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7/17/03 The Arrowhead Pond Anaheim, CA

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Rene'e Smulsons
Last night I went to the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim to see Fleetwood Mac. I have been a Fleetwood Mac freak ever since I was ten........now I'm 35, so it has been a long time. I cried when the lights went out out of pure happiness and felt like I was dreaming the whole time I was there. I was lucky to have fourth row, though I was wanting front center just this one time. Stevie sounds better than ever and Lindsey out did himself......he is a guitar god. He just keeps getting better as time goes on.......like a fine wine. I rocked out the whole time and did so much clapping that my hands are very sore......but it's a good sore. I gotta tell ya, those two are very funny also. Well anyways, the last song came.........Goodbye Baby, and I started to cry again because I knew I had to go and didn't want to and also because it's a song that pulls at your heart. So my husband said, " Come on Rene'e.......let's go to the front." And I said," Those body gaurds are never gonna let me up front." Then I said," Alright.......I'm gonna give this my best shot......let's go!" So we went up to one of the gaurds and I said," I'm sitting right there in fourth row, can I go up to the stage just so I can get a closer view ?" And he said," Sure, go ahead." So my husband and I go up to the front of the stage at the end and I had my right hand glued to the stage because I did't want anybody to take my place.I had to lean to the left a bit just so I could see Stevie and Lindseys profile as they sang there last song. Everyone went wild. Stevie started at the opposite end of the stage from where I was and bent down to shake hands with her fans, and give each one a graciouse smile. Well as she was making her way twards me, my heart started to pound and my hands started to shake and before I knew it she had bent down to shake my hand and she looked at me and gave me a precious smile. I couldn't even say anything because I had a baseball in my throat and tried so hard not to cry, but I think I did anyway.I was the last person to shake hands with her.........I still feel like I'm dreaming. Her hands are very little and soft. She is real tiny, and has the best skin you have ever seen........like a porcelin doll. This is a dream come true for me. I feel like God let me have this moment in time.I will never forget my experience with Stevie as long as I live. I told my husband lastnight..........I'll never wash my hand again! Ha ha........just kidding. But I'll probably have good luck from now on! I've been touched by Lady Luck......the one with the Midas Touch.
Hi Debbie here, last Thursday at the Pond was my third Fleetwood Mac concert this week and they got even better. I didnít think that could be possible since the two previous nights were out of this world astounding. I donít know how they do it. But from "The Chain" to "Baby Good Bye" itís like 2 and half-hours of the greatest music ever. In fact the time went so fast it felt like I had just gotten there when they were already on their encores. Where does the time go? Anyway, the evening started off with Stevie and Lindsey walking onto the stage holding hands. I was standing with the crowd in front of Lindsey so I got a pretty good view of everything. Stevieís outfit for "Riannon" is the best, I so wish you guys would put a picture of her in it on the website. She has a little fan at her feet on stage, which make the sleeves look like theyíre blowing in the wind; itís so cool! I love all her outfits and those shawls are the greatest. I brought my own gold shawl to the first concert, Stevie didnít notice it but Lindsey saw it and gave me a smile. After "Landslide" Stevie and Lindsey gave each other a high five then their fingers interlocked and they hugged each other. He then kissed her on the head. While I saw this two previous nights the gesture seemed even more tender and sincere this time. "Riannon" gets better and more intense every time. I love the way Stevie grabs the microphone and pulls it to her in a Janis Joplin like way and screams into it. She also dances in place with it especially on "Stand Back" and "Riannon." Her microphone can turn towards Lindsey and it often did, it did during the whole song "Say Good Bye" and a lot on "Say You Will" and "Silver Springs." They put their microphones closer together on stage for "Say You Will" so Mick can come to a smaller set of drums closer to the front of the stage. Stevie did nine twirls on "Stand Back" and twirled once on "Gold Dust Woman." For the new songs I could tell they were really trying extra hard to get the audience into them especially on "Whatís The World Coming To," they really rocked on that one. During "Peacekeeper" the lights turn red for the lyric "every one will suffer the fire weíve made" and it makes Stevieís hair look red which looks awesome on her. Lindsey was in top form tearing down the house with "Come," "Big Love" and "Iím So Afraid." His guitar playing is amazing and he is so charming with such stage presence that itís hard to decide who to look at, him or Stevie. The concert is almost like a battle between Stevie and Lindsey for the audienceís attention. While Stevie sings Lindsey goes overboard looking at the audience and making so many expressions I donít want to miss a moment. So during Lindseyís songs Stevie started to play with her ribbons attached to her microphone. She picked them all up then let them go one by one. And Lindsey after a song puts his hand to his chest in a fist and bows. Theyíre both so enchanting in their own ways. On Mickís solo I screamed twice and when he motioned with his hand that he wanted everyone to scream louder my voice gave out, I couldnít scream I tried but nothing came out, my throat just hurt. So I had some water and gave it a rest, so I would be refreshed for the last two songs. I guess all my screaming during the show was too much for my voice. But I couldnít help it when a show is this spectacular I have to scream. At the end of all the shows Mick says, "The Mac is back." On Wednesday Stevie laughed like heís crazy but on this night she just smiled. I hope so much that they will stay together and tour some more because they are the greatest band ever!
Both nights at the Pond were wonderful, however I will have to say that Thursday 7/17 was more exciting and intense. Maybe its because my seats were on the floor about 25 rows back, or maybe because it was broadcast live to over 100 stations, and that brought out the best of the band! Eyes of the World was great! Big Love and Landslide are not only mine, but crowd favorites. Stevie dedicated Landslide to her mother whom she said was listening to the broadcast. World Turning (part of the 1st encore), and Gold Dust Woman were high points as well. Bust for me and many others- Standback was the highlight of the show. I have seen Stevie and The Mac several times - I have always walked away with smile and a sense that I have witnessed something incredible and special. This time was no exception.
Victor C. Armenta
On the last L.A/Orange County date at the Pond the Mighty Mac was fantastic and very honest night music and magic. From the front of the arena to the back this musician/ fan watched in awe of true professionals at work. I can honestly say the show flowed with ease and the voices of Stevie and Lindsey are on target( Sharon and Midi too!)Thanks Fleetwood Mac and band for giving so much of your rocking' souls Musically Yours Victor
I saw Fleetwood Mac's second Anaheim show Thursday night. Both shows at the Arrowpond Pond facility started at about 8:30 p.m., which is a bit later than the past shows I attended commenced. Early on Lindsey advised that the audience better make a lot of noise, because the concert was being broadcast to 200 stations. Of course, the fans had no trouble obliging! I didn't notice any changes in the show, due to the fact that it was being broadcast, except perhaps the end of Gold Dust Woman. I think Stevie stood at the mic a little longer, whispering "shadow of a woman," giving the song a more final close audibly before turning around and presenting her silhouette to the audience for the visual finale. Stevie had on the Reeboks most of the night, until the very end, then she switched to the short boots, that come up just past her ankle. The Reeboks seemed to have rhinestones on them. "What's the World Coming To" is not my favorite song, nor do I really like it's placement in the set, but I do think it remarkable the way Lindsey's voice always soars at the end, clear and strong, especially since he can often sound hoarse in other places. For Landslide, Stevie told the story about coming down to Los Angeles again, but this time she named Polydor as the record company who dropped them, dashing their hopes of becoming "rockstars" for about 1.5 years. The way Stevie touches Lindsey's hand before the close of the song, faintly reminds me of the way she went over to Christine's piano and touched hands with her during Landslide, in the "Behind the Mask" tour. At the end, although Stevie hardly makes eye contact with Lindsey anymore, it is sweet the way she invariably strokes the guitar and pretends to play it, while he looks down at her doing it. Stevie dedicated Silver Springs to her mother in Phoenix. Of course, "Tusk" is special at these Los Angeles area shows, because there are some people in the audience who associate it more with football games than they do Fleetwood Mac. So, when they hear the tune start they're on their feet and when the Trojans appear on the screen certain people just go crazy. Not hard to figure out what school they went to! I had the misfortune of sitting way up in the third tier of seats this time, so I watched the monitor more than I had before. It created a really nice effect during "Stand Back." At the last scream of "stand back" there's a close up of Stevie and then the camera quickly zooms away in time to the music, as she stretches out her shawled arms. It really looks dynamic. While we're talking spirited rock songs, I'd really like to see "Everybody Finds Out" live. Indeed, when I listen to it on record, I "see" it visually and think it would probably work better as a stage performance than a song. I don't really like the way "Don't Stop" sounds this tour. I want them to continue doing it. In fact, I have that song as the ringer on my cell phone. I'm never going to leave Christine out of anything, just because I like the other 2 more. But the tune isn't as stirring as it was during the "Dance." It's not as if I miss Christine's voice, because it's really the kind of anthem-type song where vocals don't necessarily matter. Still, for some reason, the song simply lays there for me. I don't like the lyric change. I don't like Brett playing with his elbows. I don't like Lindsey handing off the last line "it'll soon be here," which he used to sing with trademark frenzy. Lindsey came to stand next to Stevie for the close and he ended on the guitar, simultaneous with her hitting the tamborine. Of course, after giving the signal to Mick, they always do this at the same time, they just are usually standing a few feet apart at the end, but these days they are closing it shoulder to shoulder. Tonight, whatever type of hydraulic lift brought Stevie to and from the stage at the back of the stadium, Lindsey was on it with her, while Mick and John simply exited to the side, without walking around to the back. Lindsey and Stevie didn't hold hands all the way to the stage, but reached out for a brief clasp just before reaching the center, with Lindsey kissing her hand at one point. When Stevie comes back out after one of the encores, she bows to Mick, in addition to tipping an imaginary hat to John. Stevie was playful with Mick, reaching out to grab or pinch him around the waist and hips, as he stood at her microphone talking to the audience. Then they sang "Goodbye Baby" and it was over.
Lisa Lorenz
My best friend and I went to the Arrowhead Pond show last night, and it was absolutely the best Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks experience of our lives. We have been best friends since we were 7 years old (now 36) when we used to pretend we were Stevie by singing along to the Buckingham Nicks album. Our seats were about 15 feet from the stage, and worth every penny of the $600 we paid the pillaging broker. My personal favorite of the night was hearing Stevie sing "Beautiful Child" and sounding every bit as good, if not better, than the original album release. Stevie sounded awesome on "World Turning", that along with Mick's drum solo brought the house down. I have seen Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks on tour somewhere around 20 to 25 times, but being close enough to experience the intensity of the band coming together on stage was unlike any other concert experience I've ever had. I was actually brought to tears on 2 occassions, a mixture of the music and the excitement of being so close to my favorite band in the world. The only bummer of the entire night came at the end. We were lucky enough to get guest passes after the show (along with about 30 to 40 other people in the room), and waited with bated breath for a chance to meet the woman that we as best friends have idolized since we were 7 years old. Unfortunately after about an hour a security guard came in and told the 25 or so people left in the room that the band was too tired to see any more people, and we were to be escorted out of the building. We were heartbroken. To be so close and yet so far away!! There were some negative comments from a few people in the room that they were going to "boycott" Fleetwood Mac and not buy any of their records. NOT US....there's nothing in the world that could keep me from loving Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. Hopefully someday the stars will align and I will get to meet Stevie, for now I am left with the memories of an absolutely unforgettable "Evening with Fleetwood Mac". They have definately still got it!!! Lastly, even though Stevie couldn't get into the platform boots for the full 2 hours, she is still the reigning queen of rock in my book and nobody puts on a show or dances across the stage the way she does. Thank you Stevie and Fleetwood Mac for an incredible night!
Gary Larsen
The only bad thing I can say about the concert is that is had to end. I have been to every concert tour both solo and group since 1982, so I was very open minded when I sat in my seat waiting for the show to start. I heard that it was a good show, and hoped it was true. Well, it was all I could have wished for and more. First of all, get your bathroom and drink trip over before 8:30pm. cause thats when it starts, and you don't want to miss a thing. We all know the concert set, so I will just try to pick the highlights that you can't miss. Beautiful Child was so great I can't even describe it. Stevie looked so beautiful during the song and sang it with such feeling it gave me third degree chills. This is a song we may never see sung live again so do not miss this one! Silver Springs was so great. It was kicked up a notch as far as the tempo and it worked so well. Stevie just let loose at the end as we all know and love. Stand Back was so insane. I don't care if you have seen this one a hundered times, this version rocked so hard, and Stevie was like a wild woman twirls and all. Say You Will cause Stevie had so much fun singing this one. You couldn't help but dance and sing with her. Never going back again, love the added back up Miss Nicks does. Eye's Of The World, and Second Hand News cause they are such great rockers. Come was totally out of control. Say Goodbye was major chills. I could keep going on but you get the picture. All the songs both old and new sounded so great. All of the band was in top form and looked great. I don't even care if Stevie wants to change her footwear. Whatever works do it. She did go for the boots toward the end of the night. I took my partner Michael with me. He had never seen any of them in concert ever, and he enjoyed the show as much as I did. I would pay full ticket price again just to see Beautiful Child again. Hopefully they will do more Southern Ca. shows on the second leg of the tour cause once if not enough. This concert must be released on a DVD! Don't miss this show. It is as great as their new CD is.
Bernard Gibbes
Gotta love the outside restaurant bar on the otherside of the road from the Pond; we ordered the same drinks with each of the three rounds and the price was different every time. Hats off to free enterprise. Fleetwood Mac know a thing or two about FE - at $150 a ticket they weren't in it just for the buzz. It matters not though, they were worth every penny. The sound was good for a large area, the stage show was impressive, but not too elaborate and the crowd were into it. The usual faves sounded better than ever. Don't Stop was much improved with Stevie singing Christine's part. Come was performed with enormous passion and Stand Back had so much energy. The highlight of the show for me was when they played a song I never thought I'd hear live - Beautiful Child. This is one of Stevie's (and Lindsay's) finest moments, and to hear it live was incredible. I nearly cried. They played like a band who really have great chemistry. They were so on form. Great show. Long may they tour.
The Mac is back baby and we were eating it up! The most incredible night of my entire life...I didn't want it to ever end. And I couldn't believe Stevie sang Beautiful Child and Stand Back...my ultimate favorites!! What an incredible experience. I will never forget it.

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