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7/9/04 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse Bozeman, MT

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I was at the concert in Bozeman Montana last night and I thought the show was absolutely fabulous. Stevie looked amazing and her voice was strong as ever. As I was leaving the venue Stevie went past in her limo, and when I tanked her for the show I couldn't believe she actually told me thank you through the window that was cracked, A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have listened to Fleetwood Mac since I was born and I will be a fan until I DIE!!!! thank you so much Stevie, it isn't everyday a persons Idle talks to them, You just made my whole year. For my first concert I was over the moon that I got to see that THE MAC IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been a few days since I returned home from the show in Bozeman. I am a different person. I never thought I would be lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac. Their music has a very personal emotional history for me that I won?t write about here but suffice it to say I was more than excited when I found out they would not only be in Montana but only a few hours away from me. I have been visiting nicksfix for a long time. I can?t believe I am actually writing a ?fan review?. Wow. So, here it is. This is how it was for me . . . The first thing I noticed were Mick?s drums . . . silent and waiting. And then Stevie?s microphone with beautiful flowers and silk strands flowing in the breeze. I got tears in my eyes. We were in the 3rd row . . . center. We were RIGHT there and soon they would be too. I was stunned. As I try to remember each moment it is impossible. It is really all like a dream. I have never had THAT much fun. Ever. It was truly amazing. Every song was so wonderful. Sara~Rhiannon~Peacekeeper~Second Hand News~Tusk~ Just one after another each one better than the first. My husband held me through Landslide. I couldn?t stop crying. Everyone around me sat down during Beautiful Child. But I stood . . . absolutely and completely enchanted. I have to admit most of my attention was focused on Stevie. Even though I am pretty sure she never saw me I felt like she was singing just to me. Her performance was truly beautiful but what I will remember most about it all is how she exhibited beauty, grace, peace, elegance and joy. For her and Lindsey, Mick and John I am sure after all these years it was another show, another performance. They have done it so many times. But for me it was so much more. There are rare beautiful things in this world we live in ~ the birth of your child ~ the way the stars look when you are in the middle of nowhere ~ mountains at sunset ~ the way someone you love hugs you ~ and for me, the time spent in Bozeman during FM?s performance is a rare beautiful thing that I will always treasure and hold close to my heart. I hope Stevie knows 2 things ~ first of all how wonderful it was for me to watch her perform ~ Stevie, you are so elegant and humble ~ you truly do ?walk like a queen? and second that I am thankful for you and your music, your songs, what you have given us. I also have to say that Lindsey?s performance and energy was so amazing. There really no words to describe him and what he gave to all the fans in Bozeman that night. And of course John just rocks and yes Mick ~ I am with you ~ all the way!!!

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