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2/19/04 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, Australia

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Bryan (downunder)
Hi Mac fans! Well, what do I say? How do I describe/convey the thrill of witnessing Fleetwood Mac again after all this time, musical heroes of mine from such an early age? (first time being "Tusk" tour, as naive 17 year old at old Festival Hall in Brisbane) This time, we were 8 rows from front of stage left!! (as opposed to "nose-bleed" section in 1980!) They played solid for 2 hours 40 minutes... Stevie Nicks' voice has somehow gotten better as she ages???!! She held every note strong & long all night.....incredible. Lindsey Buckingham has been quoted recently in the press as saying he believes he is at the height of his playing ability at present (now in mid-fifties!), and I was not only riveted and thrilled to see his guitar "craft", but also somewhat 'shocked' by the intensity, emotion & sheer physical presence of his MANY solos during the performance. I was not expecting such a powerful display....he is a true musical genius, without doubt. Several times he almost appeared, to me, to be near collapse from exhaustion on completion of a solo! Mick & John were, as expected, solid and impeccable all night...Mick was accompanied by Japanese Master Percussionist, Taku Hirano, and an extra drummer/percussionist for certain songs. They were backed on the night by long-time Nicks vocalist Sharon Celani, plus Jana Anderson. Support musos played rythym guitars & keyboards where necessary. The band seemed genuinely touched and appreciative of the enthusiastic sold-out crowd, and often interjected between songs to relate either an inspiration for a number, or to try and explain how they felt as a group in 2004 after such a long and tumultuous career of 30 years (in this particular lineup) Although no cameras were 'allowed', some magically 'appeared' spasmodically throughout the night, with a couple of dodgy shots mysteriously appearing on my home office wall....no idea where they came from! As a final thought on the professionalism of this band....this was the 89th gig on the tour, and they made me feel ours was the ONLY audience they had ever played to!! At their age, and with so many shows left to perform, what an effort!! Fleetwood Mac is definitely back, as Mick proudly proclaims at the very end of proceedings each night....show me someone who differs with him, and I'll show you someone who knows nothing about what live concerts are supposed to be about!! Cheers!
Jaci Smith & Duncan McLaren
My fiancee and I attended the Brisbane Concert of Fleetwood Mac (19/02/2004). After watching The Dance DVD for the past year, and being mystified by it over and over again, we wondered what the concert would be like in real life....we were blown away! We had the biggest smiles on our faces when the Chain began, and the Mac came out onto the stage. The music has such a stirring effect, and we love it all, the new CD is just amazing. I'm 23, and my fiancee is 28, and Fleetwood Mac is our favourite band. Your music has the ability to touch so many generations. We would love to see you all again. We might have to come to the US to see you, something that we would be willing to do for sure. Stevie - you are such an inspiration, and such a beautiful woman to look up to. Thank you for your music so much. It gives me a lift whenever I need it...... Please keep on going, DONT STOP! :)

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