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7/29/03 Idaho Center Boise, ID

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What a great night! I was so excited when I heard Fleetwood Mac was adding dates to their tour and I was even happier with my 2nd row seats. I've only seen Stevie once in Portland on her last tour, but have never seen FWM before. I've been a fan for over 20 years and I finally got to see them. It was an excellent concert! And the crowd really got into it. They sounded so great and they had so much energy, especially Lindsey (he really worked the crowd) and was very appreciated of the applause. It was fun to see Lindsey and Stevie interacting and have him chasing her around the stage. Ms. Nicks, as always was perfect and I loved being so close to see every expression, and every feeling.. I really felt apart of the show. Thank you FWM for coming to Boise and making my year... I hope you come back soon!
Well, where do I begin. They sounded wonderful and amazing as usual. After going to Portland and Auburn the concerts are all starting to get meshed together for me. I had 3rd row seats on Lindsey's side. It was amazing because there were about 5 seats in the front row and second rows, and about 3 seats in my row that were empty. Thought they would have done a better job of selling these. My luck though cause this just gave us a chance to move more towards the center. I didn't have as much interaction with Lindsey being in third row I saw him smiling, pointing at some people in the front row. During "Stand Back" he walked over to my side and I held up a "Lindsey Rulz" sign that he pointed at and laughed and I waved. I think he recognized me from Auburn. My friend and I were able to move up to the stage near the end of the show. So at this point it was Mick's drum solo and Lindsey went to sit on the side of the stage again. He started wiping his face with a towel. As soon as he looked over at me, I started pointing at the towel and motioning for him to give it to me. He smiled and threw it at me! I caught it perfectly, and it was all sweaty. hehe. I mouthed "thank you so much" and he smiled. He wasn't near as interactive with the crowd during this time as he was at the Auburn concert. He pretty much sat there and watched Mick. If you get a chance to watch him at this point, do. He makes all sorts of facial expressions as he is watching Mick. It's pretty cool and entertaining. So after "Don't Stop" Lindsey comes right over by me and I hold up a pen and my "Lindsey Rulz" sign. He came right over and signed it for me and some other people held some things up for him to sign which he did. Then he set my pen down on a speaker and some creep snatched it. So I didn't get my pen back that Lindsey used. darn. But I did get his autograph which was awesome. After "Goodbye Baby" I held up my "John Rulz" sign. Stevie looked over and I saw her say to Lindsey, I think, "There's John's fan again." (or i.e. there is psycho girl again lol) John of course didn't see it until he came over to my side. He looked at it and was surprised. He pointed and laughed and acted like he was taking a picture of it. He tapped Mick and pointed and Mick was pointing and smiling at me. I just jumped up and down and waved. Stevie came over but didn't shake any hands. We just yelled and said we loved her etc. Then they were gone like that. Another great night for me!! Some high points I noticed from this concert....Stevie did not look as tired as the Auburn show. It must have been because Portland and Auburn were right after each other. At least for this concert she had a nice rest. She sounded great and was all smiles as usual. I saw her smile and look at the crowd more than the other two shows. Never Going Back Again was amazing. I think the best of the 3 I've been to. Lindsey really worked it on the "you don't know what it means to wiinnnnnnnn, so come round see me againnnnnnnnnnn." The crowd loved it and screamed their heads off. Eyes of the World, really you need to see this one live to appreciate it. It has sooo much energy and Lindsey does an awesome job. Beautiful Child was amazing. This is so beautiful live! As was Silver Springs. Stevie really belts it out on this one. Sounded amazing on all three nights. Come and I'm So Afraid were great as usual. The crowd loved it and everyone started cheering and standing up. When Stevie went behind Lindsey during Landslide and put her hands on his shoulders the crowd went nuts. Everyone just started screaming. It was the loudest I've heard from all the shows I've been to. I think Stevie was kind of surprised as she had to wait a little longer to start singing again. Say Goodbye, one of my faves. Its so cool because Stevie does this little low "ooohhh" while Lindsey is singing. I didn't even know it was her until I saw her lips moving, I thought it was some instrument or something. She really does harmonize well. Don't Stop and World Turning, Stevie does a great job covering Christine's parts. I really don't miss Christine's voice too much on these. "Goodbye Baby, another fave. Lindsey and Stevie sound amazing on this one. I had a camera and took a few pictures. Then when I got up to the stage I pulled it out and a security guard tapped me and told me "no." Then five minutes later he tapped me again and told me I could take pictures if I didn't use a flash, which I hadn't been using all night. So hopefully I'll get some good pictures that I can post. Well, I've been to 3 concerts in 5 days and I'm worn out!! I don't know how they do it. I had a great time. My last concert is at Salt Lake City on Saturday. Hopefully it will be as great as the others!

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