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3/2/04 SACA Adelaide, Australia

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Well, what can I say, what a superb performance. On the picturesque Adelaide Oval on a balmy moonlit night. They sound as good as they ever did. My personal favourite, Silver Springs, was fantastic. Lindseys Guitar solos, superb. Mick during the encore, left me speechless. Hope I can move like that when I'm his age. John (was he there) as usual just kept in the shadows. And last but not least, STEVIE. Still as beautiful as ever, like a fine wine. Won't bore you all with the setlist, coz most of you know it already. Just one helluva show that I'm glad I had the privelage to witness. Thanks for coming to Adelaide.
Theresa Comini
Dear All, I attended the Adelaide show at the Adelaide oval. I have waited for 25 years to see Fleetwood Mac play live. It was a warm and clear night, I was sitting 6 rows back from the front. The lights went out and on they came. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't believe that the day had finally arrived. The music started, on came the lights and a roar from the crowd. It was a superb show, everything I have waited for (minus Christine unfortunately) of course that didn't stop them. Stevie was fantastic, I love "Stand Back" as good as ever. Lindsay was a crowd pleaser and he played with gusto. Like I've never seen him before. It was like it was the first concert they had played. Mick was incredible as was his percussion team and John kept that bass warm. Lindsay interacted with the crowd quite a bit which was fantastic. I had a great time and hope to see them again in another state. Yours Sincerely,
Fiona Karamanlidis
The Phoenix has once again risen from the ashes to reclaim their positon as a true Supergroup. From the moment the crickets started humming from the stage as 'The Chain' began, to the beautiful swansong 'Goodbye Baby', we were treated to a magical experience - THE MAC IS BACK!! It was Fleetwood Mac's 95th show last night at Adelaide Oval and it couldn't have been better. Lindsey really was the triumph of the night, his wailing, passionate solos in 'Come' and 'Go Your Own Way' and his warm interaction with the crowd really got us roaring and all the years of struggle against adversity just melted away in Stevie's face as she sang 'Beautiful Child'. The tight rhythm section of John McVie and Mick Fleetwood was never better. The highlight for me came when Mick carried my drawing of Stevie off stage and waved it to the crowd at the end of the show. I have waited 27 years to be front of stage for just two and a half hours, and you know what? IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!
I have waited 25 years for this moment and i still cant believe it has finally come. Fleetwood Mac thankyou so much for touring Australia one more time and a huge thank you for including Adelaide!! Lindsey thank you for signing my book and for being the rock and roll legend that you truly are. Lindsey has as much as if not more energy now than in the 70s!! Stevie your voice is still outstanding to this day and she still looks fabulous to this day. I was lucky enough to get right up front of the stage with all my Fleetwood Mac buddies Shula, Michelle, Deb, Ricky, Maz, Rochelle and Lucy it was great meeting you another Adelaide fan.,I hope i havent missed anybody. The show was outstanding I loved every minute and would not have missed it for the world. Fleetwood mac is as exciting now as they were 25 to 30 years ago. It was soo good to get up close and be able to rock and roll with this amazing band. The sound was incredible but then what else can you expect from these legends. It has been great to be able to share this experience. Rock on Fleetwood mac!! Thanks for the experience and the memories!!
The Fleetwood Mac concert here in Adelaide was absolutely spellbound.(ie.3/2/2004) I have personally been a fan of Fleetwood Mac since I was a child. I was stoked by the performance they presented in concert here in Adelaide. It was a concert I will not forget easily. Thanks to all the people who helped present Fleetwood Macs concert. And a special thanks to Fleetwood Mac. You have made a dream come true.

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