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5/15/04 Chastain Park Amphitheater Atlanta, GA

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IT WAS AWESOME!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! Whereas the concert last June 3 here in Atlanta seemed forced and tired, and Stevie was really a disappointment, especially on "Stand Back," this concert was the complete opposite!! It really was awesome from the start to the finish! Their energy and enthusiasm was unbelievable-- Stevie and Lindsey sang "Rhiannon" and "Tusk" for probably the thousandth time, and yet they still sang it with such energy and enthusiasm you'd think it was the first time they ever sang the songs! They came onstage suddenly and unannounced at 8:20 p.m., first Mick, then John, then Lindsey and Stevie together, and this seemed to be the way it would be the rest of the night: Stevie and Lindsey 2gether! Yep, when the instrumental section of "Landslide" came on, Stevie walked over and stood behind Lindsey and put her arms lovingly over his shoulders! And later during "Tusk," during the long instrumental finale, Lindsey's guitar came unplugged, so he actually threw it downstage, and spent a minute or so dancing round and round to the music, that fantastic "Tusk" music, and he started to make playful "fighting" jabs at Stevie, and she played along for a bit, but then she just walked to him and put her arms around him and they stood there onstage, rocking back and forth and hugging, it was unbelievable!! Chastain Park Ampitheatre is located in a residential area of Atlanta-- I can just wonder how all the neighbors thought of the concert!!?? I was seated right under the huge speakers to the left of the stage, and the volume of the music was deafening! Lindsey did "Come" and "I'm So Afraid" and the music of his guitar was just incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible-- ok, I guess you get the point. All 7000 people in the venue were on their feet for about 99% of the concert, dancing, clapping their hands, singing along, and screaming with happiness-- me included, I did it all! Oh, Sean, it was wonderful wonderful wonderful!! Right around us, there were people there from every age from a young boy of about 10 to an old man of about 70, and everyone was dancing and clapping and singing along with every song! I clapped so much that I broke the metal band on my watch. The concert started at 8:20 and at 9:05 Stevie started to sing the most wondrous song ever. "Wait a minute, baby... Stay with me a while... You said you would give me light... But you never told me about the fire........" A couple rows in front of us, two young girls held up a sign: "Thank you, STEVIE, for SARA" it said. "When you build your house, then call me home." I wanted the song to go on forever. Well they did extend the ending of it longer than I've ever heard it, so that was wonderful, but I was still sad to have the song come to a close. It really really really is such a wonderful song... They dropped "Destiny Rules" and instead sang "Say You Will" which was a wonderful surprise and a better song to sing. All 7000 people were on their feet singing and swaying along to the music!! It was so wonderful!! They did "Tusk" for about 10 minutes and with about 10,000 decibles, and as if that weren't enough, they immediately launched into the long opening instrumental of "Stand Back." Last June when I saw FM, I so looked forward to hearing "Stand Back" but it was really a disappointment, as Stevie's voice wasn't that great and she just seemed to be "going through the motions" of this high-energy song; BUT NOT TONIGHT!! Wow wow wow wow, this was the most awesome song in a night of 2 and a half hours of awesome songs!! After the low-key, bongo music intro, when they launched into the high energy body of "Stand Back," and Stevie started to sing, "No one looked, as I walked by..." it was the most unbelievable happening ever! Wow wow wow wow wow-- have I said this before?? It was awesome awesome awesome!! And when the instrumental section came on, and Stevie did her "Stevie swirls," everyone cheered and cheered and cheered, she just swirled on and on and on and on and it was fantastic! Her shawl flowed out all around her. Later when she did "Gold Dust Woman" she wore a gold shawl in place of the black one she mostly wore (except for "Sara," where she wore a red shawl). This was the most magnificent concert ever! Not only was the band into it, but also everyone in the audience was into it as well! Shouting and cheering and clapping when they did "Go Your Own Way" and "Don't Stop"-- and the latter song wasn't the final song, instead it was "Goodbye Baby" which I think was a better choice. A couple songs before that, for their first "encore" song, they did "World Turning," and when they went into Mick Fleetwood's solo, this really lasted at least ten minutes, with him performing all over the stage and it was fantastic, and then Lindsey and Stevie came back on stage to finish the vocals of the song... Gee... I guess... all in all, it was a pretty good concert. Ha ha, it was the best concert ever!!!! The weather was perfect, the ampitheatre was standing room only, and it really was standing throughout the majority of the concert! It was wonderful wonderful wonderful awesome awesome awesome!! I've been a fan of Fleetwood Mac since 1977, I guess, first saw them in Pittsburgh in 1979 just after the realease of Tusk, and I've been a fan ever since, and this concert just reinforced my love and admiration for all of them. It was the most incredible incredible incredible concert ever, no doubt about it!! FLEETWOOD MAC RULES!!
Colleen & Gregg Wheatley
May 15th at Chastain (Atlanta Venue), what a night! We went the night before to Nashville,Tn., (May 14th), it was great, also. The Atl. concert was simply amazing, we bought the Platnium package, and we were absolutely knocked out! (Thank-you, FM Fan Club!) Again, we worried a little about the weather, forcast cloudy, possible showers, but we were pressing on no matter what! Our tour included backstage access, we got to see how FM moves from one state to another, and it is quite a bit of work for them all. We got to see Stevie's tamborine, Lindsey's guitar's, Mick's drums, dressing rooms, ets... Then we went and sat in our seats, 3rd row on the end, Stevie's side. Fleetwood Mac came out, and did they put on a show! They were on fire, so the weather did not stand a chance! Stevie was awesome, clothing,hair, makeup, voice, voice, voice! Lindsey was playing his heart and soul out, tearing up guitar after guitar with that masterful way that is his alone! Mick was superb on the drums and conga, as was John, who was steady and strong on his guitar! What a magnificent band, does not seem as time has even touched them! The crowd was a mix of young and old, simply loving every minute of it-All the world needs is a little FM, and things look a lot better! I got the chance to be a mere 3-4 feet away from Stevie, who is a master at her craft. She could come out in jeans and a shirt, and be just as wonderful, she sings from the heart, and you can really feel it. Lindsey plays and sings like there is no tomorrow coming, and doesn't get the credit he deserves for being so perfect on guitar, he is a true professional. What can I say about Mick, except he played those drums so hard and loud, even if it thundered, we would not have known it! Please come back to Atlanta, we will be there waiting for you guys! Thanks for making my night, (and my husband's) unforgetable. You guys rock, always have, always will! How about selling FM license plate's? I need a FM license plate, are you listening FM Fan club? Thank-you Fleetwood Mac, keep playing on, we will all be there! See you in the Atl!
The Atlanta, Ga. Fleetwood Mac show on Friday, May 14, 2004 was the 4th time I had the privilege of seeing my heroes in concert. We were fortunate enough to be in the 8th row this time around and the seats were awesome! From the opening bass drum beats of "The Chain" to the new stuff ("Say You Will", (my favorite song!!), "Come", and "Red Rover"), to the unexpected but welcome surprise of "Sara", the show was one of the best I've seen yet. The pouring rain did not drown the enthusiasm of the crowd or the energy of the band. Stevie looked incredible and her voice was flawless. Lindsey, as always, was fired up and wowed us all with his endless energy and talent. John was quiet as always but had he not been there we surely would have noticed. Mick once again dawned his red shoes and this time a red top hat and proved yet again why he is one of the best drummers around. All in all the experience was unforgettable. And as Mick so rightly said before leaving the stage for the last time, "The 'Mac' is back!".
I saw FM on the first leg of the tour at Phillips, skipped the second leg when they played Gwinnett, but just couldn't let the third leg go by without seeing them at the intimate Chastain Park. What a wonderful place for a concert, but there were many drawbacks. First was the crowd. Why do people spend good money on tickets only to sit and stand around talking to each other? This had to be the rudest crowd I ever heard! From the guy behind me who kept telling everyone that Stevie was his girlfriend throughout all her songs, to the twits next to me who I had to tell more than once what song it was they were playing before they decided whether or not they liked it, to the people in front of me that kept getting up and moving seats so that they could continue conversations with themselves. Incredible. The mass exodus when they did Say Goodbye was downright embarrassing. The venue was about half full when FM took the stage, applause was weak at best, and the chatter of the crowd overtook Lindsay's acoustical numbers. The amphitheater finally looked like a sold out show by the time they did Beautiful Child, and the crowd was rocking for Tusk and the end of the show. Did Lindsay sing? We couldn't hear him at all when the entire band was playing, and the crowd made him hard to hear during the quieter numbers. Because it is an outdoor venue in a residential district, I hope the volume wasn't turned down! Stevie's voice blasted through the crowd no problem. Destiny Rules was dropped, but Goodbye Baby reappeared at the end. They must not look at the song polls, because I thought for sure that Thrown Down and Steal Her Hear Away would have been added. Sadly, no. Sara was a nice surprise, especially since I read somewhere that she thought Sara wasn't a good live song. I guess they are trying to promote the re-release of the Tusk album. I Know I'm Not Wrong was great! I just hope they don't become caricatures of themselves by not doing new and different songs. Slipping back into familiarity can be dangerous to artists! Stevie looked great! Her bangs are back and really enhance her appearance. During Gold Dust Woman and Sara, she wrapped her shaw around her neck, catching her hair and making it look as if it was only shoulder length. That looked really cute and different! She was definitely having fun and enjoying herself. Lindsay was a complete maniac! Such a great showman! And the crowd sing-alongs! Of course, during Landslide, but also during World Turning and Don't Stop. I could see Lindsay and Mick really playing with that in a future show! Stevie's gestures during Say You Will are cute. The way that song ended, I half expected them to start it up with an instrumental ending and have her and Lindsay do a little dance number! The boxing match during Tusk was cute too. She should have decked him and really gave him a run! It was really a great show, all things withstanding.

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