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2/20/04 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, Australia

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Jonnie White
I attended both Brisbane concerts, just like a lot of other people. I have been dreaming of going to a Fleetwood Mac concert for more than half my life, never really believing that I would EVER get the chance, particularly with this line up. But sometimes fate is generous and unlike so many things we wish long and hard for in life, when I finally got my front-of-house experience with Fleetwood Mac it was everything I had ever imagined. Stevie's voice is miraculous, strong and true, streaming from such a little person. I had a fantastic view of Lindsey at work and was amazed that, rather than belting out the crazy chattering monologues from his guitar, he caresses them out of the strings with the lightest of loving touches. I had the highest hopes for John and he didn't disappoint, not visible but absolutely audible, giving every Fleetwood Mac song its unmistakeable signature heartbeat. However my favourite part of the show would have to be Mick's drums introduction to So Afraid. I could feel it reverberating in the back of my throat- in fact I can feel it still! Another thing which struck me as amazing was the demographic of the crowd. Within a few seats from me were plenty of the expected baby-boomer crowd, but also an elderly couple (one of whom had a walking frame), a young girl of around seventeen and her boyfriend (who looked like he may have been dragged along and would usually have been at a Powderfinger performance but who cheered louder than any of us to bring on an encore), a quiet, shy girl in her 30s and two young guys in their early twenties who sang along to every word of every song. The amazing thing was, as I looked around, I saw in these people's eyes the same pleasure, wonderment and joy in being there as was reflected in my own. To the band I feel compelled to say thankyou from all of us who were there. Thankyou for visiting us in Australia and for giving us the opportunity to hear you in the best way possible - in person. But mostly thankyou for creating the music that has been such an important part of our lives, even though it isn't always easy to do. For we fans your songs have become an integral part of the people we are. You are creating a legacy that will walk this world long after we are all gone. I know this because as I left the concert I looked around me at the beaming faces of kids who weren't even born the last time Fleetwood Mac played in Australia. Great music and great poetry is timeless.
Dean White
Well what can I say...Gee ! I saw Fleetwood Mac perform at the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane 13 years ago when they did their 'Behind The Mask Tour'. I was 23 years old then, and I remember sitting way at the back in row 'Y' with a friend. We had hired some binoculars at the venue and I couldn't take my eyes off Stevie. I made a vow way back then if Fleetwood Mac ever toured again I would try and get better seating. Well 13 years later when I heard they would be touring again, I was on the phone for almost 20 minutes trying to get through to book tickets. When I finally got through I was glad to have secured row 'B' seating. The two day drive to get to Brisbane was well worth it. The crowd roared as the lights came on stage and the band started up with 'The Chain'. Soon after came their legendary songs like 'Rhiannon', 'Dreams' and my all time favourite 'Gypsy' which left me spellbound. I thought it must be so hard for Stevie to sing that song on stage as it holds a special place in her heart. Lindsay Buckingham was awesome with guitar work on the song 'Come'. He seemed to put his heart and soul into every song he did, so much so there was almost smoke coming off his guitar strings. I think his choice of wearing a loose fitting white shirt was appropriate as that kind of guitar work made him hot. Stevie wore a plain black dress which looked beautiful on her, and she never disappointed us with her many shawl changes. During some of the songs Stevie and Lindsay would hold each others hands and hug , this clearly made the audience cheer even louder at the end of songs. Stevie thanked the people of Brisbane for coming and supporting the band, and mentioned it had been 13 years since they last toured. During the song 'Say Goodbye', Stevie and Lindsay stood side on to the audience and staring into each others eyes, sang in perfect harmony. Lindsay's voice drowned out Stevies a little, but it was a touching moment everyone for everyone. At the end of their 'finishing' song, a lot of the audience started leaving as they clearly wanted to avoid the rush getting out of the carpark. Everyone remaining started yelling and chanting for the band to come back on. All of a sudden Stevie comes out and starts up with her new song 'Goodbye Baby'. I had only ever heard this song once at home, but that night Stevie held the audience spellbound as she sang this sad song, finally bowing to the audience as a fading blue light shilouetted her outstretched shawl. I thought to myself, that one moment personified Stevie, gracious and still enchantingly beautiful. Mick also came out and did a solo with the electronic drums in his vest. Mick certainly knows how to liven the audience up as everyone was smiling at his antics. He refered to Stevie as Miss Stephanie Nicks when thanking the band members. As everyone in the band made their final bows, Stevie stood waving and smiling to everyone in the audience. We got up out of our seats and waved back. For a fleeting moment I thought I had made eye contact with her...well it was nice to think so anyway as we drove home that night humming along in 'Dreams'. Thank you Stevie for your songs, if you ever do a tour here again it would be a dream come true to meet you :)
Hi Fleetwood Mac If you are reading this stevie i think you and the band are fantastic. im 13 years old, and my names alyce i came to see you guys in Brisbane the show was amazing and when it was over i was really sad! i dream of meeting your band all the time i think it would be great. i think that Mick is the best drum player in the world, and Stevie you are a great singer and your really pretty, Lidsey you are the best, when you sang big love i nearlly fainted you were fantastic it is my all time favourite song, and John you are a great guitar player too. well i just wanted to say hi, and i wish one day i could speak to you, or meet you ALL. THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE!!! Luv from your biggest fan.
Greg Koch
How can you work on perfection. This band just gets better and better. Stevie still makes my heart beat a skip. she is just beautiful in every way. Lindsey rocks and rocks. Thank you for coming down under and hope you will again. Just "SAY YOU WILL".
I only found out 3 hours before the concert that I was going - my boyfriend surprised me with tickets, knowing that I loved Fleetwood Mac, and had absolutely adored Stevie since I was about 14 (I am now 35). What a show they presented us with - it was the best concert I know I will ever see, with Stevie looking totally stunning, and her voice was magnificent. No doubt about it, these talented performers have definately got "it" still. Lindsay, you were magic!!!! Stevie, you totally rock gal!!!! Brisbane has been in the middle of an intense heatwave for the last week, but it didn't stop anyone from going to see one of the best bands of the past/present/future perform in ultimate style!!!! When Stevie sang "Stand Back" I couldn't take my eyes off her - that voice, those moves!!!! Love you guys!!!!
Del (Haunting Shade of Blue)
My friends told me I was crazy “why do you need to go both nights? The concert will be the same both nights” The first night I had brought my own tickets with friends 7th row centre stage, while they weren’t front row tickets we had an awesome view because the people in 6th row didn’t turn up. Myself, Sol and Fiona were hyped up from at least a week before and had been watching the dance and listening to all the albums constantly. We headed out there early on the off chance to catch the band during soundcheck with no such luck. The tension kept building as 8.30pm approached. Nothing could prepare us for the astounding concert we saw that night. Lindsey’s crazy yet awesome guitaring, Stevie’s amazing voice which only seems to get better over the years, Micks drum solo’s and those eyes and johns funky riffs. Landslide brought on the oh so well known Stevie-Lindsey intimacy, I had read up on the other fan reviews on nicksfix, So the play fight in tusk and Lindseys orgasmic “Come” rendition were expected. Stevie and Lindsey both just get sexier and better with age. (despite the fact I was one of the younger fans there at only 21) We raced outside after the concert to the back fence where two pailings had been pulled off Lindsey and John were first to come out – John signed a couple of autographs and Lindsey walked off. We waited a good hour and a half before being graced with the presence of Stevie and Mick. Stevie agreed to sign all 11 or 12 of our programs from the limo and Mick walked to the hole in the fence to talk to us they were all very kind but I could tell they were very tired. The second night I didn’t think would top the first night, the atmosphere of the crowd I found wasn’t as intense as the first night. I myself had a seat in the rear view section however it was right on the end of the row so I was able to see backstage as well as on stage. The highlight of my night was Stevie coming to the back of the stage during Lindsey’s “I’m so afraid” solo and waving back to me with her tambourine and smiling – Thanks Stevie you made my night. Then after the concert I guessed they would take off quickly – sadly this time I missed john but was determined to talk to Lindsey, we met Sharon Celani who is a lovely lady then Lindsey, Stevie and Mick all came out. Stevie apologised for not having time for autographs this time. There were only 4 of us waiting this time, I stood in the gap in the fence and yelled “Lindsey, please can we have an autograph” he didn’t quite hear the first time I asked again and he came over and signed our programs I told him how great his guitaring was. They are the nicest people you will meet Thank you for such awesome shows. I didn’t want the magic of the two nights to end, I can still see Stevies face when she waved at me and I cant stop thinking about how close to Lindsey I was when he signed my program. I hope to see Fleetwood Mac back out here again soon as this was the best time of my life – thank you!
Mandy ONeill
Well what can I say, first row tickets right in front of the ever graceful Stephanie Nicks! Crickets start, lights dim, without a thought I am up at the stage right in front of the Queen of Rock herself! Where to start, the first thing I noticed is that Stevie is so petite, much like a little doll. Her eternal youth and grace was overwhelming. The woman was in fine form, I have never seen her better! By far the standout moment for me was Stand Back, it was like the 1986 concert only she was so much better. We were fortunate enough to see her do her trademark twirls, over and over again, I never thought she was going to stop. She put her heart and soul into every song, looked so happy, she came along the front row and looked at us all with a big smile, with her tambourine going crazy, eye contact!! Lindsay what can I say, the man is a genious on the guitar, it took my breath away. He came over, plonked himself on the platform right in front of me and yes I got not only to touch his hand, he grabbed mine and stuck it on his guitar, so hey away I strummed, I caught his eye blew a huge kiss and in return recieved a huge grin, a nod and a wink! Mic - well the man on the drums is unbelieveable, never stopped all night - the energy this group sent out was amazing. John as always happy to be in the background, doing his stuff and very well too! Favourite highlights besides the above, Gold dust woman, Stevie put everything into it, her voice was strong and at one stage I was thinking oh my breathe breathe!!! Beautiful child, was sweet, tears in my eyes! I have read a lot of reviews and I have to say Stevie was very much into the crowd, the people at the stage were treated to a lot of eye contact, she was all smiles and looked as if she was really having a great time. The show went for nearly 2hrs and 45mins I was simply exhausted - to think I am half the age of all in this band - they ROCK! Landslide - stevie was behind Lindsay, hands on his shoulders head on his back, very sweet, at the end Lindsay put his arms around her and laid a long very sweet friendly kiss on her cheek, the crowd of course went crazy. Tusk, oh boy, I knew it was coming, I seen Stevie take her position to the left of me and sure enough the fight pose started, they snaked around each other, all smiles, then Lindsay just grabbed her and they spun around and around together I was dizzy just watching. I have to say to all those who think Stevie has slowed down or her voice just can't hit the notes, I didn't see that I seen a very different lady, a lady full of energy, smiles and just having a fantastic time. At the end of the first enchore, Mick went through the whole band, he introduced Stevie as Miss Stephanie Nicks the main lady, she kept saying "main, main, I am the only lady" with a huge grin on her face, Mick then corrected himself. I could go on and on and on, oh, I was lucky enough to recieve the three roses on Stevies microphone, and they are now in the process of being preserved, she did accept gifts from the crowd, however Lindsay took the gifts and passed them on, it felt as if the band really didn't want to leave the stage, the best description I can give is to quote Mick Fleetwoods very last words to the audience and I quote " THE MAC IS BACK!" Thankyou Mick, Lindsay, John and Stevie for the best night of my life and one that I will treasure forever!!
Sharonne Abel
Awesome!!!!!! Brisbane entertainment center 20th feb 2004 what a night . this will forever in my heart as the night that I was in the presence of such a talent . stevie was gracious and mystical as ever and never fails to take your breath away . Lindsey was just incredible and a genius with that talent I was blown away . I am very sad that it had to end and now I have to save all my money so I can see them in the states.

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