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Stevie Nicks 2007 - FAN REVIEWS

10/19/07 Rosemont Theater Rosemont, IL

All I can say is....amazing!!! This had to have been one of the best shows Stevie has ever put on. This was a dry run for her taping of PBS' Soundstage next week. I've never seen Stevie so relaxed, funny, and personable. She told little anecdotes about how each song was written or what it meant....she even poked fun of Lindsey and herself at times! Some of her songs were different than the normal set that she does. She did a cover of Dave Matthews' song Crash...just because she likes it so much and she could. And....she sang Sara...a song she rarely performs anymore, as a special request for Rob Thomas, the producer of Soundstage. It was truly an amazing night! Now if I can just get tickets for the Soundstage taping!!!
I flew in from NJ to spend the weekend with my Chitown friends when I found out Stevie had added this show - I am so glad I did because it was well worth the money! Unlike the two shows I saw at the Borgata in A.C. this summer, the crowd at this show was fabulous! All 100% true blue fans. When she did "Crash" and "Sara" it was amazing - I turned to my friend and said "we are watching history being made here"... it was like an out of body experience! We had 7th row seats but there was no way to get to the stage during the Edge walk because (I think) all the Soundstage/PBS folks were up front - they weren't even in regular seats. I bet the folks who paid the big bucks to brokers for front row tickets were a little ticked at that! But I have held Stevie's hands at two of the six shows I have gone to and with God's grace, I will again! Thanks Stevie for another amazing night! Can't wait for you to make more great music and tour again! Keep those crystal visions coming sister!

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