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9/24/03 Fleet Center Boston, MA

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Brady Brumfield
They did it again! I am a lifelong fan of Stevie as well as the Mac (I'm 32 years old). I've seen every tour of Stevie's since 86', and FM's 97' The Dance tour as well as the current tour. They all get better with age! I caught them near the beginning of the Say You Will tour in May at Worcester centrum, and now at the Fleet. I can honestly say that I was truly blown away at both concerts. I must say that I think that they put out even more at this show than back in May....remarkable! Where do they get their energy? Stevie, as always, owned the whole damn arena. She looked and sounded unbelievable! The fact that she sang "Beautiful Child" like it was a brand new song was mesmerizing. Of course I always pray that she'll one day break down and sing "Sara"....it's been way too long now. Despite that, anything she sings to us is truly a gift. Onstage, they really seem like they are having the time of their lives. Lindsey bops around like a teenager and tears that guitar up. Mick was just born to be behind the skins....unreal! And John stands by him content as can be plucking his bass. The fact that Sharon Celani is right there singing along with them after all these years with Stevie is truly touching. I was in the seventh row on the side of the stage right next to where they entered and exited the stage.....talk about great seats. During the show, Sharon walked by to take a break and I yelled her name as loud as my deep voice can, and she looked right at me and smiled.....I was knocked out. At the end of the show, they all exited the stage as I rushed over to the railing to get up close. I was so close to reaching out and touching Stevie, but the damned security guard kept me back! Had I even touched hands with her, I think I would have levitated. My ultimate dream is to one day meet the woman who's lyrics and voice have touched me more than anyone possibly could. God bless Stevie and Fleetwood Mac.....thanks for being there my whole life.
Kimber Lowe
Dreams do come true! My husband and I have been blessed to see the MAC two times on this tour. Then on Monday, Sept 22, my husband calls me and told me we won tickets to see the MAC again in Boston on the 23rd for the PBS taping. So, we flew up Tues. morning and what a concert. First, the band ROCKED! They just keep getting better and better. Their music embraces you and you actually get a spiritual awakening! I wonder how they stay so fresh night after night? It's pure love and devotion that pours out of them. I am so grateful to the fan club for the chance to see them once more. The crowd that night was great. Approximately 1000 people and it sounded like the place was full. Even Lindsey said so! This was our first trip to Boston and although we didn't get to spend much time there- we loved it! And we love and adore Fleetwood Mac! Brightest Blessing to Mick, John, Lindsey and Miss Stephanie! Thank you so much for your magic and inspiration! Rock on!
Words cannot describe the show that I saw tonight. My name is Chris Sico and I am 15 years old. I just saw Fleetwood Mac at their Boston, Fleet Center stop. I am writing this at 2:15 a.m. while the memory is still fresh and vivid. We traveled a little under 3 hours all together to see them. I attended the Worcester Show, so this is my second and BEST time seeing Fleetwood Mac. Once again, the lights went out, and the drums began for THE CHAIN! My heart was racing. Stevie was gorgeous. Her voice was as silvery and magical as usual. She looked and sounded awesome all around. Lindsey rocked on his show stopping guitar stunts. All the songs sounded great, new and old. I hope I can meet them someday, I think I am the biggest, youngest fan! Stevie dedicated Landslide to Lindsey, which was nice, and she explained that the show was being TAPED! I can't wait to see if it comes out on tape! Once again, Mick was hysterical! He is an awesome drummer. And Johnny McVie was in his spot, picking away at the bass, making the show that much better. After the show, I spoke to a girl who got to touch Stevie's hand. I wish that could have been me. Maybe next time..... Again, Fleetwood Mac, you have touched me with your songs, they really speak to me. You guys are my favorite, and I hope I get a chance to see you again, maybe even rub a few elbows! :) Keep up the awesome job, and touching people's lives (even younger ones) like me. God Bless!~
All I can say is WOW!!! I thought that I was completely ready for my first Fleetwood Mac concert in Boston. Boy, was I wrong. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. I had great seats-11th row on Lindsey's side of the stage. The band sounded great and had a lot of energy. There were, of course, many highlights to the show. My favorite was when Stevie and Lindsey came out and sang 'Landslide'. I have watched 'The Dance' DVD many, many times and love watching them perform that song together. The video doesn't even compare to seeing it in person. I've heard many people say that they get tears in their eyes when they see that song performed. Stevie came up to the mic and she dedicated the song to Lindsey, saying that she wrote the song for him. So before the song even started a lot of us had tears in our eyes just from hearing her say that. By the time the song was over I was crying buckets. The crowd also went nuts when they sang 'Stand Back'. 'Tusk' was fun to watch especially when Lindsey was chasing Stevie around the stage. It was so cute when he caught her and they just stood there hugging. Speaking for die-hard Stevie and Lindsey fans, I think we would have been ok if they just kept hugging for the rest of the night and didn't sing another song. The energy they all had was great and they looked happy to be out there. Towards the end of the night I just tried my hardest to get Lindsey's attention. I was jumping around and waving my hands like a maniac when Lindsey was off to the side and he wasn't playing his guitar, while Stevie sang, and he ended up seeing me. He started laughing and blew me a kiss. It was one of the highlights of my life. I'm crossing my fingers that the Mac will tour again once this tour is over. Fleetwood Mac is the best! Come back to Boston again soon. Thank you Stevie--you are the Queen of Rock 'n Roll!!
Jim Mehigan
I Just am starting to down off the rush from seeing Fleetwood Mac at the Fleet Center here in Boston. First of all the show was awesome!!! I have seen Stevie and Fleetwood Mac show for a long time and this was one the best I had seen. First of all when we( My friend Patty and I ) walked into we could it was going to be great. We got to our seats on the floor and the light went out and the magic started. The whole show was great but when Stevie said that Landslide was for Lindsey because he showed her how play and inspired the song we just lost it as we could feel the heart felt moment that was there. This plus all the fun the band seem all night proved that what Mick said at the end of the show was true. "THE MAC IS BACK !!!!"
Next to my wife and my two kids, this is the next best enjoyment I have for filled in my life. The best seats I ever had for any concert a with the best band ever on this earth. You can't beat that.Thank you FM for wonder time.
The Boston show was the best that I've seen for this tour. The band rocked harder than ever, and they really showed their talent and love of their music. The show was being videotaped for the World turning/Say You Will DVD, and I'm sooo greatful for that. Now everyone can see this amazing show!! Stevie and Lindsey did a cute little play fight at the end of Tusk, and Stevie started crying during Goodbye Baby, and couldn't sing for a few bars. It was such a sweet moment. Landlside was Dedicated to Lindsey for the first time...ever, which was really great too. Stevie wore her boots for the entire second half of the show. The new gypsy cape is AMAZING. Even played so well, and looked so happy and trance-like, fans couldn't help but fall madly in love with all of them, and their words. Rock on Golddust woman...She said Boston rocks...well no, Stevie, you rock! Love to All, Go see a show..they cannot dissappoint!
Jim Mehigan
I just want to share with everyone what great time I had the Fleetcenter in Boston. Frist when you walk in to the arena you could feel the magic in the place. Then the lights went down and we off. I have seen Fleetwood Mac a lot times before but the band seem more relaxed then ever and show in the music. I thuoght the band sounded great. When Stevie told us that they fliming everyone that night the crowd went nuts and you coukld feel the love come from the stage and being given back unconditionaly. I thought the play boxing match between Stevie and Lindsey along Stevie Dedicating Landslide to Lindsey was some the best monments of the night. But that is not to say the show was not magical because it was. I am still in the after glow even one week later that how speical the night was. And in closing like Mick Fleetwoodsaid at the end of the night. "THE MAC IS BACK"
Stacy Wood
Thankyou Fleetwood Mac for the greatest experience of my life!!! I can't even begin to explain how much the concert last night touched me. I had tears streaming down my face during a few of the songs. One thing that struck me was how much fun Lindsey, Stevie, Mick and John seemed to be having. I saw them only once before this concert in May, and both times they were absolutley amazing! Mick gets so into it playing the drums and I just love that. Lindsey is absoluetly a God when he plays the guitar, and John is incredible. Stevie had so much energy and it showed in every one of her songs!! Her voice is so beautiful! One of the highlights of the show last night was when Stevie dedicated Landslide to Lindsey. The crowd went crazy at this point and erupted in cheering, and I know that many other people were just as emotional as myself. I couldn't help but start crying. The performance was so inspirational. Not to mention how great Stevie and Lindsey both sounded. Another of my favorite performances was Tusk. This song is filled with an energy like no other (besides of course Stand Back, but thats a whole other story) and there was not one person that could stand still. My seat in the fifth row was close enough that I could see everything on stage, and the entire band looked so happy! Along with Landslide and Tusk, every song was amazing but I can't write about all of them. I would just like to say to the band that I have never in my life had such an incredible experience. Thank you SO MUCH!!! I can't believe I actually saw Stevie Nicks right in front of me!!! At the end of the concert Stevie, Mick, Lindsey and John were heading back and they passed by the end of my row. I ran down and was lucky enough to catch Stevie just as she walked by. Stevie you are such an inspiration!!! Fleetwood Mac you are ageless! You will still be rocking when I am your age. Thank you again for such an awesome night. I couldn't have imagined anything better. And I think I speak for everyone when I say don't let this be you last tour!!!!!!!!
Basket Winner
The Mac was back in Boston on September 24 and what can I say? The concert was pretty much the same as the previous one I saw, as far as set list and the stage antics of the group. But you realize as you watch them work their magic, that these people were put here on God's green earth to do just what they are doing. I am still awestruck at the talent that they possess, and just how much fun they have sharing their music with the people. There will definitely never be a class act like this again in my lifetime and I am just honored that I got to see them come full circle with this tour. There was a fim crew there filming for I think PBS, or one could hope possibly a DVD?! If thats the case, buy it, and look for me-the one dancing in the front like a teenager again! Thanks Fleetwood Mac for sharing your talents with the world and giving your fans a great 2 hour escape into some of the best music around.
Stacy Wood
I can't believe today is over. Just two hours ago I was at the Fleetwood Mac concert in Boston having the time of my life!! It was so amazing and incredible I almost don't know where to begin describing it. I guess I'll start with the highlight of my night, which was Stevie NIcks touched my hand!!! I couldn't believe it!!! After the show was over I ran to the end of my row which just happened to be at the end of the stage. Stevie was walking by and I yelled to her and then she grabbed my hand. Thank you Stevie!!! Let me just say that it was a very inspirational experience for me and I will never forget it as long as I live. Everyone was just amazing tonight. From the very first notes of The Chain, until the very last song, Goodbye Baby, they never missed a beat. The energy that they gave to the crowd was over the top. I would have to say that my favorite song of the night was Landslide. Stevie dedicated the song to Lindsey and I think that this really touched everyone. I had tears streaming down my face throughout the song, I just couldn't help it. Another favorite was Tusk because during this song no one could sit still. Stevie's performance of Stand Back was filled with so much energy I was jumping up and down and clapping and singing all at the same time. Of course I cannot forget to praise Lindsey's amazing perfomance. I have never seen anyone play the guitar like him. Fleetwood Mac, let me just say that this was the greatest experience of my life!!!!! I went to the show in Worcestor in May but this was even better!!! The effect that you have on the audience is so profound and so many people are touched by your music. I know that I will never ever forget this night as long as I live. Thank you for allowing me the chance to experience what my parents experienced. And please don't make this your final tour!!!!!!!!!!
Cherie Hovey
AMAZING SHOW tonight at the Fleet center Boston, Ma. I just want to let the world know that Fleetwood Mac is better than ever. I really like how the songs that seemed so common to us before were reborn into even better sung now in 2003. Stevie wore her boots again and it was nice to see that and the band felt so much more comfortable this time around. The audience was told that the concert we were at was being taped LIVE!! That is really cool that they are compiling footage of their FANS. Mick Fleetwood put us in his trance and LINDSEY i cant put into words how he plays the guitar the way he does. He is simply amazing. Stevie you are a godess and always Will BE. John Mcvie you are also amazing. I love you all and wish you the same hapiness and safety you wished upon us before we left. YOU all made the audience feel like they were part of your family and that is why you are so admired because we all feel we do our part and we are acknowledged not as a money giver but a fullfillment in doing what you love, THANKYOU for that. I will miss you all until NEXT time...
This was my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac on this tour. I saw them in Boston at the Fleet Center Wednesday night and yet again they AMAZED me. I was on the floor and had great seats. I danced and sang all night! Stevie was so beautiful as always. She sounded INCREDIBLE, they all did. Mick was awesome during his drum solo. One highlight of the night was when Stevie said she was going to dedicate the song "Landslide" to Lindsey. I thought that was so bitter sweet. During "Tusk" Lindsey started running around the stage and at one point was chasing Stevie! They jokingly put their fists up and danced around with each other! The crowd went crazy during "Stand Back." Stevie was magical during "Gold Dust Woman". One of my favorite songs of the night was "Gypsy." Stevie was dancing around the stage a lot during it. The energy during this concert was so amazing. By the end of the night I could barely talk because of all the screaming I did! This was by far the BEST concert I have ever been to. It was an extrarodinary night.
Janice Kennedy
My God....Does it get any better than this??? I was lucky to win two seats to the PBS special taping at The Fleet Center in Boston, Sept. 23rd through the Fleetwood Mac fan club. I didn't know what to expect. Four of us already had the perfect concert plans for the next night. I found out Monday the 22nd that I had won. We drove to Quincy,Mass. from Rhode Island, then grabbed a train...we were there. THE FACES, THE VOICES, THE MUSIC!!! We were right behind the Stevie dress alikes who were right at the stage. Stevie, you have never been better.Your voice was perfect.You were perfect. Landslide, Sliver Springs, Rhiannon, along with Beautiful Child, and my newest favorite Goodbye Baby were the highlights of the night. I loved them all but these four hold a special place for me. I remember before the show started they said,"just do what you would normally do at a concert" but"please don't look into the camera's." That certainly was no problem, I couldn't get my eyes off of the band. Lindsay was adorable, fun and crowd pleasing. I know we were a noisy . At one point Lndsay commented that he couldn't believe there wasn't an arena full of people there. I lost my voice for four days after two nights of the Incredible Fleetwood Mac. Let me tell you that that doesn't happen at all concerts. You rarely find a band that can touch your heart and soul . There's something very special about seeing the four of you together on stage again.It's magical.
Never wanted the night to end. Words cannot describe what an INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, show Fleetwood Mac performed at the Fleetcenter in Boston, MA, Wed. 9/24/03. Stevie, Lindsay, Mick, John are the most TALENTED MUSICIANS IN THE WORLD. I feel as if I was transported to a place that I can only be describe as heaven. FLEETWOOD MAC IS BACK!! I wish that the night could have gone on forever. Stevie, Lindsay, Mick, John, thank you for the best night of my life. It was a privilege to see you in Concert, and I can't wait to see you again! To all the fans you are in for a show that will blow you away.
Hugh C. Minor IV
Highlight of the show: Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to Lindsey. My jaw dropped. She said there were two reasons. He was the person that the song was about and (as if that wasn’t enough) he taught her the chords she used to write that song. She also said she had only dedicated the song to him one other time, at the previous show. I felt chills run through my body as she said it, like I was being told the secrets of the universe. The night was incredible from the first thump of Mick’s drum on “The Chain” to the last strum of Lindsey’s guitar on “Goodbye Baby”. The new songs were great and the old songs were even better. Stevie was in amazing form on the slow acoustic songs like “Landslide” and “Silver Spring” to the fast-paced and rocking “Stand Back” (I forgot how great that song is) and “Gold Dust Woman” – Rock on, Gold Dust Woman!!!!

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