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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

5/30/07 Zoo Amphitheatre Oklahoma City, OK

PJ & Rhiannon
I was soooooo happy to get to attend Stevie’s concert in OKC with my darling daughter Rhiannon. Our trip was scheduled for a wedding shopping trip and to scope at the town to toast my belated best friend and Rhiannon’s godfather’s birthday (who was a HUGE STEVIE FAN)prior to any news of a Stevie Nicks concert, …how appropriate that Stevie be part of our memorable moment! OF COURSE! Stevie is as gracefully beautiful and her vocals continue to ROCK ON! Thank you Stevie for being part of a very special occasion. HOWEVER, WE ALWAYS INCLUDE YOU by listening to your music! My daughter was in tears and so was I. THANK YOU STEVIE FOR BEING A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL PERSON.
D. Loren
I would drive a million miles for a Nicks Fix, or at least 4 1/2 hours. The only other group I would drive that far for is the Rolling Stones, which was only 2 1/2 hours. Madame Music or Miss Nicks has out done herself again. Wonderful music!!! The Oklahoma clouds where no match for Stevie's strong scintillating voice. She blew the stormy clouds away allowing the full moon to shower with gold dust moonlight. She is not only beautiful, but timeless, fans from her early years follow the haunting concert sounds of magic. I told the younger fans of 19, 20, 21 that Stevie loves her fans and they said that they love her, too, with sincere smiles of delight. She looks so young and sounds so good, we just love her! Thank you Stevie for a most wonderful night.
What a perfect night Stevie shared with all of us. By the way, the amphitheater was packed! I have been lucky and have seen Stevie many times over the years and she touches my soul with her sincere songwriting and beautiful music. Stevie has a presence that reaches far and above any words can truly describe. She gives so much, shares and cares for her fans. We love you Stevie and I wish you love, peace, and good health always. I do hope you can feel the love from us when you are on that stage. I felt it very strongly and I sensed you did also. Take good care and please come back soon!!
The full moon rose over Rhiannon last night at the Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre. It was the perfect backdrop for a perfect enchanted evening. The moment Stevie took the stage for Stand Back I knew it was going to be a great show. She is thinner than she has been in years and her voice was stronger and more flexible than I’ve heard since The Wild Heart Tour. Though Stevie is maintaining a very controlled vocal line, usually staying in her lower registers, never going into the intense vocal rages of the past, the timbre is rich and expressive throughout. Stevie’s stage movements are more graceful than they have been in years. She has stopped shaking her arms so much and has gone back to the more fluid and graceful movements of her younger years. Her wardrobe was tasteful and flattering and she made several changes during the show. Highlights of the show included an awesome psychedelic intro with gold flakes falling down the backdrop screen for Gold Dust and a swirling exit in which Stevie removed her gold shawl, twirled it above her head and around herself all the way to the back of the stage where she exited for a costume change. The impression was like a tornado or a whirling dervish slowly leaving the stage. The photos and video clips for Landside were touching. Stevie skipped Fall From Grace for this show. I think they were running a little late for curfew and had to cut it. They also shortened Edge of Seventeen, omitting the final verse that starts “Suddenly there was no one left standing in the hallway”….I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but Waddy’s intro was mesmerizing with black, white, and shadow film footage of Waddy in performance on the backdrop. “Rock and Roll” was actually pretty good. I had my doubts when I heard she was doing it, but you could tell that Stevie and the band had a lot of fun with the performance. Beauty was wonderful with Stevie’s hair in a beautiful updo and rich, expressive vocals throughout. I loved the scenes from the original black and white film on the backdrop. The one thing about the show that was kind of a let down for us Okies was when Stevie said that she only has one friend from Oklahoma….Bill Clinton….lol. Clinton is from Arkansas as most people know. The audience was pretty flabbergasted at this with most them either booing or hollering out “wrong state….wrong state”. But all was forgotten when the next song started. I’m sure it’s hard to keep things like that straight when you are moving so quickly through a tour. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the stage set, the band, the set list, and Stevie’s presence and performance…absolutely the best I’ve from Stevie in years. Glad you are still sharing your beautiful artistry with us Stevie.
Absolutely awesome concert! The evening was beautiful. No rain, no wind, just the full moon and stars and the greatest star of all, Ms Stevie Nicks. Stevie is the greatest female singer of all time. I have been a Stevie Nicks fan since she 1st joined Fleetwood Mac. I have been to several of her concerts in the past & she can count on me being at every concert she plays in my area in the future. She is the most amazing singer. Her voice is like no other. This show was the best ever. She is like a fine wine, she gets better with age. There has never been or will ever be another Stevie Nicks. She is simply the most beautiful and talented female artist ever. Thank you so much Stevie, for sharing your talent with us. You and your music have made the world a much better place to be. I hope someday to be able to meet you in person. Happy belated birthday! Rock on Stevie! You're the best!
"..Completely moving and one of the most electrifying concerts I have ever attended.." These are the words I use when describing one of the most wonderful concert nights of my life. Stevie was so beautiful tonight!! Her husky, sultry voice evoked emotions deep within my soul. She conveyed her intense love and candid passion for her music, by allowing her spirit to soar free and savor each musical phrase, as if it were fine, rich chocolate. All of her songs were energy laden, but a few that stood out, were Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Landslide, and Beauty and the Beast. Her piano player held us all under his spell as he elicited deep, rich beauty from the piano keys during the intro to Rhiannon. It was as if the keyboard was an extension of his elegant spirit. Truly awesome!! For Gold Dust Woman, Stevie wore her signature gold shawl and danced lovingly around Waddy during his solo. Landslide was so touching. A very close personal friend of mine was at the concert with me. She tells me that she used to rock her little boys to sleep at night singing Landslide to them, when it first became a hit. It was a very turbulent time for her during a divorce and bitter custody battle. I know the song touched a special place in her heart, allowing her to step back in time for a few cherished moments. Beauty and the Beast was so powerful!! It brought tears to my eyes, hearing the passion and intensity of the music from Stevie and the girls. They were simply incredible!! The original film played on the backdrop screen as they sang, and when Stevie changed into her dress, with her hair up, she was simply breathtaking!! Thank you Stevie for a wonderful, touching night that my soul will remember for many many years to come!! I love you and admire you!! I only now wish that I could someday meet you!!
Jason Wilson
I saw Stevie in Okc, Wednesday night, and she was awesome, I have been a fan for 20 some years but had never seen her perform. Stevie still has it , she made this 43 year old want to travel to Dallas to see her again. Her voice was great, her classy personality and natural friendliness towards the audience was special and she looked great.
STEVIE NICKS IS THE GREATEST!!!! We had some fear that the show would be cancelled due to the heavy rain OKC got that morning, but the rain stopped, the sky cleared, we got a beautiful full moon over the stage, and Stevie and crew put on a great show! Her band sounded awesome – Stevie sang better than ever (and looked totally beautiful, by the way) – the stage and video were incredibly good – just a perfect, perfect show! I got to be there with my sister Diane, who took me to see my first Fleetwood Mac show way back in 1982, and being there with her made the evening more special than ever! On the downside, I was a little disappointed by the ‘Edge of Seventeen’ walk – Stevie received hardly any gifts at all, and somebody threw what looked like a t-shirt which pegged her right in the midsection. Not that that would hurt her, but they could’ve just handed it to her, you know? Anyway, it was a great evening and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! THANK YOU, STEVIE NICKS!!!!
Christy Carriger
The clouds and rain left,the full moon came out ,and i saw stevie nicks.I waited 25yrs long yrs.,and it was worth ever yr.Stevie still rocks,love the way she does dreams now.And gold dust woman, at the end ... Look at me now.And look at you stevie ,you have aged so gracfully,and what an insperation you are. A strong and beautiful woman.Thank you for a night i will never forget.Stevie, your my Judy Garland. On a personal note.. This was for you Doug.Im a few yrs. older than you are ...my love.Rest In Peace my friend.
The Boots Are Back! I don't even know where to begin, what a beautiful night outdoors! My best friend, Jennifer and I had Vip passes- which for this venue means great seats, a bar area and side stage access that most people don't have access too. While we are waiting for Chris Issak to start we were just haning out and here comes Carlos Rios from behind the gates- no one even pays any attention! Except us!! We had him autograph a tour book! He was so nice and down to earth. What a bonus- we never expected that! He was out looking at the vulture enclosure that could be seen from the VIP area- because it's right next to the Zoo! So we get to our seats as Chirs finished his set, even though I am not a big fan of his it was really good. We started out in the second row and ended up in the front! An older couple in front of us left because it was too loud- I didn't realize it was possible for a concert to be too loud!!!! Anyway thanks for the new seats!!!
Sandy Neal
What a fabulous concert you put on in at the Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre last night. The music was as enchanting as it was in the 70’s and 80’s. Your voice was right on. The band was phenomenal. Keyboards were absolutely beautiful. How lucky you are to have such dear friends still playing music with you. You guys absolutely rocked OKC! So glad that I didn’t miss this spectacular event. You’ve come a long way Stevie – and you should be very proud of where you are at in your life now! Thanks for a great evening!
Hi, I went to stevie's concert right here in oklahoma city at the zooamphthreatre. This was an outside concert and the weather was great. I'll tell you what, stevie was AWESOME! My favorite part was when she played landslide song, behind her on stage she showed pictures of herself from when she was a baby up to now, that was a fantastic moment for every fan out there, it showed a big part of her life. Then my second favorite part was when she dressed up in her black and white feathered hat at the end of her concert, it was different and i loved it! I am going to buy a hat just like stevie's,lol.Stevie was so different she did talked alot between songs which she really didn't do much before, she was very, very happy, a great personality which was really great for me, i loved that. She even was joking and just having fun.Her background was the best one ever. She songed so very great, her voice was better then ever.I have been with stevie since 1980 and i have been to about seven concerts of hers. Everytime that I have been to her concerts, everyone dresses like her but last night wasn't like theothers, there was only a few people who and including myself that dress like stevie. But i ahd fun and stevie made it fun, like always.And I will keep on going! Stevie needs to do another BellaDonna album, that was great, too. I really enjoyed myself at the concert and i did buy about $100.00 worth of stuff of hers. I'll go again and again!
Last night's performance at the OKC zoo amphitheatre was fabulous! Stevie Nicks has lost nothing over the years, believe me. Her voice was superb, strong, mesmerizing, enchanting... and the music took many of us back to place long ago. The performance was absolutely flawless! The band was incredible - need I say more. Thank you for coming to Oklahoma to perform for us ~ WE LOVE YOU, STEVIE NICKS! I have to say that "Beauty and the Beast" was one of the best things I have ever seen her do and was a very fitting ending for the last song of the night!
Caught the show in okc last night – it was phenomenal. Thanks for coming!
Debbie Gossman
The oklahoma city show was the first time ever that i have been able to see one of your concerts. i have been waiting for years and i was not disappointed. your music has been with me for ever 30 years and it was awesome to listen to you in person. you keep rockin' and i'll keep buying the music. great job!!!!!!!!!!

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