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June 13, 1996


With the recent release of Hole's buzz-saw rendition of "Gold Dust Woman" (from "The Crow: City of Angels" soundtrack), you can add psychic to the short list of neutral adjectives used to describe Courtney Love.

That's because 1997 marks the 20th anniversary of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" the million-selling album that spawned the Stevie Nicks tune Hole is curently body slamming to the ground. Adore it or hate it, you might as well get used to it, because with the anniversary year approaching, we'll all be awash in crystal visions that might look something like this:

August 1996

Courtney Love walks out in the middle of performing "Gold Dust Woman" on David Letterman's "The Late Show" claiming that Paul Shaffer was looking at her funny. "I think he covets my shoes," Love tells MTV news guy Kurt Loder. "No one but Trent Reznor can covet my shoes." Meanwhile, Reznor denies having any contact with Love's shoes, but Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan admits to borrowing the occasional stiletto. "It wasn't uncomfortable at all," Corgan tells MTV news gal Tabitha Soren. "Thank God her feet are as big as her ego."

September 1996

Thanks to "Stiletto Wars" (and Love's rebuttal appearance on the season premier of "Friends"), Hole's "Gold Dust Woman" races up Billboards's pop charts. It peaks at No. 5, but quickly plummets when Love cancels Hole's upcoming tour due to "unresolved toe issues." All is quiet on the Mac front until...

December 1996

Press releases announcing that "Rumours" turns 20 in February of '97 are sent to the nation's rock journalists, who absent-mindedly bury them under piles of take-out coffee cups, back issues of SPIN and multiple copies of "The KISS Christmas Album." Mistaking inefficiency for industry wide indifference, Warner Bros. cancels plans for a cyberspace reunion concert and Stevie Nicks goes to bed for a week.

January 1997

In an attempt to avoid writing this week's Sharon Stone update, an ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY writer cleans up her desk, turning up a prehistoric scone, "The Megadeth Christmas Album" and the "Rumours" press release. Sensing Valentine's Day feature potential, EW editors sweat for approximately 10 minutes before agreeing to provide an exclusive interview with the "Rumours"-era band, along with advanced copies of "The Fleetwood Mac Easter Album."

February 1997

Still fuming over being scooped on the "The Cable Guy: The Musical" story, PEOPLE relieves its top reporters of Princess Di duty and turns them loose on Fleetwood Mac. The result is PEOPLE'S special "Rumours" issue, featuring an exclusive interview with the band; a list of Oprah's favorite Fleetwood Mac tunes and a psychological analysis of the lyrics by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Supremely steamed that other magazines are "co-opting rock n' roll," ROLLING STONE editor Jann S. Wenner announces that Fleetwood Mac will appear on the magazine cover for the rest of the year, "If it's OK with Alanis."

March 1997

Dazzeled by the Mac marketing machine, music fans purchase "Rumours" by the thousands, not realizing until they get the album home that most of them own it already. "Rumours" enters the BILLBOARD charts at No. 1, edging out "Jim Carrey sings 'Rent,'"and "Hootie & the Blowfish Can Sing Whatever They Want."

April 1997

In an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, Mick Fleetwood apologizes for "all those bleepin' drum solos"; Stevie Nicks apologizes for introducing toe shoes to a new generation of fashion victims; Lindsey Buckingham offers to rewrite the national anthem; Christine McVie apologizes for being so normal; and John McVie falls asleep. Meanwhile, Disney announces plans for "The Little Gold Dust Woman" (featuring Bette Midler as the voice of Goldie), and Nike hires Dennis Rodham as a pitchman for "Air Stevie's," a new line of platform athletic shoes.

May 1997

Miffed that their re-release of "The Grand Illusion" failed to crack the charts, members of Styx appear on "Entertaiment Tonight" with a video of Fleetwood Mac's embarrassing performance at President Clinton's 1993 inauguration bash. Disaster is averted when Hootie & the Blowfish announce their intention to "tour the globe with the greatest band in the world...Fleetwood Mac."
If it's OK with Alanis.


There is an old photo of the band, The one with Mick wearing the checkered jacket with the black cap and Stevie has a black jacket with a white flower and her fingers are innertwined.
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