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6/3/03 Philips Arena Atlanta, GA

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Jason B.
I have seen Fleetwood Mac in concert 4 times now. My first time was for Behind the Mask tour, next for Time (which was without Stevie, Lindsey or Christine), the Reunion tour and now for Say You Will. Although Christine was extremly missed, all I can say was what an incredible night. For me, the highlight was Silver Springs. It is so hard to put into words without actully seeing it for yourself, but when Stevie and Lindsey were singing to each other, it was magic. There was love and hate in their voices as if they were getting out all of their emotion. When you looked into Stevie's eyes while she sang "You'll never get away from the woman that loves you" there were DAGGERS in her eyes and they were pointing right to Lindsey. At the same moment, as Lindsey sang that line, he was stomping his feet so hard that you thought the stage would fall apart. I felt the intensity of that song go right through me and all I could do was to watch and feed off other the emotion that came out of their voices. A heart felt moment happened during Landslide. You can just tell that the love is still there between Stevie and Lindsey and the applause from that song was enough to bring down the roof. "You Can Go Your Own Way" was the rocking moment of the night. EVERYONE was on their feet and just jamming along. Lindsey was having a good old time rocking the stage and jamming his guitar. It was a night filled with emotion, laughs, cries, somber themes, rocking moments and most of all, a night filled with magic. I don't ever think I will forget Stevie's eyes as those daggers came out of them and the power in her voice as she told Lindsey and the audience that her love for Lindsey is no longer bitter sweet, but it is true and honest love the best of friends can have for each other. As for Stevie and the rest of Fleetwood Mac, I will remain a loyal fan for life and wish they they keep on rocking and never stop. Stevie will always be an enchantress to me and just one song is enough to put you under her spell forever.
Ginny Kamano
I spent a great few days with two different sets of friends in Peach City and we all went to the show together. I have seen this band play a time or two in the past and while the thought of Christine being gone is apparent and sad, her absence was not on Tuesday night. John was, as always the quiet one. Wearing his signature baseball cap, Hawaiian shirt, and jeans he kept the bass line going laying the irreplaceable solid foundation for the music. He seemed content and in his own world over to the side, smiling to himself and the occasional lucky fan who caught his eye. Lindsey interacted with some folks up front and even signed a personal item of clothing for one woman. The Atlanta performance showcased his talent and gained him more than a few new fans. The buzz around us was testimony to that fact. Lindsey picked acoustic guitars, picked ON electric guitars and made love to guitars as songs warranted. His interpretation of lyrics through his talent as a player is unique and always incredible to experience live. Oh, he was LIVE on Tuesday night!! Mick. What can I say? The founding father is so talented, so fun to watch and such a good heartbeat for the band. The knickers and red shoes, balls off to the side, pony tail and a face that interprets the work as it is in progress. Mick is one of a kind and makes watching him fun. Alphabetically last....the reigning Queen of Rock and Roll, Miss Stephanie was in stellar form. One classy thing about Stevie is how she defers to others whenever she is sharing a stage. In FM she is but one of the members of the band and is very humble, smiling at the audience but stealing nobody's thunder. She looked so pretty, smiling throughout the show, brown eyes sparkling and both never more apparent than when she was nearly drowned out by the audience singing "Landslide." The lady opened up a large can of "whoop-ass" on "Stand Back!" She was obviously having a great time on stage. The interaction between Stevie and the band is always fun to watch, but the way she and Lindsey played off one anothers' energies was apparent and electric. I would be remiss in not mentioning the supporting "characters" in the play that was the Atlanta SYW Tour show. As always, lovely harmonies from the very sweet Miss Sharona and Mindy, all the supporting players from Brett Tuggle on keyboards to the "Secret Weapon" playing percussion, Mr. Taku Hirano. I always enjoy watching the folks who set up and break down the stage, who do the lighting and all the rest of the infrastructure that is so absolutely necessary. Great job!! Great job, Mr. John Kinney for keeping everyone informed with your awesome website. You rock. I spotted some fans I had "known" a few years back through e- mail. Happy to see they had 5th row seats in front of Stevie. Sorry I couldn't get to them and say hello, but they are still out on the road and that made me smile. Reading the fan reviews, I have seen other names I recall and it makes me very happy to know the Stevie Nicks fans, the best fans in the business, are still out going to Fleetwood Mac shows all across America. Aloha.
Jessie Kemp
emotionally moved by every song. You could literally see the connection between Stevie and Lindsay, as well as their connection with the whole audience. They put their heart and soul into every song and it poured out on stage. The only thing I regret is not having better seats, but when they come back to town, I'll be right up there in front, most definitely! A huge thank you to Fleetwood Mac and a double thank you to Stevie Nicks for being the talented woman you are! The show was amazing!
Rhiannon Owens
I am only 24 years old. And for some people that is a little young to be as amazed and enthralled by a concet of classic rockers like Fleetwood Mac. This was only the second show by them I have seen; the first being The Dance in 97...but I have to say how much I enjoyed driving 6 hours away from home to be a part of a night as magical as this concert was. Although the set list had varied a little from what I had read on the NicksFix and Stevie did not wear her signature platform boots NOTHING about this show was a let down or disappointment. The sound of the band, minus Christine on her keyboards, was as amazing and "on it " as ever. The energy comin from the band was a sight to see...Mick dancing around during his solo in"World Turning" screaming into a head set "ARE YOU STILL WITH ME?" made the crowd scream louder and louder each time...Lindsey literally banging on his guitar with both hands looked like a 5 year old with a new toy and was just electrifying... silent John McVie pluggin his familiar bass lines anchoring each song....and Stevie, as bewitching and enchanting as ever, absolutely stole the show out from under all the guys when she spun around and went into "Stand Back" donning her familiar black and gold cape.... They played all the favorite familiar songs of days gone by including "Dreams" and " Big Love" adding gems like Stevie's "Beautiful Child" to which she remarked " when I wrote this song, I never thought I would be doin it live....I guess, songwriters, In the end we really do win out"...and Lindsey did "Never Goin Back Again" and Second Hand News"....the new songs included "Say You Will", " Whats the World Comin To?", "Come", "Say Goodbye" and Stevie ended the evening in a soft pink fringed cape with " Goodbye Baby" The stage seemed a little smaller this time, from the last show I remember....but not in a bad way. This show was so much more fun and happy and somehow seemed a little more intimate. I was on the floor and could was close enough to see every expression and emotion on each members face. It seemed that this time around these members of what has been called "rocks soap opera" looked like they were finally having all the fun they had been missing out on over that last couple of decades. Their was nothing but smiles and laughs as the members danced around one another and everytime they entered the stage for all 3 encores Lindsey and Stevie were hand in hand. At one point, during "Tusk", Lindsey jumped around and was kicking his legs out then went over to John and was leaning into him and laughing AND THEN was chasing Stevie around and leaning on her while she played the tambourine; both of them laughing and smiling.... I think one of the best parts about this tour and especially this night, was that for the first time you don''t just see these incredibly talented individuals playing some of the best music in rock's history, but you finally get to feel how aboslutely in love with everyone and themselves they are for having survived the years of heartache and pain; keeping all of us along the way right by their sides.
A. Heather Wiliams
The Atlanta Classic Rock radio station, Z93 had a "Licks for Nicks" contest in which listeners were urged to re-write a Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac song in the form of a parody. My sister and I re-wrote, "Whenever I Call You Friend" to "Whenever I Call on Depends". We were chosen as one of three finalists and sang our parody on air, Tuesday, June 3, 2003, the day of the Fleetwood Mac Atlanta date at Philips Arena. We were chosen as runners up and were given 2nd row center seats plus a 5-star dinner backstage with the DJs before the show. The food was wonderful and the seats were the best I've ever had. We were less than 15 feet from the stage, positioned right in front of Stevie's microphone. This was only my third time seeing Fleetwood Mac. I saw them in 97 during the Dance tour and in 93 at President Clinton's Inaugural Gala. But this show was the best!! I've never seen Lindsey so invigorated and engaging so much with the crowd! He even let the people crowded at the foot of the stage to pluck the strings on his guitar while he crouched at the edge, during "Go Your Own Way". Stevie was simply radiant and ruled over the stage like a high priestess on her throne. She has never looked lovelier and her voice was simply angelic. Mick was on fire on the drums and was simply hilarious during his chanting and stomping interlude. John was as usual, quiet and subdued, but we managed to get a few smiles out of him. The crowd was wonderful, the band was really engaging and playing their hearts out for us. The show couldn't have possibly been better although Christine was dearly missed. However, Stevie and Lindsey's duet on "World Turning" really got us on our feet. It was also pretty cool to hear Stevie singing Chris' part on "Don't Stop". All in all, a fantastic show. It was really the most amazing gift. Thankyou, Fleetwood Mac!
I really have to tell you all that after seeing FWM tonight for the 3rd time this year and one more to come in Vegas that If you do not have tickets to this concert you are missing the best time of your life. I went to Cleveland, Pittsburgh and tonight's show in Atlanta was a last minute decision because I couldn't wait until July to see them again. As before they were so on tonight. Lindsay just played the hell out of his guitar on So Afraid, Big Love, Come and many more. Stevie just rocking as she always does but was a little more out there tonight. She just blew everybody away on her on all of her ballads especially Landslide and Silver Springs. My favorite of the night by far was Stand Back. She rocked so hard and twirled at least 7 times like days of old. Mick and John did there usual great job with Mick doing his solo drum on World Turning and getting the crowd crazy. The best part of the show is the fun the whole band is having up there. Stevie & Lindsey were very playful and have so much chemistry together that they are almost one person. I think that Stevie is smiling and having so much fun now in this part of her life. Im so happy that she's happy. I'll end by saying that if want to see what a real Rock & Roll band sounds like check out one of the few show left. You will have a Memory that will last you a lifetime. FWM-- Please don't stop making our memories.

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