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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Dear Friends~

     My father died today at 3:06pm. He was a force of nature. He waited until the Fleetwood Mac Tour was over~ I asked him for that. He waited until this summer tour was over~ I asked him for that. He couldnít leave us during a tour~ he knew that. The last show was Saturday in Vegas. I got here to Phoenix Sunday night. It is Wednesday night. He waited for me.


    So now I can cry
    I can go to his ocean house with him
    His dream house on the water
    The porch that he loved
    And wanted to build here
    A place to watch the sunset
    And have a little vodka
    A couch to take a nap on
    While he watched the sun go down


chris_jess.jpg - 16770 Bytes He did it all, this man of character. He rocked big companies in big business, and he rocked big bands at his venue at Compton Terrace. He was a major player in both realms.

    In my fatherís painting
    The house by the sea
    In the dream house
    By the water
    Go my father and me


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