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7/1/04 White River Amphitheater Auburn, WA

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Jenny Ruchert
I was so very fortunate to see Fleetwood Mac again this year. I attended the show in Auburn, Wa with my 11 year old son. He had demanded I take him with me, after he knew I was planning on going to Spokane and Ridgfields Clark County Ampitheater shows. I purchased the special sale lawn tickets through Ticketmaster for the Auburn show. I figured it is better to be in presence for a live show with the MAC, even if it is on the lawn rather than miss out all together! My son and I arrive an hour or so before stage time. I was immediately approached by an employee for TRUE.COM and he mentioned winning the Fleetwood Mac LIVE IN BOSTON CD and Say you will. SO I filled out the papers and found myself backstage at the prestage area. The band had a gal touring with them, who sounded great, alot like JEWEL in her style. NExt thing I knew I was on stage as bachelorette #2 a dating game type contest. How embarrassing! But kinda fun. I did not win the game, really did not hope too! But I did walk away with a copy of LIVE IN BOSTON! YAY! On our way to the nosebleed lawn area, of this beautiful ampitheater, an employee from a local radio station stopped us. She offered my son and I a free upgrade in tickets!!! WOW, now we were sitting in $120 seats for only $20! Yay, They have great big screens there and my son and I enjoyed every minute! He especially likes Say you will and TUSK, And rhiannon, because he was actually named after al ine from that sone, "She rules her life like a fine Skylark" his name is SKYLARKNIGHT. Then off to SPokane, WA. I had the best seat here. bought through the VIP presale fan club. HOw I wish I could have afforded the platinun package! But I was only 11 rows back with my good friend and uncle whom I introduced, playing cupid. The show was fantastic, the energy that night seemed more initmate and vibrant!!! I especially like what they have done with adding the old footage of the band during SARA, from Tusk tour 1979, I believe. Same or similar red cape. At some points Stevie singing live and the footage seemed to be in sync. Very cool idea to flash back!! My final show was at Ridgefield WA at the Clark County ampitheater. I went all by my lonesome, strange, just one of those things, friends were busy or broke and could not make it. I had a wonderful time going alone too. I arrived on time for this show, finally. TRULY, the previous shows, and the two I attended last year, I was running into my seat just as Stevie begins to sing. It is like she knew I was coming , and held off until I arrived. Ha HA. Once it was even 40 minutes past stage call. If anyone reading this has never seen Fleetwood MAc or STevie live, you absolutely must do so!!!! It is well worth it, even if you are out on the lawn. I have seen them from about every angle one can at a concert, from up against the stage to the far reaches of the building! Once in TAcoma, 1997, I even saw them from BEHIND THE STAGE, when they opened up ticket salesfor that area! Basically it is the same show as last year, some changes, but I am writing to tell all that it never gets old! I feel so fortunate to have seen them again!!!
Kristina Thalen
What an incredible show. This was the second show I saw on the SYW tour. Last show I was in row 31, this show I was in row 4. It was incredible. Stevie was so amazing, she sang her heart out, like always, you could feel the energy, especially between her and Lindsey, like always. John was his old self, quiet, standing in the back, rockin it out, like nobody's business. Mick was fantastic as always with his drum vest and chanting in his own wonderful language. I ran down to the front, past security and got right up against the stage. I was about 2 feet from Lindsey Buckingham. That was incredible. I had made a dreamcatcher to give to Stevie. They were doing they're encore by the time I got down there, World Turning. Lindsey was looking right at me, making faces at me, I waved at him and he smiled....Lindsey Buckingham smiled directly at ME. Then, he bent down and I shook his hand, it was so incredible. He is my guitar idol. He is the greatest guitar player on the earth in my opinion. They're encore was almost over and I was screaming Stevie, among 3 or 4 other fanatics that had stuff to give her, but she wasn't listening, I think she is used to crazed girls trying to give her crystals and dreamcatchers, screaming her name. The energy down there was incredible. When Stevie sang Stand Back everyone stood up and danced their hearts out. She was AWESOME. She is as beautiful as ever, if not more. Her voice is incredible, as always. So, I was screaming for her, but the show was officially over, Mick was introducing everyone, and they were walking off. I was screaming "STEVIE!!! STEEEVIEEEE!!!! STEVIE!!!!" But she didn't look, so I threw my dreamcatcher onstage with all my might. Mick saw it and picked it up and handed it to Stevie!! It was so cool! The show was amazing. Worth every penny, even though I was 100 % broke a while to get those 4th row rickets. I would do it again in a second. They are the most amazing artists in the universe. What an amazing show it was. Tons of people were crying, it was very emotional. Stevie was so cute, she said she thought the venue smelled like chocolate cookies. I am still in shock that I shook Lindsey Buckingham's hand. I shook Lindsey Buckingham's hand. That's all I have been saying for the past few days. It's even on my answering machine. If you haven't seen a FM show, you MUST. It is single handedly one of the all time greatest experiences of my life. I hope they never,ever stop touring! THE MAC IS BACK!!!
Every moment of last night's show at the White River Amphitheatre was mesmerizing. Stevie's presence melts my heart. I am so glad the "Mac is back" for a second run of this tour. Even though the first show last summer was a little better, this was still a night I will never forget. My uncle did the wood carving over the main entrance to the amphitheatre so I was so excited that maybe Stevie saw that. My dad and I seemed to be the only people dressed up. I was Stevie and he was Mick. He loved the Mac in the 70's and he always wanted to go. Then I became a fan 4 years ago and he still wanted to go. We had the time of our lives. I really wish they had played Destiny Rules. I live my life by that song. Now I hope we don't have to wait over 15 years for their next studio album. Thank you so much Fleetwood Mac for showing us how to rise above the hard parts of life and keep on rockin'. I am partially blind and you are all such an inspiration. Please don't ever stop the insanity!
Cathi & Dennis
WOW - it was everything we'd dreamed of & hoped for...............and more!!!!!!!!! After reading other posted show's reviews, we were a bit unsure of what to expect - here's the latest: FLEETWOOD MAC still rocks!! Stevie, of course my favorite, was absolutely on last night, she looked & sounded like the mystical goddess of music that she is. My friends & I were stunned by how incredible she was and we loved all the onstage energy she had! Her shawls & outfits continue to define her beautiful & wonderfully individual style, along with the scarves & chains wrapped up the microphone base. Lindsay was unbelievable, he is truly the master of play - those hands!! Mick was fantastically crazy, awesome, & he kept the audience riled up & ready for more, more, more! John McVie still does his thing, playing perfectly excellent, though a bit "behind the scenes". Christine's absence was only slightly noticeable & did absolutely nothing to alter the fan's enjoyment of the old songs! It was magical listening to Sara - the singing, musical play & Stevie on-stage. We missed not getting to hear Silver Springs, but the others & the new songs were more than enough to satisfy us! We really liked the amphitheater & sincerely hope they'll come back to play again for all of us who love them in the Pacific Northwest!!!

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