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Letter from Ginny Kamano

June 1995
The following letter was sent to some fans who had written to the new
Stevie Nicks fan club address:
As you know, Stevie's favorite thing is to be on the road, on stage performing for her fans. Last summer provided her with just such an opportunity. The "Street Angel Tour" was a huge success both according to Stevie and the fans with whom we've spoken. As always, playing to the "home town crowd" at The Greek Theatre was a treat. Stevie was joined on stage by long time friends Lori Perry-Nicks, Waddy Watchel and Dave Koz. This tour wrapped up at THE HOUSE OF BLUES on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles' latest hot spot. Westwood One broadcast the show.

Stevie filmed a special for the BBC called "Rock Family Tree". That is scheduled to air sometime in July of this year. She also sang harmony with Ringo Starr, on a song on a new disc called "For the Love of Harry (Everybody Sings Nillson)" which was released in May. Soon she will be filming a documentary for VH-1, called "8 Track Flashback" for an early '96 release date. Time marches on!

Having recently signed with new management, Stevie is doing some preliminary studio work with a new producer. The completion of this next project will mark 6 solo albums in addition to "Time Space," her "best of" compilation effort. The "Boys on the Side" soundtrack has Stevie singing a heretofore unreleased Sheryl Crow song. In the meantime she is taking steps to get in the best physical, mental and spiritual shape she can before throwing herself back into the arduous task of getting another disc out.

In the future, scheduled for a Fall '95 release, is "Billboard's #1 Albums." The lady will have a full page in that publication.

Most importantly, Stevie would like me to extend her grateful thanks for you having taken the time to write her with your thoughts and sentiments. Your kind words and feedback mean more than you realize to this very sensitive, caring woman.

Be well!

Ginny Kamano

P.S. There is no fan club in operation. Chris Nicks has exclusive rights to using Stevie's name and likeness..

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