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8/9/03 Century Tel Bossier City, LA

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I think my husband and I have seen Fleetwood Mac in concert at least 8 times, and Stevie 3 times in the last 27 years. I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac since the Bare Trees album from 1970, before Stevie & Lindsey joined. This was one of the most awesome shows ever. It is much more of a rock show than before (especially more than The Dance show). I actually won these tickets on the radio. We were waiting for the Houston show to go on sale since Bossier City is about the same distance from Lafayette, LA as Houston, but I won by bringing in a vinyl Fleetwood Mac album, which I had within easy reach because I have what my friends and family refer to as "my shrine to Fleetwood Mac" in our den. Anyway, the concert set list was great, I would have liked to have heard about 4 more songs off the Say You Will album, but I guess they can't play all night! They did play for at least 2 and half hours - Stevie was gorgeous and still rocks, Lindsey is nuts on the guitar, as is Mick on the drums. John is great on bass, but kind of lurks in the shadows. The stage scenery was beautiful. Beautiful Child came out 2 weeks after my son was born and has always been a song that reminds me of him, Silver Springs was awesome, as was Stand Back (she rocked!), Gypsy, Rhiannon, Dreams, etc. Stevie did a great job on Christine's Don't Stop & World Turning - she has an awesome voice! Lindsey & Stevie were precious in their interactions on stage - it's so nice to know that they have gotten past the past and are having fun together now. Their goodbye songs to each other (Say Goodbye & Goodbye Baby) give me goose bumps. As Mick said, THE MAC IS BACK! Let's all hope so!
Wow, what can I say. As with all the other reviews sent in thus far, I'm speechless about the show. I went to the Dallas show back in July and I will have to admit, the concert in Bossier City was much better. Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, John, and all the supporting cast were on top of their game. I had such a great time in Dallas that I honestly didn't think they could be any better, but they were. Stevie was so much more into the show with her body language and vocals. Lindsey was just absolutely amazing on guitar, even knocking Stevie's microphone over on one occassion. As for Mick and John, what else is there to say. They were there with their usual powerful back-beat and strong rythm. I guess if I had to point to one thing I was dissapointed in, it would have to be the crowd. The arena was far from full and the audience as a whole just wasn't into it. In Dallas there was probably 18,000 or so people that just danced and screamed and at times cried the whole two hours and twenty minutes. In Bossier city, even though the show was ten minutes longer, most fans just kinda sat there. I stood and danced from my upper level seat most of the night, along with my family. But everyone around me just sat there. I kept waiting for them to join me but they wouldn't. I wonder if the fact that I smelled pot from the time the lights went out had anything to do with it. But aside from all of the "sticks in the mud", The Mac is back and I can't wait for the early Sept. show in Biloxi. Three shows in nine weeks? A bit much? Absolutely not!!! Fleetwood Mac rocks like never before and I hope they continue for years and years.
Patty Markle
After seeing the fabulous concert in Dallas last July, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to see The Mac again when they were only a three-hour drive away. Rather than share the awesome concert experience with mentions that have already been made, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my observations of the band and some of the people at the show. Just looking at the people on my row could sum up the wide scope of FM fans. My 12 year old daughter, my knocking-on-forty self, a 73 year old retired military man who was a "drum and bass fan", a twentysomething hot chick with an intense crush on Lindsey and a local DJ who, "came to experience the greatest tour this summer". We were a fine group of concert partners for the evening. Based on how hard it was to find a great hotel room and after talking to people while standing in line, many of the attendees had traveled from as far away as Maine to see this show, I realized that Fleetwood Mac had taken Bossier City by storm. It was a great place to be. Since we arrived three hours before show time, (because I didn't have tickets yet) we heard the sound check. They played "Dreams" and "The Chain". A doctor came in the building and said he was called in for "someone in the band". A fan later told me that Stevie had hurt her back and I wondered if that was why the doctor was there. Stevie was in fine form in Bossier. She was very, very happy. A moment everyone loved was when Stevie was dedicating "Landslide" to Louisiana. "Ya'll have been with us through everything and I want to thank you". She cracked up when she caught herself saying "Ya'll" and the audience had a huge kick! I noticed that someone on the stage looks mighty pregnant. I've made a fool of myself in the past so I won't name names, but I wonder if she can make it through Europe! The concert itself was wonderful in every possible way. The acoustics in the arena aren't great, but the band was rock solid. After the show my daughter talked me in to waiting for the limos to leave. Jackson Browne in 1981 was the last limo lurking I've done, but with a 12-year-old, I just had to do it, along with a handful of other fanatics. We saw Stevie's brother riding around on a motorized scooter having a blast. Taku Hirano, Mick's "Secret weapon" and the master of the rocking opening of "Stand Back" was talking on his cell phone. I figured he was talking to his wife, Arthel Nevel of CNN. He waved to all of us lurkers behind the fence. Stevie finally came out the stage door and walked down the ramp to her limo. She was carrying her yorkie and nodded her head to say hello to us. They left in a caravan of limos with a police escort. We waved at the gate, but nobody waved back. Our hotel was out by the airport and we caught up with the caravan at our exit. While stopped at a light, we continued our craziness and waved to all of them. Two hands from two limos waved back, but I have no idea who they were. I didn't really matter which Mac members they were ~ they waved! It was a magical night filled with great people, great music and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you Fleetwood Mac and Company for yet another perfect show.
What a fabulous night! I was blessed with front row seats. It made this old gal feel like a teenager again. We were able to stand against the stage all night. The band was on top of it at Bossier City. The energy level was high, the interaction between Stevie and Lindsey was fantastic. Mick gave it 100% and John seemed to be having a great time. Lindsey offered his guitar for fans to strum...several including myself took him up on his offer. Stevie was beautiful as always and her performance was outstanding. Truly a magical night.
Ryan Perry
My Dallas reflections were pretty extensive, but since I was so much closer in Bossier City and the band was (IMHO) in such a better mood, and since I *am* such a detail-oriented person, I now have quite a lot to write about the Bossier show. Little details (in my personal journal, e.g.) always help me remember experiences better, so maybe they'll do the same for those of you who attended the concert with me. And we all know the general order of the show by now, so these little quirky notes will hopefully also be entertaining for those who did not attend this particular concert. So.I drove yet again from good ol' New Orleans, since they aren't coming here on the second leg of the tour either (which baffles me, especially since they're coming to nearby Biloxi. New Orleans is a huge market-they would sell out easily.) Picked up my mother in Lafayette and then headed north to Bossier to treat her to her birthday present-third row, Stevie-side tickets! It was so great to meet and converse with several fellow fans from these boards: Alex, Pattie, Jan, & Penny. You guys and gals are awesome! Just reinforces the old saying that Mac fans are the best! Mom & I had third row seats, but we felt like we were first row, because the first row was allowed to go up to the stage, and the second row-full of gray-haired Bossier City bigwigs who (from my overhearing their conversations) were CenturyTel hockey season-pass ticket-holders, part of the parking-lot contributors, and whose 'venue preferred-members' status got them the best seats to see everyone from Yanni to Justin Timberlake. Long story short, I was bitter that their connections could so easily get them 2nd row to a band whose songs they probably couldn't even hum. But it worked out great because they sat the *whole* concert, except for the few moments when *no one* could resist sitting, like during 'Rhiannon', 'Go Your Own Way', and 'Don't Stop'. Mom & I, on the other hand, stood the WHOLE time (except for a few sitting "breaks" during 'Come', 'Say Goodbye', and 'Beautiful Child'). I hadn't paid double price on eBay just to sit, even if our view was unobstructed. True, as others have said, most of the floor sat, except for during the few songs mentioned above. But our section-front left floor-from row 4 back were kinda forced to stand, because we 3rd row-ers (a friend & his friend included) wouldn't sit down! So I guess our little patch of the floor stayed standing. [Hehehe.that's the way it should be!] The band was in an *incredible* mood, and we could tell from the get-go. All-smiles Stevie's voice was in tip-top shape, and hyper-energized Lindsey was just nuts (in a good way)-all much moreso than Dallas. They even talked more/introed songs more than before, beyond the pre-Peacekeeper "love/force" quote and the "long road.but here we are" remark that Lindsey usually makes. After *endless* crickets [I swear the nature-store CD or whatever they use must've been on a "repeat" loop], they opened with a very strong THE CHAIN, after which Stevie brought a big smile to us Louisianians by saying "Welcome, Louisi-ANNNA!!" Hehehe.even though most of the big fans up front were from out-of-state. As for the rest of the show, in no particular order: ++DREAMS: Stevie went over and played "air guitar" right up in front of Lindsey for the instrumental part, the way she used to do for 'Landslide' on the TISL tour and prior. I don't remember this in Dallas. I thought she might do the same thing later for the similar instrumental part in 'Silver Springs', but she just did some finger movements in the air. ++NGBA: After 'Say You Will' my mom and I, on Stevie's corner of the stage, clearly saw her changing into her 'Rhiannon' outfit with frilly sleeves. I said, "ooh, Mom, here comes your favorite". But when we heard 'Never Going Back Again' start, I thought, "how is Stevie going to sing the *been down one, two, three times* part without 'spoiling' the outfit?" Well, sure enough, I noticed that the long sleeves were somehow tied loosely behind her waist. And right when NGBA ended, spotlight on Lindsey but Stevie in the dark, my mother leaned over and said "I just saw her untie the sleeves!" I knew 'Rhiannon' was about to take off. ++BIG LOVE: I spent most of the pre-concert waiting period trying to find the 'big screen' that comes down for 'Big Love' & 'Landslide'-never could. Then, when it started to appear at this point, I realized it was unrolling and was really some kind of semi-transparent fabric or material that allows some of the projected image through, onto the wall behind it. No wonder I couldn't find it-it was rolled up! As for the song, in Dallas, Lindsey's voice was *very* strained for this song, so soon after 'Come', to the point that it was a bit unpleasant to listen to. But this time it was *perfect*. It sounded very much like 'The Dance' version. I was thrilled. Overall, I found Lindsey's voice to be in much better shape. ++LANDSLIDE: The big screen was still up, so I knew what was next. Stevie came out into the spotlight and said, "This song is for.*y'all*." There were some chuckles in the audience. Stevie looked at Lindsey and then continued, "we would like to thank you for always supporting this band. This song is for all of you." I guess she figured she'd better practice her southern vernacular a bit more..LOL. At the end of the song, she and Lindsey pressed palms together and interlocked fingers, keeping their hands pressed together for quite some time. This was the first of several hugs and cute looks to one another. In fact, at the end of the first encore, taller Lindsey wrapped his arm around shorter Stevie from the side and kissed her on top of her head. Aww. ++GDW: It was so exhilarating to be close enough to see the beauty of Stevie throwing the right part of her orange, glittery shawl over her left shoulder for the "gyrating/undulating" last part of the song. During the "runnin in the shadows" part, Stevie danced around with her left arm up covering her eyes, blocking the spotlight and creating a shadow bar over her eyes. I don't recall her doing this before-very cool. Sometime midway through the song, a camera flash went off in the middle of the floor, and two security guards headed over that way. But during her final arms-outstretched pose-orange cape illuminated by the stagelights-flashes started going off wildly, left and right. I guess security figured "oh well, forget it". Hahaha. ++SAY GOODBYE: Lindsey introed this song too. He said it "was written a long time ago" but that only now did it "feel right to release it". Once again, he and Stevie's delicate harmony was gorgeous. ++WTWCT: Lindsey prefaced the song by saying that this song was "also about the state of things [as was 'Say Goodbye' just prior], but more generally about what could happen if we lose sight of things like spontaneity and [some other things that I forget]." This was the first time I noticed the way in which they play it live. Mick moves upstage with another drumset, and they play the first verse very lightly and acoustically-"unplugged", if you will-unlike the album version. Then, for the second verse, they burst out into full vocals and instrumentation. Again, very cool. ++GYPSY: When Stevie sang "and paper flowers", she pointed to the 2 artificial roses on her mic stand. This time Stevie did the classic "doo doo's" directly into the mic (unlike from 3 feet away in Dallas), but they were *still* inaudible!! Maybe by Europe she'll get it right. The song is just missing something without those "doo doos". ++BEAUTIFUL CHILD: Stevie introed the song as usual: "very old song.from the Tusk record." but then she added "and they're finally letting me do it". Hmmm.after all the Rumours of them fussing about album track order & setlist order, could this have been a Freudian slip?? In addition to her "I do, I do, I do", she ended with a different intonation (from the album version): "I wish that you were mi-EYE-ine." (low-high-low, if that makes any sense) ++I'M SO AFRAID: Just like with 'Come', Lindsey tore up this number, doing all kind of crazy guitar playing at the end. I *think* it was in this song that he added a pair of heavy electric guitar "strums" that I had never heard before which, in my opinion, really enhanced the intensity of the song. I'm pretty sure it was: "slip.{*strum*} and I fall {*strum*}.and I die.". This was one of the many songs where his white shirt kept coming up and we could all see his cute little tummy and how skinny he *still* is! As others have mentioned, he got so crazed at the end, playing so wildly and flailing his guitar around, that he knocked over Stevie's mic. Hehehe.At the end of this song, as for his other 'intense guitar' numbers, he would stand triumphantly at his corner of the stage and take a few long bows, with an orgasmic smile on his face. Well done, Lindsey! ++SILVER SPRINGS: Stevie gave us a much more spirited ending than in Dallas. We were treated to 2 raspy "was I just a fool"s and 2 "gimme just a chance"s. At the end of the song, amid the blue flowing-water effects projected in the background, Stevie paused for a bit (ŗ la the ending of 'Landslide') and the audience started cheering and applauding. Then she closed with "blue-green.colors.flashing." ++TUSK: During Tusk, we got a big treat, being on Stevie's side of the stage. Lindsey went to elephant-charge John but then quickly came over to playfully harass Stevie. He unplugged his guitar and started swinging the cord around as if he were gonna try to lasso her. Then he dropped the guitar altogether and started making tickly "cooties" hand motions with both hands in an "I'm gonna get you" kinda way. She just kept grinning ear-to-ear and playing her tambourine, dodging him at every turn. Then he paraded around the stage, making animal gestures and noises. After all these antics, Lindsey actually finished the song *without* a guitar. He just 'crept' up to the mic while Mick wrapped up the song on drums, and then he gave a big dog-to-the-moon howl. ++WORLD TURNING: Mick *really* milked this number. He's such a ham.hehe.but he *totally* deserves that moment in the spotlight, at the very least. Dressed in knickers and noticeable ruby-red loafers, Mick got so into the number that he, much like Lindsey earlier, was throwing sweat all over the front row. Yikes! I think his drum-and-vest solo was longer than in Dallas, which was longer than on opening night. I think it just keeps getting longer and longer as the audiences lap it up more and more. *"Are you still with me?!"* Yeah! Go Mick! This time his final comments would be "take care of yourselves.and each other.and remember to have fun.in this crazy world." Was this last part a subtle reference to Reno? ++GOODBYE BABY: Yes, it's back. And with a twist (I think). In Dallas, I was entranced by a lone Stevie in the spotlight belting out the song. I knew the others were behind her, like Mick playing this tiny pair of drums with a delicate little drumstick. But this time, Stevie *and* Lindsey were upfront, *both* in the spotlight. Lindsey sang backup for the chorus, which is something not on the album nor in any of the previous shows (if I'm not mistaken). I bet after the Reno show, where he had to sing the second half of the song alone (because Stevie was so heartbroken about the crowd brawl), Stevie said, "hey, I really like you singing with me on that number-let's keep it in". No? Again, a different intonation at the end (from the album): "I'll be with you.some-day-AY-ay." (low-high-low) Stevie put a little more "oomph" and emotion (harkening back to the 'old days') into the end poses & vocals of 'Rhiannon', 'GDW', and 'Silver Springs', plus twirled ferociously during 'Stand Back', spinning smoothly into grabbing her mic for the last verse. Lindsey went wild with the audience during 'GYOW' (I think), taking orange roses, kissing a woman, and signing another woman's belly. Afterwards, Mick said something to the effect of "There's no stopping an old man." LOL. Stevie, too, took a few items, like some pink roses. But the sweetest moment was when she finally took a little Beany Baby-ish white kitten from a little girl at the front of the stage in her daddy's arms. The little girl had been waving it at Stevie from early on in the show, but Stevie couldn't take it mid-performance, so she just waved her index finger at the little girl and gave a big smile. At one point, when Stevie was offstage, the little girl took a break from waving the kitten and used it to wipe her sweaty face.hehehe. But after the first encore, Stevie went over, bent down and took the stuffed kitten from her. I think my mom and I were happier than the little girl!! During the final bow, Stevie reached over to Lindsey's guitar and pretended to strum it wildly, as if to mess him up. They were both smiling about it. I think all four of them had a grand ol' time that night.as did my mother and I!!
This was an awesome concert. It was my first time to see The Mac in concert. I have seen Stevie on her solo tours 5 times, now. The show stated at 8:30. The music to The Chain started and Stevie and Lindsey came out on stage. It was wonderful. Stevie looked so gorgeous. Lindsey looked good too. Hard to believe they are both in their fifties. They had so much energy. Stevie's voice was incredible. Standback was awesome. Stevie twirled and danced to the whole song. Lindsey had alot of energy during his solo performances. He swung his guitar above his head and was wild throughout the night. The whole show was just incredible. If anyone has not been to a show, please go. This is one concert You just can't miss. The concert ended with Stevie singing Goodbye Baby to Lindsey. After 3 encores, The Mac finally left the stage for good. I can't wait to see them again. It was well worth the time and the money.
Chris M.
I attended the Bossier City, LA show with my 10 year old daughter, 5 year old son, my sister and Mother. We had seen the Dallas show last month. I enjoyed both immensely, however the band and Stevie seemed more relaxed and at the same time energized. I left the arena with such peace and happiness...This band really knows how to Rock my World!!! Stevie was absolutely awesome...as she usually is.......... When Gold Dust Woman began, a woman next to me stood up and we danced while she sang her heart out. This woman was so excited..She said she had sang this song in her 6th grade talent show!!! I am happy to say that everyone in my group, from my 5 year old son to my 63 year old Mother, was entertained and Rocked for 2 and 1/2 hours. I hope they add more tour dates and come to South Louisiana!!! We would all certainly purchase tickets to have another Inspirational Evening.......... Thank you STEVIE, LINDSAY, JOHN & MICK.....for getting back together once again... KEEP ON PLAYING!!!!
David Elliott
The concert was GREAT! I last saw Fleetwood Mac on "The Dance" tour. Stevie looked and sang as good as ever. Landslide was on of the highlights of the night. And when Stevie said this is for Y'all and looked over at Lindsey as if a southern accent was growing on her it made it seem like she really enjoyed being in Louisiana. Her and Lindsey still have such great chemistry between them. And Mick Fleetwood was a blast during "World Turning".She twirled during 'Stand back"and her and Lindsey danced in a circle during"Tusk".The only disappointment was she didn't have on her platform boots. Oh well, When you are the Queen of Rock and roll you can do as you please.
About two months ago, the tickets for the concert were made available. I bought three; one for my wife, one for my daughter, and one for me. I have been a great admirer of Stevie Nicksí music and vocal gifts since the early days of Buckingham Nicks, but never a real Fleetwood Mac fan. I swore that if Stevie, either as a soloist or with the band, ever performed in the area, I would make a point of attending. Well, I canít describe how glad I am that they did, and that I decided to attend. It was absolutely wonderful. Without question, it was the best live performance Iíve ever seen. If they are performing in your area, do not miss it. Mick Fleetwood is a wonderful showman, and his persona was larger than life. John McVea did little more than play his bass, but for some reason it fit very well into the entire mix. Lindsey B. was very good, and his ďpickinĒ abilities were amazing. In my mind though, Stevie made the evening. She looked great, her voice was incredible, and Iím sure that everyone thought that she was singing to them. From Rhiannon to Gypsy to Beautiful Child (which I had never heard) and on to Landslide and beyond, her performance was absolutely enchanting. Accolades to the band and all their support staff for a truly fairytale evening.
Keith Chamberlain
Well it's been 3 days since the concert and it's still got me going! I just happened to be checking out all the Mac shows on Ticketmaster 3 days before the show and rows 5 - 8 on the left side were opened up, so I grabbed two tickets. I called a friend who had never seen FM before and we were both pretty excited. We drove in from south Louisiana (Lake Charles) to Bossier City (about a 4 hour drive). I've been fortunate enough to see every FM tour and Stevie tour since 1976. I can't describe how seeing FM and Stevie just bring back so many good memories every time I see them. This concert was really terrific with all the classics thrown in with some of the new stuff. The highlights for me were hearing Beautiful Child live and Say Goodbye from the new cd. Say Goodbye for some reason reminds me of the old Buckingham Nicks style and I can't get the tune out of my head. You could have heard a pin drop while they were performing it. I had originally planned to wait for the Houston show but when these seats opened up I had to go. All the guys in the band are incredible but Stevie still holds a very special place in my heart. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for bringing back such great memories and creating new ones. I can't wait for the Houston show. And like Mick said at the end of the show,,,,"and remember........THE MAC IS BACK".............Believe it.......don't miss the show!
I was at The MAC concert in Bossier City, LA. this past Saturday, August 9. Mick, Stevie John and Lindsey hosted an entire metro-plex of heroes. Bossier City is home to Barksdale AFB, Home of the B52's. The MAC took the stage with such energy for over 2 hours. Lindsey played his guitar like it was magically out of control. To see Stevie and Lindsey carry on on stage like the olen days just added much more fun. Stevie sang like she was still on the edge of seventeen. Chris can be proud that THE MAC delivered one of the most energized, song singing, jump up and down concert ATTACKS that I have seen. It was a sweet trip down memory lane to some of us and a new generation experience....Never to Be Forgotten. The crowd was in AWh! afterwards. I have seen many Mac and Nicks concerts. This was truly one of the most memorable for me. It was very personal. The spirit of Fleetwood Mac is very much alive and a BIG THANKS to The MAC for coming to Bossier City, La. on their extended tour. There were a lot of Air Force couples in the audience that had a loved one retunred from active duty.
The concert was GREAT! I last saw Fleetwood Mac on "The Dance" tour. Stevie looked and sang as good as ever. Landslide was on of the highlights of the night. And when Stevie said this is for Y'all and looked over at Lindsey as if a southern accent was growing on her it made it seem like she really enjoyed being in Louisiana. Her and Lindsey still have such great chemistry between them. And Mick Fleetwood was a blast during "World Turning".She twirled during 'Stand back"and her and Lindsey danced in a circle during"Tusk".The only disappointment was she didn't have on her platform boots. Oh well, When you are the Queen of Rock and roll you can do as you please.
Patrick Thompson
This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert...I did have tickets in 1977 to see them in Syracuse, N.Y. cancelled because of Stevie's throat problem, 24 years later I can honestly say it was worth the wait. From the opening song till there 3rd encore it had pounding energy that never let the fan relax. Just a great show!
Fleetwood Mac came on at around 8:30 after the arena filled up with anticipating people. I for one was really excited. I had seen Stevie before on her TISL tour, but this was my first time seeing the MAC. They came out playing strong and Stevie of course looked gorgeous. She and Lindsey seemed to have the time of their lives. She looked cute in her tennis shoes. It seemed weird to see her without the boots but no one cared. Lindsey got all into his solo parts, literally going crazy playing the giutar, swinging it above his head and everywhere else. My favorite part of course was Landslide. During Lindsey's solo, Stevie got behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders and moved her fingers along with the beat. Another awesome part was during Tusk, Mick was jamming on the drums and Lindsey put down his guitar and started going after Stevie. They started tirling wach other around. It was so awesome. That I think made everyone's night. I have seen plenty of videos of the Mac in concery,but it actually looked like they were having fun and letting loose at this show.
Tristyn Hagler
This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert. It was wonderful!!! Stevie looked soooo beautiful! They put on a great show. Stevie's voice sounded amazing. She sang with such grace. Mick and Lindsey were just full of energy, I though Mick was gonna need a new drum set by the end of the night. Lindsey let people touch his guitar and he was signing girls' stomachs. My mother wants me to include that I'm 13 and she turned me on to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. Stevie changed outfits several times. We sat on the left side of the stage and we were right on Stevie's side she had glitter-ry ribbons and some paper flowers on her mike stand. She just twirled her little heart out and the crowd went wild!! I didn't want the night to end. It was the best concert I have ever been to. When Stevie sang Gold Dust Woman she put on this little golden shawl it was beautiful and when she sang Rhiannon she had on the Rhiannon sleeves. It was so sweet when Stevie dedicated Landslide to Lousianna. I hope they come back when they put another album out. During one song Lindsey chased Stevie around the stage, I was hoping Stevie wouldn't fall in her platforms and she didn't. I would have I'm not real graceful.They did a great job and I hope they come back and do another show.

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