recorded. Let me wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE ETHERAL AND A GIFT TO THIS WORLD. Thank you ever so much for sharing your many talents with me, and others, last night.
Deborah Diamond
Going to Colorado to visit old friends ($250ish), seeing a show Red Rocks Amphitheater ($280ish), having the headliner at Red Rocks be STEVIE NICKS (PRICELESS). Everything was perfect right down to the weather. We already had great seats but thanks to the Long Distance Winner we ended up in Row 3, in front of Al and Waddy. We’ve seen Stevie numerous times (and haven’t missed a show to date) in Vegas, Atlantic City, NJ, NY and VA etc and kind of knew the routine of the show but we were in for a big surprise. She blew us away with the song selections especially “If Anyone Falls” and the new arrangement with Lori, Sharon and Jana. The band was awesome. Stevie looked and sounded great and she looks like she is always having a great time on stage and the BOOTS ARE BACK in case anyone was wondering. Stevie talked in between the songs and mentioned that a lot of her family lives in Colorado and they were at the show, she mentioned something about her Indian grandmother but I couldn’t get everything that she said. During Landslide there was a slide show on the rocks in the background but it was a little distorted, but you could tell a lot of pictures were of her family and a lot of her dad. The picture at the end was very touching. (I won’t spoil it for those who have not gone yet). It was a little tough to get to the rail for Edge of Seventeen due to security but we all made it and got to shake Stevie’s hand. I’ve never seen an artist to this day spend as much time as she does with her fans at each show. She really is a great artist inside and out and we’re lucky to have her. Thanks Stevie!!!!! See you in AC in a few weeks.
Last night was my 25th Stevie/Fleetwood show and I could not have been more electrified by Stevie and her fantastic band. I had cheated and read the set list but thankfully it was mixed up a bit for Red Rocks. Opening with Stand Back was brilliant as it had everyone up and moving! Stevie looked so phenomenal wearing some great velvet slacks, a black tailored jacket and a "mini" version of her trademark chiffon. OH YES...and she was wearing her boots!!! How could I forget the most awesome thing about her outfit? Stevie amazed me with her voice which sounded strong and more flexible compared to past performances. The band was tight and I almost cried when I saw Lorie NIcks behind a mike stand! Welcome back! Highlights included "If Anyone Falls", "Fall From Grace", a fantasric "Gold Dust Woman", and the best "How Still My Love" I have been seeing shows at Red Rocks for years including Stevies show which was filmed and put on VCR/DVD. The only thing that upset me was the harsh security and unfair treatment of the crowd. If you were a "hot chick" as spoken by guard #220, you could rush the stage if you were not in the first row but those of us in Row 2 who are kind , gentle long time Stevie fans were pushed back. Shame on you Red Rocks! BUT under the stars it is easy to let all the negative loose and enjoy what I was there for! A magical and beautiful night with Stevie, great music and starry skies!
Cassandra B.
It was a very magical night at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre-the opening was uplifting and the ending was just beautiful and spiritual! I was clapping along with her the whole night- WELL worth the wait!!!!! Love Ya, Stevie! All the Best of Luck and Love.
Carol Hardin
I went to the concert at Red Rocks and I must say it was the best concert ever! Stevie looked absolutely fabulous. Everything was perfect. Chris Isaak was really good too. I can't say enough about Stevie's voice. She sounded as good as she always does and it was nice to hear some new songs this time. I've been going to her concerts ever since the Wild Heart tour in 1983 and this one tops them all. I even brought my husband and my 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son. They had a great time as well. Excellent!
Cristal and Heather
WOW!!! I just attended the Memorial Day Concert at Red Rocks, it was Awesome. That was a perfect setting for a great show. Stevie was awesome in her performance, she looks great and her voice is classic Stevie. I took my 17 yr old daughter with me, this was her first concert and she is a huge fan. She knows every song by heart. It was the best concert that I have seen by far...Keep Rockin Ms. Nicks... I will keep driving to see you when you are close to us. It was also great to see Lori again.
Mendy Eckard
Seen the show last night it's been four times at this venue I,ve seen Stevie here.Two times for rock a little once for the show it's self June 25th and the other for the taping , August 20th for the showtime special & dvd put out later.Which I was in at the end, sorry Stevie I was just trying to get my flowers to you.Then after me & my sister come back from Vagas from seeing her at Cecears Palace May 11th 2005. Then for the Gold Dust on July 20th 2005. Also I Have seen Stevie every other time she as come to Denver except when she was in boulder for Bella Donna, Either Byself or With Fleetwood Mac .I think this is the best out door venue, The sound the Rocks. Any way back to the show Chris started a little late i was't shere want to think about him beacause i have't heared but a few songs,He seemed to get the crowed going starting next to were my seats were[1st Row center] and running straight up to the top and back down, and then half way up again later,Waddy did join Chris & his band for a song, But the real show was later when Stevie hit the stage,She looked great,sounded wonderful,She has the power to pole you into the the fill the vive the moment,From Stand Back to Beauty and the Beast. A very touching moment was at Landslide when a slide show of her career, Pictures of her and family,Friends and more so with her & dad.The show was Awsome once again I did't sit once she rocked the Rockies! Thank you, And thank you for letting me give you a kiss & hug for every thing you have given me.

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