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5/21/03 Pepsi Arena Albany, NY

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Marissa Marqusee
I saw the show in Albany at the Pepsi Arena... And I would just like to say, anyone who has tickets to upcoming shows, if you are a true Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan you will LOVE the show. They are better than ever, with some of the new stuff mixed in with the old made the show more memorable. Lindsay's stage presence is breath-taking... and when he is playing that guitar you feel the passion in your soul. And when he broke a couple of strings, damn, that makes the music feel even more exciting. Stevie was truely wonderful, and beautiful, and the band was great. If you havent seen the show yet, you all are in for a treat!
Jamie K
THANK YOU, THANK YOU Fleetwood Mac for making it work one more time! Albany was powerful, magical, and spirit filled all the way! The venue was surprisingly intimate; the seats we bought through the Fan Club were closer than we expected to the stage, and on Stevie's side no less! For this time, we decided to sit and not get floor seats. We sat next to a 9 year old boy who was so psyched to be seeing the show. He knew all the songs and could name them and from what record and his mom said he likes to dress like Mick! He told us Stevie wrote Silver Springs for Lindsey and he wrote Go Your Own Way for her! He was so into it all, knew the stories! So adorable! That kid represented to me an awesome tribute to the timeless presence of FM's fabulous music in our lives! This was for me 23 years since my first FM show!! I was more thrilled than all the other times put together. Maybe it was that we all know so many songs. Or that this a Hall of Fame band. Or that we all wait patiently to rock on to new releases. Whatever it is that makes all that magic just takes me to the limit. I know others will write a song by song review but I'd like to say one comment about Lindsey's song, "Say Goodbye". He slowed it down from the tempo on the new CD and it all fell into place for me. I didn't get it until he sang it as his tribute to the love that he shared with Stevie all the years. It was as if loving her helped him grow into a man who now knows what to do and how to be as a partner in a relationship. He was thanking her and letting go of the last remaining part of him that needs her. He was telling her that he's complete now and it is all because of her love. She took it all in as they sang and when they finished the song, she walked away wiping her tears, gratefully acknowledged. Unbelievable, raw, intimate Stevie and Lindsey. WOW. WOW. And the other music? Well, hey, just go do whatever it takes and don't miss this show!!!! ROCK ON FLEETWOOD MAC. I remain, THEE eternal fan.
Fleetwood Mac was not coming to Hartford, CT this year. I was extremely upset over this. The closest venue was two hours away. I had no hope in going. A friend (a really great friend) told me that he wanted to check out a band last night and let’s leave early to get dinner. I found out on the way that we were going to see FM in Albany. I have seen FM and Stevie for all of the tours since 1983. I expected nothing but rapture. On our two hour drive, I found out that my friend had never seen Stevie or FM live. He had lived his fandom through CDs. We rocked! The sound was great and because I followed vicariously through the Nicksfix, I knew the set list; I knew the fans loved the shows. It was still beyond expectation. This band just ROCKS! We were fifth row floor and I noticed that Stevie wasn’t wearing her platforms, but I left mine home too! Stevie and Lindsey have a chemistry that defies description….and you can’t say enough about the grooves of Fleetwood-McVie. We left the show (I had NO voice!), but managed to ask my friend what he thought of the whole thing. He said that he had a completely greater respect for the musicianship of the players. I had been trying to tell him that for years. What more can you say about a terrific night. ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN!
Dave Murphy
Lindsey broke about three strings on this night, but now appears to be doing it on purpose and having fun with it!!! This was my 6th time seeing the Mac, and they were better than ever. It was a little disappointing that they didn't do Destiny Rules tonight as they apparently had in other venues but the 4 part harmonies on goodbye baby, were absolutely beautiful ( I now wish they had done them on the record). Stevie (for those who haven't already heard) has apparently stopped her ritual of shaking hands/ receiving gifts from her fans on the last song, which was a little disappointing for those of us who paid dearly to be at the front, but she looked wonderful/happy/healthy and sent everyone home with a smile and a tear.
The concert was a total blast. Stevie was at her best, Lindsay totally jammed - he is one of the greatest guitarists of all times. My fingers were bleeding just watching him play. I was really happy that Mick played his drum vest - wasn't expecting to see that again - saw him do that in my first Mac concert back in the early 90's and have been mesmerized by his drumming ever since. Stevie rocked the house with so many numbers - Stand Back was superb. She seemed very happy, content and at ease. Of course, she looked great too. One of her best performances ever. She changed her shawls several times throughout the show. I enjoyed every song, but expected to hear more cuts from Say You Will - there are so many great songs on that album. One of my favs is Say Goodbye - and when Stevie and Lindsay sang it, the way they looked into one another's eyes, made my eyes swell with tears. He had so much emotion in his words, passion in his voice and caring eyes that I just couldn't help but get a chill down my spine. I wish I could have frozen that moment forever.
I have to say that my mother, my sister, and I had reservations about seeing the band live after watching them perform on TV over the past few weeks ... but our opinions quickly changed! The concert was utterly AMAZING! We were left speechless! Stevie's voice sounded so clear, so sharp, so crisp that it was very easy to forget that the year is 2003 and 1983. I was dismayed that the band did not perform "Running Through The Garden;" it's one of my favorites from the new album. But the songs they did play quite made up for its absence. By far my favorite performance was "Stand Back," and I keep wondering why Stevie doesn't play in Albany when she's on solo tour. The audience was just wild throughout the entire show, and we didn't sit the whole time. No one did. And I have to say that Lindsey sounded and played awesome. I was glad to see that the show was something of a jam session; they weren't as polished and as perfect as 1997, but for me that's what made it that much better. I think the departure of Christine McVie has something to do with that, but it was just so much fun. And I never heard my mother scream as much as she did last night! The past few months I had heard from various sources that the band was bringing "Sisters Of The Moon" and "Sara" back into the set, but I guess they did not. It would've been woundrous if they had; "Beautiful Child" proved this for me. And I'm thinking that the band played the 1977 original version of "Silver Springs," and not the 1997 version, but I liked this "new" version better. And it would've been nice to have heard "Thrown Down," too. But it's all good. Here's to hoping the Mac will make another album and go on yet another tour. I'm so there. And here's to hoping someday Stevie might play Albany on solo tour. "I can't wait!"
I went to the show yesterday, and I was so captivated that I am still shaking right now as I type this. Stevie sounded and looked great, and so did Lindsey, but what mesmerized me was Lindsey's energy and how he was so into what he was playing. He did amazing and heartfelt versions of "Big Love","I'm so Afraid," and especially the new song "Come" from the Say You Will record, which was AMAZING. I sang every song with them, on the top of my lungs, and I can't even talk now. I was also really suprised at the cool song choice, with songs like "Eyes Of the World" and "Beautiful Child," which was done by Stevie magnificently. The solos by Lindsey and Mick were awesome, and I also couldn't believe how connected with the audience Lindsey was. At the end, he wouldn't leave the stage until he signed autographs for everyone...Awesome! The only thing I could say was not perfect about this concert was the crowd. I and a few people around me wanted to stand up, but we were forced to sit down because the people in back of us couldn't see, and therefore I couldn't see everything. I really wish only true FM fans would attend concerts....anyway... the last time I saw them was during the dance tour in 1997. I was 10, and I was instantly drawn to them because of their unbelievable performance. I never thought I'd ever see a concert that would surpass that one, but to my surprise, I did last night. Keep on rockin FM!!!
Bob Tomaso
What a fantastic evening ! Not knowing what to expect of a Fleetwood Mac minus Christine MacVie we quickly realized that we would not come away disappointed. Lindsay Buckingham was nothing short of amazing on the guitar and vocals, featured much more prominently than the last time we saw them in Albany back in 1997 during THE DANCE tour. How his fingers were not bleeding after breaking sets of guitars strings I will never know! He was at his best in a well received "Second Hand News" Stevie....well what can we say. Still as beautiful as ever, a true goddess even if her dancing and spinning has been slowed considerably. Such a sensuous voice . An emotional moment as her and Lindsay sang "Landslide" and the entire crowd of about 14,000 joined in and sang along. She excelled on every song, too many to mention. Boy what I would have given to have heard her sing "After the Glitter Fades" from her solo career!! WE LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!!!!! Mick...what a character. The eyes, the faces, his knickers and red slippers! His electronic body drum solo is just too much! Does that man enjoy playing the drums or what!!! Still hard to figure why they had a second drummer while the worlds best drummer was on the stage???? John MacVie was his usual steady, solid self. PLaying oh so well and just blending into the background. Enough rambling. A great concert, I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to go and see them. Money well spent. A great mix of old tunes and new songs from the latest CD release. Fleetwood Mac is without a doubt one of the most talented groups ever assembled. "The feeling remains..even after the glitter fades"!
D. Waters
I joined the fan club in hopes of getting good seats to the show in Albany, NY. Presale started at 9:00 am, I stayed home from work so I could be at my computer. 9:00 am came, I signed in and got ROW A, seats 1&2!!! How cool is that! I was bragging to everyone that I knew that I had front row seats, the Pepsi arena has a seating chart, but it only has the sections and not the rows! i was a little nervous that row A might not be the front row and that there maybe VIP seating in front of my seats1 Of course everyone I talked too pointed this out too, so I was a little apprehensive as to where I would actually be sitting! The night before the concert they raised the national security level, I thought for sure that something was going to happen on a national level that would cause the concert to be canceled, that is how my life goes! Well, nothing happened and the concert was going to Happen! We arrived about a half hour before show time, made our way down to the floor section, handed my ticket to security and the woman said, "Oh, nice, front row!" at that point, I was in heaven. I thought my seats were in front of Stevie's mic, but they were right under Lindsey! The audience was pumped! The first couple of rows were pretty much empty! Then I heard people asking security what was up, couldn't hear everything he said, but I thought I heard him mention that they were saved for fan club members. The people asked if nobody showed up, could they move up! Much to my dismay, he said yes, and that the band did not like to see empty seats, understandable, but the people that moved into these seats were just a little too excited to the point that they were distracting from the show. The same thing happened the last time I saw Stevie at Jone Beach. We had a woman next to us that was dancing uncontrollably and kept punching me, unintentionally. I swear this woman was related to her! Anyway, the lights dimmed and The Chain started. Euphoria! everyone looked great and seemed very excited to be there, all but Stevie. She seemed like she was having trouble walking, don't know if it was the shoes or what! She also did not seem to make eye contact with the audience! Lindsey was very playful. I kept making eye contact with him. At one point as Stevie was singing Rhiannon, Lindsey looked at me and rolled his eyes toward Stevie as if to say, Yeah, she is Rhainnon! The looks that passed between seemed very intense, like they were having a great time but also as if they were remembering what all of the songs were really about! Loved Beautiful Child! Can't believe that I finally heard this song Live! brought tears to my eyes! Stand Back really rocked! Stevie did a lot of twirling and moving on this one. Mnay people from work asked why she looked so uncomfortable and did not move through most of the show! I wish there were more of the new stuff! Ihave seen them so many times that it would have been nice to hear the new stuff, as much as we all love the old! Was very disappointed that Stevie did not do more rocking songs from the album. At the end of the show Lindsey came down and shook some hands and even signed a couple tickets for people. I got a to shake his hand! And I was so close to the stage that he even spit on me a couple times while singing! Didn't mind that either! A woman next to me had a digital camera and said she would post the pictures on mickfleetwood.com. can't wait to see them. She got many good shots! It has been mentioned that at other shows it was hard to hear Stevie. We had the same problem, but my wife was in a different section and said they could hear her loud and clear. I think it was because we were so close to the stage that I think speaker placement played a part in this. The show overall, was the best!
Howie Dash
I've heard a lot of the great classic rock bands in the last several years, including The Who, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones. Fleetwood Mac can keep up with any of them. From Mick Fleetwood's pounding drums to John Mc Vie's masterful bass to Lindsey's wild guitar playing to Stevie's incredible intensity, this is one great band. There were many highlights to the show. Lindsey had many great guitar moments and was insane on "Come" and "I'm so afraid." The older he gets, the better he seems to play. He was great also on his classics such as "Go Your Own Way", "Tusk" and "Big Love." However, I was really there to see Stevie and most of my memorable moments were hers. She sounded just great and never looked better. Here's one woman that really gets better the older she gets. All her songs were really good there were several moments that really stood out. During Lindsey's guitar work in the middle of "Rhiannon", Stevie turned around and spread her arms in the classic pose, where you could see through all her black lace and everyone went nuts. In "Gold Dust Woman" she fired everyone up with her moves and her gold cape. The best was during "Stand Back" when Stevie stepped back and did a least a half dozen twirls. "Beautiful Child" was just that....absolutely beautiful. Much better than the album version with Lindsey sharing some of the harmony's. The real "Landslide" was great and the audience sung along almost drowing Stevie out a couple of times. I also enjoyed all the other songs that Stevie did, including "Dreams," "Say You Will," "Silver Springs," and her lead during "Dont Stop". Many times during the night my wife would turn to me and ask why everyone likes that song after one of Stevie's classics. Well my wife likes Fleetwood Mac, but not as much as me. If you're reading this review, I don't have to tell you why we all love Stevie so much. My only disapointment was that "Destiny Rules" was dropped from the set list. Too bad, as it's one of my favorite songs on the new album. My other comment is that even though Stevie looked beautiful, I thought she looked akward wearing the Reebok Platforms. I know she wore them during the TISL tour and I know it is heresy to suggest otherwise, but maybe it's time for her not to wear platforms anymore if she can't dance like she used to with them on. We'll all love her just the same. My final impressions is this was one great night. I felt like I was taken on a great journey, from the first drumbeats of "The Chain" to the last chords of "Goodbye Baby." When it was all over I was incredibly drained but also incredibly happy. When I realize that Fleetwood Mac will be doing this just about ever other night for several months, I see that what they do is really hard work. You're heart has to be really in it. I can understand why Christine didn't want to take the plunge this time. While Fleetwood Mac ended the show's in the past with "Songbird," "Goodbye Baby" is a fitting sucessor. Stevie thanked everybody for coming and told everyone to be well, as she always does in her solo shows. Stevie and Fleetwood Mac....I hope that we'll be with you one day "many" times in the future.
Lori Leake
Fleetwood Mac rocked the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY, last night! At times I wasn't sure if it was my heart thumping so hard, or Mick Fleetwood pounding on the drums. I have seen Stevie Nicks and FM in concert 5 times before and have never seen such smiles and playfulness by the band before. And they deserve it. FM has sacrificed so much of their personal selves over the years; it's wonderful to see each band member finally able to purely enjoy everything they've worked so hard for. Thank you, Fleetwood Mac, for being the soundtrack of our lives. You have never sounded better.
Mark Turner
Last night, Fleetwood Mac along with “The Great Queen”, Stevie Nicks rolled into Albany’s Pepsi Arena with a determination to ROCK with style! When Stevie marched out on that stage shaking that tambourine and belting out those familiar lyrics, the audience knew in an instant that they were in the presence of someone extraordinary! Stevie was in good spirits and the crowd was clearly ready for her raspy screams, twirling spins and magical presence... to sum up quickly: No platform boots, she wore those black platform sneakers “Say You Will” - smiling from ear to ear “Rhiannon” - same recent lyric change “Well, I don’t think you do” “Gold Dust Women” different thinner gold shawl with an exceptional wail “Pick up the pieces and go home” “Gypsy” same superb version as “The Dance” “Landslide” - Priceless, of course, no comparison to The Dixie Chicks “Silver Springs” no screams at the end “Never get away, Never get away”... Amazing Version “Beautiful Child” words can’t describe, you have to experience it “Stand Back” black shawl with very small silver specs (of course) she had MAJOR energy, she could have taken flight during the spins “Goodbye Baby” I made my way up against the stage for this one. ALOT of emotion and heartfelt moments. This was clearly my favorite! I have forgotten now how many times I’ve seen Stevie in concert (maybe lower twenties, since Rock A Little), each time it gets finer! Whenever a concert is over, I am saddened in a strange way as if she were a friend of mine that I may never see again. It’s a very strange feeling to miss someone you have never even met. Was it worth going to the Pepsi Arena and waiting in line at 4:00am in an ice storm for tickets? Oh yes, it definitely was... Sorceress, keep up the “Black Ink Darkness”
When I saw Fleetwood Mac perform at the Pepsi Arena as part of The Dance tour I believed that had been my final opportunity to see my favorite band live in concert. To have the chance to see them tour again was an unexpected surprise...and last night the Mac was as magical as they had been in 1997. So much has changed in my life in the years since The Dance tour. Finishing college and moving on into the real world had left me with less time (and finances!) to indulge my Mac/Stevie “obsession”; however, seeing them last night reminded me of all that had started my fandom in the first place. I won’t give a play by play of the entire concert, as I’m sure others can do more justice to that than I can; for me, the evening went by as one big, wonderful blur. Needless to say the band was outstanding. Stevie and Lindsey’s voices sounded great, there were the ever-fabulous harmonies, Lindsey was a maniac on guitar, a very “full” and complete sound...they flat-out rocked. I also loved the video screen behind the band and thought the use of lighting complemented the performance perfectly. Unlike previous Mac and Stevie tours, I had not been online to check out fan reviews and set lists prior to the concert, so I was in for a few pleasant surprises. From the opening drumbeats to “The Chain” to the final notes of “Goodbye Baby” I was in captivated. I love, love, LOVED the addition of “Beautiful Child” (!!!) and “Eyes of the World” to the set list and was beyond relieved that “Silvers Springs” and “Stand Back” were again included this time around. Stevie's "You remembered," after the former was amusing...how could we forget? I also thoroughly enjoyed the new twists added to several songs this tour, such as Stevie’s harmonies on “Never Going Back Again.” Though I missed hearing some of Christine’s songs, I can never hear too much Stevie and thought she was great singing Christine’s parts for “World Turning” and “Don’t Stop” (done as the first encore). I was also really impressed by the “new stuff” the Mac performed, particularly “Peacekeeper” and “Say You Will” (both of which, in my opinion, sounded more complete than they had when the band was on The Tonight Show several weeks ago). My only disappointment with the new songs was that “Running Through the Garden” and “Destiny Rules,” two of my favorites from the album, were not included in the set as they apparently had been at the start of the tour. Of course, if it were up to me I’d have had FM playing their entire catalog... For me, the highlight of the show was probably “Landslide,” from hearing everyone singing along, to Stevie’s adorable smile after the “I’m getting older, too” line, to the huge ovation it received, “Landslide” was simply beautiful. I attended the concert with my roommate from college, who was a first time Fleetwood Mac/Stevie concert attendee. After being exposed to Stevie and the Mac through our college years, I was finally able to get her to a concert! We had tickets to see Stevie during her Trouble in Shangri-La tour, but the show was scheduled for September 12, 2001 and canceled for obvious reasons. She told me it was well worth the wait, however, and she was totally impressed and enjoyed the show (almost!) as much as I did. To me, Fleetwood Mac concerts seem to lack a little of the intimacy and warmth of Stevie’s solo shows; however, they make up for it with sheer intensity and that Stevie/Lindsey chemistry that is still fun to watch after all these years. To anyone on the fence about going to see the show...do it! It was phenomenal and I only wish I could see it again!
Just completed my personal Fleetwood Mac Week with the Albany show last night coming 6 days after Buffalo. Both concerts were fantastic. The Mac was not just cooking, they were 100% genuine, certified explosive! Lindsey was awesome, Stevie's voice was as beautiful as ever, Mick's solos were superb and John was right there with all of them. The whole concert was a high point but the pinnacle for me was the Tusk-Stand Back-Go Your Own Way trifecta. I would have loved for them to go on for hours more even though my voice was shredded midway through the show from screaming and singing. Thank you Fleetwood Mac! This was my 10th concert featuring Mac members and I just want to say thanks...whenever you come around, know that I'll be there!
Marla Kendal
Statistics: Stevie Poses - 1 (Gold Dust Woman) Stevie Twirls - 8 in a row (Stand Back) Broken Lindsay Guitar Strings - 2 (Come, World Turning) Autographs Signed - 5 or 6 (Lindsay during encores) Tears Spilled - Just a few of mine (during Beautiful Child and World Turning) Set List (I think this is accurate, and in order. I didn't take notes) The Chain Dreams Peacekeeper Eyes of the World Say You Will Never Going Back Again Rhiannon ?? Gypsy Come Big Love Landslide What's the World Coming To Destiny Rules Beautiful Child Second Hand News Gold Dust Woman I'm So Afraid Silver Springs Tusk Stand Back Go Your Own Way World Turning (with full Mick drum solo) Don't Stop Goodbye Baby Two words: Absolutely fantastic. Actually, two words cannot express my enjoyment of this show. The sound was perfect. Not overproduced, yet not blank or spare. The stage set-up is minimalistic, and built to accomodate the best viewing for all. Gone is the excess, the un-neccessary clothing changes, and the "adult contemporary dull streak". Lindsey...wow...wow...wow...he's a complete maniac, g*d love him! During "Come" I could have swore I'd somehow teleported from the Mac show to a heavy metal concert! As usual their overall sense of humor was on display. There was a major blooper at the start of "Second Hand News", as Lindsey was way off key. Stevie openly chided him about it. Lindsey also did the "beating on the guitar and Mick's high hat" bit, as well as taking the time to, at one point, (essentially) wipe his sweaty forehead off on John's shoulder before going to Stevie and leaning all over her. She made a comment to John about it but I was unable to read her lips. And in regards to Stevie in general, I should note that she was in no way "bored" tonight as has been previously reported. For the most part she avoided that incessant, annoying little "hand swirl" thing she's taken to doing recently. She had issues with her earpiece again about half way through the show for one to two songs. "Beautiful Child" was faithful to the original recording, and is still perfect for her voice. The audience sang along (as if on cue) during "Landslide", but she did not make the "you remembered" comment at the end she did at previous shows. Of course, they hugged at the end, and Lindsay kissed her on the forehead. The audience also perked up and sang faithfully on "Silver Springs." I have to agree with a previous reviewer - I didn't take to her lead on "Don't Stop" - she did have a sort of mouse voice. Of course, that never was my favorite song, and I'd just as soon have done without it. The only other song I didn't much care for was "Eyes of The World" - as I thought the arrangement was just overall sloppy. I very much missed "Oh Well" and "Not That Funny". Lindsay could have solo'd all night and I'd have been perfectly happy - note that this is coming from someone who has been a life long Stevie fanatic, and usually goes to the shows to see her. So take it from me, he was orgasmic! Mick's solo during "Word Turning" as always was a show stopper. I'm very glad he's decided to keep on with that. I got the idea that there were quite a lot of newbies in the audience (at least around us) and they had no idea what to make of it. It was no where near a sell out, which amazed me. It must have been the location. I'm very sad that I don't have tickets for any of the additional shows in my area, because I'd love to see the show at least once more. For those of you who have tickets for upcoming dates, hold onto your hats...this year's tour is a classic-rockin'-rollickin'-balls-out-up and down the walls-Fleetwood Mac show.
Debbie & George
FANTASTIC!!! What showmanship. Stevie Nicks was and still is one of my favorite singers, she is awesome. I have been a fan since the beginning, it was great to see them in concert. I cried when Stevie sang, Landslide. I am all hypted up, we just got back a few minutes ago from the concert. DON'T MISS IT!!!!.

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