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6/5/03 BJCC Arena Birmingham, AL

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It was the most magical night of my life to see Fleetwood Mac in Birmingham, AL. My father and I had seen Stevie on the Enchanted and Trouble in Shangri La tours and had decent seats, but for this concert my dad surprised me with front row seats! When he showed the tickets to me I almost passed out-we have been fans for a long time and to see them front row was truly amazing. When we got to our seats they were directly in front of Stevie's microphone-OH MY GOD!!! We went nuts! I had tears in my eyes when we sat down-I couldn't believe we were that close to the stage and the adrenaline started pumping in expectation of what was to come. When the first chords of "The Chain" started they sounded so good and everyone went crazy and we got to our feet and never sat down! My heart was beating like crazy and when I saw Stevie come out right in front of us she looked so BEAUTIFUL! The band sounded so great live-it was our first time hearing them in concert and needless to say they rocked for a solid 2 1/2 hours. Lindsey was tearing up the guitar on "I'm So Afraid" and "Come" he was truly amazing. Stevie sounded so great and at one point during the concert she looked down and smiled at me! I was freaking out!! My dad took some great pictures and we were both hoarse the next day from singing and yelling. This was truly the most rocking concert I have ever seen-they sounded awesome! Mick's drum solo was great and John sounded great on the bass. I loved "Second Hand News" and "Gypsy" but to hear "Rhiannon" live was phenomenal. Stevie sang all my favorites, "Silver Springs" and "Gold Dust Woman" and it was great to hear "Landslide". I owe my experience all to my dad, Kenneth who is truly the BEST dad in the world and I thank him so much for getting us such great seats. We are ready for another show-it was the most unforgettable experience! NEVER BREAK THE CHAIN!!! STEVIE NICKS ROCKS!!!
It was a dream come true for FM to come to Birmingham! It was great not having to go to Atlanta.I was going to plan to go to Nashville but I was happy to see that they had put B'ham on their tour list. Well' they say you can't take camera's inside the concert but I always see flashes going off so I of course was going to like take mine. As I was going thru the door the lady said "I need to check your purse please'' I said to myself OH SHoooooooot! I had hid my camera at the bottom of my purse and then I put tissue on top of it.She looked inside and said ok. and on I went. My husband and I had great seats , 20TH ROW.Directly in front of Stevie's mic.I was only able to get great seats because of the FM fan club pre-sale.It is also great to look at every day.You can see the private jet that FM tours in,live video and lots of tour photo's If your not a member, You are missing out on great stuff. Mick like's to go allot. It will tell you what they are doing when they have a day off.I have a friend that told me that his friend said that Mick was in a bar while he was in B 'ham the day before they had a show for us,Just walked in and started playing pool,Now that 's cool. So keep an eye out for Mick.HE LOVES TO PLAY GOLF ALSO. We took lots of pictures,well my husband,Ken did. He is like 6'2 and could see allot better than 5'3 me.I sent allot of photo's in so I hope they will post them soon! I could not believe how HAPPY Stevie was all night,she acted like she was in her own living room. I have seen her many times but never have I seen her so happy and friendly.I loved the part where she said that we hold a very special place in their hearts because of the show that they did as BuckinghamNicks a long time ago.5 Thousand people she said was allot of people.They were shocked to see so many people.Landslide was dedicated to Birmingham,How great that is.I enjoyed the whole entire show every songs they played was wonderful and magical.It was my first time ever sitting on the floor. It's a little hard to see because of the people in front of you .We had like a party in front of us,and they kept inviting more people over there ,so it was bad enough I couldn't see because of them we had more people to look over.They were not FM.fans all they were interested in was getting drunk.I could not see Stevie's feet so with her not having on her boots did not bother me.I love her with or without the boots anyway.I have been a fan of Stevie's since I first saw her in 1972.She is the queen of rock and the glitter will never fade.
Jay & Killer
The show last Thursday in Birmingham was so fantastic, my heart skipped many a beat...this was both Killer and my second time seeing the band (Dallas 1997 for me & 1987 for Killer; I also saw Stevie twice solo-Dallas 1994 and Houston 2001.) Personal standouts were STAND BACK, LANDSLIDE, and I'M SO AFRAID...they were highlights among a show filled to the brim with them. I especially liked the screens and lighting/video show...GOLD DUST WOMAN and TUSK being the best in that area. The best little moment was during STAND BACK...I saw Stevie profile most of the show so I often watched the screen and once when she sang "It's alright, it's alright" she jerked the mic closer to her face so fast it looked as if it was a jump cut in the video. A very nice moment came when Stevie and Lindsey dedicated LANDSLIDE to the city of Birmingham, the last place they performed as Buckingham Nicks before joining Fleetwood Mac. And BEAUTIFUL CHILD, well I liked it better live than studio. Not to bring the review down but the sound wasn't so great either the mixer or the Jefferson Birmingham Civic center messed up plenty or it may have been the fact that we were sitting on the side of the stage...but evry once in a while if Stevie moved her head away from the mic slightly even I couldn't hear her and Mick's drumming seemed quite loud for the first half and barely audible for some songs toward the end. We had moved down and away once the encores started (foolish people that left after GO YOUR OWN WAY) and heard the show much better, Stevie looked like she was having the time of her life singing DON'T STOP. Non the less a brillant performance worth the toll it took to get there. Which brings me to this point...I hope and pray that the band will come to New Orleans or at least Biloxi on the second leg so I can see them again. 16 years is too long to have not played around here, we love you guys in Louisiana please stop by and pass a good time with us!
Lisa Nicholas
was "Beautiful Child". I have waited so long to hear this live and Stevie sang it beautifully....don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Even though Christine was not there, Stevie added her own magic touch on "Don't Stop" and "World Turning". Just an amazing night and I hope all Fleetwood Mac fans can make it to a show this tour......definitely one to remember :-)
Tina Pullen
Stevie was so happy & smiling the whole time. I met her & Lindsey back when they where "Buckingham Nicks"( a moment I'll never forget). I have followed her several times because she "ROCKS" & always will no matter what her age. Her voice is awesome! The concert is a must see!!! Lindsey has always played the quitar fantastic! Mick Fleetwood was great on the bongo drums with the vest. Gold Dust & Silver Springs are one of my favorites. I drove from P.C.B., Fl. to see them, but Biringham is & always will hold a very special place in my heart.
The Fleetwood Mac Attack on Birmingham was nothing short of phenomenal. John , Mick, Stevie, and Lindsey gave their most energentic performances as did guest band members. The show started with " The Chain and they proceeded with classic hits such as ( "Dreams" , "Eyes Of The World" ,"Rhiannon", "Gypsy ", "Big Love", "World Turning","Silver Springs", "Don't Stop", "Gold Dust Woman") and new songs like " What's The World Coming To ?" and " Say You Will" which sounded great live . The actual set list is fantastic. The lighting effects , screens of pictures and brilliant colors added so much visually to certain songs such as ( "Peacekeeper" with clouds and exploding bombs in the sky , "Gypsy" with outtakes from the video to "Gold Dust Woman" where it seemed to rain little bright gold lights everywhere on stage, great effects ..... oh and let me not forget to mention the back breaking pose Nicks displays at the end of the song splashed in gold lights from above. Linsey rocked the coliseum with his materful guitar playing on songs "I'm So Afraid " and "'Come " . If you haven't seen the show and you don't already have tickets to the upcoming shows for this legendary rock band , then get up and purchase tickets ......NOW!!!!. This was truly a great sounding and visually entertaining experience. Fleetwood Mac rocked Birmingham,Alabama .
We drove 5 hours to Birmingham, and since we'd waited too late to get our tickets, we didn't even have very good seats. But the electricity of the performances was such that we were happy just to be there. After some initial sound problems were ironed out, the creative percussion-driven sound of Fleetwood Mac was very exciting to hear. The concert was a star turn for Lindsey Buckingham, who showed that he is a master of the electric guitar. There is also no other percussion artist quite like Mick Fleetwood, and it isn't a stretch to say that he makes drumming sound melodic. One of my favorite numbers of the evening was "What's the World Coming To?" from the new album. Other standouts were "Go Your Own Way" and "World Turning." For me, the ultimate thrill of the night was seeing Stevie Nicks, whose voice has such power that she might as well have been singing from the next row of arena seats. As a very long-time fan, hearing the opening instumental strains of "Rhiannon" was enough to make my spine tingle; hearing Stevie sing it was thrilling. The same can be said for "Gypsy" (a personal favorite of mine) and "Landslide." It was in "Gold Dust Woman," however, that Stevie found the absolute center of her estimable gift as a rock singer. Donned in a gold cape, she moved the song forward with a frenzied momentum. But there was more to come: "Stand Back" was a tour de force of club energy, Vintage Nicks twirling, and star power singing. Lucky for us, Stevie made all of her stage exits at our end of the arena, and on more than one occasion, she lingered at the edge of the stage, looking up at us and waving, to make sure we were included. Stevie had the last song, "Goodbye Baby," a fitting--and very moving--conclusion to a wonderful concert.
What a night to behold. I've seen the Mac and Stevie in many concerts but I must say this was the best I have ever seen or heard. They played for 2 and 1/2 hours to a packed house. Stevie's voice was perfect and Lindsey's playing was unbelievable. Mick never stopped and John did is own thing. What a trill. Just before "Landslide" Stevie and Lindsey got to the side of the Stage and talked about Birmingham, AL. They mentioned that 2 months after Mica had asked them to join Fleetwood Mac they were asked to come to Birmingham for a concert. Unknowing to them that there would be 5 thousand fans to see them. Steve carried on about how many people there were. How they couldn't get work in LA and that coming to Birmingham to play before 5 thousand fans was a look into the window of future for them. She thanked us very much - told us how much see loved us and that Birmingham was a very special place for her and Lindsey. We all also let them know how much we loved them with screams and applause for about 3 minutes. She them dedicated "Landslide" to Birmingham. A night I will always hold special in my heart.
I was at the Birmingham show Thursday night and all I can say is I am STILL starstruck. Everybody at my place of work knows how big of a fan I am and they were asking me about it Friday morning, all I could say was "TIRED BUT STILL WIRED!!" It was the most awesome experience of my entire life. I am still feeling the after-effects. Stevie was glowing and looked marvelous. Her vocals were more than outstanding, especially during "Gold Dust Woman" which was absolutely mindblowing!! "Stand Back" was totally rockin' too! Stevie was so into it, with her twirling. You could feel the intensiveness and the energy completely. I couldnt stop dancing the whole time. My husband (who isnt a big Fleetwood fan but a musician himself) is into more of the metal type music. But he told me as we were leaving that it was the best concert he had ever seen in his entire life. Lindsey was on ***FIRE***!!!!! OH MY GOD.. On "Come" he broke it down... I knew it was coming before it even started. The guitar solos were so awesome, I felt like I wanted to explode. It was so fun watching John and Mick because they looked like they were having so much fun! :) Mick's drum vest solo was kickin' and sounded great.. John caught our eyes a lot because he is just the most amazing bassist. I'm hoping they come to Memphis so I can go again. This was my first Fleetwood concert because I was too young to go to the Dance and Enchanted tours and my car was broke down during the TISL tour :( But this was SO well worth the wait and I wish I could do it a thousand times over!!!
Jan, Christie, and Jessica
Its been a looooooong time since Fleetwood Mac has visited Birmingham, AL and tonight they proved that the magic remains and the glitter never fades!!! The crowd welcomed them like long lost friends and Stevie and Lindsey showed their gratefulness by dedicating Landslide to the city of Birmingham. Stevie told the story about how two months after she and Lindsey joined the band that they were asked to perform in Birmingham as Buckingham Nicks for a group of 5,000 -- she said that had to have been the beginning to what was ahead for them (the stardom)...and for that reason, Birmingham would always hold a special place in their hearts!!! Second Hand News is beginning to be a favorite of our's...Stevie's playful "Bam..Bam..Bam" makes a world of difference to that song, making it a fun song to hear live!!! This was my 8 yr old daughter's first Fleetwood Mac/Stevie concert and now she is forever hooked....leaving the parking lot, she was already asking when Stevie was coming back!!! Stevie really rocked with Stand Back....with several twirls -- probably the most we've seen so far...and this was our 4th show this WEEK!! And since this was our final show (until Phoenix), we chose to just give in and keep the tickets we got through the fanclub - which of course, were not good seats (anyone surprised?) - so instead of trying to get better seats from scalpers (like we had the previous shows), we decided to just enjoy the music...and it was really a fun show...a definite crowd pleaser!!!! This has been a great week...in 6 days we've driven 1500 miles thru 5 states to see 4 shows, and along the way, we've seen several friends that we made during the TISL tour...it just goes to show that Stevie Nicks' fans are definitely devoted...we love our Stevie...and we'd travel across many state lines just to see her dance across the stages of the world!!!!

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