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9/10/04 Borgata Event Center Atlantic City, NJ

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My name is Alison and my husband and I bought platinum package tickets. We showed up at the outside arena at 4:00 and went on a tour of the back stage. Everyone was working real hard setting up. We got to see all Lindsey's guitars and got our pictures taken standing at the very microphone Stevie would be singing in that night. We were in the front row off to the left of Stevie for the show. AWESOME SEATS.......AWESOME SHOW!! Lindsey was wired up and Stevie sounded fantastic! Mic got wound up during his drum solo and John of course played great bass. After the show, my husband and I stayed around and mingled with those that had meet and greet passes. We didn't have passes, however, hooked up with someone that was going back and we went back as his guests!! Unbelievable. There was about 20-30 people waiting to meet the band (Lindsey wasn't there). As I waited in line, I tried to think of what I was going to say. I have been a major fan of Stevie's almost my whole life. As I approached her, she held out her hand, I took it and put my head down and shook it. I said "you know, I always tried to think of what to say if I were ever to meet you and......". I looked up and said "I just love you. Thank you for your lyrics and thank you for being the person that you are". She put her arm around me and gave me a hug and said "oooohhh". We got our picture taken. It was so surreal. I then looked at all of them and said "If you guys are staying here tonight, you have to try the Ombra restaurant downstairs, it is awesome". Stevie looked at me and said "no, we're going to Philly tonight". I still can't believe that I met her! She's so kind and genuine.
Well , of all the shows in atlantic city last night non where equal to what macs fans where treated to! Stevie looked and sounded terrific . she was at the top of her game! She was refreshed and really enjoying the show. I have seen her 2 times before on this tour, neither of those shows where as exciting as this show. You could tell the differance right from the start all the notes where right there, the signiture stevie was alive and well.Oh yeah sorry , you guys , you where good to , but stevie you where magnificent!
Alan Tobin
What a magical night! I had 5th row Stevie side tickets. She was amazing as usual. The only negative comment was that because it was outdoors the Borgata allowed people to smoke. Since they had a month off, I thought that the band looked and sounded fresh. Lindsey did his awesome guitar solos and even stretched to let a couple of people play his guitar. The stage was inaccessible due to the height and barricade that didn't allow anyone to get near the stage. (Perfect venue to have sung Thrown Down) The set was the same as the Jones Beach concert I attended on June 6th. The one comment that I do want to close with and that Stevie herself made reference to was that the audience participated and sang much more than past concerts. For her to mention this at the end of the concert I thought she felt as I did. I hope the picture I took of her looking into my camera came out. To tope off the experience I felt very lucky to have caught one of the red roses that were tossed to the crowd after most people left. It made up for the rose I didn't get in June.
On a perfect night for a concert, Fleetwood Mac delivered just another flawless performance. It was the same setlist as the previous concerts for their tour. Stevie, thanked and applauded the audience for singing Landslide with her. She really was in rare form last night. Lindsey never ceases to amaze me. "The Mac is Back".
I just got back to Fort Lauderdale after attending the show at the Borgata in Atlantic City. This was the third show of this tour I was lucky enough to see. My friends and I were on the front row for the entire show and and I must say it was incredible. Stevie looked and sounded GREAT ! I was thrilled to hear Sara, and it really took us back to see her in the red cape with her hair pulled up. Stand Back will always be a treat and it was thrilling to see her spin so much. As an extra bonus I caught one of the 2 towels that Lindsey threw into the audience. What a great night for everyone involved. Thanks Stevie for a Wonderful Show.

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