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11/25/03 NEC Arena Birmingham, England

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Stephen & Jean
I don't know where to start! We have read all of your reviews for months, and waited for this for ever. We've not seen the band since the "Behind the Mask" tour at Maine Road, Manchester - and this was the first time we had got the chance to see Lindsey. Live up to our expectations? You bet it did - and the rest! I can't possibly convey what I feel right now in words, - so this won't be as coherent or as articulate as I would like it to be - sorry - but here goes...key moments for us - When we first got there to take our seats - security said the band wanted the fans "up close" - First three rows were allowed to crowd the stage, which we hadn't been expecting in these security conscious times. We took up position in front of Stevie's diamonte draped mic and never moved for the next three hours! Lovely to bump into Pip and some of her Fireflies.co.uk mates also - see you on Sunday girls! It was too much for my partner Jean at first, she was in tears for the first three songs, Stevie was there! right in front of us, within touching distance. So close - look at her beautifully sculpted red nails, the cute Reebok platform trainers - the glint in her eyes, the way her hair blows in the breeze from the on stage fans. Thankfully Jean stabilised after a while and began to take it some of what was going on around her. By Second Hand News Stevie was really starting to smile and enjoy herself, but later, when the intro to "Stand Back" comes in she really kicks loose!! twirling, laughing, smiling (and the crowd as well!). For me, Lindsey is simply one of the best around! Always looking for eye contact with the fans, he is so intense - eyes shut, sweat dripping, and those fingers - I will remember the "I'm So Afraid" solo till I die. I'm sure Pip will remember "Come" till she dies, since Lindsey sung it as if she was the only person in the house, hope his wife wasn't there, lol! Finally, on a personal note, Jean took a dancing penguin, which we put on a monitor half way through the show. It caught Stevie's eye straight away, and she went to tell John. At the end of the show Mick came to take it off us, and Stevie grabbed it off him - we could see her lips - "I'll take the penguin". She exited stage right, cuddling Jean's penguin. Thank's Stevie - that topped off a truly perfect evening. Look after him well now - his name is Pepe and he comes from Glasgow. Roll on Sunday, and phase two of this extravaganza!
Dave Earl
Just seen the `Mac` at the NEC Birmingham,UK. I could go on for hours how good they were but there is just one word that springs to mind "AWESOME" . I saw the band on the `TANGO IN THE NIGHT` tour at Manchester`s Main Road stadium when Lindsey had taken time out to be replaced by two other guitarists, YES!!!! it took two to replace that classic rock legend, and seeing his performance last night I can understand why. I do miss Christine in the band and classic tracks such as `Songbird` and `You Make Lovin` Fun` but the `Mac` was truely on form and it was great to hear Stevie`s voice again! That old classic `Riannon` went down a storm and `Landslide` had the fans yelling for more. Mick`s performance on the body percussion instruments had the crowd in a frenzy and the whole place just rocked the night away. A truly brilliant performance which fortunately I shall cherish again when I see them next week on the 4th Dec at my own local arena the M.E.N. at Manchester. `THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!` Well done guys!
Annette Warriner
THE MIGHTY MAC R BACK!! What a fantastic night I had on Tuesday at the NEC Arena - Birmingham England. I had waited for this concert with the excitement of a six year old waiting for Father Christmas to come and it was so worth the wait!! I had better explain that I use a wheelchair so places were somewhat limited! But by the skin of my teeth and a few words in the right quarter I finally managed to get hold of my prized ticket. And although seats were a little on the expensive side by the end of the evening a would willing have paid double. From the moment the mighty mac came on the stage through to the final encore. The Mac gave us every ounce of their being. And Oh Boy how their audience appreciated it. It was superbly staged, the lighting and backdrops were fantastic. Stevie Nicks was SUPERB her voice has just got better with age, she brought the house down with every song she sang especially "Beautiful Child" the audience was captivated, she is still a cross between a gypsy and a cherub (With hair too die for!) Lindsay Bucxkingham ROCKED with the energy of someone thirty years younger, making his guitar sing like it's an extension of his soul. Mick Fleetwood was in his element resembling a gentle giant of a morris dancer! Towards the end of the concert he played drums hidden in his waistcoat, leaving us all in awe of his talent. He has lost none of his wicked sense of humour or his gurning abilities - an all round great entertainer. John McVie seemed content to blend into the background - sort of like the back bone of the band, holding everying together. It was one AMAZING evening, one I shall never forget. I still cannot beleive after all these years, I have finally seen the great FLEETWOOD MAC. THE MIGHTY MAC R BACK - PLEASE STAY!!!

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