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10/15/03 Centennial Gardens Bakersfield, CA

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Bakersfield..... wow! All I can say is it is amazing that Fleetwood Mac decided to add this as a tour stop. Thankfully, because I celebrated my 21st birthday with the Mac! I am a huge Lindsey Buckingham fan and he was totally ON!!!! Unfortunately, he found a Stevie Look a like in the Audience and sang pratically every song to her! It was when he performed "Come" that I noticed he was not looking at his side of the stage (which he always does) Instead, he was pointing and singing to some girls on Stevie's side in the second row. They held a glittery sign up that read: Lightening Strikes and Thank You. I looked over and saw this girl that looked like Stevie's twin. So much so that I found myself watching the interaction that Lindsey had with her more than he had with Stevie Nicks! I wondered if this girl was his wife. I am not sure what Kristen looks like. She looked about 30 years old. Her hair was just past her shoulders (not a long as Stevie's). My seats were in the 3rd Row Lindsey Side. Stevie looked beautiful. But she seemed sad or maybe she wasn't feeling so well? She sang like an angel and performed like she had TONS of energy-but she hardly smiled. Maybe because she was in Bakersfield? LOL. Apparently, Micks twin daughters were born in Bakersfield. They are 20 months old and Mick took the time out to Thank the Doctors that delivered his babies. I was able to get my Tusk LP signed and Lindsey wrote Happy 21 Danielle! The concert was long and it Rocked! I have larengitis from singing all night. I don't know how they do it. Say you will come back.
Tonights' show went beyond a"concert". I didn't keep a mental list of songs. Nor did I focus as much on Stevie as I did 20 years ago (approximately!). Instead I watched through an inner, and outer, maturity. The audience was the first thing I noticed. Teenagers with parents,and elderly couples seated by a group of handsome hockey players. Families together. Co-workers together. Then as the audience began to call, the band stepped up to the stage to thunderous applause. It was so simplistic an entrance, so beguiling. Stevie greeted this city in a thrilled and yet innocently enticing manner- and away we all went with the band. Each song was seamlessly delivered, even playfully drawn out(Tusk, for example). I have never witnessed a performer so carefree as Lindsey Buckingham-at the peak of perfection-knowing his perfection-free as a bird,allowing himself to slide into the audience,allowing the audience to strum his guitar! No signs of the fierce man I had seen in the 80's and on The Dance. Here is a person so confident that he can let others take over while he enjoys the ride! And a packed arena was in his pocket. Mick was every bit the graceful and dignified leader who seemed to hand over those reins without hesitation to Lindsey. John was,as always, hidden in shadows, only appearing brightly lit during "Tusk"as Lindsey playfully rammed into him. And then there was Stevie. Radiant with- -je ne sais quoi. Voice of an angel, singing notably new arrangements of her older pieces. The start that I found off pitch somehow(perhaps venue acoustics) was quickly corrected and she took to this night as one born specifically for this purpose. My high school and college Rock Queen, role model, Idol in black tennies, held that building in the palm of her hand and though I recognized pain in her steps her smile was incredibly delightful. And she smiled the entire show, aware of the love the audience was giving her. I call that professional, tenacious and the performance of a lifetime! The Mac owned the hearts of this venue like no other of the huge acts of this year. With near capacity crowds, there was a wave of peace and goodwill throughout. Everyone around me agreed-we were being treated to comfort food for the heart and soul. My own teen, seated nearby, was one of hundreds up and dancing! I think there might be reason to hope, after all.
Rebecca King
As a fan since about second grade (1976), I was so excited to finally see Fleetwood Mac live in-person! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Fleetwood Mac/Stevie would play in my hometown! I wore my best Stevie-ish ensemble I could jump into in 15 minutes after I got home from work. In hindsight, I should've worn my platform boots since I'm only 1" taller than Stevie and had to dodge people's heads to see the stage. Nonetheless, my center floor seat was 200% worth joining the fan club for though. I enjoyed seeing the diversity of fans in the audience too. The band put on a great show; Lindsey especially displayed frenetic energy! Stevie looked lovely (as always), and her voice was flawless. At various points during the show, Lindsey, Stevie & Mick went over to the sides of the stage where fans had seats that couldn't see the stage. One part of the show I really liked was the backdrop on the stage showing clips of their music videos when they played certain songs. Some highlights of the show for me were: Gold Dust Woman: One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs and performed to perfection! Stevie tied her new Gold Dust Woman shawl in front during the song, same way I'd already tied mine which was cool! Stevie did her traditional dance at the end of the song & the crowd went wild! Say Goodbye: The song was performed beautifully with Stevie and Lindsey facing each other on-stage in a white spotlight. Tusk: Lindsey put down his guitar, and he & Stevie play-boxed with each other during the instrumental part of the song, then Lindsey opened his arms and they embraced. They must have been having as great a time as the fans did! I'm So Afraid: The song was performed by Lindsey alone on-stage in a spotlight. A large screen came down behind Mick's drum set, and a textured image showed a closeup of Lindsey as he played on-stage. The screen stayed up for several more songs. Stand Back: Stevie rocked during this song & the fans loved it! Nearly everyone was out of their seat & dancing. I certainly was, but I was out of my seat the whole show! Stevie's new "Stand Back" shawl is gorgeous with the tiny gold dots on black chiffon. The stage lights really played off the shawl. Goodbye Baby: A beautiful ending to a fantastic show! Stevie wore a pretty new peach color fringed shawl. Many thanks for a wonderful evening; please remember to stop in B-Town on your next tour too! You made my year!
Mike Jones
Fleetwood Mac in concert: For me, it was the most intimate experience with music I have ever felt. There, right before my eyes, were the voices and sounds that forged my emotion, and my love affair with music. I was raised on Fleetwood Mac, so this concert was a long time dream come true! There were times I couldn't even contain myself, and yes, a few times I couldn't even stand. I tried, and simply fell into my seat. My dad, being there with me to experience it just made it that much more powerful. I danced like nobody was watching, I cried and laughed like there was no tomorrow. I sang like I was on stage. I was 23, and 4 years old all at the same time. Hearing Stevie Nicks' voice sing over Lindsey Buckingham's impeccable guitar style, and the haunting percussion of Mick Fleetwood and deep soul touching Bass of John McVie. Like Fleetwood Mac always could, they gave me hope, and showed me there is love in loss, and more love to come if you are accepting. As much as I've said, words cannot compose what this concert was. 3 hour non-stop set with 2 Encores. The new material was fantastic, and Fleetwood Mac was into the fans just as much as the fans were into them. The Mac is Back! God, what a night. What a night!!!

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